Table for asset no.

i want table for asset no which are created by t-code As01. i want to display asset no in po printing for the transaction ME23N. so which table is suitable for this. also one thing is that that table must contain po no. so it is easy for me to join.
can anybody tell me how can i display asset no for me23n?

Hi Anuradha,
Please do search in SAP -- (SE11 F4 Help) & SCN 
ANAR                           Asset Types
ANAT                           Asset type text
ANEA                           Asset Line Items for Proportional Values
ANEK                           Document Header Asset Posting
ANEP                           Asset Line Items
ANEV                           Asset downpymt settlement
ANGA                           Asset catalog general data
ANGB                           Asset catalog deprec. area
ANGT                           Asset catalog text table
ANKA                           Asset classes:  general data
ANKAZ                          Asset class: extension for technica
ANKB                           Asset class: depreciation area
ANKLAY                         Asset class: Assignment of tab layo
ANKLAYP                        Asset class: Assignment of tab layo
ANKP                           Asset classes: Fld Cont Dpndnt on C
ANKT                           Asset classes: Description
ANKV                           Asset classes: insurance types
ANLA                           Asset Master Record Segment
ANLBZW                         Asset-specific base values
ANLC                           Asset Value Fields
ANLE                           Asset Origin by Line Item
ANLK                           Asset Origin by Cost Element
ANLP                           Asset Periodic Values
ANLT                           Asset Texts
ANLU                           Asset Master Record: User Fields
ANLX                           Asset Master Record Segment
ANLZ                           Time-Dependent Asset Allocations
These are the Asset tables.
Thanks & regards,
Dileep .C

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  • Tables for Assets & Liabilities in Profit Center

    Dear All,
    I want to know the tables for Profit Center wise Assets & Liabilities.
    Help needed.

    Hi Pankaj,
    Goto SE11 and view the contents of the table T8A30 EC-PCA: Define Additional Accounts which will be having the assignment of the GL Accounts to the profit center.
    Hope this helps you....

  • Summary Tables for Asset Master?

    I need to create an asset/insurance data report, using SAP Query, which shows the asset master record balances only (acquisition and posted depre'n) as at report selection date. 
    Are there any summary tables for fixed assets that are equivalent to GLT0, KNC1 and LFC1 for GL, Customer and Vendor? 
    Thanks in advance for any assistance.
    Best regards,

    I am not sure about ANEP or know how to use it.  It only has data records for the fiscal year when there is posting to acquisition values field u201CAmount postedu201D for the asset. No data records for other years with posted depreciation.

  • Table for asset management

    Can anybody please tell me the table for assest like we have table BSID for customers and table BSIK for vendors.

    This is asset accounting tables
    FI-AA-AA (AA)    Asset Accounting: Basic Functions – Master Data
    ANKA             Asset Classes: General Data             ANLKL
    ANKP             Asset Classes: Fld Cont Dpndnt on Chart ANLKL / AFAPL
                     of Depreciation
    ANKT             Asset Classes: Description              SPRAS / ANLKL
    ANKV             Asset Classes: Insurance Types          ANLKL / VRSLFD
    ANLA             Asset Master Record Segment             BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2
    ANLB             Depreciation Terms                      BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / AFABE
                                                             / BDATU
    ANLT             Asset Texts                             SPRAS / BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2
    ANLU             Asset Master Record User Fields         .INCLUDE /  BUKRS / ANLN1 /  ANLN2
    ANLW             Insurable Values (Year Dependent)       BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / VRSLFD /
    ANLX             Asset Master Record Segment             BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2
    ANLZ             Time Dependent Asset Allocations        BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / BDATU
    FI-AA-AA (AA2)   Asset Accounting: Basic Functions – Master Data 2.0
    ANAR             Asset Types                             ANLAR
    ANAT             Asset Type Text                         SPRAS / ANLAR
    FI-AA-AA (AB)    Asset Accounting: Basic Functions –
                     Asset Accounting
    ANEK             Document Header Asset Posting           BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / GJAHR /
    ANEP             Asset Line Items                        BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / GJAHR /
                                                             LNRAN / AFABE
    ANEV             Asset Downpymt Settlement               BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / GJAHR /
    ANKB             Asset Class: Depreciation Area          ANLKL / AFAPL / AFABE / BDATU
    ANLC             Asset value Fields                      BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / GJAHR /
    ANLH             Main Asset Number                       BUKRS / ANLN1
    ANLP             Asset Periodic Values                   BUKRS / GJAHR / PERAF / AFBNR /
                                                             ANLN1 / ANLN2 / AFABER
    it is useful assign points

  • Table for asset master layout

    In asset master layout setting, we tell system which all fields needs to be made mandatory at the time of creating asset master. This setting we do at screen layout and this screen layout is assigned to asset class.
    I want to know table where i can see these fields and i can see which all fields are madfe mandatory, optional, etc.

