Tables for Assets & Liabilities in Profit Center

Dear All,
I want to know the tables for Profit Center wise Assets & Liabilities.
Help needed.

Hi Pankaj,
Goto SE11 and view the contents of the table T8A30 EC-PCA: Define Additional Accounts which will be having the assignment of the GL Accounts to the profit center.
Hope this helps you....

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  • Authorization object for company code and profit center together

    Hi all,
    Please help me with the following requirement..
    Company Code = ABCD
    Profit Center = *
    The user is authorized to run the report for company code ABCD only but any profit center within this company code.
    2       Company Code = *
    Profit Center = WXYZ
    The user is authorized to run the report for Profit Center WXYZ only but any company code.
    3       Company Code = *
    Profit Center = *
    The user is authorized to run the report for any company code and profit center.
    The same user could have 1 and 2. So, in this case he should be able to run a report for the total inventory of company code ABCD, and a report for total inventory of profit center WXYZ only regardless company code.
    He should not have visibility to other company codes inventory other then profit center WXYZ.

    Hi ,
    Anyone please help me..

  • Whether PO Creation,GRN & MIRO Possible for material w/o Profit Center ?

    Hai SAP Gurus,
    Whether PO Creation,GRN & MIRO Possible for material w/o Profit Center ?
    1) I want control it. So no user can create a Master without profit Center even select Basic Data 1 & Basic Data 2..
    kindly Guide me clearly

    You asked a similar question in your previous thread
    Re: Is it possible to Create Material Master without Profit Center ?
    You can make the profit center field Mandatory , steps have been specified in the above thread.
    Profit center field comes in "General plant data storage 2"  view and "sales plant data"  views only.  so if a material is made with basic 1,2 views only , it wont come into the picture.  But that shouldnt be a problem  , coz  its not Possible to create PO.GRN and MIRO  for a material with only Basic views.

  • Table for asset no.

    i want table for asset no which are created by t-code As01. i want to display asset no in po printing for the transaction ME23N. so which table is suitable for this. also one thing is that that table must contain po no. so it is easy for me to join.
    can anybody tell me how can i display asset no for me23n?

    Hi Anuradha,
    Please do search in SAP -- (SE11 F4 Help) & SCN 
    ANAR                           Asset Types
    ANAT                           Asset type text
    ANEA                           Asset Line Items for Proportional Values
    ANEK                           Document Header Asset Posting
    ANEP                           Asset Line Items
    ANEV                           Asset downpymt settlement
    ANGA                           Asset catalog general data
    ANGB                           Asset catalog deprec. area
    ANGT                           Asset catalog text table
    ANKA                           Asset classes:  general data
    ANKAZ                          Asset class: extension for technica
    ANKB                           Asset class: depreciation area
    ANKLAY                         Asset class: Assignment of tab layo
    ANKLAYP                        Asset class: Assignment of tab layo
    ANKP                           Asset classes: Fld Cont Dpndnt on C
    ANKT                           Asset classes: Description
    ANKV                           Asset classes: insurance types
    ANLA                           Asset Master Record Segment
    ANLBZW                         Asset-specific base values
    ANLC                           Asset Value Fields
    ANLE                           Asset Origin by Line Item
    ANLK                           Asset Origin by Cost Element
    ANLP                           Asset Periodic Values
    ANLT                           Asset Texts
    ANLU                           Asset Master Record: User Fields
    ANLX                           Asset Master Record Segment
    ANLZ                           Time-Dependent Asset Allocations
    These are the Asset tables.
    Thanks & regards,
    Dileep .C

  • Transporting Control Parameters for Actual Data in Profit Center Accounting

    Hi Friends
    Transport type of control parameters for actual data in Profit Center Accounting has been mentioned as Manual, when I try to manually create the Transport Request the Transport option in the Menu is disabled.  Is there any other way to transport this configuration.
    P Rajan

    I think the settings that you are mentioning is through transaction 1KEF please clarify. Else elaborate where you have set the transport type manual.
    Transport request are the domain of Basis people and is meant for transport from one client to another like quality to production.

