Syncing iCal and iPhone

My MacBook and iPhone are not syncing properly,especially in iCal...there's intermittent syncing. This started happening after I installed Lion. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I am having the exact same problem! UGH!

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  • Sync iCal and iPhone

    I entered my whole calendar into iCal on MacBook running 10.4.10. All the events in iCal synced into the iPhone but all the times were wrong by 4 hours. Both my iPhone and iCal are set on Eastern Standard time so I can't understand the problem.

    I saw this on another discussion--double check your settings and make sure the phone didn't go back to the default setting in Cupertino, CA.

  • Cannot sync iCal and iPhone in Leopard

    iCal will not sync to my iPhone since upgrading to Leopard. I've restarted both iPhone and Mac repeatedly, but that hasn't helped. I've tried changing iPhone iCal sync settings but nothing works. All other information is synced, just not iCal.

    Thanks so much for the advice.
    Unfortunately, the problem persists. Syncing of iCal has been completely unstable ever since purchasing my iPhone both before Leopard and after. I just updated to 10.5.1 and the issue remains.
    I have just deleted unwanted calendars - no improvement. I have reset the iPhone - no change. I have reset my iSync history - no effect.
    This is a true case of Apple simply "just not working" instead of "just working". I've been a user since 1991 and an avid fan. Apple simply isn't the same company it used to be. I have a hard time advocating when something this basic to the PDA functionality consistently fails.
    Thanks again for your help.

  • HT2513 Syncing iCal and iPhone, both directions...

    I can create a calendar entry on my iPhone and have it show up via iCloud in iCal on my laptop. But creating a calendar entry in iCal does not show up on my iPhone. The link between the two is iCloud...I must being doing something wrong?? Help anyone?

    I am having the exact same problem! UGH!

  • Keeping latest entries when syncing iCal and iPhone

    Is there a way I can *keep my latest entries* on iCal (be them on my iPhone or MacBook Pro) rather choosing one device's entries to replace the others?
    Thank you,
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    I am having the exact same problem! UGH!

  • Upon syncing my iPhone and mac all of my ical and iPhone calendar events have duplicated. how can i fix this and avoid it in the future?

    upon syncing my iPhone and mac all of my ical and iPhone calendar events have duplicated. how can i fix this and avoid it in the future?

    1. What version of the Mac OS are you running (Apple > About this Mac)?
    2. What version of the iOS are you running (Settings > About)?
    3. Do you backup your computer ( 
    --- If you don't regularly backup your computer, now is the time to start.
    4. Do you backup your iPhone (
    Check the calendar list on the left hand side of iCal.  Is it that the individual events are duplicated or is it just that you have the same calendar listed more than once?  If its that you have more than 1 copy of each calendar, you can delete one of the duplicate calendars to eliminate the duplicates.
    If you find that it is the individual events that are duplicated then there are 2 options:
    1. Restore your computer iCal database or iPhone from a backup made before the duplication occurred.
    2. Use a duplication removal program (or do it by hand) to remove the duplicates:
    If you have a backup made before the duplication occurred, reply back with what kind of backup you have and I'll suggest how to recover the calendars.
    To avoid this issue in the future:
    Keep regular backups.  They are your best defense against data anomalies which are a fact of life in computers (although hopefully rare).
    Keep your computer and iPhone software fully up to date (Apple > Software Update / Settings > General > Software Update).
    Make sure the date and time on your computer and iPhone are correct before you sync the two devices.
    Make sure the cable connections between the two is solid and that the cable shows no signs of physical damage.
    Hope that information helps.

  • How to sync iCal between iPhone and MacBookPro without MobileMe?

    How can I sync iCal between iPhone and MacBookPro without MobileMe?
    I'm still using MobileMe, but I will stop soon.
    I'm using my iPhone in India a lot to create new events or to add new contacts. At the end of the day I would like to able to sync it with my MacBookPro without using MobileMe. Internet Connection is often very bad in that area. The iPhone I only use without UMTS and all that Data Transfering stuff. Best for me would be to sync directly by wire or Bluetooth if possible. If you have a solution with and without Internet Connection, that would be very helpfull to me.

    On the Mac, in iTunes with iPhone attached, click on the iPhone section. Go to the "info" tab. There you will see a list of items that can be synced. Make sure that "sync addressbook contacts" is checked, along with the appropriate choices under it.
    Don't know what else to say, it works fine here.
    Hope this helps.

