TCP Window sizing not working as expected for Windows server 2008 R2 SP1

Hi ,
TCP window size is not working as expected. It is varying . Aplied the hotfix suggested by Microsoft and set the multipliccation factor as 1.The window size is not getting auto tuned based on the client machine. The data transfer rate is getting degraded.
Please help.

I think window auto-tuning is enabled.
You can disable it by running the following commend.
netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
Hope this helps.

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  • VI Search Path not working in LV2011 for VI Server Plug-ins with exe

    I have found what seems to be a problem with the search path when a LabVIEW 2011 built executable calls a Plug-in VI. 
    When the plug-in VI has subVI’s from vi.lib on its diagram the executable has to know where to find them.  Not all VI’s in vi.lib are part of the run time engine or the dll’s that may get generated as part of the build. The things you have to do to make plug-ins work for an executable are explained in several Developer Zone articles.   The article titled “How Can I Change or Set the VI Search Path for LabVIEW Executables” describes the ini file setting  viSearchPath.  When this is set to the vi.lib directory I have not encountered problems with previous versions up to and including LabVIEW 2010.
    I have come across an example in LabVIEW 2011 where it doesn’t work.  I have attached an example (I am using LV2011 SP1).  It demonstrates the basic plug-in architecture. Everything works in the development environment.  But it doesn’t work from a built exe.  I haven’t included the actual built exe in the zip file in case that causes a problem downloading it.  If you run the build spec from the src directory project file the exe should get generated in the bld directory.  The problem appears to occur when certain VIs from the analysis library are in the Plug-in.  In the example attached, the Plug-in VI is very simple but I have placed the troublesome SubVI on the diagram.  The VI in this example where there is a problem finding it is the Butterworth Filter VI.  I have placed it on the diagram in a conditional disable structure so it is easy to enable and disable.  When enabled and you run the test Plug-in VI the error 1003 is raised, meaning a subVI cannot be found in the dynamically called VI (for example see this post).  Note that a way round this may be to incorporate the Plug-in VI into the built exe but this shouldn't be necessary.  It’s not a problem with this specific filter VI, as it occurs for other VIs I try on the diagram.  However if you place an FFT VI on the diagram there is no problem.  I suspect that one is built into the Run-Time Engine.
    I also note I am running Win7 64 bit and 32 bit LabVIEW (note the relevant viSearchPath in the ini file – you may need to change if you are on different version of Windows).  If the example is converted to LabVIEW 2010 everything works as expected for the built exe.  I tried that on a colleague’s computer running XP and 2010 but I am pretty sure in still also works on Win 7.
    Things I am suspicious of are that the analysis VI’s are part of a LabVIEW library (lvlib)  and perhaps something has changed there?  I understand there is a problem with OOP in LabVIEW 2011.  Perhaps it is related to that as that seems to be an issue in 2011 (see this Discussion Forum post).  Perhaps it is related to OS version?
    I also tried generating a Source Distribution to extract out all the vi.lib VI’s and place them directly in the Plug-in directory.  That didn’t help.
    Interested in whether anyone else reproduces this behaviour.  In any case something is different in 2011.
    LV 2011 test ‏42 KB