    I do not know how to check asset segment record. So I used T082A. I gave screen layout in the input parameter and i pressed 'execute'
    But it showed screen layout and its description. But it didn't show setting of every field (like madatory, display, optional, supress).
    I also tried T082B. But i am not getting how to view.
    Is there separate table for it?
    Edited by: Deepak Agrawal on Feb 29, 2012 1:59 PM

  • Derivation of Funds Center from cost center for Asset PR/PO in FM

    Hello Experts,
    We configured new FM area and relevant BCS settings. It is working fine except PR or PO for Account assignment category A.
    Issue: system is not able derive funds center from cost center in the asset master. cost center is not updated in EBKN table for Asset PR.
    we have maintained the following;
    1. Funds center is activated in Asset account assignments
    2. Maintained derivation rule with function module: FMDT_READ_MD_ASSET
    3. Derivation rule for cost center to funds center also maintained
    If maintain funds center manually in PR it is working fine and consuming budget also.
    Requirement: How derive funds center from cost center assigned in asset. I have verified all tickets raised in this forum, but nothing has answered my question.
    Request you to provide solution for above issue.
    Thanks in advance for support.

    Hi Venkata,
    You have two derivation rules, first related to Asset function module and second one is related to CC and FC combination.
    You need to maintain the function module derivation rule first then you need to maintain the derivation rule related to combination of CC and FC. Because first you need to derive CC from asset master and then you need to derive fund center with reference to this CC.
    Ankit Agarwal

  • Asset Tables for legacy data takeover

    Dear Friends
    We've to take assets data from one client to another and hence would be using Legacy assets.
    Could you please let me know from which tables / reports i should extract the data related to master & transaction data from the legacy system which is also on SAP.
    ANLA - master data and to take those assets which are not deactivated
    ANLC - asset accumulated APC & dep. And current yr dep
    ANLZ - dep terms data
    ANEP - asset transaction data for current year acquisitions
    I dont have the system in from of me and i hope the above tables are correct.
    1. Please let me know if other tables are required?
    2. Should the dep area data be posted with remaining useful life & expired life in legacy asset?

    Hello Kapil,
    I invite you to carefully review the attached SAP notes which should
    provide you with the necessart answer:
    68802   Legacy data trnsfr: diff.fields n.ready f.input
    550176  FAQ note legacy data transfer asset master records
    373894  Collective note: introdctn to prblm solutn in FI-AA
    Further I also attach the following 6 notes that provide further
    informative details regarding legacy transfer, and also some specific
    only for legacy transfer during the year:
    729164  AS91/AS92: Incorrect ready for input status for prop. values
    29706   AS91/92/94: Dep. area fields not ready for input
    4206    Net book value input at old data transfer
    50607   Depreciation during old assets data takeover
    26240   Reconciliation of posted depreciat. after takeover
    For further information, please review the information for asset data
    transfer in the R/3 Library:
    FI-AA - Assets -> Legacy Data Transfer -> Special Considerations for
    Asset Data Transfer -> Time of Transfer...
    thanks and regards

  • Which table contains net book value for Assets created with AS91.

    Which table contains net book value for Assets created with AS91.
    I have a problem locating where the net book value is stored in SAP.  Is it simply calculated and not stored in any one place?  I am trying to predict how SAP will calculate the net book value for some assets we plan on converting, but my formula doesn't always work consistently and I have not idea what is going on.  If it is stored in a table some place, can anyone please let me know!
    Thank you all

    Hi anar.samadzade & Michael Stewart
    It is not possible to directly get net book value of an any Table. You must migrate the gross book value (acquisition cost) and the accumulated depreciation. SAP will then calculate the NBV.
    Gross Block & Accumulate Dep you will get from Table: ANLC
    Dear anar.samadzade Ask Questions politely

  • Tables for additions/write-off/transfer of assets

    What are the tables for getting values reg asset additions/write-off/transfer during year/period.

    Goto SE11 - give in database table- ANLA---click on display tab -
    click on contents Icon which is befire Technical settings
    Goto Menu bar-settingsFormat lst-choose Fields
    P J Anil kumar

  • Asset table for plan data

    may i know which table i can get the asset base value for yr 2008? i able to get 2007 data but not able to get 2008 in the asset table.

