Suggestions for a Review?

I am junior to mid level DBA working from 90 days... I have a 90 day review, can anybody please let me know what kind of questions I can ask my team lead about my performance or any other questions.
Thanks a lot.....

Don't ask any questions, first listen what he says - then act based on his reponse..
Be a Good listener .. :-)
- Pavan Kumar N
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  • Suggestions for FS review to prepare TS document

    Hello Gurus
    Good day to you. Now i have  a requirement for reviewing the functional specification. I have few FS documents and i want to review them and let my manager know whether those FS documents are having the required information to start up to write a TS document or not. if it is not having sufficient information or if i require more information or lack of information in FS to start up TS preparation, i need to inform my lead. This is my requirement.
    Here i require your suggestions or inputs which i should take care while reviewing the existing Functional specification. Please provide your inputs as per your experience.
    This is going to help me a lot.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Raj,
    While reviewing a FS kindly make note of the below points which will also help you to understand if the data provided is sufficient to make a Technical Spec:
    1. Firstly ensure that the requirement is clearly mentioned along with a flow diagram which clearly indicates the role of SAP PI, and the Source and Target are clearly mentioned. Check if the desired requirement is feasible.
    2. The Business Logic should be clearly mentioned.
    3. List of Interfaces along with its priority and complexity must be mentioned.
    4. Frequency and Data Volume of each Interface should be mentioned in the FS.
    5. The fields structure should be mentioned along with its respctive occurence for both Source and Target.
    6. Incase of Graphical Mapping between Source and Target it should be mentioned in the FS.
    7.All the Configuration details of the Source and Target should be there like hostname, IP, user id, Directory Structure(In case of file), all System Details must be clearly mentioned.
    8. Incase of JDBC there must be a mention of the type of Database and its version.
    9. Incase of an IDOC the IDOC name should be mentioned along with the mapping with the IDOC fields.
    10.Naming Convention of the File to be picked and placed (In case of FILE Interfaces) along with the folder structure should be mentioned.
    11. Sample files for each Interfaces must be attached for reference.
    12. Error Handling Strategy
    The above points if kept in mind while reviewing will not only get your requirements clear but will also help you in preparing a solution eventually leading into a technical specs.

  • Any suggestions for book review website ?

    I recently bought a .Mac package and iLife so I have everything I need to set up a basic website.
    I am planning to review books on part of this site and have a couple of questions:
    1. How do I post thumbnail pictures of the covers of the book which will enlarge when clicked on ?
    2. If I want to post a link to, is this possible on a .Mac website or against some sort of business restrictions Apple has ?

    To answer question number one this will take some post publish editing of your page code. Look into a script called Lightbox or Greybox. Both are very cool, work with all browsers, and are not to hard to install. To answer question number two you can put affiliate links up but it is against .mac rules. My advice to you would be to look into another hosting service for many reasons. More space, less money, faster service, more reliable service, and so on. is what I use and they have been great. Another popular one is Hope this helps.

  • Any suggestions for games for 70yo nana? I think some of the games seem hard but I like solitaire and bubble and would like to learn texas hold,em but reviews are awful. I like word games also.

    Any suggestions for a 70 y.o. nana.  I only have bubble and solitaire and I like word games and would like tolearn texas hold,em.  Some of the games are confusing and difficult to figure out the rules. Thanks!

    are you looking for a certain type of game? For example, ones to keep her brain sharp? Or just general games for fun?  How familiar is nana with computers?  Does she own one, or will you be with her while she is using it?

