TECO process order in CORK User exit (ZXCOFU10)

   I am trying to implement an auto-TECO process during confirmation (CNF). This process should change the process order status to TECO and also update the TECO date (AUFK-IDAT2). Using CORK userexit, EXIT_SAPLCORF_405 (ZXCOFU10), I tried using STATUS_CHANGE_FOR_ACTIVITY function module but it doesn't update AUFK-IDAT2 field.
I tried also using BAPI_PROCORD_COMPLETE_TECH as well but there seems to be a problem using this BAPI in this userexit. I can't seem to reverse the confirmation after this process. Before the BAPI, I inserted a COMMIT WORK AND WAIT. Does this have anything to do with the problem?
I tried using Call transaction 'COR2' but this does not work since the process order is locked to CORK.
Is there a way to change the status of the process order to TECO during this userexit and update the TECO date (AUFK-IDAT2) as well? Is BAPI the way to go or is there another way?

are you passing all the key info to the RESBD table..
Did you checked it in debug mode.

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    Hi Erwan,
    give MWMTO004(EXIT_SAPLL03A_005) a try. It's a different event/time in document creation, but looks good comparing your fields you want to change.
    It's of course not only 'overwriting' VLTYP, VLPLA, ... but implementation of own / additional removal strategy. Might be more complicated, but sounds better for whole process.

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    Once the sales order is billed for the material, the system should logically display net value as zero for the open order (as the 2 lines of fees and freight are not yet billed, the order is still open). But the system considers this figure at SALES DOCUMENT HEADER level and considers the net value as the total value of the sales document (including the material that is already billed).
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    VKM1 uses FM SD_ORDER_CREDIT_RELEASE to release orders on credit.

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    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Manjula,
             I have searched all the exits. Actually I am not aware of this creation of production order. So, Just I am sending you the link you verify this and do some trail and error.
             Actually the exit PPCO0007 what you have mentioned is correct. But, you go and search this link......
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    We wanted to set up a issue which deals with rounding profile comming from CMIR record to take from Ship-to rather than standard Sold-to party functionality.
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    Check this post

  • Service Order - Badi or User exit

    I am looking for a badi or user exit to change certain fields (plant, item category) at line level. This badi or UE should be executed at line level (pref. when pressing ENTER on the line as in the CHECK_VBAP for sales order).
    Preferably, it would be nice if in this UE or badi, we would be able to add service order lines to the order.
    Can anyone help me ?

    Hi Rob,
    Welcome to SDN.
    Please check this link for sample code on how to find user exits and BADI for a given transaction code.
    Re: how to search for enhancement(user exit) or BADI?
    Hope this will help.
    Ferry Lianto

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        We have a PP Order Type (ZSVL) that requires a sales order to create. SAP then defaults in a settlement rule with 100% to the MAT. We want to default in or alter via user exit a settlement rule with 100% to a specific fixed cost center. We cannot get SAP to default it in. We have not found a user exit that will let us alter this settlement rule, either at PP Order save or during settlement. If we can't do this then the user is forced to manually change the rule for every order entered and we want to avoid this, if possible.
    Any suggestions?
    Ideas tried already:
    PP Order exits and BADIs do not include Settlement Rules in their interfaces.
    IWO0027 settlement exit is for internal orders and does not work on PP orders
    K_SETTLEMENT_1 has limited fields to change.
    [Picasa Photos of Settlement Rule|http://picasaweb.google.com/johnnorman/SAPSettlementRule?feat=email#]
    [Alternate Link to Picasa Photos|http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/sredir?uname=johnnorman&target=ALBUM&id=5371036612659624289&authkey=Gv1sRgCNio0I2O376a_gE&feat=email]
    This is SAP 4.7 patch level 19...  behind but upgrade to 6.0 is next year...
    Thank you for your help and any ideas in advance!

    PP Orders should always be settled to the Material and thats the standard SAP design. From the settlement rule it is clear that you have created a Cost Center called Production Variance and the settlement is pointed to that Cost Center.
    A better design / approach would be to settle the PP Orders to MAT. And Month-End Variance calculation will categorize the variances and push to CO-PA. Variances reports could help in gathering the information regarding the variance categories and the amount of variances. (If that is the only purpose why you are settling to CTR). Currently, since you are settling the variances to the CTR, how the Cost Center is getting cleared / zeroed?
    The existing approach can be re-visited and business requirements can be analyzed to see how that can be met through what SAP delivers.

  • Process Order - Empty or User Field HDR level

    Dear PP friends,
    I am looking for an empty field or to add a new field, at process order HEADER level (char type). Apart from the user defined fields at operation level I cannot find anything else.
    Do you have any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance for yr assistance.
    Kind Regards,
    Elly Leondi

    Dear Elly,
                   Please find below the standard fields used in Process order header while creating inspection lot-
    defines the Insp. Lot number which was created during MIGO or COR2.
    Material for which Insp. Lot was created. This comes from GR.
    Batch for which Insp. Lot was created. This number is created by system during GR.
    This is the process order number for which lot was created
    Task list type
    Key for task list group
    Group counter
    Routing number for operations in the order
    Apart from these above tables if you atr looking for any empty field then you should be specific enough with the requiremnts/objects foe particular development for that take some help from ABAP people
    Moreover new field is subject to business/process need.
    Please revert if i missed anything.

