Supress Vendor name in std report S_ALR_87012103 - Vendors: Items

Hi ,
I am using report 'S_ALR_87012103 - Vendors: Items -> List of Vendor Line Items' to list the vendor open items and in the output the vendor name with address is displayed, I want to supress name and address so that when I download to excel it will easier for me to change the columns.

Try using FBL1N instead of this report, which does not show address.

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  • How to get the VENDOR NAME in the report s-ME80FN,MB51

    Dear friends,
    In many sap standard reports we are getting the vendor no. or material no. etc., What to do if we want vendor name in the reports ME80FN AND MB51?

    Hi Guys,
    Go for enhancement of RM07DOCS......
    add new variable as shown below,
             INCLUDE STRUCTURE itab.
    DATA: maktx LIKE makt-maktx,
           name1 LIKE t001w-name1,
           btext LIKE t156t-btext,
           pspid LIKE prps-posid,
           vornr TYPE vornr,                                     "215929
           color_line(03)       TYPE c,                          "n555
           color TYPE slis_t_specialcol_alv,
    *{   INSERT         IDEK900044                                        1
        vd_name1 type name1_gp,
    Also add the variable if required.
    Then go for Deatil_list and add the further coding.....
    Problem get resolved......

  • Display Vendor name in vendinvoice Report

    hi expert i have little query , in ax 2012 R3 there is report vend-invoice Report, actually i want to display vendor name on that report,by default there is no vendor name,for this i just added vendor name(extended data type) in vendinvoice temp table,and
    then just reference that field in class of vendinvoice,rebuild the ax,and in vs2012  add that field in report design ,and depolye ,but still the vendor name not does not showed in report...plz guide me..

    Hi Munsifuv,
    Is this a question about Power Query? If not, I'd recommend directing your question to a Dynamics Ax forum.

  • Display of vendor name after giving  different freight vendor in me21n

    We have maintained a different vendor for freight in the PO at condition type level in me21n(conditions tab If we double click on that particular condition type we can see vendor where vendor can be given).We need to display vendor name seperately with respect to vendor code adjacent to that.
    Pl provide me the solution to do this.Which is the best way to bring vendor name in that screen.
    Provide me if any screenexits are possible?

    We have maintained a different vendor for freight in the PO at condition type level in me21n(conditions tab If we select particular condition type and click on conditional details icon we can see vendor where vendor can be given).We need to display vendor name seperately with respect to vendor code adjacent to that.
    Pl provide me the solution to do this.Which is the best way to bring vendor name in that screen.
    Provide me if any screenexits are possible?
    I need to dispaly the vendor name at the space before the vendor and vendor code are shown.
    Me21n-->give item and its details>item conditions tab---->select particular condition type -
    >click on Conditional details icon.There at the end right hand side vendor field is present where we can give vendor code.Beside the vendor field i need to display that given vendor code related name.So that user won't make any mistakes in giving the vendor code.

  • Vendor Name in FBL1N report

    How can we add vendor name in report layout of FBL1N (vendor line item display)? I tried to do define it in additional fields for line item display in customization.
    But the table LFA1 is not defined in table T021S. Is it possible to add tables apart from BSEG, BKPF which are already there.

    Hello TP,
    If you want to append additional columns like LFA1-NAME1 to FBL*N report, please refer OSS note below.
    Note 984305 - Line item: Definition of special fields (T021S)

  • Including Vendor Name in Standard report 'MB51' transaction

    Hi Friends,
    I have a requirement of Displaying the Vendor Name in the standard report 'MB51', after the vendor No.
    I checked the report and it is really confusing ..... ( i ve seen something like when i double click the document number it is going to 'Display material Document - 147404608' something !! ........
    I want the same report with vendor name included ... is that possible ????
    One more doubt .... i actually copied the Program 'RM07DOCS' with the includes to a name 'ZRM07DOCS' but when i execute with plant '0020' iam getting an error 'Selection was not restricted' though iam not getting the error when i give the same selection criteria in the Standard report....
    Expecting ur replies :-|
    Thanks in advance

    I did similar requirement but in my case the tr code was mb5b but anyway approach would be same ,please check steps below.
    1) Copy standard report to a Zreport. copy everything including includes , texts etc.
    2) Now put a break point at REUSE_ALV_LIST_DISPLAY , it might be possible that its used multiple times. so just cross check which list display is showing results.comment out this REUSE_ALV_LIST_DISPLAY.
    3) Now say you have to add 2 extra fields to report.define you own internal table with all the fields you needed.move the final internal table to your internal table.
    4) build your own field catalog for your internal table.
    4) using select queries fetch field values of those 2 extra fields for each record.and then use resue_alv_list_display  or resue_alv_grid_display in place of original list_display. pass fieldcatalog and your final internal table to it so as to get output desired.