    Hope Table ANLC Asset Value Fields can help you !

  • Table name for asset deletion record

    Please tell me the table name for asset deletion record.

    Find Asset deletion tables below.
    CDHDR     Table for find the list of Retired / deleted assets (use SE16 for the same and put T. Code ABAVN / AS06)         
    Edited by: javeed ahmed on Jan 14, 2010 12:10 PM

  • Table name for Asset master

    hi folks,
    can u share the TABLE NAME FOR ASSET MASTER
    Thanks in Adv

    hi Prasad,
    ANLA                           Asset Master Record Segment              
    ANLB                           Depreciation terms                       
    ANLBZW                         Asset-specific base values               
    ANLC                           Asset Value Fields                       
    ANLE                           Asset Origin by Line Item                
    ANLH                           Main asset number                        
    ANLI                           Link table for investment measure -> AuC 
    ANLK                           Asset Origin by Cost Element             
    ANLP                           Asset Periodic Values                    
    ANLQ                           Period values from dep. posting run per po
    ANLT                           Asset Texts                              
    ANLU                           Asset Master Record: User Fields         
    ANLV                           Insurance data                           
    ANLW                           Insurable values (year dependent)        
    ANLX                           Asset Master Record Segment              
    ANLZ                           Time-Dependent Asset Allocations         
    hope this helps

  • Tables for vendor invoice and payment

    Hi Gurus.
    I want to know from which tables i can get the information for folllowing points.
    1.       Vendor Invoices  - Complete (Header and Item)
    2.       Vendor Payments Details – Detail about payment method (check, wire, etc)
    Please tell me tje table names.

