Substitution, uwl filter "work on" not visible

Hi All,
i have a activated substitution and in our dev- and test-portal i have the uwl filter "work on" above the uwl. Everything is fine.
But in our production-portal i do not get the filter. I have a activated substitution, but the filter is not visible.
Any ideas?
Best regards,

Hi Karri,
you are right - thank you very much.
Strange behaviour, but now it is clear.
Best regards,

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    We have configured ERMS rule modeler with a routing to an organisation unit if email content contains a specific word.
    ERMS seems to work fine as workflow is triggered and work items created in the relevant user SAP inbox (any user assigned to the organisation unit used in ERMS routing.
    When I log into the IC Web client and check for email items in the Agent Inbox, the emails are not visible!!!
    Has anybody faced a similar issue?

    Hi Manoj,
      Have you look at this configuration in SPRO
    ->Agent Inbox ->Setting for Asynchronous Inbound Processing -><b>Define Receving Emails/Fax settings</b> inthis Set Comm.method as <b>INT</b> i.e E-Mail.
    Pls check this config and get back me..

  • UWL Approve Reject button not visible

    Hello Experts,
    We have implemented Portal 7.0 SP 18 and configured UWL. All task items are appearing correctly.
    But approve and reject button is not visible in UWL. The same is visible in ITS screen when we click on the task.
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    Nirmal Sivakumar G

    Hi Soral,
    All workflows from ECC is causing this problem. To be precise I have configured a webflow connector to pull the tasks from SAP Inbox. The approve/Reject button should appear in UWL ivew when we select the task item. But only forward and resubmit options are visible.
    I guess the problem is with SP 18 itself. Coz there are similar threads with the same scenario in SP 18.
    Nirmal Sivakumar G

  • Appointments with option Working Elsewhere not visible in Scheduling Assistant

    I have a problem with appointments that have the Show As option as "Working Elsewhere".  When someone tries to use the scheduling assistant and selects someone who has an appointment set to "Working Elsewhere" the appointment is
    not visible at all in Scheduling Assistant. If the person changes the appointment to Busy or Out of Office is becomes visible again to the person using Scheduling Assistant. Outlook 2013 and Exchange Server 2010 with the latest updates installed are being
    used in our Environment. Is this type of behaviour by design or is it something else like using Exchange 2010 that doesn't support it fully?

    Based on my research and test, the WorkingElsewhere field is applicable for clients that target Exchange Online and versions of Exchange starting with Exchange Server 2013.
    Between outlook 2013 clients and mailbox being on Exchange 2010, the meeting invite would show as "Working Elsewhere" for each of the attendees in their respective calendars but does not show any information regarding other attendee who accepted
    the meeting request.
    Thus, the Working Elsewhere field is visible in attendees’ Schedule Assistant with outlook 2013 and mailbox on Exchange 2013. Here is an article talked about it:
    Winnie Liang
    TechNet Community Support

  • HT1218 Airport Extreme base station is working, but not visible on network?

    My Airport Extreme base station is working:  all devices are able to connect to the internet, but Airport Utility shows no connection.  Only one computer even shows the device-- greyed out-- saying "Device not Found."  The airport utility shows version 6.2;  OS X version 10.8.3.  How do I update the base station to version 7 if the device can't be found?  And how do the devices connect to the internet without "seeing" the device? 

    Thanks for checking. This model should be visible in AirPort Utility in Mountain Lion.
    If you have not already done so, I suggest that you perform a complete power cycle on the entire network as folllows:
    Power off every network any order you want
    Wait a minute or two
    Start the modem first, and let it run a few minutes by itself
    Start the AirPort Extreme next, the same way
    Continue starting devices one at a time about a minute apart until everything is powered back up
    Check the network again using AirPort Utility
    You can also temporarily connect an Ethernet cable from your Mac to one of the LAN <-> ports on the AirPort Extreme to see if a connection is established that way.
    If still no luck, try another Mac if you one handy. After that, all that I can suggest is that you perform a Factory Default Reset on the AirPort Extreme and configure it again.

  • Airport Extreme working but not visible in Airport Admin Utility

    Recently my Airport Extreme (spaceship version) stopped showing up in the Airport Admin Utility v4.2.
    The internet works fine computers can connect wirelessly or wired to the Airport Extreme and use the internet. AppleTV isn't visible in iTunes anymore either so it can't sync but can connect to the internet to see previews, YouTube, etc.
    I have tried removing Airport Admin Utility and reinstalling, checked permissions, all okay.
    Any ideas?

    Ah - more clues always help!
    In that case, I tend to agree with your assessment. For some reason, the Bonjour automatic network device discovery process seems not to be working properly on this Mac. I'm not going to be of much help in troubleshooting that problem.
    The only other issue I have encountered is with the installation of excessively robust firewall software on the Mac blocking Bonjour's ability to discover network devices. VPN client software is sometimes also a culprit, for the same reasons. You have already indicated this could not possibly be the cause of your problems.