    I found some more out about this issue working with my local NI rep here in Australia.  Apparently something has changed in the compiler between LabVIEW 2010 and 2011.  Using the viSearchPath token in the ini file, as described in various Developer Zone articles, now guarantees that the Plug-in will not work.  The only way to make it work appears to be to create a Source Distribution.  I noted in my original post that I had already tried this and it would not work.  It turns out that having the viSearchPath token in the ini file when using a Source Distribution causes the error 1003 to occur.  When the token is taken out of the ini file the Plug-in (containing an analysis VI) with a Source Distribution works - in the simple example I posted.
    Well I then found its a bit more complicated than this.  It all worked for the simple example I posted.  Recall we found the error when there was an analysis VI in the Plug-in VI.  In our actual application (which is a large one) that calls Plug-ins - we still got the error 1003.  By trial and error I found a workaround.  There are certain Build Spec settings for the calling exe that I set and found worked.  On the Additional Exclusions page I found that I had to make sure that I left unchecked "Modify Project Library File after removing unused members".  I've always had trouble understanding the need for this setting.  In the Build Spec Help on that page it notes that the build will take longer.  In most builds you remove polymorphic VI instances, remove unused members of Project libraries and also Modify the project library file after removing the instances (this is a sub setting of the previous).  This makes the exe smaller in size and a quicker build time. Obviously modifying the project library caused a problem.  In the big application exe calling Plug-in, I probably have the same analysis VI on the diagram (I haven't actually checked and also whether it is the same polymorphic instance) and in the simple example I posted I definitely did not have VI in the calling exe example - so there may be some clue there.  I should try putting the same analysis VI on the calling exe diagram in the simple example to see what happens but I'm running out of energy on this one :-(
    So none of this gives me much confidence and I wish I could get a better explanation from NI regarding this behaviour to be sure I am not going to encounter a different problem for different calling exe and Plug-ins.  I was advised that a CAR would be issued.  Perhaps this is now expected behaviour for 2011 but it would helpful if some definitive explanation could be given about what has changed from LV2010.  And an update of Developer Zone articles on the subject would be helpful.

  • BREAK not working in SQL+ for windows. Works in SQL+ in DOS

    I'm writing a simple query in SQL+
    SELECT table_name, column_name
    FROM user_tab_columns
    WHERE table_name like 'MYTAB%'I first set BREAK ON table_name
    then I run my query.
    I expect the table name to be shown once, per table, not once per column.
    If I run this query in SQL+ in a DOS window, that's exactly what happens.
    If I run the same thing in SQL+ for Windows (version 10 on an 11g db) the break command appears to be ignored.
    Any ideas ??
    Thanks folks.

    Not sure but maybe try the NODUPLICATES option.
    break on table_name noduplicates

  • The G-Force visualization from Soundspectrum does not work as expected on Windows 8.1 - d3dx9_43.dll is missing - Incompatible application

    I get this message when I install the G-Force visualization from Soundspectrum on Windows 8.1. It says that d3dx9_43.dll is missing and is incompatible with Windows 8.1. it was for Windows Media Player on Windows 8.1. The visualization was only for Windows
    The program can't start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. 

    I made a test in our test enviroment, Windows 8.1 X64 Enterprise, no problem with it.
    According to the error message, it should be directX problem, your system lost d3dx9_43.dll. please install the DirectX Runtime to solve your issue:
    DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010):
    Roger Lu
    TechNet Community Support
    According to the SoundSpectrum website, after completing the process, it required XP/Vista/7. It worked on my Vista computer, while my laptop did not. After installation, it canceled, and now d3dx9_43.dll is missing.

  • Vast Apple Conspiracy! (iPod Not Working When Formatted for Windows)

    Alright, I know this isn't the place to make the claim of an Apple conspiracy, but as a mac user who proudly has an apple sticker on his car who has experienced the events below first hand - I feel there is only one explanation one can come to.
    Alright, my friend has a 30GB 5G iPod and runs windows. I own a MacBook that has OSX 10.4.7 and Windows. He has had problems in the past with his computer, but never with his iPod until the 1.2 update rolled out with iTunes 7. Now after one move of the cursor or change of menu the screen turns into a bunch of pixels reminiscent of a television set to static. Only it makes no noise and never moves, it just sits with the backlight on until it dies, or until you hold the menu and center buttons, then it restarts and does the same thing.
    So being the good nerdy friend that I am I offer to take it home and reformat it on my Mac then on Windows to see if maybe that helps (thinking something is up with his computer again). It starts out promising enough, because I was able to reformat it for Macintosh load on music, videos and games play them all and shut it down properly.
    So I switch to Windows XP and reformat it for Windows in iTunes 7 and the same problem starts up again!
    Now aside from a vast Apple conspiracy, does anyone have any suggestions, perhaps others are experiencing this problem? Keep in mind the iPod worked fine when formatted for Mac and it is highly unlikely two Windows computers have the exact same flaw (especially on mine that goes almost unused and has virus and spyware protection).
    -Jeremy K.
    MacBook 2GHz Intel Core Duo   Windows XP  

