Table containing due date and billing amount of a vendor

Dear Friends,
                       I need to get the due date and billing amount of the vendors.So please let me know which  DDIC table will give me this information.

Hai madhu,
Thanks for ur time .
pls be there i am working on ur sugesstions and will let you abt the progress...
So do u say we cannt fetch the due date for a vendor payment.

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    Thanks for the response, Infact i tried using Complex join in physical layer. I have considered Time table joined with Fact table, and used >= and took and alias of the Time table and joined fact table using <=. When coming to BMM, i am not knowing how do i design this as if i merge the both the time dimensiona and its alias into single table, values will not be correct and if i make them as seperate columns. i can not show the trend as both are different columns.
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    I have some fields in a flat file . I need to post a document by F-04. Can anyone let me know where to enter the fields 'Due Date' and 'Group Currency Amount' for the line items?
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    Hi All,
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  • My phone was hacked, Verizon assured me that I would not be responsible for any of the charges.  I paid my bill on due date and my phones were suspended 2 days later,mi had to drive 10 miles to a Verizon store for them to call to get them restored.

    MY phones were hacked on March 12, I was assured I would not be held responsible for any of the charges. I paid my bill on due date and 2 days later my service was suspended. In had to drive 10 miles to a Verizon store for them to call and get them restored.  They offered no explanation but said they had taken care of it, NOT, it is back on my bill and higher.  I call and put on hold for 15 mins. I guess they will suspend them again this month.  I am so tired of dealing with them with this matter.   Feed up!

        I do hope you're having a great trip, answermeasap. I can understand your concern with getting an unexpected bill. I have sent you a follow request here in the forum. Please access to accept my request and follow me back so you can send me a private message so we can take a look at what caused your current bill and make sure the correct suspend option is in place.
    Thank you
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  • Mass change of pricing date and billing date in credit memo request

    Can i change the billing date pricing date on credit memo request docs using MASS transaction?
    If i enter the regular sales order number it prompts me to change the value but if i enter the credit memo request doc number,the message "No data meets the selection criteria" is displayed.I also checked with IDES ,message is the same
    Is there any different way to do mass change for credit memo requests or am i missing something here.
    Please Suggest
    Abhilash Nayak

    Go to the transaction code MASS  and enter the OBJECT  TYPE as BUS2032 and enter
    It will lead you to the next screen where you can find the  Table and Field TABS
    Select the  SALES ORDER HEADER DATA  and choose the fields data and choose the fields PRICING DATE and BILLING DATE  and execute
    In the subsequent screen you can see the selection screen where you can enter all the Sales documents for which you want to change
    Key in all the documents and execute
    Now change the date as per your requirement and check the effect

  • Table containing Model Data Information

    Hi Gurus,
    I need your urgent assistance in identifying a specific table in SAP.  What table contains Model Data Information?  Our users are entering vehicle related data in Model Text 2 field in the Model Data screen and I need to extract it in a report.
    Many thanks

          Thanks.... I have used the same tables and have got all data except GRN Quantity.
    Many fields are therefor quantity in table MSEG like.... 'MENGE' , 'LSFMG' , 'BAMNG' , 'ERFMG'  etc.
    But no field is giving the perfect data.
    Pls help me if u have any idea on this.

  • Pricing date and billing date in va01 transaction

    Dear all,
    step 1:   we have sales order of order type IEL1 in our sap system
    step 2: then we do have order type IELB which is called billing request . this is created in va01 transaction against IEL1 sales order type. now here billing document is created.
    at the time creation of billing request (order type IELB) we get data flown in from sales order of type (IEL1).
    now my requirement is that pricing date and billing date needs to be today's date and not the past date which was in sales order.
    please help me in getting current date at the time billing request.
    what is exit or modification i have to do.
    if not clear please let me know.

    in va01 i create a sales order of type IEL1 and as well order type IELB.
    now in our process we create sales order of type IEL1.
    then we create billing request of type IELB with reference to order of type IEL1.
    finally we create invoice in transaction code vf01 against order type IELB.
    THIS is the process we are following.

  • The backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used

    I am trying to restore files from an NT back up on a SBS 2003.   The backup was taken on this machine and trying to restore to the same.   I get this error: The backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used.
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    Since the backup file cannot be restored on a different machine, the backup file could be corrupt. You need to use some third party recovery utilities to restore the backup file.
    For more detailed information, please refer to the article below:
    Windows NTBackup restore troubleshooting tips
    Please Note: Since the website is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.
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  • Posting Date and Billing Date.

