T60. Will it run autocad 2009 with 3D Grahpics? Integrated GPU???? How do I find it?

(Well, I thought the proplem was solved) I have a T60. I'm ready and willing to upgrade, but in any case, how do I verify "discrete or switchable graphics"?
The last advise I got from the board was the following: 
"Any ThinkPad with discrete or switchable graphics will work...T400/500, R400/500, W500/700...make sure that you're not getting the one with Intel integrated GPU and you'll be all set...
FWIW, even T61/p with discrete GPU will run  this with no sweat..."
--robert (RAB)

ok then,
do you know if there is an alternative way, such as underclocking permanently the GPU, just as I did with the CPU?
at least it would stabilize the temperatures around 80.. or sth

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