Sync library between two computers

I want to sync my music libraries so that the songs I uncheck, are unchecked on both computers.
Is this possible?
I have a macbook at home with my physical library.
I use itunes match so I have my music on my work cpu (PC)
When I'm at work, I unchecked the songs I don't want to listen to... and do the same at home, but they are not in sync.

No there's no way to automatically sync two Libraries, and trying to do so will trash one or both of them because no syncing software can parse the iPhoto Library database.
Yes you could have a common Library and keep each other's content separate. Simply keyword the pics 'His' and 'Hers' and use a simple Smart Album to separate them out. You can even - based on those tags - make two master Events - one for her pics and one for his.

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  • How do I sync the same library between two computers?

    I have an iMac and a Macbook Air, and I am constantly buying music betwen the two computers, and my iPhone. I want to be able to sync up my iPhone on both computers, but it keeps telling me I have to resync my entire phone, which is just crazy. How can I sync up itunes? I have .mac to sync my contacts, mail, etc.

    I have an iMac and a Macbook Air, and I am constantly buying music betwen the two computers
    Constantly? The MacBook Air is brand new.
    Even if you sync iTunes between two computers With something like this -> syncOtunes, you will still get this message if you sync to the other computer. The libraries may be have the same music but they are not the same library.

  • Problem syncing Mail between two computers

    I know this is a well worn topic and I've read the posts on syncing mail between two computers. Overall, I've gotten it to work pretty well. Whenever I move from one computer to another, I copy my ~/Library/Mail folder to my thumbdrive and sync it w/ the same folder on my other computer before I fire up Mail on it.
    But here's the problem: I rebuilt the "sent" mailbox on one of my computers (let's call it computer A). This apparently gives new message numbers to the messages. Things worked great on computer A after that.
    Then I synced the mailbox with my other computer, computer B. On computer B, the change in mailbox numbers apparently was not recognized. Every message in the "sent" folder gave me the message that I needed to go online and download the message. So I rebuilt the "sent" mailbox on computer B. Things then worked great.
    Then I synced back with computer A and the same thing happened. Every message in the sent folder gave me the "download from server message."
    It seems that I'm in some sort of infinite loop. The rebuild on one computer is not recognized by the other computer. Clearly, there is some file somewhere that contains info that's not being conveyed when I sync the ~/Library/Mail folder.
    Any suggestions??

    That is interesting. To that effect I have thrown together this Applescript:
    (CAUTION... do not run this script, experimental only!
    set flashDrive to "FLASH"
    tell application "System Events" to exists process ""
    if the result is true then tell application "Mail" to quit
    -- copy files to mounted disk
    do shell script "rm -r /Volumes/" & flashDrive & "/Mail/"
    do shell script "cp -r ~/Library/Mail /Volumes/" & flashDrive & "/"
    do shell script "cp ~/Library/Preferences/ /Volumes/" & flashDrive & "/Mail/"
    --copy files to userfolder
    do shell script "rm -r ~/Library/Mail"
    do shell script "cp -r /Volumes/" & flashDrive & "/Mail ~/Library/"
    do shell script "cp /Volumes/" & flashDrive & "/Mail/ ~/Library/Preferences/"
    Problem is, I don't know how to tell the script which version of mail data is older or newer. If you know of such a way let me know and I'll script it in, otherwise the user is stuck with manually choosing what to copy to where.
    And as we all know, any user choices are error-prone.

  • Sharing aperture library between two computers in same house

    How do I go about sharing the same library between two computers in the same house? I would like to take some or all photos around with me on my laptop and be able to have them also at home for use by my family. Will I have trouble with changes and keeping things in sync? Would I locate the library on a portable drive on our home network? Thanks,

    cut and dry ???
    are you wanting to constantly move the external around from machine to machine ??? or are you looking for simultaneous access ???
    if you had a library on an external and moved it between computers, it could work ... just be careful to always have the external connected before starting aperture, else it will create a new null library for you ...
    you could have db issues if you tried to have two people access it at once ... i dont believe that the aperture db could handle multi access at once ... not robust enough ... no locking of records, etc ...