    Hi Experts,
    I am working on an IS-U project at the moment.
    Could anyone please let me know what is the difference between Posting Date and Billing Date?
    Thanks in Advance.

    <b>Posting Date:</b> The date on which a transaction in SAP will be posted to the appropriate accounts. SAP will default this field to be the current date, but changes are allowed. For items to be posted in a future or past period, you must enter the posting date.
    <b>Billing Date:</b> Billing date from - Date the billing began and Billing Date To - The default is the last date of the current month.
    Hope this helps.

  • Interest calculation on due date and not on invoice

    Pls can some one let me how to start interest calculation on due date and not invoice date.
    In the interest calculation, T code FINT, the system calculates interest from invoice date till clearing date and not from due date till clearing date.

    We have selected the Always calculate interest from net due date check box. but now when i run FINT transaction for a customer it is calculation interest from invoice date and not on due date. the item is already cleared.
    The scenarion is
    the net due date of the docuemnt is 30.07.2008 so the interest calculation should stard from 31.07.2008 till clearing date. but the interest calcualtion is starting from 01..07.2008 which is the invocie date.

  • What is 'net due date'and 'discount due date'

    Can any one expalin me What is 'net due date'and 'discount due date'
    Thanks in advance

    Net Due date  is the date on which the actual payment is due. it is picked up from payment terms.
    Discount due date is the date from which discount is calculated.
    Usually we allow discount if payment is before a stipulated period.

  • Table contain user name and tcode

    Dear Experts,
    Can you tell me which Table contained user name and tcode field?
    Thanks and Best regards,

    You need to be even more carefull with parameter transactions.
    If SU24 is not maintained for them, PFCG will pull the proposals from the core transaction (via which the parameters are used in the skip screen feature...). If the core transaction has authority proposals for S_TCODE, then you will get those tcodes and their proposals as well.
    A carefull choice of menu objects (not only limited to Tcodes), taking heed of SU24 defaults and tuning it to meet your needs is the key. But it requires organizational discipline and good training, otherwise rather dont use it for anything other than important objects which you want to control manually only, even if your business roles are a mess.
    You can also restrict the authorizations of the security admins for example (as unpopular as that may sound... to segregate authorization concept development (SU24 etc), role building development (PFCG etc) and user administration (SU01 etc). Object S_USER_TCD also has a field called TCD...
    There are also other objects (as Dipanjan has pointed out) which have TCD as a field of an object which is not S_TCODE. In addition to I_TCODE, Q_TCODE, P_TCODE, see also S_IDOCMONI for example.
    To be honest I have given up on trying to find them all
    The easiest solution is to use the menu and maintain SU24 when the transaction is configured or the application is developed and tested. That is what SAP does as well in SU22. It is more work upfront, but more sustainable in the long run.
    If your users (and auditors) only see the menu (and use the SUIM --> Executable transactions) options, then you can get away with it in the short or even medium term. Latest when someone else need to maintain the roles they will hate it...
    My 2 cents,

  • Modify default due date and alarm with To dos

    Is it possible to modify the default alarm due date when creating a to do? Currently, when creating a to do from an email message, if you click on the arrow, youget a "to do options" pop up. The default is no due date and no alarm. When you choose a due date, the default is a message, one day before, at 11:45 PM. Can I change those default settings globally, so that the default is, say, 8 AM?
    Even better would be a plugin or setting like in ical that automatically sets an alarm. Anyone know of such a plug in?

    No responses received....

  • CRM Table containing IBase GUID and Product GUID

    Hi experts,
    Could you please give me the table containing IBase GUID and Product GUID.
    My requirement is to bring the Warranties in the Ibase relationship tab in IB52 transaction. Warranties should be corresponding
    to product(Material) corresponding to the IBase.

    Hi ,
    My problem is resolved by using  COM_TA_R3_ID table.
    Here R3IDENT field will give the product_id of the IBASE and R3MAT_ID will give the product id of the basic material.
    By using FM CRM_IBASE_COMP_GET_DETAIL in the field obect_id we will get product id of  IBASE .
    Then passing that to R3IDENT field we will get basic product guid from R3MAT_ID field.
    then from comm_product table we will get GUID of basic material

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    Hi, I'm using forms6i. Is it possible to give horizontal and vertical scrollbar to the ole container. I'm opening different files(pdf,doc etc) in this ole item, which many have more than one pages. Now i'm only able to see the first page of the file.

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