Tax Code from ECC Contract or Info Record not picking in SRM7.0 SC

Hi Experts,
We are configuring SRM7.0 with ECC6 (Ehp4) having Classic Scenario.
In SRM Tax setting, we set as u201CTax calculation in backend systemu201D, we created and mapped Tax code with ECC and it is working fine.
In our case, Tax Rate varies as per Mat. Code & Country, irrelevant to Supplier.
Tax code will be maintained in the ECC Contract /Info Record & we are going to use it as a SoS.
However, while creating Shopping Cart, we must have to assign the Tax code at item level. If users makes any mistake and enter the different tax code, system does not validate it and create the classic PO with this tax code, which is different than maintained in ECC Contract /Info Record, which will be totally wrong and will create mess !
In tax code Config setting, we have option to default the Tax code, but it is on Country and Product Category basis  .
Can someone confirm /suggest me , whether anyhow  can we pull the Tax code from the selected SoS i.e. ECC Contract /Info Record, by using some BADi?

Hi Experts ,
Any news on this please ?

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  • Price from Pur Info record not picking up

    Hi All,
    We have a requirement to pick Price from Purchasing Info record for Standard Cost estimate (CK11N/CK40N).
    The purchase info record has been created and price maintained in both u201CNet Priceu201D and u201CEffective Priceu201D fields in info record.
    I have selected Strategy L Price from Purchasing Info record and maintained sub-strategies 3, 4 and 5 in Valuation variant:
    Strategy 3 u2013 Net Quotation Price
    Strategy 4 u2013 Gross Quotation Price
    Strategy 5 u2013 Effective Price from Quotation
    Though I maintained the above, system is not picking up price from info record in CK11N.
    Am I missing anything on this?
    Any help is appreciated.

    Per your description, system picked up the price other than the Purchase Info Record price, right? If so, you can try to remove other pricing priorities while only leave the pricing priority "L", and then run CK11N again to see whether system can find the info record, otherwise system will give error message such like "can not find material price in plant code &1/batch &2".
    If the system do can not find the purchase info record, you should check anything wrongly maintained to the info record such like valid period. Make sure the valuation date you entered during CK11N should be within the valid period of the info record.

  • Capturing Tax code from info record into shopping cart

    We have a requirement where in we need to capture the tax code from the info record into the shopping cart in SRM .
    If anyone has worked on a similar requirement , could you kindly share the details related to the solution.

    Dear Poster
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    - Rephrase the question.
    - Provide additional Information to prompt a response.
    - Close the thread if the answer is already known.
    Thank you for your compliance in this regard.
    Jason Boggans
    SAP SRM SDN Moderator

  • User exit for ME21N for displaying the tax code from custom table

      I have a requirement, in our system, the inforecord is not maintain for all the material and vendor combination,  we have a custom table in which we have maintain the
    Compnay code, Pur. Org., Vendor code  Tax code,  juridiction code
    now we want that when a Po is created with ME21 or ME21N  the tax code and jurisdiction code should be come from this table  and if entry not found in this table then it should search as per the regular process like from last Po or info record.  then which user exit we can use for this.


  • Info record not updated from PO , PO updated from Info record

    Dear Gurus,
    I want to restrict Base price in PO will be copied from Valid info record. User does not permitted to change the Base price once info record not maintained.
    Kindly tell me the configuration steps to adopt the process ?
    I don't want to update infor record from PO also.
    I know while making PO i can untick infor record not update, but that is user specific.
    Thanks in advance
    With regards

    Dear Sidi,
    Thanks . Problem solved.
    When info record is maintained the price condition will get from there. for this change in condition type P001 , set "D" in  manual entries column.
    When info record is not maintained, then the system will try to get the price from last PO, if not present, it  will throw an error u201CNet price must be greater than 0u201D and sets price condition PBXX (manual entry) to manually enter the price you want.
    What you can do:
    Is make the condition type P000 as automatic only (option D as below) and also same for condition type PBXX.

