Table for object links.

Please provide the table for object links in cprojects and also the tables relevant for cprojects.

DPR_OBJLINK                    Object Links                                   
DPR_OBL_CATEGORY               Category for Object Types of Object Links      
DPR_OBL_OBTYP                  Characteristics of Object Link to Object Type  
DRAD                           Document-Object Link                           
TDWO                           Document Management Object Link                                 
TDWOT                          Texts for Object Links in Document Management
Check these tables.

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  • Table for objects linked to item via external link

    Hi Gurus,
    We link objects to an item, like PS projects and networks using link to external object. Doing so which table in backend will get updated with this transaction data.
    We want to draw data from backend to find a list of items to which objects like PS projects and networks are linked.


  • Archiving Object - Entry missing in Customizing table for object Z*********

    Hello friends,
    We have created a archiving object in transaction AOBJ. However when i enter this object in SARA, we get this error message.
    "Entry missing in Customizing table for object Z******* "
    I have matched my object with few other archiving objects and things looks similar.
    Have you faced this kind of problem..

    I checked and i can see entry for ZSCS_TRAFO object in AOBJ.
    But when i enter ZSCS_TRAFO, i get this error :
    Entry missing in Customizing table for object ZSCS_TRAFO
    Message no. BA057
    A function cannot be executed due to a missing table entry.
    Please create an entry for the archive object ZSCS_TRAFO with the AOBJ transaction.
    However, a few other Z objects works well.

  • Maintain Screen for Object Link - New Object

    We want to create new object link  ( not standard SAP) in our company.
    I try to add new screen for link other SAP object  : SE80 ---> Package : CV --->
    Function Group : CV130 , add new screen . It seems as REPAIR , Ask me for access key .
    Is it OK?
    Help Activities:
    f the screen entry contains errors or you want to add a new entry you
    an check the existing screen sas follows:
       Start a second mode and execute the following steps:
       -   Start the Object Navigator.
       -   Display the objects for development class CV
       -   Expand the function group 130
           The structure notes screens lists all screens that can be used
           for an object link
       -   Find the screen for the object link (such as 1201 for material
       Process the activity Maintain screen for object link in the first
       -   Correct the entry or add an entry for the the object you want to
           add to the document link.
    Thanks, Meira.

    Hi Dave,
    First of all you didn't mention which version you are using and Which Real Estate you are on. there are 2 RE
    1. Classic Real Estate (Real Estate)
    2. Flexible Real Estate Management
    Now coming to Question
    for Flexible Real Estate Mangement the path is
    SPRO---->Flexible Real Estate Mangement (RE-FLX) -
    >General Setting for Master and contract -
    Document Mangement -
    >Document Mangement System -
    >Maintain Screen for Object Link
    The above path is for ECC 6.0

  • Screen no for object link STPO - Material BOM.

    Hi SAP gurus,
    Anybody the screen no for object link STPO - Material BOM.
    I am able to link the document from CS02 - BOM transaction, am not able to link document from DMS transaction (CV01N).
    Reward points will be given.
    Edited by: Sunny on Jul 31, 2008 5:46 PM

    The links to certain objects are not provided from DMS side, They can be only linked from production side.
    Hence you will find the screen disabled in DIR. These restrictions are specifically given by SAP.
    reward if useful

  • Gererating new tabs for object links

    hi ,
    can i add my own tab in the object links for  any document number?
    this new object which i add is not in the sap list of objects.
    how this can be done with out going for  screen exits and BADI.
    Please giv me some options for handlinh this scenario.

    if u want to add new object to list , then u need following configuration
    1. Define screen fields
    2. MAintain screen for object link
    Initially u can take any standard scrren and ask ur abaper to develop new screen for newly added object.

  • Table for Object IDs

    Can anyone pls suggest whats the Table for Object IDs of Vendor Organisation get stored.

