Technically completion of PI sheet collectivly

I would like to know if it is possible to set to tecnically complete PI sheets in a collective way!
I can only find the individual option in trx CO56 .
If  this is not posssible, maybe there is another way around to let appear automatically the process message PI_CRST in the list of messages of the Process Order.
In this way we can treat the message collectively without having to go through the PI-sheets closure one by one.
Thanks for any answer

Hello Senthilkumar
I tried CO64, but still I need to enter the Produccion instructions one by one to set them a technical complete.
Maybe Im doing something wrong?

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  • Reg completion of PI sheet

    Dear all,
    When  should  we complete a PI sheet in a process order.
    Thanks in advance

    You cannot "complete" a PI Sheet if there are open entries i.e. if fields are not locked you cannot "complete" a PI Sheet.
    However, even with open entries you can "Technically Complete" a PI Sheet.
    You can complete the PI sheet there are no open entries

  • PP - PI Process order - Technical complete problem

    Hi Gurus,
    I have created process order and generate Cont.recepie. Then I tecnical complete my PI sheet after report data. when i set technical complete in my process order. system says "It cannot be technical completed because status "CRCR" Contrl recepie created". How i can set status technical complete to my proc.order.
    kindly help

    Inorder to TECO or close your order first you have to close the Control Recipe. To do so follow the steps:
    1. TCode: CO57
         Proc.Message Cat: PI_CRST (Message on control recipe status)
         Process Order Number
         Control Recipe Number
         Control Recipe Status: 00005 or 00004 or 00007
         After these entries save the Process Message.
    2. TCode C054
        Here send the Process message that was created in the above step.
    If the message is successful, the status in the order changes from CRCR to either CRAB (if control recipe discarded), CRFI.
    Then you can close your order.

  • Read orders which are not technical complete in custom report

    what do you recommend to read all orders which are not from status "technical complete" in a custom report. Is there a function module to acchieve this with good performance or what do you recommend?
    Thanks a lot.
    Kind regards

    Hi Manfred,
    Since you asked about a function module for use in a custom report, it is likely that you are not looking to use a standard transaction to display the orders.
    The phase of a maintenance order can be found from the field AFIH-IPHAS, where the phases are:
    0     Outstanding
    1     Postponed (currently not used)
    2     Released
    3     Technically completed
    4     Manual deletion indicator set
    5     Historical order
    6     Completed for business (from 4.6)
    So to find non-technical complete - you would select where iphas not equal to 3. If you need to make this selection RFC capable, then you can wrap it in a RFC capable function module

  • [SAP WM] Cancel Transfer Order after Technical complete of prodution order

    Hi gurus,
    i have this problem.
    In my SAP WM implementation, i have customizing the PP-WM interface to create automatically the TO from central warehouse to Production supply aera after releasing of production order. The steps are:
    - Release production order
    - Creation of TR  - automatically
    - Ceration of TO to be confirmed (red light) from central warehouse (001) to production supply area (100) - automatically
    Now i would that after technical complete of production order, automatically the TO to be confirmed is cancelled. There is a way to do it?
    thanks and regards.

    I am confused as to why you would want to CANCEL the TO. Surely if the order is complete (technically or otherwise) then the stock has been moved from its source to the order and therefore you would want to CONFIRM it and not CANCEL it.
    As I said if the TO is to take 100 of material A from bin 1111111111 to prod order 9999999999 and you cancel the TO the stock will stay in 1111111111 when in fact it has gone to 9999999999 .
    If your order is to say create 100 pieces of Z and to do this you need 100 pieces of A then you want to CONSUME 100 pieces of A  and GR 100 pieces of Z.
    If you cancel the TO the consumption will fail as the stock is not in 9999999999 but has gone back to 1111111111.
    The other problem is that you will be showing 100 pieces of A in bin 1111111111 which is NOT THERE as the order has used it.
    I hope that this helps

  • How to delete a PS network with status 'Technically Completed' (TECO)?

