Termstore changes are not getting reflected in the list items in SharePoint 2010 farm environment

I had created managed metadata with termstores from central admin. Then I had created one list in which added a column of type managed metadata using the managed metadata which I had created. And also added few list items to this list.
The problem is that after updating a termstore the changes are not reflecting in the list items which were added before the update.
I have referred the following links:
According to the links we need to run Taxonomy Update Scheduler on the server for updated termstore to get reflected. After running
this scheduler on development environment changes are getting reflected but not working on the production environment.
Kindly help!
Regards, Shruti

You should check the obvious.  You made the change in dev, but did you make the change in production too?  And, is the term you updated, actually the one that you are looking at in the list item?
There is not much, if anything, that can go wrong with that timer job. so I'd guess that the term you are looking at is not the one you think you are updating.
If you have double checked everything (the term is is in fact the same term id), then you may have something erroring in the update process.  In this case, you should check the ULS logs for any errors.
Chris Givens CEO, Architecting Connected Systems
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  • Incoterms are not getting copied at the item level

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    Check in VOV8 for your sale order type the following:-
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    b)  The field "ProdAttr.messages" should be blank
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    Hi KChamarti,
    I am also trying to display images insid the datagrid but i get a weird broken image(all silver gray).
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              <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Type">
                      <mx:HBox verticalGap="2">
                          <mx:Image id="dgImage" source="\assets\images\{toLowerCase(data.type)}.jpg" />
                          <mx:Label text="{data.type}"/>
    Am i mentioning the source of the image in the right way?

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    Hi Sateesh,
    This message will appear if either the background jobs are not scheduled, or UWL cannot tell that the background jobs are scheduled. The message no longer appears once you ensure the background jobs are scheduled to run via the user id UWL_SERVICE and that user is mapped to my portal user ID UWL_SERVICE.

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    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Sateesh,
    This message will appear if either the background jobs are not scheduled, or UWL cannot tell that the background jobs are scheduled. The message no longer appears once you ensure the background jobs are scheduled to run via the user id UWL_SERVICE and that user is mapped to my portal user ID UWL_SERVICE.

  • OLE images are not getting transfered to the pdf format

    After executing the oracle report file 6i and while sending the report file directly from the report screen to the microsoft outlook mail by clicking the mail option from the report, the OLE Images are NOT getting converted to the mail attachment. Rest of the data is getting converted fine.

    hope this is not the correct forum to place this question.
    if not, mention DB and OS versions and state your problem more clearly
    mark answered post as helpful / correct*

  • Partner details are not getting captured to the purchase order from the ven

    Issue : ( ECC PO)
    Partner details are not getting captured to the purchase order from the vendor master.
    We found that the partners are not getting captured in ECC PO's automatically from the vendor master. We checked for all the config and everything seems to be o.k, but could not figure it out.
    Any suggestions are highly appreciated.

    Hey Sudhakar,
    I believe what is happening here is that the ECC PO document type has not been assigned to the partner determination procedure.
    If this is working properly for standard POs, then,
    Go to Partner detrmination under Purchasing>  Partner Settings in Purchasing Documents> Assign Partner Schemas to Document Types.
    and enter teh appropriate document type and refer it to the procedure you have for NB Pos

  • You are not a receiver of the work item in ESS Leave

    We are using standard ESS leave application in our portal, where employee can raise leave and his manager can approve/reject his leave. But I want in case manager rejects the leave, the rejected leave should not come into MSS UWL of employee, we will send a mail to employee and he can again login to ESS leave application and where he will see the rejected leave and he can re apply/change/delete  the rejected leave. We do not want rejected leave to come in UWL of employee as a work item.
    As of now when manager rejects the leave rejected leave of an employee , it is coming in UWL of the employee which we do not want, so what we did, we went to standard leave work flow template WS12300111, in that we double clicked on Task (TS12300116, Process Request by Employee) and in that  we clicked on agent assignment icon and than we clicked on attribute and we selected General forwarding not allowed radio button, by default general task radio button was selected.
    After selecting General forwarding not allowed radio button, even when manager rejects employee leave, rejected leave is not coming in UWL of employee which we want exactly, but another error is coming when employee goes to ESS leave application again and change or delete this rejected leave he is getting the error You are not a receiver of the work item .
    But if we select general task radio button in agent assignment in work flow , than eveything is working fine but employee is getting rejected leave in his UWL, that we do not want  at all, so why after selecting different radio button this error is coming ?
    Why employee is getting this error, why employee can not reapply/change his rejected leave. Is this portal error OR workflow error OR HR configuration error and  what is the solution for this..

    If you need this option then you need to change the WF Task.
    General Forwarding Not Allowed
    This indicator enables you to determine that work items for this task can only be forwarded to users who are agents for the task.
    If this indicator is not set, a work item for this task can be forwarded to all users.
    The best way to take care of User
    Forwaring authorization is the Task Classification (PFTC -> Additional
    Data -> Classification). Classify tasks with General Forwarding Not
    allowed, will give you the oppotunity to let the user allow to forward
    items JUST to the Possible Agents Assigned to the task
    (Additional Data -> Agent Assingment -> Maintain)...
    Clear that everything depends on How you have developed your workflows
    definitions. In that cases  the best think to do is
    create Different Tasks definition (TSxxxxxx) and let they start
    depending on Company Code (That can be driven via Conditions steps in
    the workjflow definition, for example). This will allow you to define
    Just the responsible Agents per each task, depending on the Companny
    Code. This definitively Resolve the Forwarding frelated Question.