    the APPLE software is less than a month old. I am sure it was tested extensively on APPLE computers before release. Due to apple's configurations there are only a few systems it had to be tested on.
    Now on windows... how many of thousands of geeks out there build their own machines with different graphics, audio, usb pci cards etc etc... Impossible for apple to test it out as extensively on win xp...
    I imagine in 2 - 3 months we will have itunes 7.0.2 or 7.0.3 that addresses many of the issues windows users are having. That's how it was with itunes 6, this is not a new phenomenon by any means.

  • Adobe Flash not working on IE11 for Windows 8.1

    I have the latest Windows Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 8.1 and the latest Adobe Flash Player but over half of the web browsers aren't working properly or won't connect due to 'You need to upgrade your Flash Player' or 'You need to upgrade your Flash Player and enable Javascript'. I have the latest Adobe Flash Player and Java Script is enabled (see below).
    I have enabled Flash Player and Disabled Active X Filtering and checked I have the latest IE11 and Latest Adobe Flash. I have read forums of many users that have this same issue but have not had one conclusive fix. Please Help!! Thanks

    I am facing similar problems in windows 7 platform. I updated both my browser and my flash plugin yesterday and since then I am not able to play any video on youtube. Every time I start a video I get the message "An error occured, please try again". However, the same video works fine on Google Chrome.
    I have tried all the above suggested methods, but no results. I also tried to revert back to FF 29.0.1 and shockwave flash player version But I am still not able to play any video.
    Same thing occurred in my laptop as well as on my desktop.

  • Exe developed in 32 bit Windows XP not working in 64 bit Windows Vista

    Am using LabVIEW 8.6 demo version downloaded from internet and Windows XP 32 bit OS. I developed an application and created an exe which communicates with a USB smart card reader. That exe file works fine with that USB device in Windows XP 32 bit OS.
    But, when i used that application exe in Windows XP 64 bit OS, and also in Windows Vista 64 bit OS, the application is not working. The communication with the USB smart card reader is not at all establishing. The USB device will take appropriate 32 bit driver and 64 bit driver automatically when updating on various OSes.
    How to resolve this? Shall i have to install any 64 bit drivers for LabVIEW?
    Go to Solution.

    Dear Amit,
    Thanks for the attention. I have tried both the option you told, "Run as administrator" and checked "Services" and smart card services are running. Even i tried restarting the device, but the same result. Maybe as you told, this maybe more of an MSDN issue. I don't know how to proceed.
    [Edit: From somewhere in MSDN forum or others, i tried the below suggestion too, but in vain. Same scenario. I lost myself in VISTA.]
    1. Right-click on the key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Cryptography\Calais and select Permissions...
    2. Click Add.
    3. Click Advanced.
    4. Click Locations.
    5. Click on the computername and click OK.
    6. In the window 'Select user or groups', click on Find now.
    7. Select LOCAL SERVICE.
    8. Click OK.
    9. In the window 'Select user or groups', click on OK.
    10. In the window 'Permissions for Calais', click on LOCAL SERVICE and make sure 'Full control' , 'Read' and 'special permissions' is allowed.
    11. In the window 'Advance Security Settings for Calais", deactivate the options 'Inherit from parent the permission entries that apply to child objects...'
    12. When the window 'Security' appears, click Copy.
    13. In the window 'Advance Security Settings for Calais", activate the option 'Replace permission entries on all child objects with entries shown here that apply to child objects' and click OK.
    14. In the window 'Security' click Yes
    15. In the window 'Permissions for Calais', click OK.
    Message Edited by mathan on 01-28-2009 10:15 PM

  • Search not working as expected for list

    We're running SP 2013 Ent on-prem. I have a user whose added several text columns to a list an when he performs a search for data in those fields, it returns nothing. It's very inconsistent, some rows will return if you search on them, but others will not.
    Here's what I've done so far:
    Checked the Search App, and it's indexing the list and the items with no issue
    Created an index on the columns he wants to search on (really, just one column, which is a Single line of text)
    Re-indexed the list
    Kicked off a full crawl
    Punched monitor
    I'm out of ideas. Any help would be awesome. Thank you.