  • Sync Mail between two computers

    After Leopard upgrade, I switched from Entourage to, so I'm new to it.
    I use two Macs and POP accounts. How can I sync between two computers in Leopard? The Sync Service of Smart Folders is not enough for me.
    May I use a sync app like Folders Synchrnonizer?

    Both my wife and I have multiple macs and work at home and on the road - we've tried all sorts, and there are 3 approaches that work:
    1) IMAP
    I know you think this isn't the ideal solution for you, but it is unbelievably simple and rock solid once you get it working.
    Set your POP mail addresses to forward all mail to your IMAP address (I use .mac which is brilliant, I don't know about Gmail).
    Your mail is server based, so your laptop, desktop, iPhone, webmail from a PC etc. are all always in sync.
    You will still get your mail from your old accounts.
    You can set rules on any of your machines to filter your mail into folders according to which address they were originally sent to.
    HOWEVER the mail you SEND will be FROM your IMAP address, so your clients / friends may get confused if you don't want them to use your IMAP address as your main address.
    Leave POP mail on the server.
    In Mail preferences, highlight your POP account and click on the "Advanced" tab.
    Select "Remove mail from server" to a 1 day if you come home each night.
    If you are away for longer, make it 1 week or Never.
    This way, if you download mail on your Laptop, when you get home that evening, your desktop will download the same mail again, as it has been left on the server.
    It's sort of fake IMAP.
    The downside is you can end up with a full mailbox at the server very quickly as you are now leaving messages on it, and you may have to empty the server yourself sometimes (in the same menu you just adjusted).
    Also, if you are away from your laptop too long, you may download and later delete-from-the-server messages on your desktop, leaving your laptop out of date.
    Use Mac Sync to keep your rules, mailboxes and preferences synced up.
    This is the way it's designed to work, so it should work fine.
    Drag the Mail folder.
    Assuming you're only using one Mac at any one time, you simply move the main mail folder to whichever machine is current.
    Quit Mail on both machines.
    On your target mac, go to youruserfolder/Library and rename the "Mail" folder to something else like "Mail Old". This is just so you have a backup.
    On your source mac, go to youruserfolder/Library and copy that entire folder (not just the mailboxes) either to a drive to transfer to your target mac, or straight to it if you have it networked.
    When you start up mail you will find the messages, folders, mailboxes etc. are the same as they were on your source mac.
    Now you use your target mac (say your laptop) for a while.
    When you are going back to your original source mac (e.g. your desktop), you now repeat the process in the other direction, replacing your desktop's mail folder with your newer laptop's version.
    It's really important you use one mac at a time and swap the folder each time you switch.
    If you rename the previous version before you overwrite it, you know you have a backup if things get out of sync.
    It works really well if you only take the laptop out occassionally, or if you use it exclusively for days at a time (i.e you go away) and you only need to do the transfer every so often.
    Also, it helps if you don't have thousands of emails - if your Mail folder is under half a gig, you can do this quickly using a USB keyring or similar. Any bigger and the transfer can get a bit slow.
    I use option 1, and felt it was worth changing my email address for.
    My wife uses option 2 when she is using her laptop in the day and she can run her desktop each evening the download the mail left on the server.
    But she sometimes gets trouble with her popmail server filling up (she gets lots of video and audio attachments) so if she's going away or not planning to use her desktop in the evenings, she reverts to option 3 and removes messages from the server "right away", updating her desktop's mail folder at the end of the week and just using her laptop until then.
    Good luck!