  • Error: You are not a receiver of the work item in Leave Request Deletion

    Hi All,
    We are using customized leave request workflow which is the copy of standard leave request workflow.
    All tasks are assigned as general tasks and assigned in SWFVISU.
    But the employees are unable to delete the leave request with Sent status.
    Employee applies leave.
    Now when the employee tries to delete / cancel the leave request before approval (Status is SENT), the employee is getting the error
    "You are not a receiver of the work item".
    This issue is happening for only the leaves which are in "SENT" status and though the employee is able to delete the "REJECTED" leave requests. The employee is also able to change / modify the leave requests without an issue.
    We are on EHP 7 with SP level 22 and running this on Portal 740.
    I have gone through the threads related to this issue but did not get any success.
    Please let me know if I am missing something that can resolve the issue .

    Hi Sid,
    As I mentioned above, we are on EHP 7 with SP 22 and hence the above note 1066288 does not apply in our case.
    Moreover, we're using WDA based application and the above note seems to be the one for XSS based on WDJ.

  • Warning messages "You are not a receiver of the work item"...

    Hi Experts,
    We are facing an issue in which couple of users are getting warning messages "You are not a receiver of the work item" in there Portal Inbox. But they are not getting any warning message while accessing the same from R/3 inbox. We tried replicating the issue but it is working fine for us. Is it related to workitems which are of any particular type??? Kindly suggest.....
    Just to add some more thing we have gone through the Forum : UWL workitem error: you are not a receiver of the work item and also the OSS notes: 1133821, but we do not get any appropriate solution.
    Please suggest.
    Appreciate your quick response.
    Edited by: harish vyas on May 3, 2010 1:24 PM

    Hi Enrique,
    Yes users are using SSO.
    As suggested I have checked in transaction SU53 and there is no error message for the user i.e. we are getting success message as  "The last authorization check was successful".
    Please suggest what can I try.
    Also adding to this, Warning message which users are getting is not a show stopper i.e. they are able to process workitems successfully.

  • Error: You are not a receiver of the work item in Leave Request Approval

    Hi all,
    I have copied the standard leave request workflow and done the customization as per my requirement.
    Agent assignment for all the tasks are General Tasks.
    We are facing below error when we are trying to approve the leave request from MSS UWL.
    "You are not a receiver of the work item.".
    This started happening after implementing the note 1501377 which is for clearing the approved leave request
    workitems from UWL .
    i have gone through the threads related to this issue and tried given solution but no success  .
    Please let me know if anything else is missing since its happening after implementing the note.

    Able to resolve the issue :-).
    i was using Fork since my workflow is a two level process.
    so the workflow was travelling to both branches one was in ready state another was in waiting state(48hours deadline)
    having different agents.
    i debugged the 1501377 note code when leave is approved it is looking  at last workitem  of the request which is waiting state workitem in my case and I was trying to approve the leave from user who is in ready state. then it throws the error.
    So i have changed the design of workflow. i have done below things for two level process.
    i will have requested end for approval task with outcome in that branch i kept second level approver. My questions
    1) i am planning to do write below code to post the entries into infotypes after approval by managers. is it ok or any suggestions?
       CALL METHOD cl_pt_arq_processor=>post
            im_request =
            ret_value  = retrun
    2) how to complete the WF if the 1st manager misses the deadline and WF goes to second manager?
    Please let me know.

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    We are in SRM5.0 Extended Classic scenario.
    We have created new payment term in ECC and transferred to SRM using BBP_UPLOAD_PAYMENT_TERMS and after tranferring it to SRM I am able to see the new payment term in table BBP_PAYTERM and BBP_PAYTERM_TEXT in  SRM system.
    But non of the payment terms are not reflecting into PO. We are not getting any errors while processing the PO.
    Could you please suggest what may be the issue here.
    Best Regards,

    Hello Siddappa,
    I am a little confused here with the scenario.
    I understand that the payment terms are recenly created and replicated. So naturally they would have been updated in the relevant vendor master as well. Now has the vendor master been replicated to SRM from ECC once the payment terms were updated.
    So from what you have mentioned "When we check the BBP_PD, the payment term is reflecting for the POs created after shopping cart approval."
    So does this mean once the SC is approved then the PO is created and then the Terms of Payment are seen in the PO.
    However "If the PO created through describe requirement, the Vendor will not assigned the PO created will go to Held status and buyer will process the order."
    So does this mean since the Vendor is not mentioned the Terms of Payment is not being reflected and will happen only once the same is specified in the PO.
    I have a question on whether after replicating the Payment Terms, has it been seen in any of the PO's created so far or it is always blank.

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