  • Need a Suggestion For implementing the Digital Signature For the Documents

    Currently I am working in a Document Management System. I need a Good Suggestion for how to implement a Digital Signature For the Documents.
    Thanks in Advance
    Sabarish V

    Hmm, if you are not using Oracle Payroll, what are you using for payroll? I am wondering why you could not use your payroll system, whatever it is, to handle this reimbursement program.
    Well, you may want to talk to Oracle support about how to handle this in Oracle iExpense. You can certainly handle advances for Expense Reports. You would then apply the advance to the expense report items. The catch is I don't think you can stop expense item entry after the adavance is satisfied. You would have to set up a work flow process of some kind to have the expense reports reviewed and only approve expenses that are applied to the advance, is what I am thinking. Not your ideal solution, but something to think about. It could be the Oracle folks might know of a sneaky way to handle this. What you are trying to do is unusual. Employee advances are common, but the idea of not being able to exceed the advance amount is what unusual about this. Normally you will accept any expenses over the advance amount and reimburse the employee for those extra amounts not advanced.
    Good luck.
    John Dickey

  • Can you send a document for Shared Review once you've applied an electronic signature?

    Hi! I'm having troubles sending a document for shared review, I need 3 people to digitally sign it and then send it on a shared review. I keep getting this error message however:
    'The document you have chosen cannot be sent for shared review or collaboration because its current security permissions do not allow modifications. Please choose another document or change this document to allow modifications.'
    I'm not sure how I can 'allow the modifications' - where's this option?
    I've tried 'File/Save As/Reader Extended PDF/Enable Commenting & Measuring' but this didn't help.
    We can't use stamps for signing as we want to be able to verify signatures.
    Any suggestions on what the issue may be?
    Thanks in advance!

    thanks George for your response. Basically what we do in our engineering company is have the author and supervisor sign a document (verfiying that its at a good enough level) to go out on review, and if its something that needs to go to our client for review there'll be a 3rd approver signature before it leaves our office - then the client will put it on shared review amongst their staff.
    when we're having a play around with this trying to get this to work, we aren't going in and locking the document after any of the signatures. but I'm also not sure of what you need to do to 'enable' a document before initiaiting the send for shared review process. Are you able to give me a step by step on how to set this up - and how to see if a signature field is 'preconfigured to lock a document' - that actually might be the root of the problem!
    Sorry I'm not a huge whizz on adobe, I haven't had to use it for a review process in quite a while but my current company is wanting to go electronic.
    Thanks for your help!

  • Suggestions for using .folios in a classroom

    Hi all,
    We would like to use Indesign to create interactive .folio files in a classroom atmosphere.  My hope was that students can work on their files and export as a .folio and just pass them around to each other on for viewing/review/testing.
    The free acrobat account will only allow for one Folio that is not down-loadable. In other words you must log on to your adobe account via the Adobe Content Viewer App each to view your Folio. My hope is that each student will be able to actually download the final app onto their hand-held and have it work like any other app.
    Can anyone provide any good suggestions on how they would go about using these tools in a classroom of about 30 students without paying for the 5000 folio package (it looks like that is the smallest version that they have), as our budget is not anywhere near enough to cover that expense.
    Thanks for any input.

    The only free solution I can think of is to get each student to create their own unique account. Then they can share their folios whith each other by using the Share dialogue box on the folio builder fly-out menu. Although you may have to invite each one into each workspace on first though, I'm not sure.

  • Need suggestions for proofreading online help files

    I have created online help docs off an on for many years...
    and have contemplated this issue several times and never come up
    with a really good answer.
    Right now, the product manager is tryiing to proof one of the
    online help files that i've COMPLETELY revamped and he's
    complaining about the time this is taking and how difficult it is
    because not all topics are in the TOC...
    so I suppose i could regnerate the TOC and include EVERY
    SINGLE topic... but I was wondering if anyone else had any other
    suggestions for best practices when it comes to reviewing online
    help files.
    THANKS for any input you might have.

    Umm!. I have to admit that I find your approach of adding ALL
    topics to the TOC works as well as any. However it does cause
    problems where one or more popup topics appear in the same topic.
    This causes a bit of uncertainty unless there is a clear indication
    in the topic where a popup exists and an understanding of what TOC
    topic to look at. What I tend to do is have a piece of text (e.g.
    see popup titled xxxxx) which has a conditional build tag on it.
    Then you include the build tag when you compile. I also tend to
    have all the popups in a separate book in the TOC. You can then
    easily remove all the popups from the finalised output. It means a
    bit of tossing and turning between TOC chapters but seems to work
    reasonably well. You could also produce two printed copies, one
    containing the popups and another containing the main topic
    content. Hope this helps solve your conumdrum.