    There is no specific table for header/item data for vendor invoice. Various information regarding vendor invoice (FB60) are stored in the following tables( note: Ignore the structures in the list ).
    |Table Name               |Table Description                                           |
    |/BEV3/CHKOMPAZVV         |Append Structure CH -> CO PA                                |
    |/CWM/ACCIT               |Append Structure for Enhancement of Structure ACCIT in CWM  |
    |/CWM/KOMP                |Catch Weight Management Enhancement                         |
    |/DSD/TAXJURCD            |Ship From Tax Jurisdiction Code: for Header Prc Comm Str    |
    |/SAPNEA/J_SC_LFA1        |Subcontractor Information                                   |
    |/SAPNEA/J_SC_LFB1        |Subcontracting Management                                   |
    |/SAPPSPRO/A_FI2_LONGNUM  |IBU-PS:  Append structure for structure NONBSEG             |
    |/SAPPSPRO/A_LONGNUMBER   |additional fields for SPIIN number                          |
    |/SAPPSPRO/EADD           |Purchasing Document Header: Additional Data                 |
    |/SAPPSPRO/EADD_DATA      |Purchasing Document Header: Data Part Additional Information|
    |/VSO/R_KNA1_A            |Append to KNA1 for Vehicle Space Optimization               |
    |/VSO/R_KNA1_I            |Additional Data for Vehicle Space Optimization for KNA1     |
    |AACCHD_FMFG              |US federal fields                                           |
    |AACCHD_PSO               |IS-PS: ACCHD Append Structure for Payment Requests          |
    |AACCIT_GM                |Append for Grants Management                                |
    |AACCIT_PSO               |IS-PS: ACCIT Append Structure for Payment Requests          |
    |AACCIT_SSP               |Append for Payment Statistical Sampling Process             |
    |AACCIT_USFG              |Append structure for US federal government                  |
    |AAUSZ_CLR_USFG           |Clearing information for US Fed (Tresury Confirmation)      |
    |ABKPF_PSO                |IS-PS: BKPF Append Structure for Payment Requests           |
    |ABKPF_UMB                |IS-PS: Append Structure for Transfer Transaction FMITPO     |
    |ABSID_PSO                |IS-PS: Data appendix of open items customers                |
    |ABSIK_PSO                |IS-PS: Data appendix of open items vendors                  |
    |ABSIS_PSO                |Local Authorities                                           |
    |ABUZ                     |Help Structure for Line Items to be Generated Automatically |
    |ACCCR                    |Accounting Interface: Currency Information                  |
    |ACCCR_FKEY               |Key: Acctg Currency Data for Line Item Including Currency   |
    |ACCCR_KEY                |Key: Accounting Currency Data for Line Item                 |
    |ACCFI                    |Interface to Accounting: Financial Acctg One-Time Accts     |
    |ACCHD                    |Interface to Accounting: Header Information                 |
    |ACCHD_KEY                |Key: FI/CO Document Header                                  |
    |ACCIT                    |Accounting Interface: Item Information                      |
    |ACCIT_EXTENSION          |ACC Document: Additional Item Information                   |
    |ACCIT_JV                 |Joint Venture Accounting                                    |
    |ACCIT_KEY                |Key: FI/CO Line Item                                        |
    |ACCIT_WT                 |Withholding tax information for FI Interface                |
    |ACCRDF                   |Fields for Posting Small Differences: Preparation           |
    |ACC_DOCUMENT             |Accounting document                                         |
    |ACC_KONTEXT              |Context Info for FI Single Screen Transactions FB50 and FB60|
    |ACERRLOG                 |Return Parameter                                            |
    |ACGL_HEAD                |Fields for Document Header Entry Screen                     |
    |ACGL_ITEM                |Structure for Table Control: G/L Account Entry              |
    |ACSCR                    |Communication Structure for Field Modification SAPLFDCB     |
    |ACSPLT                   |Carrier for Split Information re: Current Account Line Items|
    |ACSPLT_WTNEW             |Proportion of New Withholding Tax                           |
    |ACSPLT_WTOLD             |Proportion of Old Withholding Tax                           |
    |ADDR1_SEL                |Address selection parameter                                 |
    |AEBPP_KNBK               |Additional Fields Bank Data Biller Direct                   |
    |AEBPP_LFBK               |Additional Fields Bank Data Biller Direct                   |
    |AFMIOI                   |Append for new fields ECC50/ERP                             |
    |AFMIOI_USFG              | SD order needs quantity                                    |
    |AFMISPS                  |Additional Fields for Table FMISPS                          |
    |AFM_ACCIT_EXTENSION      |Extension for FM Payment Update                             |
    |AFM_FAGL_GLT0_ACCIT_EXT  |Extension FM Account Assignments                            |
    |AFM_FI_BKPF_SUBST        |Append to Structure BKPF_SUBST                              |
    |AFM_FMFCTF               |Append for Fund Center substrings                           |
    |AFM_FMFINCODE            |Append for Fund substrings                                  |
    |AIFM01D                  |Append for IFM01D                                           |
    |AKNA1_FMFG               |US Federal Government Customer Master Data Additional Fields|
    |AKNA1_PSO                |Local Authority Additional Fields                           |
    |AKNB1_PSO                |IS-PS: Customer Master Record, Additional Data (Co.Code)    |
    |AKNBK_PSO                |Bank Details Dependent on Time and Account Holder           |
    |ALFA1_FMFG               |US Federal Government Vendor Master Data Additional Fields  |
