Supplier invoice in pre approved exp batches

can we enter supplier invoice in pre approved exp batches ?

Hi ,
Supplier invoices will be created in payable resp..then import the invoice to projects this is way we will create the invoice wil not be possible to created the pre-aaproved supplier invoice expenditure batche sin projects ...
Please refer the user guide ...

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  • Unable to find the Expenditure Org in Pre Approved Exp Batch

    Hi All,
    In the Implementation Options
    for our OU "SAV.OU", Under Expnd/Costing tab, System, Project setup tabs we have set the Start Organization to "SAV.OU". We are unable to find our organization in the LOV, but we are able to find our Business Group.
    Please help us with the query
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    Hi AH,
    Classifinaction defination is perfect, but for some reason pa_all_organizations set inactive_date got updated.
    Thanks, now got resolved.

  • Mutiple currency via Pre-approved expenditure batches...

    Dear Dina,
    In PAE batches can we enter the expense transaction in other than functional currency...which field is enhancing such foreign currency transaction.....
    do rate types(corporate) work behind it for converting to functional currency...
    plssssssssssssss help me to understand...
    thanks a lot n advance............

    Actually the expenditure items entry form is a folder. The default folder is not showing the currency fields.
    Select the folder option on the toolbar to modify the columns that are shown on the default. You can show the reimbursement currency for expense reports and the transaction currency for other miscellaneous expenditure items.
    Review the Oracle Projects Costing user guide page 2-18 for the list of currency attributes.

  • Need to do the security for "release" pre-approved batches

    Hi Floks,
    We need to control the finance users just for entering pre-approved batches and submitting only (not allowed for release) and then the finance manager will "release" the same batches and do the distribute costs.
    Can any expert help me, if any posibility to do this? ( projects)
    Thanks in advance,

    Exclude the below Function from the Users' Responsibilities and also remove the REVIEW Menu because User can Release the Batches from this Menu as well. If the Users need to search the Batch for review then they can search using ENTER Menu.
    Function Name: Pre-Approved Expenditure Entry: Release
    I did for 12.0.4. No idea about

  • PC - Error while entering Timecard through Pre-Approved Batches

    Hi all,
    I have entered timecard expenditure through pre-approved batches > submitted and released. To distribute cost and transfer it to GL, i hv submitted program 'PRC: Distribute Labor Costs' and in output it is showing error'Missing Cost Rate' as cost rate is mentioned in expenditure type window...
    Could anyone have any idea on this...please advise
    Thanks in advance.
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    You may want to review Oracle's documentation, see Oracle Projects Implementation Guide.
    There on page 3-55 read the following:
    "Rate schedules are defined for costing, billing. and work and financial planning. As part of your implementation of Oracle Project Costing, you can define rate schedules for labor costing. A cost rate schedule maintains hourly cost rates for employees or jobs. You can define or copy rate schedules for your entire organization. You can also define
    or copy separate rate schedules for individual business units."
    Go to the form ..Setup > Costing > Labor > Organization Labor Costing Rules
    There you should assign for your operating unit the Cost Rate Schedule name.
    The process PRCL Distribute Labor costs finds the employee name on the expenditure, for that employee looks for cost rate on the assigned Rate Schedule If it is set by employee, or looks for the person job and then find the cost rate per job.

  • OKE Project Contracts - Generate Supplier invoice directly from Deliverable

    Dear All,
    In Project Contracts, Customer does not want to initiate requisition for the deliverables (Buy Contract - Non Item), instead they want Supplier invoice to be generated directly from the deliverables.
    The process flow which the customer looking for in Oracle project contracts is as follows,
    1. Create a Contract for Buy Intent - Non item deliverables
    2. Authoring the Contract
    3. Create Default deliverables
    4. IN DTS, based on the deliverables, system should generate Supplier Invoice directly with contract and Project references.
    Standard Flow - Contract Authoring > Default Deliverables > Initiate Requisition > Purchase order creation > Supplier Invoice > Interface costs to Projects
    Proposed Flow - Contract Authoring > Default Deliverables > Initiate Supplier Invoice > Interface costs to Projects
    Show some lights on this requirement.