  • Get Tax Code from PO to service entry sheet in ML81N

    I am looking for a suitable user exit/Badi, which would get the Tax code from Purchase Order to Service Entry Sheet (ML81N). Currently user changing the tax code manually in service number line item (ML81N). Here is the process we are following.
    1. Create the PO with service number in ME21N.
    2. Goto ML81N and selecting Other POs.
    3. enter the PO and Service number . At this stage this line item should pull Tax code form PO. But it is defaulting with some value.
    I tried with all ML81N exits and could not find the solution.
    Please let me know the suitable Exit /Badi.
    Appreciate your suggestions and Points will be rewarded.
    Thanks in Advance.

    I think maintaining suitable Data Entry Profile will solve your problem. Take help from HR consultant.
    SPRO->Cross Application Component->Timesheet->Specific Settings for CATS Classic->Setup Data Entry Profiles.

  • Input Tax code from logical partner LS but not from indiv vendor partner LI

    Find that tax code at vendor invoice is being taken from logical partner (LS) , but not from the individual vendor partner number (LI) . Bothe the partners are maintained in WE20 , OBCA , OBCD & OMRY.
    Like to know the reason / setting to pick up tax code from logical partner (tax rates are same in both cases).
    With regards,

    Hi Dove,
    I think you can use a substitution for field Bank Type at Item Level (TCODE OBBH). This would fill your bank type when you post the document in FI, then you won't have problems in F110.
    Hope that helps.Cheers.

  • Cannot change Tax Code from the referenced sales order line

    Has anyone ever got this error when creating Sales Order(SO): "*cannot change Tax Code from the referenced sales order line*"?
    The error occur with order type Return.
    This SO is created by copying from another SO.
    Please help.
    Regards & thanks,

    Has anyone ever got this error when creating Sales Order(SO): "*cannot change Tax Code from the referenced sales order line*"?
    The error occur with order type Return.
    This SO is created by copying from another SO.
    Please help.
    Regards & thanks,

  • How to Materials has to be extended to new company code from ecc to crm

    Hi ,
    Please guide me how to Materials has to be extended to new company code from ecc to crm , step by step.
    How to assign the  pricing procedure from ecc to crm , step by step.
    How to maintain the pricing conditions in crm , step by step.
    Your answers will be appreciated in advance.

    Please use select all button in the top of the screen and click on copy button, here you have to change the company code.
    That's it.
    Murali. N

  • Info Record Not Appearing for all materials in classic scenario.

    HI ALL, 
                I am working on Classic Scenario and all the follow-on documents are getting created properly. But the problem is With SOS. Currently i am able to view the info record for only one of my material, I am also referring backend contracts through vendor list. The contracts are visible in SOS.
               Can somebody pls put a light as to why for other materials the info records is not displayed in SOS, is there a report which has to be run to get the info record into SRM from ECC. If not then how does the system bring these contracts and info record from ECC to SRM.
              I am working on SRM 5.0 and ECC 5.0.

    Please read this as well.
    <u>You have created sources of supply. These could be:
    -> Contract items in Enterprise Buyer
    -> Vendor-specific prices
    For this, you have created Product Linkages in the SRM System with vendor-specific prices via the SAP Menu Master Data -> Products -> Process Products.
    -> Entries in the vendor list of Enterprise Buyer
    In Customizing you have assigned product categories to which the system is to automatically group requirements and you have scheduled report BP_SC_TRANSFER_GROUPED to run periodically.
    For more information, see the Supplier Relationship Management Implementation Guide (IMG): SRM Server -> Sourcing ->  Define Interactive Sourcing for Product Categories.</u>
    Sourcing is completely integrated with the global availability check in SAP APO and executes a vendor search. You can activate third-party order processing in the check instructions by choosing how you want the system to start sourcing and which sourcing method you want to use for it. There are two different options here:
    &#9675;     If you want the products to be delivered exclusively by external vendors, the system performs sourcing directly at the external vendors without evaluating internal locations. For this, SAP APO requires corresponding purchasing records, delivery plans and contracts that are transferred from SAP ECC.
    &#9675;     If you only want to have products delivered by external vendors occasionally, that is to say, if you are unable to deliver the product from your own warehouse stock, choose an ATP profile in which both internal and external vendors are evaluated. In this case, the external vendor is treated like an internal location in SAP APO, and is integrated into location determination in the rule-based availability check.
    You can also choose the vendor manually. If you have already specified a vendor as the source of supply in SAP CRM, SAP SCM does not carry out any further sourcing. In this case, SAP SCM merely checks the validity of this vendor and confirms the requirement in its full amount if the vendor is valid.
    For more information, see SAP Library for SAP SCM at SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization (SAP APO) -> Global Available-to-Promise (Global ATP) -> Advanced Availability Check Methods -> Third-Party Order Processing in the Global ATP -> Sourcing in Third-Party Order Processing.
    <u>Refer these links for more details -></u>
    <u>Assignment of Existing Sources of Supply</u>
    <u>Processing Contracts</u>
    <u>See also</u><b>SAP Note 519794 EBP: Replication of Materials exclusively for Purchasing
    SAP Note 505030 (Restrictions for the integration of external requirements).</b>
    - Atul

