Syncing two iphoto libraries on two different macs

Can't seem to find an answer to this one so here goes. I am trying to sync my iphoto libraries that I have on two different macs of mine. One a mac pro and one a macbook. Both are running 10.5.7 and iphoto 8 with all the updates. I have sharing on enabled on both macs and in iphoto. I can do a manual drag and drop but I have 1000's of photos and that would take way to long to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated

Use iPhoto Library Manager to move Events/Albums/Pics plus associated metadata between Libraries.

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  • Syncing two iPhoto Libraries between two Macs

    I'm looking for the best way of keeping my two iPhoto libraries on my two Macs synced at all times. Right now I'm doing this manually over my wireless network which is kind of time consuming...and I'm guessing there has to be an easier way of doing this on a Mac?
    Any good ideas? Thanks...
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    Jr Oakley
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    Exactly what do you mean by sync? Do you mean one way copying? As in I organise and import pics on one machine only, and would like the changes visible on the other?
    Or do you mean I want to import and organise on both machines, and have the changes reflected on either? You cannot do this. If you try and sync the database files they will be corrupted.
    So a little more info might help us help you.

  • Merging two iPhoto Libraries from two different MACs

    Can I blend together two iPhoto libraries? I have a library on another MAC and would love to move it to my laptop merging with the existing iPhoto. How I can do that? I just afraid to overwrite the original library.

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    Can I blend together two iPhoto libraries? I have a library on another MAC and would love to move it to my laptop merging with the existing iPhoto. How I can do that? I just afraid to overwrite the original library.
    You need iPhoto Library Manager - - to merge iPhoto libraries
    I recommend merging both libraries into a new library so if some problem occurs you do not mess up either original library - this of course requires adequate disk space for all three libraries

  • Why do I have two iPhoto Libraries on two different disks?

    I have two external hard drives. At one time in the past I created an iPhoto Library on disk one, and then later I created a new library on disk two since it was larger, and that became my primary library. Now I notice using Finder after several months that the iPhoto Library file icon on both drives is exactly the same file size, with exactly the same modification date and time. How is this possible? I now do not know which library to trust. Thanks.

    If you find the library1 on disk 1 contains files that do not appear in the library2 on disk 2 and want to get them into the library on disk 2 you can do so with the paid version of iPhoto Library Manager.
    Launch iPLM, load the two libraries into it and copy the photos from library1 into library2. Set iPLM's preferences to not import duplicates.
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  • Sharing two iphoto libraries between two users on the same computer?

    My wife and myself use the same MacBook with two different user accounts. We both checked the check box "Look for shared photos" in the iPhoto preferences, but my wife's library doesn't appear in my iPhoto and vice versa. How can we manage to do this?

    For tis to work, you have to also check 'Share this Library' and log in to both accounts and have iPhoto running in both accounts, and switch between accounts using Fast User Switching.

  • What is the best strategy for sharing iPhoto libraries between two macs?

    I have an iMac and a new Airbook.  I want to keep my iMac as the"main" iPhoto location, but want to also keep copies of the photos on my Airbook. 
    I could copy the library from one to the other to get the photos into the Airbook initially, but then how would I get subsequent ones in there?  Is there a way to sync these two computers so that the photos flow from one to the other?  One-way syncing would be ok...
    Oh - and I use MobileMe if that helps.

    There is an application that can sync two iPhoto libraries.  It's SyncPhotos
    Here's how it works: 
    1 - it compares the databases and/or album.xml files of Libraries A and B. 
    2 - the files in A that are not in B are imported into B by copying the original files from A into B's Import folder.  
    3 - it then does the same for B. 
    4 - metadata is not copied nor are Faces or Places. 
    It can be used to just copy from A to B and not sync both ways if desired. It will work with 2 libraries that are different versions, i.e. between an iPhoto 08 and iPhoto 09 library.
    If you want to copy selected Events or Album from one to the other and keep the metadata, faces and places intact, you can use the paid version of iPhoto Library Manager.  You would have to manually select the event/album to copy from A to B and do the same for B to A.

  • Merging iPhoto Libraries from two Macs

    Does anyone have a way of physically combining (not just sharing) iPhoto libraries from two macs? I'm hoping there's an easier, smarter way of doing it than just exporting all of the photos from one and importing them into the other and then just doing the reverse. Is there software that does this smarter? Can get rid of duplicates, etc.?

    Do you mean 'sync' libraries
    The general term means when two Libraries (A and B) are compared and files in Library A are copied to Library B, while files in Library B are also copied to Library A so that both Libraries are identical.
    This is bi-directional copying and you cannot do this with automatically with iPhoto. No Syncing software is capable of parsing the iPhoto Library in this manner. One or both of your Libraries will be damaged if you try this.
    The nearest you can get to syncing is to use iPhoto Library Manager to move files/Albums/Events plus assoicated metadata between Libraries. This process cannot be automated.
    The Export/Import route will not get your versions.