    |ALFA1_PSO                |Local Authority Additional Fields (Address)                 |
    |ALFB1_FMFG               |PS fields for company code-specific master data field       |
    |ALFB1_PSO                |IS-PS: Data Appendix Vendor Master Record (Company Code)    |
    |ALFBK_PSO                |Bank Details Dependent on Time and Account Holder           |
    |ALVDYNP                  |ALV dialog screen fields                                    |
    |ALV_S_FCAT               |Field Catalog (for LVC and for KKBLO)                       |
    |ALV_S_FILT               |Filter Criteria (for LVC and for KKBLO)                     |
    |ALV_S_GRPL               |Group Levels (for LVC and for KKBLO)                        |
    |ALV_S_LAYO               |Layout (for LVC and for KKBLO)                              |
    |ALV_S_PCTL               |Structure for Checking Print in ALV                         |
    |ALV_S_PRNT               |Print settings (for LVC and KKBLO)                          |
    |ALV_S_QINF               |Structure for Quickinfos of Exceptions                      |
    |ALV_S_SGRP               |Field Groups (for LVC and for KKBLO)                        |
    |ALV_S_SORT               |Sort Criteria (for LVC and for KKBLO)                       |
    |ANBZ                     |Help structure for asset line item                          |
    |ANLZACCOUNT              |Additional Account Assignment Objects in Asset Accounting   |
    |ANLZACCOUNT_FKBER        |Account Assignment Objects: ANLZACCOUNT with Function Added |
    |ARC_PARAMS               |ImageLink structure                                         |
    |AT003_XBLNR2             |Append structure for US federal government                  |
    |AUSZ1                    |Clearing Table 1                                            |
    |AUSZ2                    |Clearing Table 2                                            |
    |AUSZ_CLR                 |Assign Clearing Item to Cleared Items                       |
    |AUSZ_CLR_ASGMT           |Assgt of Clrg Items - Cleared Items with Acct Assignment    |
    |AUSZ_INFO                |Open item data for clearing transactions                    |
    |AVBKPF_FMFG              |US federal                                                  |
    |AVBKPF_PSO               |IS-PS: Append Structure VBKPF for Payment Requests          |
    |AVBSEGDPSO               |IS-PS: Append Structure VBSEGD for Payment Requests         |
    |AVBSEGKPSO               |IS-PS: Append Structure VBSEGK for Payment Requests         |
    |AVIK                     |Payment Advice Header                                       |
    |AVIP                     |Payment Advice Line Item                                    |
    |BALHDR                   |Application log: log header                                 |
    |BALMT                    |Application Log: Structure for a formatted message          |
    |BAL_S_CLBK               |Application Log: Return routine definition                  |
    |BAL_S_CONT               |Application Log: Context                                    |
    |BAL_S_MSG                |Application Log: Message Data                               |
    |BAL_S_PAR                |Application Log: Parameter Name and Value                   |
    |BAL_S_PARM               |Application log: Parameters                                 |
    |BAPIASCONT               |Business Document Service: File Content ASCII               |
    |BAPIBDS01                |Business Document Service: Reference Structure for BAPIs    |
    |BAPICOMFIL               |BDS: Command File for Transport Entries                     |
    |BAPICOMPO2               |SBDS: Enhanced Component Information                        |
    |BAPICOMPO3               |SBDS: Enhanced Component Information                        |
    |BAPICOMPON               |Business Document Service: Component Table                  |
    |BAPICONNEC               |BDS: Structure for BDS Links                                |
    |BAPICONTEN               |Business Document Service: File Content                     |
    |BAPIDPROPT               |BDS: Structure for Properties                               |
    |BAPIFILES                |Business Document Services: Transfer Table for File Names   |
    |BAPIPROPER               |BDS: Structure for Properties                               |
    |BAPIPROPTL               |BDS: Structure for KPRO Properties                          |
    |BAPIQUERY                |BDS Structure for Query Table                               |
    |BAPIRELAT                |Business Document Service: Relations                        |
    |BAPIRET1                 |Return Parameter                                            |
    |BAPIRETURN               |Return Parameter                                            |
    |BAPISIGNAT               |Business Document Service: Signature Table                  |
    |BAPISRELAT               |Business Document Service: Relationship Table with Signature|
    |BAPIURI                  |Business Document Service: URI Table                        |
    |BDCMSGCOLL               |Collecting messages in the SAP System                       |
    |BDCRUN                   |Batch input: Runtime analysis                               |
    |BDIDOCSTAT               |ALE IDoc status (subset of all IDoc status fields)          |
    |BDI_SER                  |Serialization objects for one/several IDocs                 |
    |BDN_FKT                  |Business Document Navigator: Functions to be Excluded       |
    |BDWFAP_PAR               |Parameters for application function module - IDoc inbound   |
    |BDWFRETVAR               |Assignment of IDoc or document no. to method parameter      |
    |BDWF_PARAM               |Parameters for workflow methods for IDoc inbound processing |
    |BKDF                     |Document Header Supplement for Recurring Entry              |
    |BKDF_SUBST               |Process Interfaces: Substitutable fields during posting     |