  • Any suggestions for backing up a macbook?  I think it's a Mac OX X v10.6?

    Do you have any suggestions for backing up. I do not currently have a way to back up my laptop. I read many bad reviews for time machine. Is their a cheaper way to back up laptop (I assume it wouldn't be wireless like time machine)?

    Time Machine works. It's free (except for the external disk you need to store the backup on!).
    You may be confusing Time Machine (the backup program builtin to Leopard and Snow Leopard) with the Time Capsule, an Apple wifi router with a hard drive built in.
    Either way, remember that people only come here when they have problems - so you'll see people complaining about Time Machine not working, because they don't post when things just work.
    I use Time Machine for all my Macs. Works really, really well.
    Additionally, I also use Carbon Copy Cloner (donationware) to make occasional copies of my boot disks.

  • Suggestions for Upgrading Hard Drive

    I'm looking to upgrade my internal Hard Drive in my Macbook Pro. The current internal hard drive is the 250 GB hard drive that came with the computer. I want to upgrade to an internal hard drive of at least 320 GB or more. Does anyone have any suggestions as where to look for an upgrade? Or does anyone have any suggestions for a good, reliable internal hard drive that will work for me?

    The largest notebook drive currently available is 500 GBs. Drives may be purchased at:
    And, many other online vendors. Any SATA notebook drive should work. If you don't have a Unibody MBP, then the drive height must not exceed 9.5 mm. Choose 5400 RPM drives for economy or 7200 RPM drives for higher speed and performance. Manufacturers include Samsung, Toshibs, Hitachi, Seagate, Western Digital, and Fujitsu. For performance comparisons and benchmarks visit Bare Feats, Storage Review, or Tom's Hardware Review.

  • Suggestions for ear/headphones

    I just got my Nano and the Nike + system. The one problem I am having is with the ear buds that came with the Nano. No matter what I try, they keep falling out. Any suggestions for ear phones or headphones that work well for a runner?
    G4 Silver   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    I have tried several different brands, all earbud style:
    Sennheiser OMX-70 -- these do not fit my ear. The neck from the speaker to the outside piece is short and thick and so the headphones constantly pop out. I bought a podfitkit, which creates a mold around them to hold them in. It helps, but its difficult to get them in my ear with the mold. Plus, they are bright green, not my favorite color.
    Shure e2c -- these are great sounding headphones, but I had trouble keeping them in after I started sweating. Plus, the cord is heavy, so you really need to use a clip with them.
    Skullcandy smokin' ear buds -- these sound the best (to me, even better than the Shure e2c's). Lot's of bass without sacrificing quality for the higher frequencies. Very light, but are in canal models and thus can be difficult to keep in when sweating. Also, I don't like the cord. It is shorter for one ear. I prefer an even length cord. There is a merchant on EBay that sells them with Etymotic ear inserts. Have read other reviews that say this improves the sound quality and how well they stay in your ear.
    Philips MP3-CD with flexible ear hook -- these don't have the best sound, but they stay in my ear better than any others. Indoors, the sound quality is pretty good. But, they are designed with a bass port which creates a lot of wind noise when running outside. Have never had one fall out. Probably my favorite for use while running, but not otherwise. Walgreen's has them for less than $10.

  • What security products are suggested for scrubbing rootkits from a Mac? There are good articles on similar repair for PCs and it makes me want to see if I can save this machine. It's in forensic recovery right now so I myself have not done anything yet.

