Tab text is yellow and blurry and unreadable on anything but darkest color tab

Tabs suddenly appeared colored yellow, white or green with unreadable blurry yellow text. Only way to read tab text is to change each individual tab to darkest grey but text still blurry. I want to get back to tabs the way they were with black text.

That problem is most likely due to your "ColorfulTabs" extension. There is a newer version ('''''version 18.1''''') on the author's home page, but no guarantee that it will correct your problem (I do not use ColorfulTabs). I found the link following on the Mozilla add-ons page for ColorfulTabs ( ).
*ColorfulTabs homepage -
There is also a link on the Mozilla add-ons page for that extension (in the right margin) for "Support site" where there are numerous recent posts about tabs being hard to read or unreadable. I suggest that you add your complaint/problem to their forum.

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  • I would like colored tabs; is it possible with Firefox? And or, each new subject have a different color tab.

    I would like colored tabs; is it possible with Firefox? And or, each new subject have a different color tab.

    The [ ColorfulTabs] extension may be of use to you.

  • Purchased music in Itunes and it did not download anything but the titles of the songs.

    purchased music in Itunes and it did not download anything but the titles. I cannot find where I can get support to get my purchase fixed. IThis is the most frustrating support system ever.
    Where can I get support?

    Does the Store > Check For Available Downloads menu option find it ? If not, then depending upon what country that you are in (music can't be re-downloaded in all countries), does it show under the Purchased link under Quicklinks on the right-hand side of the iTunes store home page on your computer's iTunes for downloading (if there is an complete download of the track listed in the Music part of your library then you will need to delete it from there before it will get the cloud symbol in Purchased for redownloading) ?
    If you can't download it via either of the above then try the 'report a problem' page to contact iTunes Support :
    If the 'report a problem' link doesn't work then you can try contacting iTunes support via this page : click on Contact iTunes Store Support on the right-hand side of the page, then Purchases, Billing & Redemption

  • My ipod screen blacked out and wont let me see anything but it will play music

    my ipod screen blacked out and wont let me see anything but it will play music. how can i fix it or cani get a new one?

    - A reset. Nothing is lost
    Reset iPod touch: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - Restore from backup
    - Restore to factory settings/new iPod
    If you still have the problem that indicates a hardware problem and an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store is in order.
    If not under warranty, Apple will exchange your iPod for a refurbished one for this price:
    Apple - Support - iPod - Repair pricing
    A third-party place might be less expensive. Here is one. Google for more.
    iPhone Repair, Service & Parts: iPod Touch, iPad, MacBook Pro Screens

  • Can you change note colors in Stickies and, if not, why is there a Show Color tab in Stickies?

    I'd like to change the colors in Stickies as I have them hanging around on my display for a while. Can you do this? If not, why is there a "Show Color" tab in Stickies under the Font menu?
    Any help would be appreciated.

    In Mavericks, click on any sticky and then from the Sticky menu, choose color and set it. Stickies will only remain on your display as long as the application itself is running. You might consider dragging /Application/Stickies to your Dock. Right click on the Stickies Dock icon and you will notice Options.
    You can make Stickies an open at login item (this is enabled in System Preferences > Users & Groups> Login Items). Each time you startup your Mac, your stickies will appear on your display. You may also wish to select Keep In Dock. Any time that you want the Stickies off your display, you simply right-click on its Dock icon and select Quit. You can choose whether they float over other windows, and can also arrange them in specific order.
    The Show Colors menu item brings up the colors palette that allows you to change the font color in selected Sticky note text.

  • I just updated to Firefox 4.0 and it will not show anything but the homepage, no bookmarks will work and I can't use th eaddress bar, why?

    Last night I updated from the old Firefox to the latest Firefox, 4.0 I think, and now NOTHING works but the homepage. None of my bookmarks work, the address bar doesn't work, nothing. I keep getting the error message "Firefox cannot find the server to the website"

    Simply go to:
    1.View 2.Select tool bars 3. Uncheck any of the toolbars below: a. Babylon toolbar b. Softonic Eng 7 Community tool bar!
    4.Finish.... if nothing happened try to unchechked other tool bars.

  • The main problem I am having is just opening and completing my emails. The screen freezes and I can't do anything but minimize and close.

    After I close the window/s the report error window pops up . Then the next one which tells me the report was sent. Then the options to go further and so I came here today and Now I have done what you said to do so far. I even updated Acrobat reader and Flash player. I have used Mozilla Firefox for years and never had any trouble like this. This is the way windows behaves on a regular basis and is why I changed to Linux for years. I got this computer a couple years ago and did not have any trouble. Recently I have this to deal with several times every day. I cannot close the window in upper right corner without bringing up more error windows. So I minimize and close at the bottom. It still takes way too long, but it finally closes. I hope this helps you , I don't know what else I could tell you, Thank s for your time.

    Frozen or unresponsive iPad
    Resolve these most common issues:
        •    Display remains black or blank
        •    Touch screen not responding
        •    Application unexpectedly closes or freezes
    iPad Frozen? How to Force Quit an App, Reset or Restart Your iPad tart-your-ipad
    What to Do When Your iPad Won't Turn On t-Turn-On.htm
    iOS: Not responding or does not turn on
    iPad: Basic troubleshooting
     Cheers, Tom

  • What does the usb pointing to itunes symble mean. i have reset and it will not do anything but shoe that on the screen. I have it plugged in to itunes and its not doing anything?

