Tax code Value not flowing automatically in PO condition type

Hi ,
In purchase order Tax value (14.42%+VAT) is not automatically Copied in  to the
JEXS condition type .(Taxes on PO). Please help me how to resolve this issue.

Thanks for the immediate reply. We have changed the settings as per your reply. But still system is not taking the value. Please revert back with further more valued inputs.

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  • Excise duty values not flowing from PO to MIGO

    All SAP Gurus,
    We have created a PO and used excisable tax code in it.
    Excise duties are calculated correctly in PO.
    When we go for Goods receipt against the PO, excise tab appears, but there are no values in excise fields (fiels are blank).
    System allows us to enter the Excise duty values manually.
    Further excise entries and register updates are happening correcetly.
    We do not undersatnd why the Excise duty values are not flowing automatically from PO to GR (MIGO).
    Please help.

    chekc following
    path: spro>logistic general >tax on goods movements>india >basic settings>determination of excise duty >maintain excise defaults >
    here give appripriate conditions for ur procedure as per BED   cess and other

  • Excise consdition value not flowing inot the invoice

    Dear Gurus,
    Excise condition value not flowing in to  the invoice from sales order

    Dear lakshmipathi,
    Iam entering the BED/Ed/ShEd  values manually....
    Where can I check the Tax code in the sales order?Does you mean to say the Tax classification at Item-Shipping tab?

  • Tax code is not appearing in PO

    Hi All
    I am using TAXINJ procedure.
    while creating po for excise material and I clicked on  tax code tab in item level in invoice then tax code is not in list but it maintain in ftxp and all conditions with gross price becomes greyout so that i can not enter gross price.
    I check with j1id, it maintain correctly.taxcode also assign to country level.
    Can anybody give me the solution,
    1)why tax code is not appearing in tax tab in PO.and
    2)why gross price condition is in display mode.
    Thanks and Regards...

    > 1)why tax code is not appearing in tax tab in PO.and
    If You have done all the Settings Properly then it will Show in Tax codes List. Please go to Tax code Field and Press F4 and in Next Window Click on display all Values icon and try
    > 2)why gross price condition is in display mode.
    Go to Gross Price Condition type in M/06 and Check Whether the Manual entries is Set to D Cannot Process Manually.
    also Check whether Function Authorization is Assigned to User so that Prices Cannot be Manually Entered.

  • Changed JAOQ values not flowing from J1IEX to MIRO

    Dear CIN experts,
    We are having Dealers excise invoice capturing scenario in our implementation.
    Here, we are capturing ADC for imported scrap at the time of posting J1IEX, which is not known at the time of punching PO. a nominal value has been maintained using JAOQ condition type.
    While posting J1IEX, the actual excise values (BED, ECESS and SECESS) as in Traders excise invoice is captured including ADC.
    All the values except AED (captured ADC) is flowing from J1IEX to MIRO, where as AED (JMOQ) is being picked up from Purchase order.
    But this is not the case if JAOP is used to capture ADC in tax procedure. the changed AED value in J1IEX is flowing to MIRO.
    Is this SAP standard behavior or is that SAP has not tested these scenarios?
    kindly help to solve the issue.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Shankar,
    Thanks for the reply.
    well, AED is almost non existent now. at least not in the scenario i have explained. this is about procurement of Metal Scrap. so the SAD that the import vendor has taken credit of is transferred to us through a dealer.
    with JAOP, i can increase or decrease the value of AED mentioned in PO. but this is not happening with JAOQ (value condition).
    With JAOQ, the value flows from PO, with JAOP, the value flows from J1IEX.
    please let me know, if you require any more clarification on the above scenario.
    Thanks again for the help

  • Tax code is not flipping in invoice item level.

    Hi Gurus,
    I am facing one issue while creating MIRO transaction.when i am changing the tax code at header level .tax code is not changing at item level based on header level.and i am enabling the Tax flag indicator to NO.
    but this functionality working fine in Quality and development system not in production !!
    kindly advice me how to solve this issue . is it a configuration issue?

    I am facing one issue while creating MIRO transaction.when i am changing the tax code at header level .tax code is not changing at item level based on header level.and i am enabling the Tax flag indicator to NO.
    If you change tax code at header level then you calculation will be according to that tax code ,check your tax value in header
    once you check tax code in header level then why you want to change it in item level now ?
    check tax calculation first it is correct or not .
    kailas Ugale

  • Tax Code does not exist in the system (T007A)

    Hi All
    When we try to create a receipt for a particular expense type in ESS Travel & Expenses, we get the follwing error "Tax code Z0 does not exist in the system (T007A)". Upon creating a tax code Z0 it gives the following error "Tax code does not exist in the system (T007A)". When we change the Receipt currency to USD instead of Bristish Pound it gets accepted without the error. It works perfectly fine when expense report created using GUI. The error occurs only when we create the expense report using Portal ESS T&E. I was not able to find anything related to this in the SDN. If any of you could help me out, that would be great.
    Thanks, Raj