    Dear all,
    We have Webdynpro application, which will create a PS network in background. In the past it was working fine and many PS network  are created. Now we have a scenario where some of the networks which are with status 'Technically Completed' (TECO) needs to be deleted from system. I tried to delete it from CJ20N, but it was not possible as the status is set to TECO. Please let me know how to delete a PS network which is with status 'Technically Completed'  (TECO).
    Thanks in advance.

    The cluster goes out and finds all networks that are available.  This is an automatic process.  As long as there is a network there, it will show it.  If you don't want it to show, disable the interface and it will disappear.
    . : | : . : | : . tim
    Thanks a million Tim! Disabling the correct interface made it disappear!
    Actually, I had disabled the interface before I started this thread. When you posted the suggestion, I went back and looked at the network connections again and found out that I had disabled the wrong interface! My bad!
    However, here is the interesting thing:
    After I disabled the NIC and it disappeared from the FCM I physically disconnected its cable (actually I disconnected all unused / unconfigured NICs) ....then I re-enabled it. Now I see that FCM does NOT pick it up again.
    I think FCM picked up those NICs because at one time I had put that NIC in the production VLAN (from the switch side).
    One observation:
    If you have NICs in a HV machine which are not connected to a switch, they do NOT show up in FCM. Once you connect them to some network, they start showing up. I guess by connecting them to a network, they are able to see NICs in other HV nodes.
    Take a look at this screenshot. I have 6 NICs in there which are disconnected, none show up in FCM

  • How to cancel technical completion with FM : BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN ?

    I need to cancel technical completion for an order  with BAPI BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN, How can I call this ? Could you please help me ?

    I've just read this FM, This is for setting technical completion only, not for unsetting this

  • BDC recording not executing last OK code for order technical completion

    Regarding a QM requirement, I have created a rather simple BDC recording to change the activity type of an order to new ones (based on particular conditions not relevant here) on transaction IW32.
    However, if the order is technically complete, I have to cancel the technical completion, change the activity type, and then complete the order technically again (so it remains just the way it was before modification).
    The only order types relevant in the requirement are YM01 and YM02. For YM01, the BDC recording works like a charm. But when executing the proper recording for type YM02, the last OK code (i.e. pressing the OK button on the Complete subscreen) is ignored and the process remains incomplete: the orders are never completed technically again.
    Here is the recording:
    0     T     IW32     BS AA X   F
    SAPLCOIH                       101     X                                                                               
    0           BDC_OKCODE     /00
                                            0           CAUFVD-AUFNR     80000005
    SAPLCOIH                       3000     X                                                                               
    0           BDC_OKCODE      =WIAR
    SAPLCOIH                       3000     X                                                                               
    0           BDC_OKCODE     /00
                                            0           CAUFVD-ILART     206
    SAPLCOIH                       3000     X                                                                               
    0           BDC_OKCODE      =ARCH
    SAPLIWO1                           200             X                                                                               
    0           BDC_OKCODE      =WTER
                                            0           RIWO1-CLNOT     X
    Any help would greatly appreciated!
    Best regards,
    André Santos

    Leandro, thanks for the answer!
    The BDC recording does not work when executed visibly or step by step. After some extensive debugging, I realized that the final screen (the technical complete confirmation screen) is not an actual subscreen, even though it has its own number. That screen is actually generated by an FM, so apparently that's why it's ignored when the BDC is executed.
    I found a BAPI to replace that missing step: BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN. However, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to reference the orders I need it to complete. The FM asks for an IT_METHODS table and I couldn't tie the method to the orders:
    it_methods-refnumber = ???
    it_methods-objecttype = 'HEADER'. "That's what I found on the example, not sure whether this is right or not.
    it_methods-method = 'TECHNICALCOMPLETE'.
    it_methods-objectkey = ??? "Maybe the order number itself?
    APPEND it_methods.
    Has anyone used this BAPI before?
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  • Process Order technical completion

    whensoever i m trying to technically complete the order, i m getting the Error message no. BS007 i.e. ""Change" is not allowed".
    The current status of object 'ORD XXXXXX' prohibits business transaction 'Change'
    Current status are as follows :
    No status profile is assigned to order.
    i have checked in BS22. All the status contains technically completion permission.
    Kindly Guide.
    Sachin Ahuja

    Just a re-check
    Did you check the User status in COR2 ? Here there will be a Blue I- symbol (Status) as like Production Order -C002 .Select that I symbol and Choose TECO status or REL status , then set TECO from Function -Resstrict Processing and SAVE.
    I think it should work based on the User staus which is allowed .

