T.code FF7A (Cash Position

Hi experts
When I do T.code FF7A (Cash Position), I select Cash Position, select Delta Display with Balances.
And when I click buttom: execute, it notice "No data selected. Check Entry "
But I did same as document B46:Cash Management Status Analysis and Cash Concentration (Business Process Procedure)
Please tell me that error
Thanks so much & Reguards;

I had posted a OSS note for the above question and SAP says that the  FF7A report with the option 'Delta display' will (that is SAP's intention) display 'with balance' in the first and last column and 'without balance' in the other columns.
So when we run the report today we should use 'Current day minus 1' in the 'display as of ' field. so that in the second column we can see today's transactions without balance. That works for me.
Thanks to all who replied to my posting.

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  • Cash Position Report - FF7A

    Hi Friends,
    I run t-code FF7A - Cash position report with the display option 'Delta display'. The report shows the balances with balances on day 1 (for today). Subsequent days it shows without balance correctly as I need.
    Anybody faced similar problem? Appreciate your responses.

    I had posted a OSS note for the above question and SAP says that the  FF7A report with the option 'Delta display' will (that is SAP's intention) display 'with balance' in the first and last column and 'without balance' in the other columns.
    So when we run the report today we should use 'Current day minus 1' in the 'display as of ' field. so that in the second column we can see today's transactions without balance. That works for me.
    Thanks to all who replied to my posting.

  • Cash position

    Dear all,
    I have processed some step to run cash position as belows:
    - Step 1: Create source symbol
    - Step 2: Create level
    - step 3: Create planing group
    - Step 4: maintain structure
    - Step 5: assign planing group to customer and vendor, aftter that I create some invoice for them with terms of payment (immediately)
    - Step 6: Run Tcode (FF7A - cash position) but the report doesnt summarize from invoice of customer and vendor ?
    How can I do to deal this problem ?
    Thanks and best regards.

    You need to do the following steps also for cash position.
    1. for Bank related GL accounts you need assing the House bank, Account ID.
    2.  Maintain the tick mark for Revelent to cash flow.
    then you can run the t.code FF7A.
    let me know any clarification.

  • Cash Position Not Updated for Business Area

    Hello Experts,
    The Electronic Bank Statement and the Cash Position has been configured. Also the Configuration setting for Business Area account assignments is duly made in the Cash Management.
    The Cash Position Report in FF7A shows correct values when executed for the Company Code only. Also when executed for Business Area it shows correct values till Electronic Bank Statement file is uploaded. Once the upload happens the Planning Level F0 is not getting any values for Business Area and hence the Cash Position is showing incorrect values.
    The requirement is to have the cash position Business Area Wise.
    For this requirement, the field status for the Business Area has been maintained as required.
    When the amount is paid to the vendor, the Business Area is getting captured and reflected in FF7A Cash Position as well correctly.
    However, when the bank statement file is uploaded through FF_5, the BA is getting captured only for the outgoing clearing account (Planning Level B1) but not to the main bank account (Planning Level F0) thereby the cash position is not getting updated with correct values.
    The Document splitting is not active for the Company Code.
    Need help to identify the reason as to why the business Area is not getting captured for the Main Bank Account upon clearing from the Outgoing Bank Account during EBS
    Best Regards,

    Business area updations will not get updated through automatic postings like tax line generations, etc.  You will have to search for some note for updations.  Otherwise while preparing blance sheets for business area, you can make adjustment postings.

  • Cash Positions report FF7A not showing any values

    Can someone help on why none of the Tresury Transactions are reflected in FF7A report?  I have done all the configuration setting under TM-Gen Settings-Link to Cash Management-Assign Planning Levels for all the Prod Types.
    Under FDFD Cash Mgmnt is active for the Co code.
    Under OT05 Cash positions is ticked for both BNK and PSK.
    Under OT12 respective treasury planning levels are assigned to PSK.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Dear Mahesh,
    Thanks so much.  Its working now.  Earlier I had this setting for planning levels at prod type and act category level but was not working then.  I did this once again and re looked at settings.
    Created TRM source sybol separately
    Defined Pl levels to Source Symbols
    Defined new Grouping for Treasury as TRM &
    in Maintain Structure added E for ++ and G for ++++++++++
    Best Wishes & Regards,

  • New report for Cash Position (TC - FF7A)

    I want to draw cash position (FF7A) report in following format:-
    1) Receipt
                   AR Collection
                   Total Receipt
    2) Disbursements
    3) Accounts Payable
                   Other Exp
    I have done the necessary configuration for Cash Management and getting result as per standard report. Can anybody let me know how to draw above report for TC - FF7A. If possible revert in detail

    Please explore custom reporting option because I don't see FF7A/FF7B giving the desired output.

  • Cash Position (TS FF7A)

    I want to see in the TS FF7A (Cash postion) some SGL ind, for example the 'check' which I received befor sending to the bank.  I cannot do that, I can get that they appear in the FF7B (liquidity forecast) but I need they only appear in the 'Cash position'.
    Is it possible?

    To which GL you are posting the checks under clearing, it should be a clearing account under certain House Bank.  Have you assigned relevant planning level which is for cash position in the GL account for check clearing.

  • T.code FF7A - How to retrieve items posted before linking the GL account to

    Hi Experts,
    While executing the T.code FF7A, postings that have been created before making the link between the GL account and the cash position grouping are not retrieved to the report.
    Does anyone know how to retrieve those past postings on FF7A report ?
    Many thanks for your help.

