Systems no longer exist on Report A Product Error page

When I go to SAP Support Portal and click "Report a Product Error" I am prompted to choose the system I am submitting a request ticket for. 
When I use either search feature, my system (SBOP formerly known as EPM-PLA in the SAP universe) is not available.  Previously I had two systems available - development and production - and now there are none and I can't even proceed.
What happened and what am I supposed to do now?  Also, when I go to my message Inbox there are no messages even though I have submitted many tickets and communicated with the support several times before.

I didn't expect any support personnel to read it and respond or provide assistance but I did expect somebody might have an answer.  Why would our installed systems suddenly change without authorization?

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  • How Can I report a Production Error

    When I want to report a Production error in Support portal, I got a error like this
    Currently you do not have authorization to use this function. To request the authorization, please contact one of the administrators at your company:
         S0004554480           Bool
    But I am Bool actually, it's myself. how can I handle it? Does any know it?
    Any response is appreciated.

    As per your query you are not authorised user to log a compliant on SAP Workplace. Please contact your old SAP Basis person who is working earlier you. If you are not getting any support form him then sand a latter to SAP through your Director or CEO who is responsible person. Then sap will enquiry over the phone and ask some hardware information to you, if you fullfil then the will assign the password or create new user for you.

  • Source System no longer exists

    I am trying to remove an object from my InfoSource communication structure and I am getting the following error:
    The InfoObject 0REQ_DATE is still used in the following places:
    In the transfer rules for DataSource 2LIS_11_VASCL Source System PCPRDC200
    The source system that is mentioned is our production system and that source system does not exist on our BW Development box.  (Its possible that in the past it got deleted as a source system from the BW Development box)
    I'd be greatful if someone can help me with this problem?

    After searching the forums I found that running the report:
    With the following parameters
    InfoSource: 2LIS_11_VASCL
    SourceSystem: PCPRDC200
    in SA38 fixed the issue
    I found this report in the following thread:
    Deleting transfer rules
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            Nick Bertz

  • How to Report a product error in SAP Business One

    Hi Experts
    I have found a product error in SAP Business one
    i need to know how it can be notified to SAP

    Hi Krish,
    If You Post a Meessage to SAP Support Center
    Require S-user ID and Password
    First post a message to SAP Support Center with what problem you are facing.
    then he analyse your problem and told its a BUG or some other workaround.
    Check the following thread
    Re: How to Send message to SAP Support center
    *Close the thread if issue solved.
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  • SAP Support   Portal - Report a Product Error

    I need to create a new message into SAP support portal. But I don't find my systems. Using the System Search window I find my customer and product into dropdown lists , but If I run a search with this criteria I don't have nobody as return system. Checking in data admnistration I find my systems with correct customer,  license and installation number.
    Someone Known what can be happened?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hello there,
    You could open a support message about the SAP Service Marketplace, and ask them to check the system information in the marketplace. The component would be XX-SER-SAPSMP-SYS.
    If you don't manage to open support messages at all, you could call your Customer Interaction Center with the contact information you can see at note 560499.
    Best regards,
    Miguel Ariño
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  • 'Message interface no longer exists in the Integration Repository ' Error

    Hi ,
    i am getting this message whenever i try to add Service in Receiver determination.
    what is the reason for this message as due to this i am not to select any message in XPATH.

    I think this error is due to non-availability of your software component for R/3 server.
    Add your software component to the technical and business systems of Application server.
    Hope this helps.....

  • How to delete the queries in  BW Production which are no longer existing.

    How to  delete the queries in BW production which are no longer existing in DEV.
    1. I tried Using RSZDELETE in Production it is not getting deleted and the below message given.
    Query object 4A7V83T3RB4ABIOKSDJT2HWDL is blocked. Deletion has been cancelled.
    2. I tried creating another query in dev with the same technical name and send a transport with deletion
    it is not working.
    Please advise me on this for any function module or any other method.

    If you transported the query from DEV and now you want to delete it, you should open a BEx request (Dev Class under which it was originally transported -- or-- Standard - type) in DEV delete the query and move the transport to Production.
    As far as your error is concerned, usually  when you  can delete a query using the delete option in query designer itself,
    Business Explorer> query-> delete objects , when you press execute the system offers you a list of dependent objects on the query(workbook,views), in case the sysytem is unable to delete them i.e.they being used as a input query for a characteristic variable (replacement path),then system throws this error.You can delete these all depndents under there prescribed roles , fav s & then proceed.
    Hope this will be expedite.
    Thax & regards.
    Vaibhave Sharma

  • Use 'se38' to set variants with long time no-response in production system?

    hi,Guys,  When I use 'se38' to set variants with long time no-response in production system?
    I think it's none of business with program performance.  Maybe system response delay, But no other program like the same response happened?
    best regards

    what's your problem? Didn't get the point.
    You have a report, where the maintenance of the selection variant has a long runtime (in production?)
    Maybe AT SELECTION screen some checks / helps are executed, which are quite fast in DEV, but access much bigger tables in PROD and need to much time. Such checks should be improved / moved after START-OF-SELECTION.

  • After the latest update, all my apple products reverted to an old icloud account.  As it no longer exists, I cannot get into it to delete it and add the correct id.  How can I change this, especially on my Macbook pro?

    After the latest update, all my apple products reverted to an old icloud account.  As it no longer exists, I cannot get into it to delete it and add the correct id.  How can I change this, especially on my Macbook pro?  There is no p/w related to it and even though I tried to reset "password" it won't allow as the id does not exist, neither does the email associated with the old id.  How do I switch it to a newer id?