  • My iPhone 5 just stopped working now not visible with iTunes

    I have had the iPhone 5 for a few weeks, tonight I was recieving a call, as I went to answer it the slide bar locked half way accross and the phone locked up. It then turned its self off and now won't start up again, I have connected it to my iMac to see if iTunes can resotre it but iTunes doesnt even recogonise anything is plugged in.
    Whats my best steps from here?
    Things to try...
    Or is it back to the store when they open tomorrow?

    Same thing just happened to me, through no instigation. Ive had my iphone 5 for a couple of weeks, working ok, came to reactivate it from sleep and got no response at all, tried plugging it in and still nothing. Found this thread and the trick worked, I'm grateful to find the post but the occurrence is disconcerting, has anyone had any recurrent problems with this? I bought my phone abroad and am going back to UK soon where I'm worried the warranty won't cover it. Considering going back to the store in case I have further troubles with this handset.
    Thanks to JDM-NZ

  • G'day, i am trying to type into an adobe document using the typewriter function. However everytime after i type the text vanishes. It is almost as if the text is white and vanishes into the background. However this is not the case as the works are not vis

    I need some help, i am trying to type into an adobe document using the typewriter function.
    However every time after i type the text vanishes. It is almost as if the text is white and vanishes into the background.
    This is not the case as the works are not visible regardless of the background color.
    The text box remains available and can be edited if clicked on, also if i double click on it the typed words become visible and editable, however once i close the box i cannot see them on the screen.
    I would appreciate any help i can get, i cant seem to do anything using properties or view.

    Hi Sara,
    See response to your questions below:
    1.     Are you running into this issue in a specific PDF, or in all of them?
    A.     All of them
    2.     What version of Acrobat are you using (and, are you on Mac OS or Windows?).
    A.     Using Acrobat 10.0\Acrobat on Windows
    3.     If you look at the text properties on the Tools panel (under Format), what color is the text swatch?
    A.     Test swatch for the text is black
    4.     What happens if you change the text color?
    A.     Nothing.
    I look forward to hearing back from you.

  • Subscribed Calendars not visible

    Just in the tedious upgrade process from 10.6 (the last real Desktop-Office OS) to the iPhone Clone OS called Yosemite...
    I copied all calendars over from my old 10.6 Mac and put them directly in the ./Preferences/Calendar folder. This was fine with all local calendars but not for subscription. They simply do not show in the left column. Trying to simply re-create with the proper URL gives me a message:
    "this calendar still exists"  (but why can't I see it then?)
    Looking at the ./Preferences/Calendar folder I can even see there new entries coming in from the subcriptions. So the calendars are there, working but not visible in the Calendar app...??

    Yep, thats what I tried but then the error message above appears....
    The solution for me was to delete the Calendar-Cache files. After that the old subscription were finally forgotten..

  • Hp dv6 volume scroll not visible

    hello ,,,,
             i have hp dv6 1350 us notebook ....the volume scroll is not visible on my monitor the volume working but not visible plz help 
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    Download and reinstall HP MediaSmart SmartMenu on the following link - note that you must have at least one other MediaSmart application already installed.
    HP MediaSmart SmartMenu.
    After the reinstallation has completed, restart the notebook.
    ****Click the White thumb to say thanks****
    ****Please mark Accept As Solution if it solves your problem****
    ****I don't work for HP****
    Microsoft MVP - Windows Experience

  • Work items are not visible  UWL task are visible in tracking in portal

    i  am new from sap Ess/Mss implementation project...
    i am facing an Problem " Work items are not visible under UWL in portal overview page"
    but i am configured  all the ess/mss related things....and also Created for one user for Requester(send Leave Request)...and one more user for App-rover(Apporve an Leave)..
    Requestor send an Leave through portal send it successfully......but i am facing  a problem in uwl under work items are not showing in overview page...but in tracking work items are (Leave request) items are not showing in uwl TASK(VERY PROBLEM)...
    i am configured and also registered UWL IN is good..
    in sap ecc i can assigned UWL_SERVICE user to roles
    Shaik Rafi

    Hi All,
    In such cases, please try to check as below :
    1) Create Leave request work item from Employee and check the same under the UWL Tracking tab of employee.
    2) Log-in to swi5 transaction of the respective back end system and give "US" -> manager's UserID -> Choose Tasks to be completed from the drop down -> Remove any date if mentioned -> Execute.
    3) Here if you can see the Leave request created, but not on the portal, it reflects some portal issue like sync.
    4) If no leave request work item is seen here, then there is a problem in the employee manager mapping or the workflow setup.
    5) In such cases, you can try to check the Swi1 and check the log of that workflow to understand the current status of the Leave request.
    Revert if further help is needed with more info.
    Reward points if found useful.
    Shri vidya S

  • Work items are not visible under UWL in portal ?

    We are upgrading from SRM 5.0 to SRM 7.0.
    We have observed one issue here. Workitems are not visible in UWL in portal.
    But workitems are available in SAP inbox. i.e SBWP.
    Completed items we can see in UWL.
    Could you please let me know any idea on this.
    Venkatesh P
    Edited by: Venkatesh Padarti on Dec 9, 2010 8:28 AM
    Edited by: Venkatesh Padarti on Dec 9, 2010 8:29 AM

    Hi Venkatesh,
    Can you please share the solution? Which base URL was wrong and where did you correct that?
    Your help is really appreciated.
    I had post the same question at SRM workflow - work Item is not being displayed If you want to reply there. I will definitely, reward with points too.