    Thanks for the response. Here are the answers to the question you asked.
              1. We are not using the transaction and according to the WL documentation in the first message we do not need to. We really do not want to for other reasons too.
              2. Yes mesages are sent persistent.
              3. Yes MDB is configured to use durable subscription.
              4. EMS is not doing anything different. I can clearly see it receving the ack from wl even if the runtime exception is thrown in MDB.
              5. Thanks for the work around suggestion that would be last resort.
              Thing is all this works fine for queue. It is only the topic having issues.

  • `Skype 7 not working & freezing screen for Windows...

    I upgraded from Windows 7 Home Basic to Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (64bit) 2 days back, and since then facing problem installing and running Skype. Skype 7 was working perfect on Home Basic. After reading through the various options given in the Forum, I have tried all the suggestions as below, but everytime there was a problem.
    Re-Installed Win 7 Ultimate X64 for around 5times - no resolution
    Re-Installed Skype 7 for around 10-15times - no resolution
    Completed Windows Update - no resolution
    Upgraded to IE 11 with all the patches.
    Got latest version of Adobe Flash - no resolution
    Got Latest version of Direct X - no resolution
    Got latest JRE - no resolution
    Tried changing the Compatibility Settings of Skype by right-click on the Desktop Icon - no resolution.
    %appdata%\Skype\Apps renaming the Login folder and creating the shortcut of Skype icon side the Phone directory - no resolution
    %temp%\Skype delete folder - no resolution
    There were suggestions to install old versions of Skype - did that too but the same problem of freezing
    Now, this is what I am facing:- Skype would install fine. (I learnt and unchecked "Run at Startup). Now when I click on the Skype desktop icon, two cases occur, either entire Windows would freeze or initially Skype would show a blank/white screen and become un-responsive eventually & then freeze the windows. Even Skype website would freeze the browser at times.

    Please,  run the DirectX diagnostics tool (32-bit option only).
    Go to Windows Start and in the Run box type dxdiag.exe and press the OK button. This will start the DirectX diagnostics program. Run this diagnostics and save the results to a file. Please, attach this file to your post.
    Be aware that you will have to zip this file before attaching it here.

  • Windows Live not working after upgrading to Windows Live 2011

    I upgraded app the application under Windows Live to 2011. All the
    installation goes well, without any failure. Hurray!!!!
    However now its
    behaving very strange. None of the applications are instantiated upon executing
    their executables.
    While executing wlmail.exe, msnmsgr.exe,
    WindowsLiveWriter.exe, etc, I can see in the task manager that the executed
    process is started, but before getting interface of appication being executed,
    it is terminated.
    The only application that run is
    Important note: Everything works fine for admin users, but
    not for standard users on Lenovo Tinkpad T410i. On HP Pavillion dv4-1125nr, it
    works fine for admin as well as standard users.
    Can anyone help on

    Have you tried checking the properties of the programs and under the compatibility tab to tick the run as admin? That should work.
    IT Specialist and Consultant
    Lenovo Tablet Evangelist
    Current Machines: IdeaCentre A300, ThinkPad Tablet, IdeaPad U410, and Yoga 3 Pro Touch
    Deutsche Community   Comunidad en Español
    Lenovo - the latest in DOtabs, DOpads, DOcentre's, DOstations and DOservers!

