Target value in value contracts

Hello people. I have an issue with value contracts in ECC 6.0 (trx VA41). Usually when you put the target value in your resume screen, that value goes directly to the WK00 condition (because I´m working with the standart price determination Wk0001). But that doesn´t happen in my instalation. The system gives me a error of price calculation: missing Wk00 condition (message V1801).
I checked other 2 systems, but they are working fine. I checked the configuration (conditions, price determination, items, header, copy control) between that systems and mine, and it´s the same.
Additionally, I found this sap note (549875), which says:
      +2. Question: What is a value contract characterized by in SAP?
              Answer: The completion rule of a value contract item is E (TVAP-ERLRE) that is, the item is completed if the full target value is referenced. The target value of a value contract item is saved as a condition, for example, WK00, on item level. +
In other hand, I checked OSS notes and this forum, but I couldn´t find the answer. Anyone have any idea to solve this issue? Thanks a lot.
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The error suggests that the WK00 is present in your pricing procedure, but is missing.
Check If you have any other pricing condition type like ZK00 (Copy of WK00), and both WK00 and ZK00 are both present in pricing procedure. WK00 is a manual (no access sequence) and required entry in standard value contract pricing procedure.
If you are not using any other customization in pricing and using standard WK00 condition type, then the error should not occur.

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  • Error message in sales order against target value contract

    Hi experts
    I have value contracts scenario, when I create a Release Orders thatu2019s exceeds the value of the contract the system raise a message error, but in this case the decimal expression in wrong.
    The decimal expression of the country is 1.234.567,89
    The decimal expression of my user is 1.234.567,89
    The contract value is 10.000
    I create a release order for 15.000
    The message error is "Target value in contract &1, item &2 is exceeded by 50.00", the correct messages should be: "Target value in contract &1, item &2 is exceeded by 5.000,00"
    I release two errors, the decimal expression according to my user and country doesn't match or the validation is doing some conversion.
    Do you have any idea was wrong??
    Thanks in advanced any input is really appreciated

    Hi Susan.
    Just select the error message in the log  and click technical info . In the performance assistant it will show like :
    Technical Data
    Message type__________ E (Error)
    Message class_________ ZCRM_CSI_UI (Messages for UI of Leasing)
    Message number________ 022
    Message variable 1____ 
    Message variable 2____ RK78
    Message variable 3____ 0000001000
    Message variable 4____ 185124 020(Task:0000003105)
    Message Attributes
    Level of detail_______ 
    Problem class_________ 1 (very important)
    Sort criterion________ 
    Number________________ 1
    Environment Information
    Object Type___________ 15
    Logical Key___________ 
    Object GUID___________ DE3B1C475098F9F187E4002264F648B2
    Object Type___________ A
    Message class_________ 
    Save message__________ X
    Message no longer erro
    This will give you details of what  internal values are getting used for calculation . If you can give the error message class and error message number probably i can help u out.

  • Bid Target Value (Contract as follow-on)

    I would just like to ask why is the Target Value from the header doesn't sum the item target value? Is this the standard behavior?
    I have implemented BADI BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI for this to add the target values per item and place it into the header.
    However, I am having trouble which field
    *ES_HEADER     Exporting     Type     BBPS_BID_HEADER_BADI
    should I place the total target value.
    Cindy Sy

    Please provide system versions, scenario and support pack details of both the SRM and R/3 systems.
    Please elaborate with detail steps, when this problem is happening.
    <b>Meanwhile, please go through the following SAP OSS Notes -></b>
    Note 975784 - Bid invitations cannot be approved directly
    Note 765771 - Workflow error when creating a purchase order from bid
    Note 972265 - BidderBADIWorkflow: Subsequent approvals not carried out
    Note 854207 - Various problems when you request an external employee
    Note 962746 - Bidding - Approval preview not updated for manager
    Note 721830 - Problems in RFI / temporary labor process
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    Note 832556 - Customer Table Fields are not transferred from bid to CTR
    Note 715964 - Error in the authorization check in the approval
    Note 690716 - Authorization check in approval
    Do let me know.
    - Atul

  • Contract Version not created when WK Contract (target value) is changed.