    What does the usb pointing to the itunes symble mean? its frozen on that screen, i plugged it in to itunes but its not doing anything

    Hello crysta33,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    The screen with an iTunes logo and cord indicates the device is in recovery mode, and will need to be restored by using iTunes.  Take a look at the articles below for more information.
    If you can't update or restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
    Use iTunes to restore your iOS device to factory settings
    Take care,
    Alex H.

  • HT4623 My iPad gave me a message saying I needed to update the 'IOS'? and would let me do anything but click 'update'.  So I did.  Now it is 'stuck' on a screen titled 'Joining Other Network' and it won't give me any other screen or option.

    I have tried turning my iPad off and on several times over the past two days since it stopped working.  Also, I have now connected it to my main apple computer, thinking the two would perhaps 'sync', to no avail.  My computer seems to be working fine.  How do I get my iPad to function again?

    If you open it to take out the battery from the iPhone then you forfeit all service for whatever reason from Apple in the future.
    Have you attempt to connect it to your computer and then restore it from iTunes on your computer?

  • My start up screen comes up blank and I can't access anything but system preferences. Can I reset my laptop. It's a MacBook air

    Help my start up screen is a blank screen and the only thing I can access is systems preferences. How can I reset my laptop

    Please read this whole message before doing anything.
    This procedure is a diagnostic test. It’s unlikely to solve your problem. Don’t be disappointed when you find that nothing has changed after you complete it.
    The purpose of the test is to determine whether the problem is caused by third-party software that loads automatically at startup or login, by a peripheral device, or by corruption of certain system caches. 
    Disconnect all wired peripherals except those needed for the test, and remove all aftermarket expansion cards. Boot in safe mode and log in to the account with the problem. Note: If FileVault is enabled on some models, or if a firmware password is set, or if the boot volume is a software RAID, you can’t do this. Ask for further instructions.
    Safe mode is much slower to boot and run than normal, and some things won’t work at all, including sound output and  Wi-Fi on certain iMacs. The next normal boot may also be somewhat slow.
    The login screen appears even if you usually log in automatically. You must know your login password in order to log in. If you’ve forgotten the password, you will need to reset it before you begin. Test while in safe mode. Same problem? After testing, reboot as usual (i.e., not in safe mode) and verify that you still have the problem. Post the results of the test.

  • Okay Im thinking I made a mistake, I purchased and ipad 2 and now don't know what to do with it. I turned it on and it won't do anything but show the plug and itune symbol?  Can someone tell me what to do?

    I don't know what to do with my ipad2?

    I'm guessing you did not buy the iPad from Apple. If you did not buy it from Apple, it may very well have an older software version. Only iOS 5 or later is PC independent. If you have an earlier version, a computer with iTunes loaded is required.
     Merry Christmas

  • How can I get Colorful Tabs to use separate colors for 2 different gmail accounts?

    Running Firefox 29.0.1 on iMac OSX 10.9.3. I have multiple Google accounts: 2 gmail accounts and 1 Google Calendar. The Add-on Colorful Tabs will allow me to choose a color for one gmail account , but it also uses that same color for the other gmail account. How can I get different colors on 2 different gmail accounts?
    Also, Colorful Tabs is also doing the same thing for my homepage ( and my google calendar. How can I get different colors on these 2?

    I personally use "Fabtabs" for my mozilla FireFox.
    This add-on doesn't have any issues like that when I use it.

  • I am converting a .docx file to a pdf and the text is coming out blurry

    I am trying to convert a .docx file to a pdf and the text keeps coming out blurry. Some sentences seem to be bolded in the pdf as well. All the colored text seems like there's a shadow behind it and all the text in bold seems extra blurry. I am saving the file as a pdf. I tried to print the file as a pdf but it kept crashing. I have adobe acrobat pro and distiller, but I'm not savy about which program does what.
    Thanks for any help!

    If you are trying to convert a Word file, ensure the text is in 100% black only.
    To create PDF's there are hundreds of different combinations that can be used, but only a few will give you a good 'print ready' file, which is what I think you may be after.
    You may have font issues that are stopping the text looking sharp.
    If you have Distiller, you can try to print as .ps (save as postscript), load distiller up and choose one of the high quality settings in the pop down menu.
    If you are working on a Mac you can drag and drop the .ps file direcetly on the dock icon for distiller, or if you are running Windows you will need to navigate to the file via the menu bar (you will need to know where you have saved your .ps file).
    There may be other issues with the original file format that is causing problems with your PDF creation.
    Let me know how you get on.

  • Firefox screen blurry and unreadable (as if way out of focus); don't know how to correct. Browser is unusable. Disappointed in Mozilla cust svc.

    As stated, Firefox screen is blurry and unreadable (as if way out of focus). One day, it worked; the next, it did not. Not sure if there was an upgrade as I did not request or accept one. All I know is Firefox is unusable and I've had to switch to another browser just to get online. You cannot do anything in Firefox because everything is illegible.

    Try launching Firefox while holding the '''Shift''' key to open the Firefox SafeMode, and see how it is.
    [ Troubleshoot Firefox issues using Safe Mode] << Read about the Firefox SafeMode here.

  • Why is text become blurry and out of focus?

    Why is text become blurry and out of focus?

    I am confused what device you are talking about. You question is here in the Using iPhone section, but it is marked for your MacBook Pro running iOS 6? If you are talking about an iPhone and you never update your profile to say you are running iOS 7, I would blame the paralax feature that slightly zooms into your picture, making certain low-res photos look extra blurry. Hope this helps.

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