  • Syncing Aperture library between two computers using MobileMe and DropBox

    I'd like to have my Aperture library automatically sync'd between my MacBookPro and iMac.
    I have MobileMe and I'd ideally like to use it to sync, however I believe Aperture sees the library as a large single file, and so is not really practical to do this.
    I believe DropBox does handle this better, but I only have the 2GB free version, and don't want to upgrade while I'm paying for MobileMe (which I use mainly for iPhone syncing).
    So, I was wondering would keeping the RAW and JPEG images in my iDisk (outside the library) and using a library in my DropBox folder using referenced master files to the images seem like a workable solution?
    I appreciate I need to only use one system at a time and make sure it's all sync'd before using the other computer or risk corruption.

    Just curious - why do you think it would be slow?
    With iDisk sync turned on the master images would be on the local hard drive, as would the library in the DropBox folder. Might have to use a symbolic link or mount to make the local hard disk iDisk folder appear in the exact same location on both machines, though maybe not even that?

  • Syncing Mail between two computers

    I use both a desktop and a laptop computer and need to sync my work files including my >10GB Mail folder between the two. For the most part I have been able to do this pretty successfully using Chronosync. I have a firewire drive that I plug in and sync the desired files, and this fire wire drive goes back and forth to work. For Mail I backup ~/Library/Preferences/ and ~/Library/Mail.
    The problem I'm having with my mail is that every so often the index gets corrupted and then Mail abruptly quits. I'm assuming this is the Envelop Index file stored in the Mail folder, but I'm not totally sure. To rebuild it I have to restart Mail so it can rebuild the Index. That would be fine if that's all it did, but actually it re-imports all my email messages again and now I have duplicate copies. After this happens, I have triplicate and even quadruplicate copies. I'm using a Mail script to remove these duplicates, but this situation is getting out of hand. For example, today it will take ALL DAY to remove the >30,000 duplicates.
    Does anyone know the answers to the following:
    1. Why does the index get corrupted sometimes but not others?
    2. What can I do to keep this file from getting corrupted?
    3. Where are all these email messages that Mail re-imports coming from? I have extensive filters to sort incoming messages; I delete junk; I empty my trash on a regular basis. Why can't the index be created based on the existing folders that have the messages sorted into them? WHy are a bazillion messages being reimported?
    I am currently using POP servers. I played around this morning with IMAP because my employer provides it, but I don't see how this will solve my problem with my local nested storage of messages on my two computers that I wish to sync. And I think that IMAP is going to give me troubles in a short time because my employer only provides 250 MB of storage space. So storing messages on the server really isn't going to be an option for me.
    Any ideas anyone? Right now I'm not syncing to anything mobile other than my laptop, so I don't need any of iphone fixes....

    I'll just update to mention that I just noticed that the "Remove Duplicates" script isn't actually removing all the duplicates. I'm down from 3-4 copies of everyting to just two, and now I need a way to get rid of this one extra duplicate. Anyone know of any other ways to do this?

  • Sharing a single itunes library between two computers - must be possible!

    Hi there,
    This is probably a commonly asked question, but I cannot find a step by step guide to doing it (if indeed it is possible).
    I have got a copy of itunes running on my media computer/server in my living room. What I want is to connect my laptop over the network and share this library - the effect being that it is like I am using the original computer.
    In essence I want to be able to add muscic, edit tracks, update my ipod from either computer and the changes be made in respect of both computers. I suspect that this is done by making sure that the laptop uses the same database information as that created by my main computer but am not really sure where to start.
    Could anyone perhaps give me a step by step guide as to how to do this - a single database that can be used by two computers each running itunes. One thing I am pretty sure is not possible is to for two people to be using itunes at the same time, so I would ahve to avoid this.
    Thanks very much.

    Ah. Sorry about that, I guess I skimmed over the add music part. Correct, in that the home sharing wouldn't allow you to add music to the media server library. The only thing that I can think of that would give you what you want is to use a shared folder on the network and then map both of the iTunes to that folder. At least that way music would go into the same folder. The only question is about the library on the other computer, if it would get updated when you use the other to add music.