  • Uploading files to website not working with Safari in Windows 7

    Safari version: 5.1.7
    OS: Windows 7
    I am a website owner, and I have a feature on my site where users can upload large (up to 50MB) music files to my server. The feature works in Firefox on OSX & Windows platforms and it also works in Safari on OSX. The uploading feature is not working with Safari for Windows. Do you have any idea why and how to fix this? It can't be an issue with my server as it works in other browsers fine and works fine in Safari for OS X.
    If you have any information on how to solve this or things for me to try to rectify this for use with Windows operating system it would be much appreciated.

    GREAT NEWS!!!!
    I have solved this issue myself with some help from my a user on Microsoft Forums. The issue stems from the mime type of each Browser Chrome, IE, & Safari for Windows defaults as audio/wav. When the mime type is changed to audio/x-wav everything works. Firefox defaults to audio/x-wav and when changed to audio/wav it DOES NOT work.
    Once I input some code in my .php upload page to change the mimetype if audio/wav is detected everything works GREAT!!!
    So Here is what you need to do: Find your upload page and input this code:
    echo "<p>MIME Type: ".$_FILES["file"]["type"]."</p>";   
    right before your "If/then" statement of file type. For me it was near line 30 in my upload.php page, but I'm sure this is different for everyone.
    This will detect and DISPLAY the default mime type of your browser on the error page when your upload doesn't work. Once you know what mime type works for your file type then you can change your "if/then" statement for mime type upload to change your mime type to the correct one.
    I don't want to give the code here, because I'm sure it's specific to your file types and your site construction, but this should lead you on the right track.
    ***This is the solution if you ARE NOT ABLE to upload any certain file in a certain Browser. It has to do with mime type construction***
    I hope this helps others like it helped me!!!!!

  • SQL Server Usage Summary page, the count of user/device: does not show for SQL Server 2008

    Does MAP tool capture User Summary  (count of users, their details) for SQL Server 2008? 
    At my end, its working for SQL Server 2012 but not showing User Summary for SQL Server 2008..
    Does the User Summary only works for SQL Server 2008 Enterprise edition as one of the thread points out?

    This is from the
    Wiki article:
    SQL Server 2008 Enterprise and Datacenter Editions introduced audit event configuration for Windows security logging, which enabled SQL Server 2008 to log logon events to the Windows Security log. The table below shows which versions and editions have the Audit
    feature that is needed to record the logon events. MAP cannot obtain user and device access information for any other editions or any older versions of SQL Server.
    Business Intelligence
    SQL Server 2008
    SQL Server 2008 R2
    SQL Server 2012
    Please remember to click "Mark as Answer" on the post that helps you, and to click
    "Unmark as Answer" if a marked post does not actually answer your question. Please
    VOTE as HELPFUL if the post helps you. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

  • Javascript works on Safari for Windows but not on Safari for Mac (2.0.4)

    One part of our mail's web-based interface is not working properly when I use Safari on Mac (2.0.4). However, it works on Safari for Windows and Firefox. I browsed through a lot of the forum entrees with java/javascript on the subject and it seems that java processing is a common problem. I have checked all the necessary settings suggested on the forums but it still does not work.
    We tried using the new Safari on another machine and it works. However, I also see lots of forum entrees asking how to uninstall Safari 3!
    I also have a window on the open-source SugarCRM not working properly on Safari 2.0.4. Any fix coming?

    I noticed that as well. I have to wonder if it's due to not making note of the the different end of line characters between Mac OS X and Windows in code.

  • AFS ARUN Size Substitution Not Working As Expected

    Hi All,
    I need help with this. If any one of you have worked with AFS ARUN size substitution, kindly provide me with some details on how can I set it up. I am specially interested in setting up size substitution with two-dimensional grids.
    I have setup some examples but it does not work as expected.
    Here is a small example:
    Say I have a size 28/30, 28/32 .........29/30....
    What I want to achieve is that during ARUN if there is a shortage of stock in 28/30 then the remaining requirement qty should be confirmed from size 28/32.
    with my setup after 28/30 it goes into looking for stock in 29/30, which is what I do not want.
    Any inputs will be really appreciated.