    As you may understand, the required flow is not delivered by Oracle.
    You might consider a customization. Develop a program that finds the completed deliverables and create from them a supplier invoice. The program might insert the supplier invoice into AP open interface. From there you should import the invoice into Payables, validate and approve it.

  • AME Invoice workflow - When invoice moves from Approval Require to Not Req

    I have a small Issue with AP Prepayment invoice Workflow.Version: 12.1.1
    Issue Des:AME has been configured specifically for Prepayment invoices. however, when Initiate Workflow is clicked, the Approval status changes from Required to Not Required (instead of Initiated).
    AME Setup:
    1.IF supplier amount > O get approval from approval-grp.
    1.Create a invoice with amount 1000 and distributions with 1000 amount.
    2.Validate Invoice
    3.Intiate Approval using actions "Intaiate Approval" the Approval status changes from Required to Not Required (instead of Initiated).
    4.Invoice shows status 'Not Required'
    5. first time the customer was using AME Rule for Prepayment invoice type with approver type as HR People and In the employee form, the supervisor relationship was not defined.
    Any idea on why this is not working will be of great help!

    HI Venkat,
    Check the AME rules, Is the Priority filed have any values set or not.
    The Priority must be set to 1 and try again.

  • "Invoice History Report "show wrong balance for supplier invoice with USD

    Invoice History Report show wrong balance for supplier invoice with USD Currency
    After I run this report i see in the last of this report there is difference between the supplier total
    USD (Currency ) and the open Balance USD , it is decreased the open balance
    for supplier with 2300 USD with out any reasons
    bellow is some data copy of the report
    Supplier Site Total: SAR 34,700.00
    Supplier Site Total: USD 39,000.00
    Supplier Total: SAR 34,700.00
    Supplier Total: USD 39,000.00
    Open Balance: SAR 34,700.00
    Open Balance: USD 36,700.00
    *** End of Report ***
    please advise me from where can this differenc ( 39000 - 36,700=2300 )COMMING
    or it is bug in this report , becuase i compare this report with other report in account payable like
    -supplier open balance letter
    -invoice register report
    -invoice aging report
    all this report give me the amount for supplier USD =39000

    Can you try running Create Accounting For payments just before you run the Invoice History Report and re-check .

  • Pre-Approved Credit Check Problem

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    I agreed and was approved with no deposit. They gave me a pre-approved credit check number.
    Upon filling out my billing information in iTunes I enter in the Pre-Approved code and the SAME address I gave the man at the store. I then get an error saying that they will NOT accept this code because the addresses do NOT match up. Therefore I have been unable to even begin the activation process.
    I called the number they gave me. They told me I had to go to the store to fix it. I went. The people at the store looked at me like I had broccoli coming out of my ears. I was there for three hours (having been there for three hours for the phone) when they eventually told me to come back tomorrow.
    I called the support line again. We hit a brick wall. All in all I have been transferred atleast five times for a total of five hours on the phone. I want to return this blasted device but they are demanding a 10% restocking fee for SOMEONE ELSES mess up.
    So let's do the math. I waited three hours. Had a credit inquiry posted to my report. Paid $600. Talked to support for over five hours. And made a 20 mile drive three times.
    I DO NOT WANT THIS PHONE ANYMORE. However. I would rather eat the $600 then pay the %10 percent return fee. A big EFF YOU to apple and at&t.
    Now if I finally do get it activated I look forward to waiting another four days for it to work.

    Well all the information I am putting in is valid, not made up. And still nothing!
    Anyone successful with this?
    Also, if I just skip putting in the code I get further in the activation, up to the point where it tells me my three options with AT&T. At this point there is a LINK that says "I have a pre-approved credit code", but that link just returns you to the very beginning page (same as starting over)... wonder if it's broken or supposed to work that way?...