  • Need help syncing iCal and Outlook 2011 (for Mac) THANKS!

    QUESTION: How do I sync iCal and Outlook up again without duplicating any more events, and very importantly, without sending any more email invitations?
    I just bought an iPhone. I am trying to get my phone and my MacBook Pro synced up through iCloud.
    I realize that I need to have Outlook 2011 and iCal set up for syncing for this to work.
    I did this at one point, and it resulted in all of my ALL DAY appointments being duplicated in Outlook, iCal, and on the calendar on my phone - and iCloud sending out duplicate invitations to events.
    Then, I turned syncing between iCal and Outlook and deleted all of the duplicates in my Outlook.
    Of course, because I haven't set up Outlook to sync with iCal, iCal and my phone's calendar have not changed. There are still duplicates there.
    How do I sync them up again without duplicating any more events, and very importantly, without sending any more email invitations?
    Thanks in advance for any help you can be!

    My iPhone 4 was working fine, synched with Outlook 2011 on my iMac 11.02 through iTunes. Calendar changes also appeared in iCal, even though I don't use iCal - I only use Outlook. Last week I was prompted to update Outlook, which I did successfully. Today, I plugged the iPhone into the iMac to synch and suddenly all Calendar and Contact items are gone from the iPhone and in iCal on the iMac. In iTunes, the option to synch with Outlook in the Info tab ("other") is greyed out. What happened? Why can't I synch the iPhone anymore with Outlook? All the Calendar and Contact info is still on the iMac in Outlook. Help!

  • ITunes doesn't sync iCal with iPhone after upgraded to Mountain Lion

    iTunes doesn't sync iCal with iPhone after upgraded to Mountain Lion. I even tried to use Replace Information On This iPhone and it doesn't work. Any idea guys?

    I'm having the same problem. It's as if my iPhone and MacBook Pro now have two separate calendars.
    Basically, I have a MacBook Pro (Mountain Lion, 13", late 2011) that I sync via USB with an iPhone 4S (iOS 5.1.1). Before upgrading to Mountain Lion, all of my iCal events would sync flawlessly. But none of the events I've created in iCal (Calendars) since upgrading have synced to the iPhone. Likewise, no new events that I create on the iPhone Calendar will sync to iCal. Also, changes to an existing event (even one created before upgrading to Mountain Lion) don't get synced either.
    Everything else seems to be syncing just fine though (music, apps, contacts, etc).

  • When I sync ical on iphone with mac, every entry is multiplied.  What are the settings for syncing without repeats?

    When I sync ical on iphone with mac, every entry is multiplied.  What are the settings for syncing without repeats?

    If your wireless environment is less than ideal, as it is in most inhabited areas, the influence of other wireless networks and devices competing for the same very small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum will affect your network's performance. Your own wireless network is a microcosm of that environment.
    To mitigate the effects of competing wireless networks, use 5 GHz to the maximum practicable extent. It is comparatively free from interference contributed by other wireless devices and is likely to remain that way for some time. However, it is less tolerant of intervening obstructions and construction materials than the 2.4 GHz spectrum, so it's not a panacea. Every installation is different so you must experiment to determine the optimum configuration.
    Place your wireless router (what kind is it?) in a central location, convenient to all the devices that require it. Most of the time a utility or ISP will locate it in some remote corner next to the utility service entrance. That is almost always the worst possible location.
    Others find that only a direct wired Ethernet connection between router and devices will maintain uninterrupted access to Airplay.
    That is almost certain to result in the best possible AirPlay performance. Short of having everything hard wired (it's not an option for the iPad for example) use an Ethernet connection for all the devices that lend themselves to that method. Your AppleTV is certainly one of them, since its location is not likely to change very often. Your AirPort Express should be another, since your audio systems are likely to stay put as well. Connect them both to your existing router, either directly or through an inexpensive Ethernet switch. Your problems are likely to be solved with just those two connections.

  • How do I sync iPad and iPhone on iCloud?

    How do I sync iPad and iPhone on iCloud?

    missysouthernbelle wrote:
    I'm trying to figure out why I have to download them again. Why when I downloaded music  to the iphone, the ipad didn't receive the music also automatically?
    Because they are two separate devices.

  • Time differences between ical and iphone

    When syncing ical to iphone i have a time difference of 9 hours. (dates on the iphone are always 9 hours earlier) No matter on which device the entry was made.
    Time zone is set to Berlin, Germany on my iphone as well as on my G5.
    Same thing is happening when syncing the iphone with my google calendar.
    Any suggestions?

