System copy tools for SAP Basis 46C.

Hi All,
I need to do system copy for SAP Basis 46c. I have a query regarding the tools used for system copy. It is written in the SAP Documents and we need to use the latest version of the system copy tools (i.e. R3load,R3check,R3ldctl,,R3szchk,R3trans).
I need to do the Heterogeneouse system copy
Source :- Oracle , AIX 5.3
Target :- Oralce (Or if possible) , Sun Solaris
So my question is
1) Am i suppose to use only the tools (i.e. R3load,R3check,R3ldctl,,R3szchk,R3trans) which are compatible to relase 4.6C (Kernel 46D_EXT, latest path level is 2541)  or
2) Can i download and use the Latest version of system copy tools (i.e. Withe release 7.00 for R3load,R3check,R3ldctl,,R3szchk,R3trans) to do the herogeneous system copy of SAP Basis 4.6C ??
Please reply.

> Yes we are aware about the certified consultant. But before going for such a big project we wanted to find out the possibilities how we can minimise system downtime and optimize the process therefore wanted to have some information earlier.
Exactly that is the use of that consultant Those are experienced people who have done lots of migrations in the past, they know the possibilities of the tools and versions.
> So now i am very sure that we can use 10.2 while installation of new target system while doing heterogenouse system copy from oracle 9.2.
> 1) Migration Monitor (source :-System copy & Migration optimization.pdf)
> The Migration Monitor is downward-compatible. As new features and bug fixes are only implemented in the latest version, SAP urgently recommends that you always use the latest version available.
You can use it of course but support of it is not "built in" - there's no clicker to check as is in newer versions of sapinst. You will need to modify the R3S file at the "correct place" to make use of it.
> 2) Distribution Monitor (Source :- Distribution Monitor (version 1.9.1) Usersu2019 Guide)
> Restrictions:-The following restrictions apply to the current implementation:The DM does not support system copies of releases lower than SAP_BASIS 6.20
So you can't use that option.
> 3) PACKAGE SPLITTING (source :-System copy & Migration optimization.pdf)
> The package splitting option is available and integrated into the system copy tools R3SETUP and SAPinst since SAP R/3 4.0B SR1.
The "old version" is a perl script, you'll need to make sure you have perl installed.
> 4) TABLE SPLITTING  (source :-System copy & Migration optimization.pdf)
> Table splitting can be used for ABAP systems with SAP kernel 6.40 or above
So that is also not usable.
> 6) R3LOAD OPTIONS - (source :-System copy & Migration optimization.pdf)
> R3load option '-fast' (<= 4.6D) or '-loadprocedure fast': These options are available
> u2022 from SAP kernel release 6.40 for - DB2/UDB - MSSQL - Oracle (see SAP Note 1045847 - Oracle Direct Path Load Support in R3load)
So it's also not built in for Kernel 46D_EX2.
> Request your final comments on the above points and Need to know whether parallel import and export can be done for 4.6C (46D_EXT Kernel)  release using migration monitor. Please reply.
As I said before and as is written in the documentation, it can be used but not "by default", you'll make sure you stop at the right place with your migration to configure it manually (or the consultant will do).

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    > We use the database copy procedure and apply redo logs after to a level the apps poeple want it, but recovery takes a long time and it requires lengthy file checks as some are missing so we were investigating alternative methods available one of which was this SAP tool.
    You never do full backups?
    > My understanding of what you are saying and please correct me if i am wrong.. is that sapinst can copy either java content (assume you mean the java database schema??) or ABAP schema or both. export the java contents and continue using the normal database copy/redo logs method?
    Yes. You would
    - take a backup of the source database
    - execute "sapinst", select system copy and select, that you're doing a "backup/restore" procedure
    - sapinst will put all the Java parts together and create a dump of it
    - you start sapinst on the target system, select system copy and that you're doing a "backup/restore" procedure
    - sapinst will install SCS/CI and stop then asking you to recover the database
    - sapinst will continue and setup the Java part
    What you encounter is one of the major drawbacks when using DualStack instances. I would, if it's possible, separate the two instances so you can copy them independently of each other.

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    The 7.30 SAP Basis content is delivered as a *sca file. You need to extract the *tpz file from this and import into the ESR in the normal manner. See the kba #1637955 PI ESR Content for SAP BASIS 7.30 for further details.
    P.S. point 6 of the previous post is incorrect - "Under this you can get XI CONTENT PI_BASIS". It is available under XI CONTENT SAP_BASIS (not PI_BASIS)

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    > Looking forwards to this event I'm afraid of forgetting some dependencies or configurations which have to be changed also, like SMD-Agents configuration,s trusted connections, wiley introscope, e2e and so on.
    Wily is not part of the copy - you will need to copy this "manually". The connections et al must be re-done...