  • Global Standard for TECOing Process Orders

    Hi All,
    Is there any standard rule for how long it should take for a process order to be TECO'ed?
    Currently our PO's get TECO'ed anywhere between 2-8 days after confirmation. But we do have them all TECO'ed prior to month end. I would prefer to set a general rule (based on global and benchmarking standards) on how many days it should take us to TECO them.
    Appreciate your help and inputs.

    Dear Deeksha,
    Once the process order has been confirmed with final confirmation or say the complete confirmation,goods movements(Gi&Gr)
    activities are completed,then the TECO status can be set on the same day of final confirmation and GR or else on the next day.
    If my understanding is correct then SAP suggests to set the TECO status once the shop floor activities are completed and no
    where I could see the no of days for performing this activity.
    If required this can be individually set at process order level in COR2 or else as month ending activity by setting TECO for a list
    of process orders using T.Code COHVPI.
    Check and revert back.

  • TECO Process Order

    I am not able to TECO the process Order if the Contol recipees were generated (CRCR). this CRCR status automatically genreates when the Process Orders are released. threre were no confirmations, GIs, or any postings done. How can i TECO the Process Orders with this status.

    It is because default SAP status settings does not allow TECO when CRCR is active. I think it is not advisable to change the std one though BS22 - I00045 for TECO here permitted for CRCR.
    Standard practice is that you need to make system status CRFI ,
    Transaction CO57, to trigger manually a process message with message Category PI_CRST for the process order and Control reciepe combination.Then use Transaction CO54 to send the Message to the process order.

  • Mark a user status in production order automatically through user exit.

    Hi all,
    I have a requirement....I have a user profile which has got 4 status one of them is MFAR.
    I need to check this status through an exit automatically so that it appears in the status line
    and does not allow for goods receipt at the time of order creation through CO01 .
    I have earlier tried with EXIT_SAPLBSVA_001 but this is only for formatting the text line whether I want to display that status.So it is not working for my case.
    I could not find any exit for checking the checkbox for user status MFAR.
    Thanks and Regards

    Hi Anup,
    Have you used this exit for the purpose I mentioned as this is not just a simple header field it is status.
    How do I mark any user status as active through this exit. Can you give any idea?
    Thanks and Regards

  • Purhcase order item change user exit

    Hello all,
            I want to change the field value of purchase order item. is there any exit for changing the field value.
    Moderator message: please do your own research before asking.
    Edited by: Thomas Zloch on Dec 21, 2010 3:54 PM

    For this u need to implement the ehancement spot. To achive this u need to implement the ehancement spot in include
    LMEPOF7X. And modify the required field in structure mepo.

  • Sales order Change document user exit

    A colleague of mine has been asked if there is a way of inserting a different username to the standard one when a change document is created for the sales order header.  Is there a userexit that would suffice?
    Thanks in advance

    You have only one option as far as I know:
    All change document creation occurs in function
    The only option would be to apply a repair to this function to set the username (CDHDR-USERNAME) to the value you want. You would do this only for sales document change docs - object class is VERKBELEG I think. This is also held on CDHDR.
    Hope this helps.

  • Sales order split line user exit MV45AFZZ

    Hi Guys.
    Requirement is to split the sales order line items into multiple based on certain requirement. I Started coding in MV45AFZZ (USerexit_Save_Document_Prepare).  Basically what i am doing is looping at XVBAP and based on some condition inserting additional line in XVBAP and adding a new line with new UOM and incrementing the POSNR.). The data seems to be ok to me. But when i save i am getting update terminated error.  Can anyone help me out ?

    Ary you using any 'COMMIT WORK' there?? If yes, that may cause this kind of error. Appending the records in XVBAP with mandatory fields should work.

  • User exit in create sales order

    Hi expart ,
    In sales order have 10 user exit . my requirement is n't satisfied in 10 user exit . Plz. tell me any idea my requirement is putting in sales order .

    Find the user exits below for Sales order.
    Transaction Code - VA01                     Create Sales Order
    Exit Name           Description
    SDTRM001            Reschedule schedule lines without a new ATP check
    V45A0001            Determine alternative materials for product selection
    V45A0002            Predefine sold-to party in sales document
    V45A0003            Collector for customer function modulpool MV45A
    V45A0004            Copy packing proposal
    V45E0001            Update the purchase order from the sales order
    V45E0002            Data transfer in procurement elements (PRreq., assembly)
    V45L0001            SD component supplier processing (customer enhancements)
    V45P0001            SD customer function for cross-company code sales
    V45S0001            Update sales document from configuration
    V45S0003            MRP-relevance for incomplete configuration
    V45S0004            Effectivity type in sales order
    V45W0001            SD Service Management: Forward Contract Data to Item
    V46H0001            SD Customer functions for resource-related billing
    V60F0001            SD Billing plan (customer enhancement) diff. to billing plan
    If user exists doesn't suit ur requirement then go for customer exit. Goto program MV45AFZZ then serch for Customer exists.

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