  • Document type for vendor purchases at profit center level

    Our requirement is that document type should change for MIRO and FB60 at profit center level. So how it can be achieved.
    Its because i believe that one document type can be used for one TCode (FB60 or MIRO). Please suggest how to achieve this.

    Your issue is not very clear. The Document Type is defined at Header and one accounting document can contain multiple profit centers

  • Summary Tables for Asset Master?

    I need to create an asset/insurance data report, using SAP Query, which shows the asset master record balances only (acquisition and posted depre'n) as at report selection date. 
    Are there any summary tables for fixed assets that are equivalent to GLT0, KNC1 and LFC1 for GL, Customer and Vendor? 
    Thanks in advance for any assistance.
    Best regards,

    I am not sure about ANEP or know how to use it.  It only has data records for the fiscal year when there is posting to acquisition values field u201CAmount postedu201D for the asset. No data records for other years with posted depreciation.

  • Table for asset management

    Can anybody please tell me the table for assest like we have table BSID for customers and table BSIK for vendors.

    This is asset accounting tables
    FI-AA-AA (AA)    Asset Accounting: Basic Functions – Master Data
    ANKA             Asset Classes: General Data             ANLKL
    ANKP             Asset Classes: Fld Cont Dpndnt on Chart ANLKL / AFAPL
                     of Depreciation
    ANKT             Asset Classes: Description              SPRAS / ANLKL
    ANKV             Asset Classes: Insurance Types          ANLKL / VRSLFD
    ANLA             Asset Master Record Segment             BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2
    ANLB             Depreciation Terms                      BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / AFABE
                                                             / BDATU
    ANLT             Asset Texts                             SPRAS / BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2
    ANLU             Asset Master Record User Fields         .INCLUDE /  BUKRS / ANLN1 /  ANLN2
    ANLW             Insurable Values (Year Dependent)       BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / VRSLFD /
    ANLX             Asset Master Record Segment             BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2
    ANLZ             Time Dependent Asset Allocations        BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / BDATU
    FI-AA-AA (AA2)   Asset Accounting: Basic Functions – Master Data 2.0
    ANAR             Asset Types                             ANLAR
    ANAT             Asset Type Text                         SPRAS / ANLAR
    FI-AA-AA (AB)    Asset Accounting: Basic Functions –
                     Asset Accounting
    ANEK             Document Header Asset Posting           BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / GJAHR /
    ANEP             Asset Line Items                        BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / GJAHR /
                                                             LNRAN / AFABE
    ANEV             Asset Downpymt Settlement               BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / GJAHR /
    ANKB             Asset Class: Depreciation Area          ANLKL / AFAPL / AFABE / BDATU
    ANLC             Asset value Fields                      BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / GJAHR /
    ANLH             Main Asset Number                       BUKRS / ANLN1
    ANLP             Asset Periodic Values                   BUKRS / GJAHR / PERAF / AFBNR /
                                                             ANLN1 / ANLN2 / AFABER
    it is useful assign points

  • Table for asset master layout

    In asset master layout setting, we tell system which all fields needs to be made mandatory at the time of creating asset master. This setting we do at screen layout and this screen layout is assigned to asset class.
    I want to know table where i can see these fields and i can see which all fields are madfe mandatory, optional, etc.

    I do not know how to check asset segment record. So I used T082A. I gave screen layout in the input parameter and i pressed 'execute'
    But it showed screen layout and its description. But it didn't show setting of every field (like madatory, display, optional, supress).
    I also tried T082B. But i am not getting how to view.
    Is there separate table for it?
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  • System allow GR for a material without profit center maintained it it while Doc. splitting is active

    My client in the Go-live phase and there is an issue related to GR a material without having a profit center in it's master data, the system allow receipt 100 PC and when reversing the GR from MIGO the system display the error "Balancing in profit center is not filled" !!
    so when we try to maintain a profit center in the material master data the system display error that the material already has a balance Q!
    i mean why is the system allow the GR  to happened if the material does not have a profit center
    Note: i checked the configuration for Doc splitting and it's already maintained in the right way !.
    Thanks and best regards,
    Ahmed Samir

    When GR is happens document splitting has not activated????