  • Sync albums from two iphoto libraries to iphone

    I have two iphoto libraries set up on my computer. One for family photos, one for my professional work. I switch between them by holding the alt key when I launch iphoto.
    When I go into itunes to select the the albums from iphoto that I want to sync to my iphone, only the default library shows up with selectable albums, i.e. the family library.
    How can I get albums from two different iphoto libraries onto my iphone?

    The iPhone will not sync from two different iPhoto libraries, but you can create a folder on your computer and just drag all of the pictures you want on the iPhone into that folder. Then in the Photos tab in iTunes, sync that folder to the iPhone. Anytime you want to add/remove pictures from the iPhone, you can just add/remove them from the folder without changing your iPhoto libraries.
    Hope this helps,
    Jennifer B.

  • HT1660 I have two iTunes libraries on two different pc's (one windows and one Mac).  Can I consolidate these on an external hard drive?

    I have two iTunes libraries on two different pc's (one windows and one Mac).  Can I consolidate these on an external hard drive?

    I'm sorry I just saw the last post. I had two users on my hard drive, one for me and one for my daughter, but I am not sure what you mean by partioning my external????? I have heard the term before, but don't know how to do it. I am having serious crashing issues with this computer and believe I really need to do a clean install. I just want to make sure everything for both ipods is safe (is???? I think so, everything is......I hate when the English language does this to me!)

  • Can I combine two iPhoto libraries?

    Following on from my previous post - "Missing Photos" - (what an idiot I am).
    I now have two iphoto libraries with approx 10% differing content, ie they have about 90% the same. The largest is around 36GB.
    How do I combine the two libraries?
    One way I guess, would be to dump the smaller into the larger, and then run a program to eliminate the duplicates.
    (iPhoto only rejects duplicates with the same name, many of mine have been renamed.)
    Or is there a better way?

    You can use iPhoto Library Manager and it’s Merge feature.

  • I had two iPhoto libraries. I erased one of them (which disappeared in the paperbasket - as planned. The otherone, however has now lost all its Keywords... Is there anything what I can do to get my keywords back????

    I had two iPhoto Libraries with different content (on an external drive). I had to erase one of the libraries, and it disappeared - as planned - in the paperbasket.
    The other (untouched) library, however has now lost all Keywords, and it needs quite awhile (the ball is spinning "for hours") to build up all events (order still like before the keyword desaster.
    What can I do to get the keywords back?

    To be more clear: All fotos had been "imported to their foto libraries" by just standard means - no shifting no erasion etc. etc. just regular Upload in one of the two iPhoto libraries by "import".
    "Or load your backup from before this happened"
    This answer seems to be pretty close to a solution - but, I need help in a step-by-step-way:
    My library is located on an external LaCie hard drive - which is to the best of my knowledge not covered by Time Machine. With other words: Time Maschine is not useful here. Is there another backup procedure (possibly from within iPhoto) which I could use to rebuild the keywords from an earlier backup. That would solve 99% of my problems and is fine.
    Sorry for being so helpless, but it seems to me as if you had come quite close to a solution....

  • I have two iPhoto libraries: one on the hard drive, and one on an external hard drive.  I cannot access my external hard drive iPhoto library.  Help!

    I have two iPhoto libraries: one on the hard drive, and one on an external hard drive.  I cannot access the iPhoto library on the external hard drive.  Yes, it is plugged in!

    How are you trying to access the EHD library?  Can you open it by launching iPhoto with the Option key held down and selecting the EHD library in the window that appears?

  • Two iPhoto libraries - combining

    I have looked at the previous discussions on merging (not a good idea, apparently) two iPhoto libraries and wonder if this would work. I have a new Macbook Pro and and old Macbook. My iPhoto library on the older machine outgrew the hard drive space and is stored on an external drive. I have started a new iPhoto library on the new Macbook and it only contains about 200 photos. There is room on the new Macbook to store the older library and this is my plan. I will copy the older iPhoto library to the new Macbook and then open the new iPhoto library and export the 200 photos to a folder on the desktop, then switch to the older library and import those from that file to the old library which then will become my current iPhoto library. Any flaws here? Thanks.

    Thanks. I will look at iPhoto Library Manager. And for now, will just export the 200 photos as they have no editing or tagging done to them. Now I have to figure out how to copy my iPhoto Library from one external hard drive (that runs through a hub) to another (that won't run through a hub.) (The hub is a powered one, but works with one WD drive, but not the other.)



    If you have Aperture 3.3 or later and iPhoto 9.3 or later you can merge libraries with Aperture.
    Otherwise the only way to merge Libraries is with the paid ($20) version of iPhoto Library Manager 
    It's possible to turn off caps lock too.

  • HT4927 Can I merge two iphoto libraries?

    Can I merge two iphoto libraries? Somehow when I restored one of my libraries from my time machine backup, I got two libraries instead of one.  Can I combine these?

    Not with iPhoto - Aperture can o rthe purchased version of iPhoto library Manager can

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