  • BPM TASK IS not visible in UWL  Inbox

    Hi  BPM Expert,
      I am facing the big issues in BPM process Triggered problem. earlier i used  to BPM start using Web service with Two entity as ID and Username  but its was  working fine .but i have some requirement to  adding one element in Existing WSDL entity as casename  , i have added that element and execute the web service using WEBDYNPRO application ,but Task is not visible in UWL inbox but earlier it was working perfectly,  after adding that field ,BPm tax is not visible UWL inbox ..
    Please guide me ,Its urgent...Plz plz..
    Its showing error as
      Technical issues is triggered during the process creation..

    Hi ,
      I am executing the WEbservice using WSNAVIGATOR but its not execute , its getting HTML log error as  below..
    1-Web service returned error. Fault Code: "(" Fault String: "Could not retrieve SDO HelperContext for service_id"
    HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error
    server: SAP NetWeaver Application Server 7.20 / AS Java 7.20
    content-type: text/xml; charset=utf-8
    date: Sat, 26 Nov 2011 11:40:56 GMT
    transfer-encoding: chunked
    Set-Cookie: <value is hidden>
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:xs="" xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" xmlns:xsi=""><SOAP-ENV:Body><SOAP-ENV:Fault><faultcode>SOAP-ENV:Server</faultcode><faultstring>Could not retrieve SDO HelperContext for service_id</faultstring><detail>< xmlns:yq1='http://sap-j2ee-engine/error'>Could not retrieve SDO HelperContext for service_id</></detail></SOAP-ENV:Fault></SOAP-ENV:Body></SOAP-ENV:Envelope>

  • "Display Form" button not visible in UWL preview

    Hi Friends,
    We are implementing Travel module. The standard Workflow WS20000050 has a single level of approval. However, we wanted 2 level approval and so accordingly this was implemened.
    Now we want a 3rd level of decision step to be approved by the traveldesk on recept of tickets.
    Even the pdf form, which contains the travel details, needs to be visible. In the standard task TS20000118, the "Display Form" button is automatically visible in the UWL preview apart from the usual 
    "Approve" and "Reject" buttons.
    However the content that needs to be shown to the traveldesk is different. To achieve this, i copied the standard task TS20000118 and changed only the task description. Rest everything including the parameters and binding remains same.
    But for this task, the "Display Form" button is not visible.
    1. Please advice on the possible reasons why this is happening ?
    2. Is there any setting or any SPRO configuration wherin we need to 
        specify the tasks for whom the button needs to be displayed ?? or
        Is it some portal side configuration ?

    Hi Vijay,
    Universal Worklist Content Configuration -> Click to Administrate Item Types and View Definitions
    In the table under the "Current Configurations" tab, select the standard travel configuration provided by SAP -> "".
    Here, search for the code of the task for which everything is working fine; in our case it was TS20000118. Copy this piece of code.
    Now download the currently active XML configuration. In the saved XML file, search for the task code which is not working as expected. Replace this piece of code with the code copied in the above step. Save with a different name.
    Upload this new configuration with HIgh priority.
    Reregister the connector and clear the cache.
    These steps solved my problem. Probably it should work for you too.

  • Substitution variable is not visible at Data Prep editor-creating rule file

    We are working on Essbase 9.3.1, Oracle as a database source for loading the data into Essbase.
    We have create a substitution variable at "server level" to use it in rule file as a DSN for data source. But this substitution variable is not visible in the drop down of substitution variable in 'Data prep editor' while creating the rule file.
    We restarted the Essbase server also but still it is not visible in 'data prep editor'.
    Any help will appreciated on this issue.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Mohit Jain

    1) yes I've tried it on 2 different clients
    2) yes I've tried it on the server
    3) I haven't tried that, but don't normally use MaxL for anything
    4) I took a 'broken' rule, saved it locally, closed and reopened and it still didn't work
    5) I normally do files on the server, but I can't even get to that point because when I get the 'Open Data File' nothing happens, no dialog box pops up, so I don't get the chance to select the location
    6) This is a production server and EAS is running as a service, so I'd have to test this one afterhours.
    Because it happens on 3 separate PC's I'd eliminate bad EAS, since only some rules do it and others don't I'd think it could be corrupt rules, but it'll happen to new rules just as fast, and they still work just fine, so if that's the case I need to figure out what is corrupting them...
    Network issues wouldn't surprise me, I get TCP/IP errors regularly saying I have to increase my net retry count, but I've tweaked with those settings tons... looks like those are really the database server is running out of memory even though I have 4GB physical 16MB Virtual memory (32 bit environment though... I do have the /3GB switch turned on)... I've had to scale my caches way back to allow certain databases to even function.
    Thanks for your help.
    Edited by: Norton5150 on May 28, 2009 2:12 PM

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    Hello folks, We installed a java add-in on a machine running ECC 6.0. The installation went fine and we could log-in to the portal using the webbrowser. After that we tried to upgrade  all components from SP14 to SP17. But when the JSPM tried to rest