  • Big trouble syncing edits between two computers

    I have two big issues with syncing edits between my iMac (computer A) and Macbook Pro (computer B). My workflow has been as follows:
    Import photo shoot onto computer A as DNG into master catalog. Do some edits. Export all DNGs as "Original" from shoot to desktop and copy over to computer B. Import shoot folder in master catalog on computer B, edits are held. Finish editing the entire shoot on B and export folder as a catalog without exporting the DNG files. Back on computer A, import to shoot folder from another catalog to sync edits and metadata changes.
    My issues:
    1. When edits actually do sync back on A, everything syncs EXCEPT for virtual copies, they are no where to be found. Even when exporting from B as a catalog, the dialogue box says "79 virtual copies to be exported." They just never show up back on computer A.
    2. Biggest issue. On computer A, I work in one master catalog. Some shoot folders are still on the internal hard drive while most are housed on a Drobo. It seems the reason why edits will never sync back (changes arent found when importing from another catalog) is because LR4 is only looking on the INTERNAL disk of computer A. The import seems to not look for the photos that are housed on the Drobo. I think this because whenever I try to import back to A, LR4 tries to create a new folder in the catalog on the internal disk. The below screenshot shows what I mean. 0512-SpeedyFamily is the shoot Im editing between A & B, but LR4 tries to import them back onto the internal disk (upper portion of folders) and created the ?2012 folder.
    FYI - I am running LR 4.2 on both machines, just havent installed the latest update yet.

    There's a simpler way to do this: synchronizing software. The one I'm using is called SmartSync Pro. I think it's Windows only, but there must be alternatives for Mac.
    I have two machines, at work and home, containing identical copies of the Lr catalog (and of course all other files), using a portable pocket-size drive to transport files back and forth. Once it's set up it's a one-click operation to copy new and altered files only, stick the thing in my pocket and go home. Then connect the drive, click again, and I'm ready to pick up where I left off.
    The one provision is that the folder structure is identical on the two machines, and, being Windows, also drive letters. But you don't necessarily have to synchronize a whole drive, any folder(s) will do.
    Another advantage is solid backup: three copies of every file, one always off-site.

  • Sync single iPhoto library between two computers

    My wife and I have different computers and, therefore, separate iPhoto libraries. I know I can use Iphoto Library Manager to consolidate the two libraries, but is there a way anyone can think of where the two of us can each have a full copy of the library, and have all modifications to the "common" library AUTOMATICALLY sync? I know we could share the library and manually copy the photos from one to the other library, but this would be tedious and completely defeat the purpose of Apple's "It just works" mind-set.
    Or am I asking too much?
    What if there were a way to flag photos in the common library as "Mine" and not "Ours"? That way my wife wouldn't have to "suffer" through my Sci-Fi wallpaper collection and Dr. Who posters. Likewise I would not need to see the photos for school assignments, etc... that she needs available, but we still both have common I/O access to the "common" family photos?
    That may be asking to much...

    No there's no way to automatically sync two Libraries, and trying to do so will trash one or both of them because no syncing software can parse the iPhoto Library database.
    Yes you could have a common Library and keep each other's content separate. Simply keyword the pics 'His' and 'Hers' and use a simple Smart Album to separate them out. You can even - based on those tags - make two master Events - one for her pics and one for his.

  • Sync itunes between two computers

    Hey all, I have had a laptop for a while with my itunes library on it. I recently bought a small desktop to keep connected to my home theatre, as it's a pain to keep connecting my laptop all the time, especially when I take my laptop with me everywhere.
    Here's what I would like to accomplish: I want all my music on my laptop to also be on the desktop, and I would like an easy way to sync the two when I add new music to my laptop. I would highly prefer to be able to keep the play count, starts, etc synced as well.
    Now, I know I can just copy the Music folder from one computer to the other, but this won't sync anything after that, unless I do it every time I add new music. I have googled and found the Home Share feature, which also allows you to import music from one computer to another. But my question is, when I add new music, will this sync automatically? Or will I have to manually import again? And if I do have to manually import again, will it have to import everything? Or will it just transfer the new files? I don't want to bog down my home network every time I want to sync.
    I should also say, I would like to stay away from any external programs if possible. Unless there is one that makes this extremely easier.
    And also, I do not have an ipod/iphone. I have read that's the easiest way to do this, but I don't have any of those.
    Running Windows 7 on both computers.