    Hello Mr. Raj!
    I checked the related issues that other customers reported.
    I came up with a list of things you can try that may help you solve your issue.
    a) Check if the field V_706D_B-LAND1 is filled with the home country in the IMG step 'Define Global Settings'. So may I ask you to check. Moreover, if this is not the reason, may I also ask you, if you get the same error when using our backend test transaction PR_WEB_1200? Thank you,
    b) Could you please check that you don't have any expense type with value "  "(blank) in the tax code field in V_T706B1?
    c) Apply Note 1129853 - Web: Input tax code for credit card receipts
    d) Please follow in IMG:
    Financial Accounting
    Travel Management
      Travel Expenses
       Master Data
        Control Parameters for Travel Expenses
         Define Global Settings
    Input Tax
    Country                                       { Your country here }
    Enter an input tax code for 0% input tax  [    ] <<<
    If here it's blank, this must be filled with a tax code. I found this out when I set the field "Input Tax per Travel Expense" then I get a warning "Enter an input tax code for 0% input tax".
    The reason for this is that in your system, you don't have a "blank" tax code and it looks for this entry. Please kindly define a tax code in this setting.
    I hope I was able to help you with this information.
    Wilian Segatto
    SAP Support - HCM/XSS

  • Tax code does not appear in any G/L account item Message FF753

    Dear all,
    During creating billing document, the system cannot post account document and display the follow error message:
    FF753 Tax code does not appear in any G/L account item.
    I tried to trace the program and found internal table t_bseg containing 3 entries:
    1: Customer a/c: without tax code
    2: GR clearing a/c: without tax code
    3: Output tax a/c: contain tax code
    Customer a/c and GR clearing a/c without tax code causes this error.
    Anyone know how to solve it?
    Thanks & B.Regards

    In FS00 for GR/IR A/c in Control data, in Tax Category choose all tax types allowed (*) and also tick posting without tax allowed and try again.

  • Error FF753 Tax code 01 not appear in any G/L account item with FM Active

    We have fund management configured for one of the company code, while creating billing document through VF01/VF02 we are  getting the Error FF753 Tax code 01 not appear in any G/L account item.
    This error however does not appear when posting directly from FI with the same tax code.
    I have tried to change the message control in which case i am getting a dump pointing to PSM-FM.
    Please advise.

              If you could please refer to the contents of  OSS Note 112609 - How are tax codes transferred to conditions ?
    If a billing document is transferred to accounting the system displays error messages. Transferring tax codes from tax conditions into the pricing conditions and discounts does not function as expected.
    Other terms
    FF805, FF747, FF753, MWSKZ, MWSK1, tax code
    Reason and Prerequisites
    The tax condition in the SD pricing procedure contains incorrect reference steps, there are several tax conditions in the pricing procedure of which the tax codes overwrite each other or a program error exists.
    In the accounting document for a billing document, the different G/L account line items are provided with a tax code. The tax code of the G/L accounts is transferred from the tax condition(s) of the billing document. How are the tax codes of the tax conditions transferred into the other conditions of a billing document ?
    The conditions of a billing document are read from top to bottom. As soon as an active tax (inactive = ' ') is read, the system transfers the tax code of this tax into the non-tax conditions as follows:
        1. The reference steps (From-step, To-step) are read (the reference steps are defined in the pricing procedure).
        2. The tax code is transferred into all conditions, for which
        the step number of the condition lies in the pricing procedure between "From-step" and "To-step",
        the condition is not inactive (exactly: the inactive flag is not equal to A (Condition exclusion), M (Inactive due to manual entry), or X (Incorrect)),
        the condition is not statistical (if it is no invoice list condition),
        the condition is no tax condition.
    After the transfer of the tax code the system searches for the next active tax. If further taxes are found, their tax code is again transferred according to the above procedure. If the reference steps of different taxes overlap, tax codes that have already been transferred are overwritten. To all non-tax conditions which in the pricing procedure stand after the last tax condition the tax code of the last active tax condition is transferred if they are not statistical.
    Special features:
        1. If the "From-step" of a tax condition refers to a subtotal of the pricing procedure, the tax code of the tax is not only transferred into the conditions with step number between From-step and To-step but into all non-tax conditions for which
        the step number of the condition in the pricing procedure is lower than the "To-step" of the tax condition.
        the condition is not statistical (if it is no invoice list condition).
        the condition is not a tax condition.
        2. If the "To-step" of the tax condition is smaller than the "From-step", then the system sets "To-step = From-step".
        1. As of Release 4.0 the tax code is no longer transferred in pricing but only when the billing document is released to accounting.
        2. If you use several taxes and tax codes and Customizing is incorrect for the release of billing documents to accounting, among others the system may display error message FF747.
        3. If there are several taxes in the pricing procedure refer to Notes 72173 and 82091 for Releases 3.0D - 3.1G. For Release 3.1H, only note 82091 is relevant.
        4. For conditions which are transferred into accounting (thus not statistical, not inactive conditions) and do not contain a tax code, the system searches for a default tax code which in Accounting Customizing can be set depending on the company code (tax code for non-taxable transactions). This applies to releases up to and including Release 4.5B. For Release 4.6, refer to Note 385127."