    It's all rather odd because the old account cannot 'no longer exist' - if you don't have the correct password you won't be able to get into it, but you can't actually delete an iCloud account from the server.
    I'm afraid you will need the services of iCloud Support. If you currently happen to have AppleCare, either because you recently bought Apple hardware or have paid to extend the inititial period, you can contact them here:
    You will need the serial number of the covered hardware.
    If you are not covered by AppleCare, then - in common with other free email services - there is no free support and you may be asked to pay a fee.

  • Request REQU no longer exists in DSO, system is inconsistent

    Dear All,
    I was getting an error while activating ODS 'Request is already (partially) activated; no further QM action possible'.
    I searched the threads and found one solution: To delete the request in RSICCONT (delete activated requests OR
    Make the selective deletion of the contents of that request).
    I implemented the same but now activation fails with an error"Request REQU_4GQUIQJL4OPNEI5NH6HZMJ5HF no longer exists in DSO ZRMS_O01; system is inconsistent".
    Please help.
    Amit Srivastava

    Dear Des,
    I have pasted the entries for the concerned request as in table RSODSACTREQ. I have only pasted fields which had any values in them.
    Infocube       Request                                                    data packet  operation                                                timestamp
    ZRMS_O01     REQU_4GQUIQJL4OPNEI5NH6HZMJ5HF          U               0
    ZRMS_O01     REQU_4GQUIQJL4OPNEI5NH6HZMJ5HF           1                  U               20,100,205,121,450
    ZRMS_O01     REQU_4GQUIQJL4OPNEI5NH6HZMJ5HF           2     U               20,100,205,121,455
    Please advise.
    Amit Srivastava

  • In MD05 system show message "The MRP element no longer exist".

    Hi Guru,
    Need some help .
    In MD04 transaction contain Purchase order, when I double click purchase order,It will get open .  But when I open same purchase order in MD05 system show message u201CThe MRP element no longer exist".
    Please help me , if any know the solution or any input. Open purchase order in system.

    I don't believe this is the same Purchase order.
    Review closely order number/item number/schedule number.  I believe you will see that the old entry (MD05) no longer exists, and has been replaced with a similar item.
    Best Regards,

  • I would like to buy Adobe Acrobat pro 9 from ebay. The product was not deactivated, since the pc and the company no longer exists. Can I buy and activate the product ?

    I would like to buy Adobe Acrobat pro 9 from ebay. The product was not deactivated, since the pc and the company no longer exists. Can I buy and activate the product ?
    (There is no possibility to ask Adobe. The chats are not working. No other contact is available.) item20ef1dfb47 describes what must be done by the buyer AND the vendor. If you both cannot comply, the license cannot be transferred.

  • How to hide detailed exception report on production system from end user

    Dear all,
    We have developed a Web Dynpro Java application for our client.
    Now the client would like to make sure that on their production portal (NetWeaver Portal 7.0), if an end user comes across an application exception (or any other exception for that matter), a custom error message or at least a less detailed error message as the standard "500 internal server error" with all exception details is displayed.
    I remember that once upon a time, i stumbled across a setting for this - but I just cannot find it anymore...
    Does anyone here know this?
    Any help much appreciated!
    Thanks and best regards

    For custom error pages you can check [this link|]
    For less detailed error messages, follow [Note 962319.|]

  • Equipment no longer exists in EQUI but found in EQUZ, EQKT tables

    Hi Experts,
    We found that the few equipments are no longer exists in EQUI, but left with the entries in the tables EQUZ, EQKT.Also, we found that we could able to read the system and user status for these equipments in the JEST table and STATUS_TEXT_EDIT Function module where it is showing the status as 'INST'
    We ran the report RISTEQ20 and got the message as ' Root segment not found'. We could understand that some how the inconsistencies occured. Also, we have confirmed these equipments listed out after we ran the report RCCLZUOB with class type 002 in the test mode.
    To remove these inconsistencies, Before we run the report RCCLZUOB in the update mode (Delete =X), we would like to know how this would have happened.No users in the production got training to the archiving process or deletion process.
    Can you please throw some hints for us to understand the problem completely.
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    Hi Pete,
    Thanks for the reply. We havent assign any serial number profile for this particular category of equipment. Also We havent done any archving or put a deletion flag. We could read the status of these equipments still as 'INST' in JEST table.

  • Sun java convergence error - Message no longer exist

    Sun Java(tm) System Messaging Server 7.3-11.01 64bit (built Sep 1 2009) 7.3-11.01 64bit (built 19:44:36, Sep 1 2009)
    Using /opt/sun/comms/messaging64/config/imta.cnf (not compiled)
    SunOS 5.10 Generic_141445-09 i86pc i386 i86pc
    We moved mailboxes from one server to another. After that we have problems with some accounts. Users see their messages in Sun Java Convergence but can't open and read it. Error appears: Message no longer exist. We tried reconstruct command but it didnt helped.
    Thanks in advance

    luk4s1984 wrote:
    Did you also transfer across the mboxlist database? Were both the source/destination Messaging Server instances down when you performed the move?I didn't move mboxlist database and bouth source and destination instances were up.This method of migrating mailboxes is bound to cause problems. Why did you choose to use this method rather then use the rehostuser command?
    Did you change the users mailhost: parameter?I didn't changed mailhost.Do both the source and destination systems have the same hostname?
    What exact reconstruct command(s) did you run?reconstruct -aIf you run "reconstruct -r user/<uid>" for one of the accounts reporting problems, are any errors reported?
    Check the imap and http log files when the error occurs -- do you see any errors?There is no errors in imap and http logs.Interesting. Which emails return "message no longer exists"?
    Newly delivered (unread) emails, emails delivery prior to migration, emails delivered after migration or some combination of all three?

Maybe you are looking for