    |BKORM                    |Accounting Correspondence Requests                          |
    |BKP1                     |Document Header Supplement for Update                       |
    |BKPF                     |Accounting Document Header                                  |
    |BKPFBU_ALV               |Document Overview: Display Document Headers in ALV Grid Ctrl|
    |BKPF_CARD                |Credit Card: Append for BKPF                                |
    |BKPF_LINE                |Item Category for XBKPF_TAB                                 |
    |BKPF_SUBST               |Process Interfaces: Substitutable Fields During Posting     |
    |BKPF_USFED               |Append structure for US federal government                  |
    |BLNTAB                   |Document Number Table for Financial Accounting              |
    |BNKA                     |Bank master record                                          |
    |BNKAAPP                  |Appendix to Table BNKA                                      |
    |BNKT                     |Conversion of temporary to internal bank keys               |
    |BOOLE                    |Boolean variable                                            |
    |BSEC                     |One-Time Account Data Document Segment                      |
    |BSEC_LINE                |Item Category for XBSEC_TAB                                 |
    |BSED                     |Bill of Exchange Fields Document Segment                    |
    |BSEE                     |Changeable Fields in the Line Item                          |
    |BSEG                     |Accounting Document Segment                                 |
    |BSEGL                    |Document Segment: Fields Derived for Line Layout Variant    |
    |BSEGS                    |G/L Item Transfer Structure for Single Screen Transactions  |
    |BSEGT                    |Transfer Table for the Tax Postings to be Generated         |
    |BSEGZ                    |Financial Acctg Doc.Segment: Extras and Temp. Storage Fields|
    |BSEG_ALV                 |Document Overview: Document Item Display in ALV Grid Control|
    |BSEG_LINE                |Item Category for XBSEG_TAB                                 |
    |BSEG_SUBST               |Process Interfaces: Substitutable Fields During Posting     |
    |BSET                     |Tax Data Document Segment                                   |
    |BSEU                     |Line Item Additional Information (Update)                   |
    |BSEZ                     |Line Item Additional Information (Online)                   |
    |BSEZ_LINE                |Line Item Category for XBSEZ_TAB                            |
    |BSID                     |Accounting: Secondary Index for Customers                   |
    |BSIK                     |Accounting: Secondary Index for Vendors                     |
    |BSIP                     |Index for Vendor Validation of Double Documents             |
    |BSIS                     |Accounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts                |
    |BSIX                     |Index table for customer bills of exchange used             |
    |BTXKDF                   |Fields for Exch.Rate Difference Posting for Taxes           |
    |BVOR                     |Intercompany posting procedures                             |
    |CACS_A_CRM_SALES_COND    |Additional CRM Fields (Construction) From Sales Order Area  |
    |CACS_A_CUST_COND         |Commissions: Customer Fields Condition Technique            |
    |CACS_A_FIELDSPRICING     |Append for Condition Technique Fields from Commission System|
    |CACS_S_CRM_SALES_COND    |Additional CRM Fields (Construction) From Sales Order Area  |
    |CACS_S_CUST_COND         |Condition Attributes                                        |
    |CACS_S_FIELDSPRICING     |Comm.: All Condition Technique-Relevant Commission Fields   |
    |CACS_S_FSINS             |Customer Fields for Condition Technique of Insurances       |
    |CCDATA                   |Payment cards: Database fields relevant to both SD and FI   |
    |CFW_LINK                 |CFW: Link Info of a Container                               |
    |CI_COBL                  |Extension                                                   |
    |CKI_ACCIT_ML             |Transfer from MM to ML in accit-structure                   |
    |CNTLSTRLIS               |Control stream list                                         |
    |COBK                     |CO Object: Document Header                                  |
    |COBK_ONLY                |Non-key fields only in COBK (INCLUDE structure)             |
    |COBL                     |Coding Block                                                |
    |COBLF                    |Coding block: Tax table structure                           |
    |COBL_COKZ                |Assignment types for CO account assignments                 |
    |COBL_DB_INCLUDE          |Include with Additional Account Assignments for DB Tables   |
    |COBL_EX                  |Coding Block for External Applications (Not CO/FI)          |
    |COBL_FI                  |Fields from COBL that Must not Be Overwritten in FI         |
    |COBL_FM                  |Additional Fields for FM                                    |
    |D010SINF                 |Generated Table for View D010SINF                           |
    |D020S                    |System table D020S (screen sources)                         |
    |D020T                    |Screen Short Description                                    |
    |DBSEG                    |Dialog Supplementation BSEG (Taxes)                         |
    |DD02L                    |SAP Tables                                                  |
    |DD03P                    |Structure                                                   |
    |DD03V                    |Table fields view                                           |
    |DD07V                    |Generated Table for View DD07V                              |
    |DD23L                    |Matchcode ID                                                |