    Hi there,
    Problem with the Version Management on a WK Contract.
    When we change the contract targ. value on some of our contracts the new version is not created accordingly. This is only on some of our contracts
    Version Mgmnt is correctly configured and the release strategy in place to be triggered when the target value changes. It does work correctly for some contracts.
    We receive the following message when we change the targ. value:
    "No new version created because a message has not yet been transferred"= Message 027
    Can anyone help or advise?
    Many thx.

    We receive the message on some of the contracts.
    Therefore it can't be due to the output

  • Contract target value

    Dear guru.
    I have a contract with release strategy.
    I change target value and the release strategy is reset.
    I have created a purchase order before change contract target value.
    If i change the purchase order value the system check if this change exceed the contract target value(EKKO-KTWRT) . But this new value isnu2019t released !!
    For me the system must check that the purchase order change exceed the  total value at time of release(EKKO-RLWRT).
    What do you think about this ?

    Thanks ,
    but why the system consider contract target value and don't consider contract total value at time of release ?

  • Contract Target Value to PO

    Dear All,
    I am having a Service PR with value 2,695,929.00 USD, also one contract with Target Value 7000000 SAR, but in the service specification of contract, value is 5.00 SAR.
    Now I had created release order with ref to both PR and Contract, and PO had captured 5.00 SAR from contract service specification. But the buyer had changed the currency as well as value in PO to 2,695,929.00 USD which exeeds contract value. System message 06/042 and SE/347 is set to the status "E". Still for the above process system not showing Error "Target value of contract & exceeded by & &".
    Please advice.

    As you are for target value set  error message {appl 06 and Msg No 155 to "E"(error msg)} in following path:
    SPRO->MM> Purchasing> Environment data>Define attibutes of system message-->system message
    Biju K

  • Release PO created more than target value in contract

    System at times creates release PO even though the accumulated value of released Purchase orders is greater than contract target value.  We have the config settings in place to stop this.  And it works OK all the time but fails sometimes !.  We have batch job in place that runs every 20 minutes to create release POs.  We are able to see in the job log (at 2:00 pm run) that system has stopped release PO creation.  In the next run (at 2:20 pm), it has created the PO strangely!  We checked if there is any change (config, variant, PR, contract) in this 20 minutes time gap between batch job runs but there is not any.
    This issue is not replicable.  It does not happen often.  But couple of weeks back it happened once.  And it has happened today.  Any pointers would be helpful.
    Below is the screenshot of 2:00 pm run
    Below is the screenshot of 2:20 pm run

       It seems the message 06 042 was not issued in 2.20 job run. Hope the issue can be resolved by the KBA: 1929354 - Message 06 042 'Target value of contract & exceeded by & &' or the note:  1590695 - 06042 - target value check in release order fails
       Please refer the KBA and revert back.

  • Open Target Quantity and Open Target Value in Contract

    When we execute transaction 'ME3N', it displays the report which is having columns as 'Open Target Quantity' and 'Open Target Value'. I have the similar requirement to read this 'Open Target Quantity' and 'Open Target Value'  of contract.
    Is there any table which stores these values or is there any function module which gives the value of 'Open Target Quantity' and 'Open Target Value'.

    Thank you for the reply.
    I tried to find that way too. But I was not able to get the table / field for 'Open Target Quantity' or 'Open Target Value'.
    Now, I am looking for the logic to get the 'Open Target Quantity' and 'Open Target Value' in contract.
    Can anybody please help me with getting this logic?

  • PO not allowed beyond the target value of contract.

    Hi Forum,
    I have a Contract, when I create a PO with ref to the Contract, it should not allow the PO to be created beyond the target value of the Contract. Where should I make the configuration settings for this. Whenever the PO created beyond the target value it should give an error and should not allow to proceed further. Please advise.
    Thanks in advance.