    What security products are suggested for scrubbing rootkits from a Mac? There are good articles on similar repairs for other makes online. I would like to investigate whether a machine can be truly scrubbed or if it's best to retire it. I haven't done anything yet as it is a candidate for more extensive forensic recovery.
    Also, I am not sure if various malicious spoofing and cloaking tricks (making Wi-Fi appear off when it is on, hiding unauthorized sharing/remote access, falsifying System Preferences preference panes, etc.) are resolved by a thorough drive erase or are more similar to APTs?
    Finally, is there any emerging information regarding APT hiding places other than the recovery partition? I have heard mention of the EFI, for example, but it seems unproven and unlikely. Some people have also mentioned the RAM.
    This is an upsetting topic to some people, including me, so I appreciate circumspect, measured responses. Thanks! And don't try to answer all my questions if you really just want to comment or answer one. All thoughts are appreciated.

    Hi, Lincoln,
    A straightforward question. You are correct in recognizing the difference between tentative conclusion and certainty. Here are our main reasons:
    1. Incoming items noted on the console (or console sub logs) and Activity Monitor after defenses are overcome, and which are brought in by an unwelcome remote user, often have a process name and the word "kit." (Bear with me.) We soon observe the process is under attack, from terminal evidence and soon, decreased or lost functionality of the process. The terminal generally reports alteration of specific kernel behaviors. A simple example (that may or may not be accompanied by kernel changes and may simply alter permissions) is modifying Disk Utility such that key uses are unavailable. You can see how an attacker might value disabling partition views, mounting and permission repair. In retrospect, DU might not be a root alteration. I was thinking that its relation to fsck flagged it as a possible ring 0 item. I may need to know core parameters of a good example to pick strong ones.
    2. Incoming folders hidden for possible later use contained bundles of similar root kits, including some not applicable to Macs. From what I have read from reasonably credible sources, root kits are sold and traded both singly and in bundles.
    3. Root kits are a logical next choice for our attackers, as various prior techniques hindered us but did not paralyze us.
    4. One of the most authoritative articles I found was about PCs not Macs. I noted the assertion, undocumented, that an estimated one million computers are infected by root kit manipulations, and underscored that the kits can be used by people with low computer skills.
    5. MacAfee lists root kits (by description, not name) as a top pop five threat prediction in the coming year, though again, the emphasis is on PCs.
    Linc, I am trying to show a spectrum of observations and info that have shaped my thinking. To retrieve better captured evidence requires significant legwork at this time, but it is something I am willing to do if you can be patient. Understand this long attack has been like a natural disaster to us.
    I have not linked a few articles of interest because I forget if that's allowed. If so, I'd be glad to.
    After reviewing this partial answer, you may form another hypothesis. If so, please share it. I am comfortable with my position but not clinging to it.
    Thanks for your interest. Looking forward to your thoughts.
    Oh, yeah: some material is out for analysis, so we should have credible opinions pretty soon. Not positive exactly when.

  • Suggestions for how to execute file maintenance in SQL Agent Job

    I need to create a SQL Agent Job (it has to be a SQL agent job) to zip all files in a directory, delete all files in the directory but the zip file and then copy the zip file to another location across a UNC path. What are some suggestions for getting
    this done? 

    This is about a previous topic ...
    "1. Please close your preview thread by marking the answers that you got and not your own summary. Actualy you can mark your summary as well if you feel that this close the thread but yet, this is a summary of the answers that you got! People
    that help you Invested time to help you. Feel free to
    not be lazy and start you can start voting helpful responses as well :-)"
    How do you mark useful answers? I have not seen how to do that.
    On the left of each response you have an icon (small image).
    I have asked lots of questions on the TechNet and other forums. (One day I hope to even answer some.) That was the first time I had ever marked my own as the answer. Honestly, I did not use any of those well meaning replies and did not feel that any of them
    answered my question. When researching a topic I, like most people, I look at the marked answer first and assume it is the answer. Did not feel that  any of them were the answer. There is a great push on this forum to mark the answer and there are droves
    of people clamoring for points (BTW - you are not one of them). I review each of my questions, always follow up on any  replies, post my solution if appropriate, and always try to close the topic. But this one was not answered.
    OK, that is logic, If you dont think that you use other response as part of the answer. In my opinion (and you dont have to get it) if an answer is build from 3 responses together then we need to mark all the three (and mentioned in the summery what we have
    done). If you find that those response cant be called "answer" since they do not cover enough then maybe your call was correct.
    Please close the thread in the way that you feel is OK :-)
    (you dont have to accept my opinion since you have your explanation, but i do think that some of the responses there are answers).
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  • HT1386 when i click on check for update, the iTunes wants me to provide me a file or something from my computer, instead, it should check and suggest for an update