    |DD32P                    |Interface structure for search help parameters              |
    |DDSHDEFLT                |Description of a default value for search help fields       |
    |DDSHDESCR                |Interface: elementary search helps of a search help         |
    |DDSHFPROP                |Characteristics of search help parameters                   |
    |DDSHIFACE                |Interface description of a F4 help method                   |
    |DDSHRETVAL               |Interface Structure Search Help <-> Help System             |
    |DDSHSELOPT               |Selection options for value selection with search help      |
    |DDSUX030L                |Nametab Header, Database Structure DDNTT                    |
    |DDSUX031L                |Nametab Structure, Database Structure DDNTF                 |
    |DDTYPES                  |Table of all Dictionary types and classes                   |
    |DFIES                    |DD Interface: Table Fields for DDIF_FIELDINFO_GET           |
    |DISVARIANT               |Layout (External Use)                                       |
    |DOKHL                    |Documentation: Headers                                      |
    |DPPROPS                  |General property structure for data provider                |
    |DTC_S_LAYO               |Structure for Design of Double Table Control                |
    |DTC_S_TC                 |Structure for table controls in the double table dialog box |
    |DTC_S_TS                 |Tab Title Structure                                         |
    |DYNPREAD                 |Fields of the current screen (with values)                  |
    |E071                     |Change & Transport System: Object Entries of Requests/Tasks |
    |E071K                    |Change & Transport System: Key Entries of Requests/Tasks    |
    |EAPS_20                  |Field Enhancements for EA-PS 2.0                            |
    |EDIDC                    |Control record (IDoc)                                       |
    |EDIDS                    |Status Record (IDoc)                                        |
    |EDIFCT                   |IDoc: Assignment of FM to log. message and IDoc type        |
    |EDIMESSAGE               |Transfer Structure with all Sy Fields for T100              |
    |EDI_DS                   |Status record for interface to EDI subsystem                |
    |EDI_HELP                 |Help Structure for Reference Fields in EDI Function Groups  |
    |EK05A                    |Communication Area Purchasing - Financial Accounting        |
    |ESKN                     |Account Assignment in Service Package                       |
    |EUDB                     |Development Environment Objects                             |
    |EUOBJ                    |Workbench: Development Objects                              |
    |EXCLTAB_LINE             |Lines of EXCLTAB with OK Code to be Deactivated             |
    |EXISTING_DOC             |Original Document                                           |
    |F05ACTRL                 |Control Fields for SAPMF05A and Subprograms                 |
    |FAGLBSEGL_S              |Additional Sender Flds from General Ledger for Doc. Overview|
    |FAGL_GLT0_ACCIT_EXT      |Line Information for Document Splitting                     |
    |FAGL_MIG_S_BUKRS_LEDGER  |Combination of Company Code and Assigned Ledgers            |
    |FAGL_SPLIT_FLD_S         |Characteristics Permitted for Split                         |
    |FAGL_S_APPLICATION       |Application and Subapplication                              |
    |FAGL_S_BALDIM            |G/L Characteristics of Document Split in New General Ledger |
    |FAGL_S_BUKRS             |Structure with Company Code                                 |
    |FAGL_S_BUKRS_EXT         |Structure: Company Codes --> Ledgers                        |
    |FAGL_S_CURTYPES          |Currency Types of a Ledger                                  |
    |FAGL_S_MIG_001           |Structure for Table FAGL_MIG_001 & FAGL_MIG_001_S           |
    |FAGL_S_MIG_MGPLN_EXT     |Structure: Extended Migration Plan Information              |
    |FAGL_S_T8G40_BS          |Split Fields with Characteristic "Balance Sheet"            |
    |FCRD_VBKPF               |Credit Card: Include for Appends for BKPF, VBKPF            |
    |FCRD_VBSEG               |Include for Appends for VBSE*                               |
    |FDM_AR_CASE_ATTR_1       |FSCM DM:                                                    |
    |FDM_AR_LINE_ITEM         |FSCM: DM                                                    |
    |FDM_AR_RFPOS             |FSCM-DM: Enhancemt of Line Item Disp. with Dispute Case Flds|
    |FELD                     |Screen Painter fields (internal)                            |
    |FICCO                    |Adjustment Values for External Document Items               |
    |FICCT                    |Totals Information for Interclient Posting                  |
    |FICTX                    |Tax Information for ICT                                     |
    |FIELDINFO                |Field attributes for a specific field                       |
    |FIN1_PARAM               |OBNG: Trans. structure for official doc. numbering (global) |
    |FIN1_PARAM_FI            |OBNG: FI parameters                                         |
    |FIN1_PARAM_MM            |OBNG: MM Parameters                                         |
    |FIPEX_STRUC              |Subfields Commitment Item                                   |
    |FIPOEXT                  |Help structure for line items to be generated automatically |
    |FIREVDOC                 |Transfer Structure for Dialog Module FI_DOCUMENT_REVERS     |
    |FISTL_STRUC              |Substructure Fund Center                                    |
    |FM01                     |Financial Management Areas                                  |
    |FMBLSTRING_COMPONENTS    |Component of the BL String                                  |
    |FMCI                     |Commitment items master data                                |