  • Function Module for TECO(technically complete) a maintenance work order

    Please let me know if there is any FM for TECO(technically complete) a maintenance work order.

    Is there any BAPI for the same as the FM STATUS_CHANGE_INTERN is doing TECO without considering other statuses which need to be done.
    I do technically complete in IW32 by going to ORDER-FUNCTIONS-Complete-Complete(Technically ). Once done Complete(Technically ) will be inactive and Cancel technical Completion will become active. But when i use this FM it does the teco but when i go to ORDER-FUNCTIONS-Complete-Complete(Technically ) it gives me following status information--System Status TECO is active. Also Complete(Technically ) remains active.
    Please help.
    Edited by: Vimal  kumar on Sep 16, 2008 11:10 AM

  • Cancel Technical Completion of a TECO'd service order through program

    Hi All,
    In IW32 transaction for a service order I need to Cancel the Technical Completion.Menu path is
    Order>Functions>Complete-->Cancel Technical Completion. How can I do this through program.I tried the FM status_change_intern. But its not working. Any one please give a solution.

    Try with a BDC to cancel it.

  • Technical completion of Maintenance Order Dates or Reference Dates Settting

    My client has two requirements
    1- In standard, system allows us to take technical completion on previous date, how should I restrict / stop this completion in past? Could I set technical completion possible after atleast 1 month?
    2- Can I stop technical completion before goods movement or set error message while technical completion before goods movements?
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    For both of the above requirement you can use the user exit IWO10004 Maintenance order: Customer check for order completion
    You have develop a logic on what basis you have to reject the TECO of the order, please consult your ABAPer and discuss with him for more clarification on this.

  • Check Notification Fields at technically completion of the Order

    Hi All,
    i want to check at the technically completion of the PM-Order, if a field in the notification is filled out (for example the cause). If this field empty, the user should not be able to finish the order. Now i tried to use the exit QQMA0014, but he dont run at the completion. In the Exit "Customer Check for order completion" i cant get the notification-fields. I also cant set the field in the notification as a required field.
    Any idea?
    Thanks a lot for any help!

    Thank you for your support, but its not very user-friendly.
    In normal case the user jump into the order and will complete it. After push the button "complete" a small window comes up.
    In best case the user should insert the cause in this window, but i couldnt find a way to check this field in this window. If i use your idea, the user have to insert the cause before using the complete-button. After this he have to save the order at first and he must jump into the order a second time to complete it.
    I hope i explain it clearly. Any possibility to check the cause in the second small window and not before?

  • Technical completion of Plant Maintenance Order

    When we are trying to do a Technical Completion of a PM order we are getting the error as Error in commitment check (see costing log) with Message no. IW079.
    Unable to figure out the missing configs .... kindly help!

    There might be some open commitments (PO's) against the Order for which you are trying to set this status. Check the commitment report.
    This is nothing to do with configuration as this is standard check.To reduce/cancel the commitments set "Delivery completed" indicator in the purchase order which are using this order as account assignment.

  • Technical Completion  Related Issues

    Dear All,
    As per SDN Library, if by mistake you have done the Technical completion of the order, and after that you want to do the goods is possible.........but i m trying on is not happening......
    can anybody help me on this...........

    hi vinay,
    as per system status if the order is technically completed you cannot able to issue the material against the maintennace order, whereas you try to post through confirmation.
    create an order and assign a material and technically complete the order
    go to T code iw41 enter the order no , in the parameter select all materials allowed, confirm the activites,then press the goods movement tab page and save
    here it will show that the confirmationa and goods movement were posted
    hence the post goods issue in system status TECO will allow goods movement while confirmation, whereas while doing MB1A it will forbid.
    so may be it is internally programmed to allow the goods movement in confirmation whereas it will not allow during goods issue to the order

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