    srdfrn wrote:
    Hi YOS,
    I tried importing a PCX image into CVI 2010 and then sizing the image to the control and didn't see the behavior you have been describing.  Would you mind posting an example (alongside an image file) that demonstrates this?
    Also, one thing I noticed is that PCX images appear to be quite dated.  Could upgrading them to a JPEG or PNG format be an option for you?
    Stephanie R.
    National Instruments
    Stephanie, thanks for the reply.
    I am very sorry to state that I made a mistake.
    VAL_SIZE_TO_IMAGE indeed works.
    What fails to work is VAL_SIZE_TO_PICTURE. (Second option in Fit Mode attribute in control editing panel)
    I tried with JPEG and it's the same.
    I am attaching an example.(Load_Image.c & ONEP_3Trow_POS1.JPG)
    A panel with two picture rings.
    - SW_1 remains at the intended size and the loaded picture is not clear.
    - SW_2 will fit to picture size and looks OK.
    Appreciate your support,
    YOSsi Seter
    Load_Image.c ‏2 KB
    ONEP_3Trow_POS1.JPG ‏4 KB

  • Same issue Network Discovery not working and Windows Update not working

    I've read the threads. 
    This is a Vista Ultimate upgrade. My OOOOH My I have clocked 8 hours
    Everything was working before. I tried all of the recommended  services turning on restarting.
    Also, ran into the problem of my memory being eaten. Suspected cause hibernate mode, which I had to disable. Scott Hasselman blog recommended the fix which is a cheap work around that limits machines functionality!!
    I'm and IT Engineer specializing in MS product lines since Windows 1.0. MFC foundation classes etc.. What is the real problem ?
    I don't have the NetBIOS over tcp/ip in my services?
    I figure that the cost of my time and other individuals pays for the OS four times over. Give me a Microsoft developer subscription or something to make me happy. This is my development machine and I'm loosing time and money.
    FYI, Just upgraded my second machine to Windows 8.1 OMG !!2 Hours to upgrade after the download. I loose my configuration settings. I required to have a Windows Live whatever account!!! This is not the way to compete and keep customers.
    Windows XP has been by far the best deployment experience. I need a Knowledge base that gives solutions , not a troubleshooting scenario that does or does not work!!
    Please , don't tell me to go and by a OEM Surface I cannot recommend this to my clients. 
    Thank You

    If it worked previously, a quick solution is to run System Restore and get back to the previous status when the issue didn’t occur.
    What is System Restore?
    When you turn on network discovery, do you get any error prompt?
    Please check if you have any error message about network discovery in event viewer.
    Open Event Viewer
    What information appears in event logs (Event Viewer)?
    Please use Windows Live SkyDrive ( to upload the Error logs to a public folder and share the URLs with us.
    Also, please temporarily turn off your firewall and all the security programs for a test.
    As far as I know, Network discovery requires that the DNS Client, DNS Client, Network Connections, Network Location Awareness,  Remote Procedure Call (RPC), Function Discovery
    Resource Publication, TCP/IP Netbios helper, SSDP Discovery, and UPnP Device Host services are started and set to automatic.
    You should check again if you have started all these services.
    Regarding the update issue, I suggest you try the following suggestions.
    1. Temporarily disable firewall and antivirus program to test the issue.
    2. Open the Windows Update troubleshooter
    3. Reset Windows Update components
    You may follow the steps from the link below to fix the issue.
    Windows Update Not Working.
    You may also see the common Windows Updates troubleshooting guide.
    Fix Microsoft Windows Update Issues
    Hope it helps.
    Blair Deng
    are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this
    interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time.
    Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.

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    I just got a new computer and I cannot find my purchased music from my other computer. I tried everything apple told me to do in support but it did'nt work. So please somebody tell me hw to find it! P.S. I use Windows Vista

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    Hi guys, I have been browsing through this forum for quite a while to find if people also have problems with downloading reports, but I can't find any. The problem is that whenever I download one of my reports (in excel or excel 2000) my numbers are