  • Purchase Info Record not found in Purchasing Organization 1000

    Hi all,
    While doing MIGO, Goods issue to cost center from consignment stock (201 k )
    i'm getting this error.
    "Purchase Info Record not found in Purchasing Organization 1000"
    i'm practising with standard company 1000.
    i have checked the all assignments.
    i.e., purch. org ->company code and
          purch. org-> plant.
          company code -> plant.
    Please guide me.

    Go and maintain Pur. Org 1000 against ur plant in :
    SPRO-Enterprise Structure-Assignments--MM-Assign Std Pur. Org for plant
    and please confirm that you have maintained the inforecord in Pur Org 1000 only and that too of Consignment type.
    Hope this helps

  • Error :Purchasing info record not found in purchasing organisation

    after invoice verification with T.Code MIRO,
    Goods issue for consumption: with T.Code MB1A
    it display error message: purchaseing info record not found in purchasing organisation, pls tell me steps to correct it.
    thanks in advance

    Dear Azis,
             Double Click on the serial no of the Component you will get the  inforecord fieldin the Purchasing tab. But this is only for Stock Materials.
    Please recheck again your components.
    Edited by: K M AHAMED SHAREEQ HUSSAIN on Oct 13, 2009 2:42 PM

  • Info Record Note

    can someone tell me from which table i will be able to extact Info Record Note.
    i looked at the technical information of the field in transaction me13 but it shows RM06I-LTEX1, but this is a structure  .

    Here is a sample ...
    report zrich_0001.
    data: xid like thead-tdid value 'AT'.
    data: xname like thead-tdname.
    data: xobject like thead-tdobject value 'EINA'.
    data: begin of itxttab occurs 0.
            include structure tline.
    data: end of itxttab.
    parameters: p_infnr type eina-infnr.
    xname = p_infnr.
    call function 'READ_TEXT'
              client                  = sy-mandt
              id                      = xid
              language                = sy-langu
              name                    = xname
              object                  = xobject
              lines                   = itxttab
              id                      = 1
              language                = 2
              name                    = 3
              not_found               = 4
              object                  = 5
              reference_check         = 6
              wrong_access_to_archive = 7
              others                  = 8.
    loop at itxttab.
      write:/ itxttab-tdline.
    Rich Heilman

  • How can i get the tax code from Condition record number

    Hi all,
    i have the Condition record number from which i have to get the tax code as i looked inthe KNOP that Condition record number there but no tax code is maintained there.
    so is there any other way to find the tax code for particular Condition record number

    hi suresh,
    can u tell me the field name for condition record number and in which table it is stored.
    because i knew one condition number which is stored in table EKKO and the field name is
    KNUMV- Number of the document condition.
    from ekko take relevant details and look for  ekpo where u find the tax code
    filed name of the tax code id MWSKZ- Tax on sales/purchases code

  • Tax code from billing

    Hai gurus,
    I am making a report from account assignment group of customer and material to fetch the vat/cst amount.
    Here i want  the user to enter tax code since iam using tax inj procedure
    can any one suggest me a field name for tac code from billing.
    i tried with VBRP and VBRK tables. MSKWZ is there but it is not showing the tax codes which i meant to see is there any other field
    With regards

    Hai gurus
    we have checked as per the reply and found out in VBRP with respect to the billing document(MWSK1) is not reflecting and it is showing blank. How can i fetch it?
    With regards

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