    |FMDY                     |FIFM: Screen Fields                                         |
    |FMFCTR                   |Funds Center Master Record                                  |
    |FMFG_ACCIT_EXTENSION     |Extention for all fields that have to be transfered into BL |
    |FMFINCODE                |FIFM: Financing code                                        |
    |FMFPO                    |FIFM: Commitment Item                                       |
    |FMHRBA_NEG_DOC_TYPES     |HR Integration: Doc. Types for Negative Funds Commitments   |
    |FMHRBA_SETTINGS          |Integration with HR: Settings                               |
    |FMHRBA_VAD_SETTINGS      |HR Integration: Generate Value Adjustment Docs for Changes  |
    |FMICCN                   |FM: Append Structure for FMIOI (CCN Fields)                 |
    |FMIDATA                  |Common Data for Funds Management Actual Data                |
    |FMIDATAFI                |Clean FI Data for Funds Management Actual Data              |
    |FMIDATAOI                |Clean Open Item Data for Funds Management Actual Data       |
    |FMIFIIT                  |FI Line Item Table in Funds Management                      |
    |FMIKEY                   |Common Key for Funds Management Actual Data                 |
    |FMIKEYFI                 |FI - Key for Funds Management Actual Data                   |
    |FMIKEYOI                 |Common Key for Funds Management Actual Data                 |
    |FMIOI                    |Commitment Documents Funds Management                       |
    |FMIOIKEY                 |Key for Table FMIOI                                         |
    |FMIOI_USFG               | SD order needs quantity                                    |
    |FMIREF                   |Ref. Funds Management Actual Data to Preceding Document     |
    |FMISPS                   |General Parameters for Funds Management                     |
    |FMIT                     |Totals Table for Funds Management                           |
    |FMMRESERV                |Include for the Reduction of Funds Reservations (FM)        |
    |FMRFC                    |Function Modules and their RFC Destinations                 |
    |FMSP_SPLIT_FIELDS        |PSM Fields used in multiple account splitting               |
    |FMT001                   |Additional Customizing for Funds Management                 |
    |FMUP00T                  |Update Profiles                                             |
    |FMUP01                   |Update Control with Value Type Dependency                   |
    |FMUP_INV_KEY             |Extension for FM Update: FI Key of Invoice                  |
    |FMUP_PAY_KEY             |Extension for FM Update: FI Key of Payment                  |
    |FS006                    |Fields for Optical Archiving                                |
    |FTCHECK                  |Foreign Trade: Import Simulation - Ctrl Fields for Pricing  |
    |FTEXTS                   |Communication Structure for Additional Components           |
    |FTGENERAL                |Foreign Trade: General Fields Item                          |
    |FUND_STRUC               |Substructure Fonds                                          |
    |FVD_TZB0A                |Append to TZBOA: Loans Fields                               |
    |GLACCOUNT_CCODE          |G/L Account Master Record: Company Code                     |
    |GLACCOUNT_CCODE_DATA     |G/L Account Master Record: Company Code - Data              |
    |GLACCOUNT_CCODE_INFO     |G/L Account Master Record: Company Code - Information       |
    |GLACCOUNT_CCODE_KEY      |G/L Account Master Record: Company Code - Key               |
    |GLX_ORG_INFO             |Organizational Assignment                                   |
    |GMBSEGZ                  |Grants Management Add-on                                    |
    |GXXLT_H                  |XXL interface: horizontal features                          |
    |GXXLT_O                  |XXL_interface: texts for online display                     |
    |GXXLT_S                  |XXL interface: structure of the semantics table             |
    |GXXLT_V                  |XXL interface: vertical features                            |
    |HELPVAL                  |Restrict Value Range - Transfer Table                       |
    |HELP_INFO                |Transfer Values for the Help Processor                      |
    |HELP_VALUE               |Structure or Function Module HELP_VALUE_GET_FOR_TABLE       |
    |HHM_COBL                 |Include for COBL from FM                                    |
    |IADDR_PSO                |Local Authority Additional Fields (Address)                 |
    |IBKPF_PSO                |IS-PS: Include Structure BKPF Payment Request Doc.Header    |
    |ICDIND                   |Structures for generating change document update programs   |
    |ICON                     |Icons table                                                 |
    |ICONS                    |Icons                                                       |
    |ICURR                    |Interface for Currency Translation                  

  • Report For Asset, Field ANBTR01 value problem

    I have created one report for asset.
    i used 2 tables ANLZ, ANLA..
    but i want to retrive value of ***.acquis.val. and Accm.ord.deprec of Tcode AS92.
    But this is showing structure field..
    iwant table from where i can retrieve my valu..
    plz tel me solution.

    Check tables:
    ANEP                            Asset Line Items
    AUAI                             Settlement Amounts per Depreciation
    Amol Lohade

  • R/3 tables for the fields of  0fi_gl_40

    How to find the r/3 tables for the fields of the datasource 0FI_GL_40.For example this datasource has ANLN1(Asset),ANLN2(Asset Subnumber) and AUFNR(Order)
    fields.Is there any tcode or table that gives the r/3 tables for the the fields of the above datasource?

    Sometimes the help really does provide the information

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