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    I hope links like this are allowed with the new SDN rules. We use something called [Click Stream|].
    Quite nifty little tool and not even expensive.

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    OS X performs certain maintenance functions that are scheduled to occur on a daily, weekly, or monthly period. The maintenance scripts run in the early AM only if the computer is turned on 24/7 (no sleep.)
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    Get an external Firewire drive at least equal in size to the internal hard drive and make (and maintain) a bootable clone/backup. You can make a bootable clone using the Restore option of Disk Utility. You can also make and maintain clones with good backup software. My personal recommendations are (order is not significant):
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    I'm unable to find system copy guide for ECC 6.0, there are lots of guides present for NW Systems on the SMP, couldn't find any thing for ECC6.0 ABAP Stack.
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    I searched it in Market place but could not get it.
    Thanks in advance.

    --> Open "SAP Web AS"
    --> SAP Web AS 6.40 SR1 and Related Documentation
    --> Homogeneous and Heterogeneous System Copy

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    Hi guys
    pls tel how to perform system copy using standard sap method (sapinst) and to perform enterprise portal RESTORSTION.

    Hi Kamal,
    I have done a system copy of the production portal to a sandpit system before. The system copy export import method works very well, and is easy. For my portal, the whole procedure took me less than 6 hours.
    1. Go to this page: System Copy and Migration
    2. See the videos "Demo: How to Perform a System Copy Export" and "Demo: How to Perform a System Copy Import".
    This should give you the basic idea.
    I did a systemcopy using sapinst. If I remember right, this is the steps I performed:
    1. On target host, Installed a new Central services.
    2. On source host: Ran sapinst system copy export for Central Instance and Database instance. This created two export files (depending on your database size).
    3. Used the export files created in previous step to run the import step in target host.
    4. Some post processing steps, like configuring sso, creating systems in system landscapes, configuring WD JCos etc.
    Let me know if you need more help.

  • What is the equalent module for SAP BASIS in ORACLE

    This is Krishna, i am new to Oracle, i am working as SAP BASIS Consultant and now i am planing to shift oracle please anybody help me " what is the equalent module for SAP BASIS in *Orcale*?".
    Thanks in Advance to Everybody.
    SAP BASIS Consultant
    Edited by: user12292549 on Nov 30, 2009 11:41 PM

    Just use Trinidad's, I don't think 11g has an equivalent and Chris suggestion won't really work in this case as visible="false" is the same as rendered="false" for decoding purpose and you want it to be decoded in your case. Another poor man's solution would be
    <af:inputText value="..." inlineStyle="display:none;"/>Regards,
    ~ Simon

  • Web page composer (CMS) tool for SAP Netweaver 7.1 CE?

    Hi All,
    Can some body help me out finding the WPC tool for SAP Netweaver 7.1 CE version? All i can find in SAP portal is for WPC tool for SAP WAS 7.0 (2004s) version.

    No you would find that business package also for 7.1. I doubt if SAP has released any business package for 7.1. CE 7.1 was especially meant for building and deploying composite applications. For all other usage types you would have to go for NW 2004s Portal aka EP 7.0

  • Testing Tools for SAP & SAP BIW

    Hi Forum ,
    will any body pls let me know what are available testing tools for SAP and SAP BIW? Which tool is popular and mostly used? Does any one provide training for this tools?

    For SAP R/3 we use CATT and ECATT tools.
    Both are very useful tools and generally used for automated functional testing.Reduces a large amount of cost and human effort.
    Even you can convert or call external tool scripts like mercury QTP etc from ECATT and run from ECATT itself.Also you can use these tools with solution manager to get awesome effortless testing and test plan management.
    Check my weblogs.
    Part-1:Shows how to create a Parameterize CATT script.
    Part-2:Shows how to migrate CATT to ECATT script.
       This one shows the minimum configuration required for QTP and ECATT integration on client and server side.
       This one shows the standalone mode.e.g.mercury script is created and uploaded to ecatt and then executed from ecatt itself.Also,It is now possible to call this script from Solution manager.
       This one shows the integration mode which is most powerful as we can run QTP scripts from ECATT,Upload & download modify existing etc.
    Please reward points.

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    I need to know what is the recommended tool for SAP EP6.0?? i know that SAP Netweaver Developer Studio 2.0 is available but is a Sneak Preview version and i don't know if its a released version...

    Hi Oscar,
    i answered this in your other thread concerning the Developer Studio/WAS product state.

  • Video Tutorials for SAP Basis & Security

    Is Any CBT Nuggets/Video Tutorials are also available for SAP Basis & Security???
    please provide me the link if it is available

    You cannot expect A to Z of SAP Basis and Security tutorials in videos. May be you can find some basic to important information.
    Refer to the links though
    Just google it, you will find loads of information.
    Good Luck

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