    A restore of my iphone solved my problem.

  • Why can I no longer sync iCal and contacts without iCloud?

    I dont use iCloud basically because by doing so all your data - specifically your contacts and calendar - gets uploaded to an Apple server where it sits for ever. If you decide you want to stop using iCloud (like you decide for some weird reason to use windows instead...or you move somewhere where there's no internet - its possible) it deletes your data from the device you have unsubscribed from. This basically means once you are on iCloud there is no going back. Apple basically acts as if it owns you and your data and inorder to access it (excude me but my calender and contacts list belongs to me) its obligitory to use Apple and iCloud...if you dont it gets deleted and is gone for ever.
    So I sync via USB/WiFi...but now after 'upgrading' to Mavericks this option is no longer permitted? You MUST use iCloud.....WHY?? - I dont want to!
    I run a business and use iCal to make all my business bookings - these used to sync easily between my iPad and my iMac. Now it doesnt unless I hand over the rights to all my data for all enternity to Apple inc.
    This is my stuff and it doesnt belong to Apple - I want to keep it that way
    How can I sync iCal and Contacts without signing away ownership of my diary and contacts to Apple?
    Am I going to have to ditch my Mac?? Why wasnt this more widely publicized??
    Anyone have any suggestions?

    frederick261 wrote:
    Thanks for the reply Arthur. Actually, I just got off the phone with an apple rep telling me you can't downgrade, and that yes, apple actually IS forcing you to use iCloud - if, that is, you actually want to be able to sync your contacts or calendar. Apparently you are special and know something different, so please enlighten the rest of us.
    Here is one way
    Here is another
    Here is yet another
    If your Mavericks came with anything other than Mavericks pre-installed
    OS X Mavericks: Revert to a previous OS X version
    Also there are a host of other Cloud services you can use. You do not have to use iCloud at all. Although there ARE over 320+ million iCloud presently active, so it is extremely popular with users.

  • Sync ical and outlook

    i need to sync ical and outlook calendars

    {quote:title=Julian Wright wrote:}
    Ok... so in that case, what is keeping track of changes to the files on the flashcard? When you plug it into the Mac after using it on the PC, what decides which files are newer and which files to move from the flashcard to the Mac, and which files to move from the Mac to the flashcard? What decides what to do when there is newer data on both?
    I suspect you are not actually syncing, but simply manually copying the data each time using the flashcard as the transport medium.
    No, I have two sync programs, one on the Mac, one on the PC, they sync their files to the flashcard.
    {quote:title=Julian Wright wrote:}
    Have you tried configuring iTunes on both your home Mac and work PC to sync calendars to your iPod touch? If so, does it work or is data overwritten?
    That was my question, can it be done? I'm guessing, from what you are saying here, that iTunes should be able to handle it? I don't have iTunes on the PC, so I haven't tried it. Is the functionality the same as on the Mac?

  • I'm still struggling with being able to sync ipad3 and iphone 4s to itunes after upgrading software to ios 6. I've gone through all the recommendations by Apple and suggestions from other forums and nothing seems to work. Help!!!!!

    I'm still struggling with being able to sync ipad3 and iphone 4s to itunes after upgrading software to ios 6. I've gone through all the recommendations by Apple and suggestions from other forums and nothing seems to work. Help!!!!!

    Sounds like you have a battry issue but don't want to believe it.
    If a car was running fine on one tank of gas, then you filled it up with another tank of gas and it began to run funny, one might suspect that tank of gas. But let's just say coincidence blew a valve-- would you think the new tank of gas was the culprit?
    BUT WAIT!! It just might have been! The gas could have been of higher octane and put more more strain on the valves; you know, like going from 87 octane (OS6) to 93 octane (OS7) and showing you the engine was on the edge of compromise.
    Sometimes you have to go with common sense. If everything else is ruled out, it must be the battery. And if it runs fine one moment in OS6 but immediately ***** in OS7, I'd believe my battery was suspect-- though comfy-- in OS6 but the OS7 showed its true power.
    Moreover, if you had the answer-- or didn't want to believe someone's more competent advice-- why did you even call?  You've already shown that you don't know much when you asked if you could go backwards after setting up the new OS as a new phone.
    Additonally, if you're such the know-it-all, but yourself the $29 battery and put it in yourself. It's a piece of cake.
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