    There are a couple options depending on the additional details of your situation....
    Within t-code FDFD, there is a button labeled Data Setup.  This button is intended for use when cash management (CM) is activated for an existing company code and CM needs to be updated with transactions created prior to the activation.  It deletes all data in cash management for the Co.Cd. and then builds the CM data for all GL, customer and vendor accounts.  There are also options to update CM for other areas (Sales, Procurement, Treasury, etc.)
    Also within t-code FDFD, there is a button labeled Correct Data.  This button can be used instead of the Data Setup button, if the CM data for a particular area needs to be corrected.  This function has the following options:  All GL accounts, All GL accounts with open items, All GL accounts w/o open items (non-open item managed accounts), All Customers/Vendors, All Customers, All Vendors.
    It's best to run these functions when transactions are not being created on the system.

  • T.code FF7A: seeng a document by the due date ...

    Hi All,
    bY FB50 I've posted a bank loan for a certain bank G/L Account.
    Posting the document I've choosen:
    - the value date 26 semptember
    - the due date 31 october 2009
    When I launch t.code FF7A, the report show that document with reference to the value date.
    Instead, I need to see it with reference to the due date (31 october)
    Could anyone suggest me?

    Cash management reports that is liquidity forecast and cash position reports (FF7A and FF7B) is based on Value Date only.
    The report will not shown based on due date field but it is based on valued date.
    Value date is specifically useful only for Cash management reports that is it shows the inflow and outflow based on this date only.
    Hope this clarfies.

  • Cash positions shows the values of the liquidity forecast a few days later?

    Regarding transaction FF7A/B:
    The Liquidity forecast shows the future receivable and payable based on the payment terms (due date) of the AR and AP invoices on a certain day. The amount should added to (in case of receivables) or subtracted from the bank account the next day or 2 days (bank statement processing) for the majority of payments (incoming and outgoing). Please confirm?! I should see the values of the Liquidity Forecast back in the Cash Position with a delay of a few days. Please confirm?!

    sorry, was in a rush, any suggestions to fix or ideas of what has gone wrong

  • FF7A- Cash management Report

    Hi Experts,
    After executing the Cash management and forecast report in transaction code FF7A, we drill down in the sub-ledger-it shows correct figures then we drilldown further to FI figures here also it shows correct figures but when we drilldown to external and internal customers and vendors, we found that the SAP system shows incorrect figures, it does not match with the figures of the report from which we drilled down from.
    we have checked all the relevant available SAP notes but either they are implemented or are not applicable.
    we are using 4.6C version of SAP SP upgraded till 43 for 4.6C.
    can somebody guide?
    Thanks in advance

    Hi David,
    without having need to go into some Customizing of specific Custom development, you can specify time period not only in days, but also in weeks, months and combination of all mentioned before, so I'm sure you can cover period of even more than 60 days. When you run FF7A, there is a group of fields called Increment in selection criteria, where you can specify your variant of timeline, also another field Number of Columns, where max. number is a bit more than 20 columns (or days) if I'm not wrong (do not have access to system at moment).
    E.g. you can show first 2 weeks in days, then next 2 months in weeks and the rest period in months, which makes more than 2 months.
    Hope this will help you.

  • Cash Position - Entry for accounts with balance zero

    Hello Guru,
    is there a possibility to see in my cash position one entry for each account, which is included in the structure, even if the balance of the corresponding account is zero. At the moment I get no entry for accounts whose balances are zero.
    Best regards

    I had posted a OSS note for the above question and SAP says that the  FF7A report with the option 'Delta display' will (that is SAP's intention) display 'with balance' in the first and last column and 'without balance' in the other columns.
    So when we run the report today we should use 'Current day minus 1' in the 'display as of ' field. so that in the second column we can see today's transactions without balance. That works for me.
    Thanks to all who replied to my posting.

  • Help regarding Cash Position and groupings

    Hello Everybody,
    I am encountering a problem regarding cash position. I already defined in FS00 all the necessary information needed, like planning levels, ticked cash flow relevant etc. I also made a posting via FB50 to these GL accounts.
    I am not quite sure though how to create groupings? I created one via OT17, but when I was about to create, it said it doesn't belong in table T038P. So what I did was use a standard grouping, but unfortunately that didn't work. When I ran the report FF7A, it said "NO DATA SELECTED". Please help. I am new to cash management. Please comment if the procedure I did was correct. Thanks

    Dear Patrik,
    Have configure Cash journa by useing fbcjc1,fbcjc2,fbcjc0 and fbcj transaction try it will work for your
    srinivasa rao

  • Bonds in Cash Position

    Is it possible to see bonds final repayment amount and interest payment in cash position report similar to fixed deposit? If yes then please guide me how.
    Thanks and regards,
    Abhinav Sethi

    Hi Abhinav,
    please note that defining your Planning levels in Cash management (under Transaction manager -> General Settings -> Link to Cash Management -> Assign Planning levels), you must make entries without Activity categories for Product types related to Securities in order to update your Cash position data (SAP trans. FF70) relevant to condition-based flows such as interests, dividens or repayments.
    hope this will help you.

  • Cash Management (Cash Position Report)

    Dear All,
    I have a Requriment of Supplier Name in Cash Position Report,
    Can Any Body Tell me how to Amend this Report to Add Supplier Name .

    Hi Kishor,
    Please refer help.sap.com.

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