    when i click on check for update, the iTunes wants me to provide me a file or something from my computer, instead, it should check and suggest for an update

    I'm not sure how I'm supposed to do that the instruction says since i am not familiar with Apple at all what are quick links even? Am i supposed to do this on Itunes on my Ipad or on the computer?
    this was that reply you mentioned.
    I spoke with Apple Tech Support and they guided me through this.  I was trying to get the App Store working on a new iPad mini using a new, but existing Apple ID.  To get it to work, I had to go onto iTunes on my main computer (not on the iPad).  I had been trying to use the Sign In button, and I was having the issue of being "forced" to enter a credit card, which I did not want to do.  Here was the solution I was given, which worked for me.
    Log out of iTunes, if you are not already.  (Or hit Cancel if you're on the Review Payment screen.)
    Instead of going into Sign In, go to Redeem under the Quick Links, on the right-hand side, down a bit.
    Go through the screens, accepting the EULA, etc.  You will get to a Review Payment screen, similar to the one you saw before, but it will have a None button.
    You can enter an iTunes card here if you want, but I was able to leave that field blank and still successfully get the account set up, ready to use on the iPad.

  • Need Suggestion for Archival of a Table Data

    Hi guys,
    I want to archive one of my large table. the structure of table is as below.
    Daily there will be around 40000 rows inserted into the table.
    Need suggestion for the same. will the partitioning help and on what basis?
    PCTFREE 10
    MAXTRANS 255
    NEXT 1M
    MAXEXTENTS 2147483645
    CHUNK 8192
    NEXT 1M
    MAXEXTENTS 2147483645
    do the needful.

    There will not be any updates /deletes on the table.
    I have created a partitioned table with same struture and i am inserting the records from my original table to this partitioned table where i will maintain data for 6 months.
    After loading the data from original table to archived table i will truncating the original table.
    If my original table is partitioned then what about the restoring of the data??? how will restore the data of last month???

Maybe you are looking for

  • Upgrading from 10.2.8 to 10.4

    Hey, I'm trying to figure out if it is possible to upgrade my B&W PowerMac G3, 350MHZ, 384MB RAM, and 120HD to OSX 10.4. Also i would do 10.3, but there aren't that many big differences between 10.2 and 10.3. I know it is possible to have 10.3 on thi

  • Uploading order files

    Hi All, My customer will place(upload) orders in a particular folder, and it gets stored in Portal repository. they will place orders in excel file. this is mandatory. They have their own Plan codes. My question is: I need a program that picks a file

  • Abesence Quota (IT-2006) not Deducted

    Hi, I add absences Sick and Casual,Privilege Leave in Absence(IT 2001) respectively. But Absence Quota cant show Deducted Value with respect to Added Leaves.It will show Zero values.. please help me i have to submit Adhoc query Report on Employees Ab

  • FTP in Windows 2012 Failover Cluster

    Hi, Understand that Windows 2012 is having much improved Failover Clustering features,however i have faced issues when i configured FTP in Windows 2012 Failover Cluster. 1) As per the process configured the shared disk for FTP data path. 2)Installaed

  • Since downloading 5.0, my add-ons icons no longer show at bottom of page.

    The icons for my add-ons no longer appear at the bottom of the page. This happened when I downloaded Firefox 5.0. How do I correct this so that the icons show. '''bold text'''