  • Report linking GL Expense AC with supplier invoice number

    Hi All,
    I need to generate a report that gives GL expense Acs with corresponding supplier invoice number and payment docu number.
    I am new to FI and not aware of the tables invloved
    Can anyone tell me the tables involved and the link?

    Anuradha Ramanathan wrote:
    > I need to generate a report that gives GL expense Acs with corresponding supplier invoice number and payment docu number.
    Hello Anu,
    You must have a look into the Vendor Closed Item tables - BSAK.
    GL Expense A/C --> BSAK-SAKNR or BSAK-HKONT
    Payment Docu. Number --> BSAK-AUGBL.
    Hope this helps.

  • Standard Purchase Order in Pre-Approved status

    When I approve the standard PO, it's goes into Pre-Approved status.Following error found in workflow.
    Failed Activity Reserve Document
    Workflow Errors: POAPPRV, 13-45, 63544
    Activity Type Function
    Error Name WFENG_ITEM_ATTR
    Error Message 3103: Attribute 'DOCUMENT_ID' does not exist for item 'POAPPRV/13-45'.
    Error Stack PO_REQAPPROVAL_ACTION.ReserveAutonomous(010) PO_REQAPPROVAL_ACTION.ReserveDoc(ReserveDoc 020: Doc Header Id = 13) PO_REQAPPROVAL_ACTION.Reserve_Doc(POAPPRV, 13-45, PO_REQAPPROVAL_ACTION.Reserve_Doc: 01) Wf_Engine.GetItemAttrNumber(POAPPRV, 13-45, DOCUMENT_ID) Wf_Engine_Util.Function_Call(PO_REQAPPROVAL_ACTION.RESERVE_DOC, POAPPRV, 13-45, 170068, RUN)
    Please help to resolve.

    Doc ID 563649.1 is applicable.As per doc suggest to apply 1) patch 6717387 2) patch 5251823 & 3) patch 5263523.
    But which patch should I apply.

  • Seeburger help required for Supplier Invoice (EDI 810) and Dispatch Advice

    Hi All,
    Pls let me blog/steps for scenario for Supplier Invoice and Dispatch Advice using Seeburger.
    For Supplier Invoice I assume R/3 will send data to Vendor (810).
    1. Pls let me know for R/3 to XI will we use INVOCE IDOC?
    2. Pls let me know for R/3 to XI Communication do we will use same Distributiion Model setup?
    3. Pls let me know what Seeburger BIC modules I need to use in Seeburger AS2/File Receiver Adapter
    4. Which Interface and Adapter  I need to use for 810 and which Interface and Adapter  I need to use for 997.
        Pls send its setup with its Mappings defined in Modules.
    5. What is Disptach Advice?  Is it also same like Supplier Invoice ? Does it also have EDI Number and if yes then what?
    Pls send me blogs for the above Supplier Invoice and Dispatch Advice settings.

    Rickkk wrote:
    > Hi Ravi and All
    > I am thankful to all of you for great help of yours.
    > Steps:
    > 1) I wil create an INvoice in your backend system. It will generate an IDOC.
    > 2) This IDOC will be sent to my XI system.
    > 3) I will map the IDOC to the Target XML 810 --- From where I will get this Target XML 810 ?
    YOu have to login to the Physical box in which XI is installed (Take Basis Help.
    In one of the drives, you will find a folder called seeburger.
    Inside that folder, you can browse to find the XSD structure for your 810 .
    YOu will find different XSDs for different versions of 810.
    Suppose your EDI 810 version is 4010, then you have to use the XSD for 810 4010 version (There will be separate folders for each transaction set/version combination.
    It will be there also in the software CD that seeburger provides when you buy it.
    > 4) I need a seeburger receiver AS2 adapter that consist of modules that will convert the XML 810 docuemnt to EDI document.
    > Below are the modules will be present in you suggested seeburger receiver AS2 adapter
    > module key                  Parameter name               Parameter value
    > bic                                destSourceMsg               MainDocument
    > bic                                destTargetMsg                MainDocument
    > bic                                mappingName                  <the name of your X2E mapping for 810>
    > exit                               JNDIName                         deployedAdapters/SeeXIAS2/shareable/SeeXIAS2
    > 5. As per blog  -
    > For 997 Interface we are using seeburger Sender adapter and for 850 Interface we are using Split997 Sender adapter -- Reverse order
    > For this scenario will it be like this again like
    > For 997 Interface we will use Seeburger Receiver AS2 Adapter where the above modules are configured -- Pls suggest
    > For 810  Interface we will use Split997 Receiver adapter -- No modules configured Pls suggest
    > I request you to kindly send me snapshots or blogs which has snapsot for this scenario.
    No need of split 997 in outbound case. In this case, you will send the 810 and the partner will send the 997.
    So, to receive that 997 file, you need another scenario. You need the split 997 communication channel only in inbound case like in 850, but not in outbound case.
    > Last point -- is Dispatch advice direction is like 850 (Inbound ) or its direction is like 810 (outbound)?
    > Do we have IDOC or something like that present and its mapping ?
    like I said earlier, it is an outbound document if your company is the vendor.
    It will be inbound if your company is the Customer to some other company.
    The IDOC that is used usually will be DESADV idoc.
    > Regards