    Please refer to the tables
    For a particular vendor, you can get the details refer to the following Funstion modules as well.
    - Atul

  • Screen Numbers required for object links

    i am unable to add few object links to a document type as i dont have the screen number for the object links.  Can anyone give me the screen numbers of the following object links
    L     Object     Object Desc.     Screen Number
    EN     AENR     Change Number     
    EN     AFPO     PROD ORDER     
    EN     ANLA     Asset     
    EN     ESTLP     Subst.rep.gen.var.     
    EN     ESTRH     Substance master     
    EN     NFAL     Case     
    EN     NORG     Organizational unit     
    EN     NPAT     Patient     
    EN     PLPO     TASK LIST     
    EN     PMQMEL     PM notifications     
    EN     VORGNET     Network
    Also, it would be of great help if i can get how to find these screen numbers and also the comprehensive list of all the possible default SAP object links a Document type can have!
    Edited by: sujatha sirobhushanam on Jan 15, 2009 8:07 AM

    In IMG settings you will find required link
    Doc. Mang.->control data->Maintain screens for object link
    & req. screens are
    AENR Change Number -218
    ANLA Asset -225
    ESTLP Subst.rep.gen.var. -232
    ESTRH Substance master -231
    NFAL Case -208
    NORG Organizational unit -209
    NPAT Patient -203
    PMQMEL PM notifications -235
    VORGNET Network-226
    consider points if useful...

  • Need screen number for object link

    Please can anybody provide me the screen number for object link.
    Me31k     Contract
    Me31L     Schedule Agreement
    Cj33     Budget release
    Im33     Segment budget
         Rental Space

    Hi Sandy,
    all the standard object dynpro numbers can be found in function group CV130. You can open this function group in transaction SE80 and go to folder 'Screens'.
    Best regards,

  • Services for object linked note to DMS DIR

    dear sir,
    we have created  DIRs(cvo1n) and attached  notes using Services For Object. The notes is visible in attachement list.Now we want to generate a report in which these notes should be available against respective DIRs.
    we created a query using SQVI, linking tables DRAW,DRAT,TDWST,TSOTT and SOOD.
    But this will show all the notes available in that language ( no link with DIRs)
    we want to have the Notes which are attached to respective DIRs in report.
    it may be possible if we link the table contains DIR and SOOD link table,which we don't know
    can you suggest some method to get the details of  Notes available in Services For Objects?
    thanking you
    srinivas pai

    i am closing this thread

  • Bapi's for object links

    Hello Guru's
    I am working on the layout for the approval forms in crprojects, as i know it now the approval phase is linked to initiative phase in the portfolio tab i.e. approval phase is a line item in portfolio document.
    The requirement is that i need to fetch data from this linked initiative document and also from the sales quote which is present in the object links.
    Any help or suggestions on the required tables/bapi's are helpful to me as i am facing a deadline of 10th of June.
    Atush Rohan

    This has been resolved by me.

  • New Object Types for Object Links

    Need to create new Object type to object link Product hierarchy from ECC to RPM Item. Field is PRDHA.
    Do we need to create new structure to have the Key linking PRDHA.
    Any suggestions?

    For this, you need to create Key, Proxy class and search field.
    Logically if you use same Proxy class and key as that of PO then the system will search for PO number rather than PR.
    I hope you are clear now.
    Take help of an ABAPer
    Let me know if it helps !!!

  • Create Maintenance Order for Object Link

    how can I create a notification or order through an object link?
    it doesn't work here. it doesn't use object link number in order.

    Greetings Daniel,
    It's not possible to create a Notification or Order for the Object link - unless you create a technical object for the object link itself, which is entirely possible in CN04 / CN07 (for example, a cable connects 2 circuits - create 3 FLs and 1 Object Link, assign the cable FL as the link itself)

  • Wrong Selection screen for Object link to Substance Master ESTRH

    Hi Friends,
    I carried out Object Link to a DIR to Substance Master (ESTRH)
    But I dont see the Specification Number selection. Instaead I see different selction parameters.
    Can you help me in resolving the issue.
    With Warm Regards
    Mangesh Pande

    Hi Mangesh,
    Please change screen no. to 500.
    I simple took one doc type (Standard DRW) and inserted one spec. Hope this will solve your problem.

  • Table for object type

    Can anyone give me the table(s) for the workflow object type. I want to use the object type as a select-option instead of using the tasks that are part of the object type. I couldn't find anything in the SDN workflow forum.

    What is a workflow object type?
    Pressing F1 and then technical infomation on an SAP workflow screen is usually enough to find the underlying check tables etc.
    Kind regards, Rob Dielemans

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