  • Error during EA16manual billing ' AH632 - Tax code could not be determined'

    During manual billing t code EA16, we are getting following error.
    'Tax code could not be determined'
    Actually there is no tax code given in configuration for the subtransaction which I am using for manual billing. Whether anyone has any clue?

    2 reasons
    1. Check any where in the Bill/Invoice you have selected tax code <either directly or indirectly>
    2.Assuming that Tax code is mandatory, why do not you assign a 0% tax code <either A0 or V0> in EK02?
    Hope this helps

  • Tax rate is not appearing automatically in Condition Type of PO

    input tax is configured and acessed to condition type. In PO if we put the tax % in Tax code . The input tax is generated and adjusted against the vendor. but i want the exact % is to be appeared in the condition type maintained. as because the print preview of PO is not showing any tax amount. If we put the tax rate manually then it is  showing. how can i resolve the above issues.

    As per you reply message,
    - You have maintained tax code X5 for MWVS.
    - Simultaneously maintained condition record.
    - The intention of above two activities are same. First one is formula based to determines tax in PO>Invoice tab> taxes. Second one also determines tax through condition record.
    However you are asking tax as PO conditon. That means a manual tax condition. Is it right?
    For getting condition rate determination in pricing, you have to maintain condition record for pricing condition type.
    Please revert back with more details to better understand.
    warm regards
    sairam akundi

  • Tax code is not copied to line times

    In billing document tax is calculated as per condition types and showing the line items. whereas when display the document tax code is not available. Tehse tax codes are not available even in report S_ALR_87012359.
    I have checked tax code configuration, GL assignment , its account determination, GL master data, Customer master and material master and found correct. Checked all condition types and found correct. Tax is calculated in billing document for all required line items where as these amounts are not available in BSEG table.
    Could anybody help to solve the issue.

    Thanks for your response. Details are availabe in Table BSET.

  • Tax codes are not appearing in FB70 drop down list.

    Hi all,
    I have created some new taxcodes and assigned them with company code.
    Now these tax codes are not appearing in FB70 down list.
    Can anyone suggest the solution for this?
    Thanks & regards,

    To appear the TAX codes in FB70 dropdown list you need to assign those new tax codes in the below configuration.
    Spro -> financial accounting -> Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable ->Business Transactions-> Outgoing Invoices/Credit Memos->Outgoing Invoices/Credit Memos - Enjoy ->Define Tax Code per Transaction
    in that selct your country and in the next screen select new entries button and add those new tax codes. when adding chose the option FIAR FInancial accounting out going invoices.  and save the entries.
    after this setting you can able to see those new tax codes in FB70 dropdown list.
    hope this helpful.

  • Tax code  cd not assigned tax jurisdiction code in00

    hi gurus,
    while i m making a    p.o. in me21n
    on invoice tab page the following error is coming
    tax code  cd not assigned to  tax jurisdiction code in00
    i have trouble shooted all the possibl elelemnts that could result in such case
    i have already assigned tax code cd to in00 and done all other relevant config
    we r using taxinj procedure and assigned to country IN
    please reply soon
    thanks in advance

    Follow the path:
    SPRO->Enterprise Structure->Definition-> Logistic- General->Define, copy, delete, check plant-> Define plant
    Here select your plant and go to details and check did you enter u201CTax Jurisdictionu201D code here, If not enter u201CTax Jurisdictionu201D and save.
    Now try ur transaction now.
    Also check OBCL (see tax code must be input tax with your co. code) and OBBG and all assignment.
    Also check in FTXP,
    1. Tax Code CD, Tax Jurisdiction is there or not?
    2. For your tax code CD, check is the tax is input tax?
    3. And in tax code CD ,check account key like VST / NVV / NAV and the tax rate is zero percentage or not?
    Biju K

  • Business Area not flowing automatically in Shipment Cost document

    Hi there,
    In transportation module, while creating shipment cost document, business area is not flowing automatically. Upon more exploration we found that plant is also not flowing, and may be because of that business area is not flowing. What can the posible reasons for plnt not flowing? Suggest solution.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Dear Deepshikha,
    Please check the Assign purchasing data settings in T_53 transaction with the combination of the plant.
    Through this setting plant will flow in the shipment cost document.
    I don't have idea about where the businees area field avail in the shipment cost document.
    If so please chek the settings related to business area through this IMG path.
    SPRO>IMG>Enterprise structure>Assignment>Business Area Account Assignment.
    Define Rules By Sales Area
    If Rule 1 is assigned then
    Assign Business Area To Plant And Division
    If Rule 2 is assigned then
    Assign Business Area by Sales Area.
    I hope it will help you,

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