    Please maintain the message as an error
    06-042 Target value of contract & exceeded by & &
    in SPRO-> IMG-> Material Management-> Purchasing-> Environment Data-> Define Attributes of System Messages

  • Target value exceed in contract

    when i try to creat the service entrysheet by adopting the service details from the contract . then i am getting  this error:TARGET VALUE EXCEED"
    COULD ANY ONE SOLVE THIS ERROR..kindly suggest the possible way to solve this error..

    hi Manu,
    This message appears when the value maintain at service entry sheet exceeds then that defined at the contract...
    As per this i think you have maintain a Value contract.....
    Firstly, PLs check the enter value limit in the contract....
    Then check the entry sheet, whether you are entering the more value then that defined in the contract....
    If yes, then pls correct here and check and save....
    This shd resolve your problem....
    Hope it helps....

  • How to make Target Value field mandatory in WK  contracts

    Dear All,
    Can the Target Value field in quantity contracts be set to a mandatory field like in Value contracts?

    quantity contracts are used when you would like to limit quantity irrespective of the value of contract. Therefore quantity field is made mandatory here.
    similarly value contract is used when you would like to limit value irrespective of quantity of goods.Therefore value field is made mandatory here.
    Hope it helps you.

  • Item wise target value in Contract (ME31K)

    If i have 2 line items in Contract (me31K),  ie 2 different materials,  can I have different Target value for each line item.

    I hope item wise target value is not possible, but through target quantity for every item you can control it.

  • Modify target value in contract to be more than 1 000 000 000 LE

    I am working in ECC6, MM module,
    i want ask some quistions,
    1-modify target value in contract to be more than 1 000 000 000 LE.
    2-printing all un released documents.
    3-all available reports detailed in MM.
    4-modify percentage in fields to be 3 digits instead of 2 digits.
    Amr Awad

    if you need to create an appropriate content structure, you have to consider many aspects. If the amount of content is small, many of these aspects are not that important, but if the number of elements/pages are getting larger, they will get important.
    One aspect to know is the way how this content is accessed. Is your primary access pattern search or browse? In the search case the location of an element can be quite random, but when you browse you will follow an (intuitive) pattern.
    Another aspect is the the kind of access. Do you have many create/delete operations? Only read?
    Then: Are these content elements maintained by the system itself (for example by an automatic importer) or are editors required to work on these elements?
    The better you can answer such questions, the better it's possible to model a content structure. In practice of CQ5/CRX a few patterns have established like
    Natural Hierarchy (like: continent/country/state or brand/branch/product/)
    A total ordering of all elements can be established (like postal codes: There you can structure by the orders of the numbers: 5368 could become /5/3/6/8)
    A total ordering of elements is being created artificially by hashing methods. This approach cannot/should not be used for content which is maintained by humans.
    (and probably more)
    In any way I would recommend you to check David's model at
    kind regards,

  • Target value on value contract avail. for pricing

    Hello, I have a question and perhaps somebody had a similar situation or has an idea that could help me. On a value contract I would like to get the value of the target value (ZWERT) into the pricing procedure. The goal is to be able to accrue this amount. I can ask users to enter the amount twice but wanted to see if there would be a solution without userexits.
    Thank you and regards,
    Christian Richter

    Just check with the routines we maintain in the pricing procedure... Seek help from a tech guy for this...... I think we can do that through routines by putting the logic in the price routines....
    This can be requirement routine which should be created and maintained......

  • Target Value of the contract can not exceed ...

    Hi All,
    Target Value of the contract can not exceed ...

    Since your refer the Contract for creating the Purchase order, it takes the specified value limit mentioned in the contract. The Value of that particular contract must have reached it purchasing limit. So u cant raise any further PO refering that.
    Hope this helps.
    Reward if u find it useful

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