    See the user tip Backup your iTunes for Windows library with SyncToy. It does suggest a free additional tool, and it isn't automatic, but it is fast compared to manually copying the entire library from one machine to another. It would also give you the opportunity to spot if something goes missing which a completely automatic system might not.

  • How to share subset of iTunes library between two computers

    I've searched the forum for this information, and I've seen similar questions, but not exactly what I'm looking for.
    Here's the scenario:
    My wife and I both access iTunes from different computers (I use a Mac, she uses Windows), using different iTunes accounts. We both sync our iPhones, iPods, iPads with these computers. The music library consists almost entirely of music that I ripped from CDs, we rarely purchase music from iTunes.
    For my Mac, the entire iTunes library currently is located on an external NAS drive. My wife's iTunes library is on her Windows machine, so she doesn't have access to the music from her iTunes installation. For now, we sync both my wife's iPod and mine from the Mac.
    What I would like to do is keep separate iTunes libraries for my wife and I, so that we could each have our own apps, but have both libraries point to the external NAS drive for music and playlists, so we could both sync music and playlists to our devices from the same source. We can avoid updating music or playlists for both computers at the same time.
    Can a local iTunes library be configured to store music, playlists, and associated metadata on an external drive, but everything else on the local drive? From some of the other responses I've seen, having the music files on the external drive didn't appear to be an issue, but it wasn't clear if the playlists and metadata would be kept with the music files or in the local library.

    From Using iPad or iPod with multiple computers,
    "iPod shuffle and iPhone are intended for use with a single computer. You cannot load music from multiple computers or iTunes libraries onto iPod shuffle and iPhone like you can with other devices."

  • Sync library between 2 computers

    Can I sync my library from my Tower to my Laptop so it is complete

    I have had awesome luck keeping the music on three Macs in perfect sync using Syncopation (
    As soon as a song is added to one machine it is automatically replicated to the other machines on the network. The cool part is that each user can still maintain/modify their own playlists, podcast subscriptions, etc.
    The downside of course is that your music library is physically duplicated - a waste of HD space (but hey, space is cheap). 8-)
    Macbook Pro (2.16 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 100 GB 7200 rpm HD), G5 20" Mac OS X (10.4.8)

  • How do I share iphoto library between two computers

    I have a MacBook Pro 15 and an iMac. Most of my pictures and movies are loaded onto my MacBook, but some are on the iMac. I want to combine these onto an external drive (which should free up space on both HD's) and use the external drive for all my pictures and movies. How do I go about doing this and getting both iPhoto's on each computer to look at the external drive when opened?

    1. Use the paid version ($20) of iPhoto Library Manager to merge the libraries. It's the only way to do this.
    2. Make sure the external is formatted Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Set it to ignore permissions and then pow the merge Library on it.
    3. From each machine in turn: Hold down the option (or alt) key key and launch iPhoto. From the resulting menu select 'Choose Library' and point iPhoto at the Library.
    Some caveats:
    1. Iphoto is not a server or multi-user application. One one machine can access the Library at a time.
    2. Connecting via wireless is fine if all you're doing is viewing. If you're trying to edit the Library (that is, make albums, move photos around, keyword, make books or slideshows etc.) or edit individual photos in it via Wireless be very careful. Dropouts are a common fact of wireless networking, and should one occur while the app is writing to the database then your Library will be damaged. Simply, I would not do this with my Libraries. 

  • Sync bookmarks between two computers

    Hello Everyone,
    I have a new computer that I installed Firefox 29 on. My laptop had an older version of Firefox. I upgraded the laptop to Firefox 29. I signed up for the new sync on the laptop. On the new computer I used the same account as the laptop and signed in. The new computer is not getting the bookmarks. Any help would be great.

    Sorry posted twice..

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