  • I have been pre-approved for a Barclaycard Rewards Mastercard, Can i buy an Imac with the 18 Month Financing with this card?

    So i have been Pre-approved for a Barclaycard Rewards mastercard, if i sign up for this will i be able to buy an imac with the 18 moth financing option?

    I don't see why not.
    Apple is not picky where the money comes from.

  • FICO-Invoice Parking and approval; Unable to complete some Config steps

    FICO-Invoice Parking and approval; Unable to complete some Config steps
    I am using standard WF: WS10000051 (SAP template) in Accounts payable to get triggered for Invoice Parking-Approval and Posting.
    One of the steps mentioned at is below;
    1. Data for Event Linkage
    Object type     FIPP
    Event     CREATED
    Receiver type     WS10000051
    Receiver module     SWW_WI_CREATE_VIA_EVENT
    2. Check Function
    Receiver type (function module)     
    Global     X
    Enabled     X
    I could get to 1. Data for Event Linkage which is T Code SWETYPV but could not find 2. Check Function.
    Where do I set the parameters for :  2. Check Function in SAP
    The help file link is

    You dont need to assign the Check function module.
    Check function module is used to prevent the workflow from triggering if the checks written in the function fail.
    For eg. check if the invoice amount is GT 500. If yes trigger workflow else dont.

  • Pre operative exp. of a WBS cost object

    I am looking for a soln to following issue.
    1. In case of an Investment project under PS whether all the  pre operative expenses and issue of project material to a WBS including turnkey items are going to be first debited to a cost element( part of P&L item) and then settled periodically to a CWIP.
    2. If yes, then till the time you settle  a WBS, the value of expenditure will appear in Profit and Loss Account of the company or Profit center.  
    3. Is there any way to book the pre operative exp. to a WBS as a Balance sheet item and then settle from there?

    Hi, you can post to wbs as a Project stock(eg via MIGO), and then when capitalize post Good issue to an Asset

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    In my database, I have a self-referencing table, the table itself is for projects, and it allows users to get a hierarchical view of the company. Here is the SQL (modifier is the term we use for project code, BBCI is the top project) SELECT modifier,

  • Information on SAP ARIS

    Dear All, Can somebody provide us the link where we will get information on  ARIS tool - user guide, installation guide and operations guide  in service market place. We checked in the service market place but could not able to find Thanks and Best R

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    Can you rotate view to sign a form on ipad?

  • Posting manual SD conditions to COPA

    Hi, I have customized KE4I transaction with all the SD condition types, but when the billing document has the conditions filled manually it doesn't appear in the PA document. Is it possible to post this conditions to COPA? Thank you very much!!!

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    Purchased HD movie from iTunes Store. Keeps hanging up during download. Tried multiple downloads and single downloads with two movies, one rented, one purchased. Neither download finished. Any suggestions?