  • Exits for S_ALR_87013326  - EC-PCA001G- profit center accounting

    I need to add a select option for company code  to drill down report (EC-PCA001g)- related to Profit center accounting and then check for authorization using G_REPO_LOC. I have created a copy of this report and has added select option. But I am unable to find any method to apply authorization check. Can anybody please provide me, if there exists any customer exit, user exit which triggers for report S_ALR_87013326. Thanks.

    Many thanks for the hint, I've seen the note, but it's not relevant for 0EC_PCA_4 (0EC_PCA_1 and 0EC_PCA_3 only).
    0EC_PCA_4 is for balance accounts only and has no debit/credit fields, balance only.
    Br, Martin

  • How do I position my layer/table for my header in the center and up top?

    I have designed a site before on my dreamweaver 4 site and
    decided to design a new one. I just tried to insert my header into
    the website and it worked fine. However, how to I align it directly
    in the center and all the way to the top so their is no space from
    the top of my site and header? My header is about 960 pixels wide
    and was hoping to have it centered when viewed with a few inches of
    background on each side. My last sight it just worked out when I
    did but not this time.
    Just so you know, I set a header layer down first, then put
    in a single row and column table, then inserted my Gif header.
    Header looks great but placement is wrong. Thanks

    Good grief - DW3? It's not there. You will have to do it in
    code view.
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    Adobe Community Expert
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    "dontsettle22" <[email protected]> wrote in
    news:fm1p83$pql$[email protected]..
    > Darn it, this is what I was looking for, however, I am
    on dreamweaver 3.
    > I can't find an insert ....layout....div. Any other
    ideas where I find
    > div?

  • 0SEM_BCS_CHA04: InfoObjectCatalog for Assets/Liabilities

    I would like to use the functionalities "Elimination of Interunit Profit/Loss in Transferred Assets" & "Capitalization  and Valuation Allowances" in BCS 6.0.
    There is a SAP Note 938221 referring to a InfoObjectCatalog 0SEM_BCS_CHA04. Can somebody give me a clue which objects are in there and how to get this special IOC. I'm really sure that we have the newest BI-Cont-Release!
    Thanks in advance,

    I haven't done this yet, I hope you managed it.
    Currently thinking of implementing 6.0.
    it would be good to have some feedback on BCS 6.0 - how is it?

  • Profit center in Asset Reports

    Is it possbile to derive profit center field in asset transfer reports or any other or it will be  just on the GL side?
    I know  in FI document posted for asset reco. accounts ,profit center field is available , but in asset reports can we use some option to show  it on the report?? Thanks

    Hi Shaun,
    Review the attached SAP note which should help.
    335065     Include user-defined fields in reports
    As per this note it is recommended to use a sort version to see your profit center.      
    For additional information that may also be of your interest in this subject also have a look at:
    439407     User field integration in dynamic selections
    Hope this helps.

  • Profit Center wise Debit Credit report for Customers

        I  want to develop Customer Debit , Credit balance report based on Profit Center in the company. In KNC1 Table I got the required data except Profit Center.In  S_ALR_87012169 Standard report profit Center is taken. I wanted to make output format of my report in the same format of output of mentioned transaction. Please Suggest from which table I have to take  Profit Center and all data of KNC1 table.
    Already Searched in Forum
    Thanks in Advance
    Edited by: sai_abap on Aug 24, 2009 5:11 PM

    If your requirement is to add the field in report no need to copy the program and change. As per as my knowledge after executing the S_ALR_87012078, select the call up report, and double click on line item report.
    From menu select- settings-special fields then it leads to OBVU(It is cross client Customizition)
    You can add the Table:BSEG, field name:PRCTR -save
    after that you can Run the program RFPOSXEXTEND through SE38
    and please follow the SAP note 984305 for further process
    I saw the thread .I didnt get it.
    will u explain me in detail.
    Thanks in Advance

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