  • Vendor name in FBLN Report

    Hi Experts,
    How can i add the vendor name in FBLN standard reports. I have checked in hidden fields but vendor name option is not there.
    Please .....
    Thanks in Advance

    You can refer the below link
    Re: adding a field to FBL3N
    Hope this will help you

  • Vendor Name Appearing Different for Different Line Items in FBL1N

    I am executing FBL1N and changing the layout to include the Vendor Name in the line items. But when the line items are appearing, the Vendor Name is appearing different for different documents. I wish to see from where the system is picking up the name, so that I can rectify this. But since the layout is being changed after the report is executed, the debug window is taking me in this. Can someone help me please how to debug so that I can see from where the name is coming?
    Thanks and Regards,
    Sameer Joshi

    Hi Raymond,
    Yes it was due to the BADI.
    Thanks for your reply.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Sameer Joshi

  • How do I get vendor name in FBL1N for multiple vendors

    Hi gurus.  When I run FBL1N for a single vendor, the vendor name shows up.  If I run FBL1N for multiple vendors, the list is subtotaled by vendor number, but the name goes away.  How can I get the vendor name show up when the list is for multiple vendors?

    Well, we'll just have to deal with the header data.  It is REALLY strange to me that NAME1 is a field you can choose in this report but not in FBL1N.
    By the way, we try very hard to give our users a usable solution so that they don't have to download to excel.  However, SAP doesn't always cooperate......  : (
    Thanks again for your help today.  You have solved my problem.

  • Include the Vendor name in S_ALR_87012089 : Vendor Changes

    Hi ,
    The requirement is to add a vendor name to the report S_ALR_87012089 : Vendor Changes.
    Please let me know the feasibility and the way to achieve it.

    You just need to modify the layout to add the field "Sort address of customer".
    Renan Correa

  • Report for vendor no., vendor name for good receipt documents on KSB1

    My client needs vendors on KSB1 report. I told them about offseting  account, but it doesn't show vendor for good receipt documents.
    Is there any place else they can view vendor, vendor name for those good receipt documents .
    Any MM report or AP report .

    Please go to FBL1N, In Dynamic Selection give document as "WE", this will give and enable Purchase Order Number
    This will give you Vendor Name, Purchase Order and  FI Document number or u can try MB51, there you will not get Vendor Name, but you will get Vendor Code, Material Document Number and Purchase Order Number
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  • MSRV* Reports: How to add Vendor name?

    howdy gurus!
    Appreciate very much for any guidelines on how to add vendor name in MSRV* reports.

    Thanks for the inputs guys.
    So there's no technique yet to include it (similar to FBL*N and CJI3/KSB1).
    No available note also in SAPNotes.
    I already developed the Z*  report but the key user requests the possiblities in MSRV*.

  • GR/IR:  Open receipts with vendor name

    Hello SAP Gurus-
    I am not sure if we are doing something wrong but we are currently reconciling our GR/IR account and what we noticed is that when we added the vendor name to the report with the help of an OSS note, we noticed that it gives us all transactions that make up the balance however it isn't what we wanted exactly.
    What we were looking for was once we execute MR11 and handle all differences, we want to see only open receipts with the Vendor name.  How can we achieve this?  Is there a report?  Should the GR/IR account be set up as a clearing account?
    Any help/ insight is greatly appreciated!

    figured it out

  • 'FBL3N' Vendor Name

    Hi Experts
    could u please help me regarding the report run by transaction FBL3N is there any
    sap note available just to add the vendor name to the report i jsut require that one
    one field and rather than making a copy of that program n writen a zprogram i wanted to knw if sap offers any notes to modify it.
    thanks u

    Check the structure RFPOSXEXT. The special fields you add will be prefixed by U_ in the structure. This is the structure which is used to display the line items, so check if the values are getting populated in this structure.
    Also refer to the following thread :
    adding a field to FBL3N

  • Vendor name in g/l line item display

    I have a requirement to get the name of the Vendor in line item display of Rec. G/L code. In standard reports FBL1N and FAGLL03 we can get only vendor code. Is there any possibility to insert the vendor name in standard report or any alternative report available in the system.

    Hi Sridhar,
    If you want to display the report on the system, then you may look at the options suggested above by other friends.
    If your requirement is to download the report, then you can have a vendor list seperately, download the normal FAGLL03 report and run a simple vlookup function and get the names of the vendors.

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