Test question from firefox nightly mac for finitarry

text of test question from firefox nightly mac for finitarry

the link is actually
what you have posted takes one to a "page does not exist yet" error page

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  • May be slightly simple question from a new Mac user: Why can't I quit safari? I cannot quit it from top menu bar neither to do it from dock? All other apps are working normally.

    May be slightly simple question from a new Mac user: Why can't I quit safari? I cannot quit it from top menu bar neither to do it from dock? All other apps are working normally.

    Or you can actived the right button on your magic mouse and click on they icon in the dock. then you select "stop" and it's out of your dock.
    *update: Sorry, my mistake! I didn't read your message correct! Sorry for the inconvience!

  • I cannot find my question from last night. I saw the instruction from jscher2000 but I find nothing like what he decribes.

    I cannot find my question from last night. I saw the instruction from jscher2000 but I find nothing like what he decribes. My question was "Firefox 22 worked on Windows 7 but 23 does not"

    hello MLP99, you can find your prior questions & answers under this link (once you're logged into support.mozilla.org with your account): https://support.mozilla.org/questions?filter=my-contributions

  • How to transfer license key from Windows to Mac for adobe photoshop lightroom 5?

    how to transfer license key from Windows to Mac for adobe photoshop lightroom 5?

    You can download from this link and validate with your serial number. You can run LR5 on both machines.

  • Swap platform from PC to Mac for photoshop

    I tried to swap my platform from PC to Mac for photoshop and deactivated all computer serial codes but I got an email saying I haven't deactivated the serials... now have to wait 14 days again! so annoyed!!!! I just want a phone number to actually call someone.. very disappointed Adobe....


  • Invalid URL Errors when trying to access custom Sync Server(rev 532) from Firefox 17.0 for Android via HTTPS

    I currently have Sync Server(rev 532) installed on FreeBSD-STABLE(stable/9) and have Firefox 17 on Mac OS X and Windows XP sync successfully.
    But when I try to pair Firefox 17.0 for Android by entering 3 rows of 4 letter codes into Firefox on Desktop, the sync never ends on Android, although the Sync account gets listed in "Settings> Accounts & sync> Firefox Sync".
    If I try to pair the Android with advanced setting (using the Recovery Key), I get "Please enter valid server URL" after entering custom server URL (I tried mozsync.mydomain.tld, https://mozsync.mydomain.tld, https://mozsync.mydomain.tld/) along with my account information.
    I had my Sync Server listen on HTTPS only, but if I setup my server on HTTP, everything works as expected.
    The content of log file for SSL connection only includes the logs from my Desktop and none from my Android device.
    Direct access from Firefox for Android to "https://mozsync.mydomain.tld/weave-delete-account" succeeds, and this connection gets logged.
    My device is HTC Evo 4G (named HTC EVO WiMAX ISW11HT in Japan) with officially updated of version Android (2.3.4 Gingerbread :P) by HTC.
    I currently have my Sync Server listening on HTTP, but I am little uncomfortable with my syncing datas being tranmitted without SSL.
    Any help is appreciated!!!

    I have filed a bug [https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=819762 here] at bugzilla.
    Any help is still appreciated!!!
    The bug was filed as duplicate of [https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=756763 this].
    It turned out the CA, which issued my certificate, was not bundled and importing SSL is broken in early version of Android.
    Same applies to self-signed certificates.
    Maybe the solution is to update the Android version by rooting the phone, which is not my choice.
    I'm closing my question as solved, because the root of the problem is not Firefox.

  • Test question from ZTE Open C v1.3

    Testing device information.
    Will lock question afterwards.

    Thank you for contacting Mozilla Support! After reviewing the information that you provided, we think that the best way to fix this issue would be to reset your device.
    '''Warning:''' Resetting your phone will delete all data stored on the device, including apps, calendar data, email accounts, and settings.
    To reset the device, follow these instructions:
    # Open the Settings application.
    # Tap on the Device Information button.
    # Tap on the More Information button.
    # Tap on the Reset phone button.
    # Tap OK to continue or Cancel to cancel.
    We hope that this fixed the issue you were having. Please report back to us if this helped!
    Thank you!

  • HELP!  Transition from PC to MAC for iTunes/iPod

    Okay, so I'm thinking about making the switch from PC to MAC. I understand how to move my music files from one machine to another, but need more specific information on moving my full library (i.e. already attached artwork, and playlists to be more specific). I've got 36,000 songs in my library, with many playlists (too many to re-create from scratch) and artwork that was manually attached for several of the files (over the past couple of years). I don't want to lose any of this. Also, will I need to reformat my iPod (and the 5 other ones in the house), in order to do regular syncs going forward. Appreciate the help anyone can give here.

    I forgot, if you want to keep all your playlists, leave the itunes folder on your external drive, or copy to your mac, then redirect itunes to your new folder.

  • I want to change from windows to mac for cs5

    I bought the upgrade for lightroom 5 and found I needed Windows 7 which I did not have. Thought now would be the time to change to Mac. How can I swap formats on the photoshop CS5 license I currently have?

    Hi Marionneedshelpplease,
    There shouldn't be any problem while upgrading and switching the OS.Please go through this link : http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/order-product-platform-language-swap.htm l
    If you want to upgrade from CS5 Win to CS5.5 or CS6 MAC, you can do that. Its called Cross Platform Upgrade.
    But as Bob mentioned, you need to contact adobe for that. It cannot be done online from adobe website.
    For the best assistance, I recommend our chat support at http://adobe.ly/yxj0t6. Our chat representatives can provide a personalized experience to resolve the issue you have described.

  • Moving my project from PC to Mac for future editing on the Mac.

    I have created a project on adobe premiere elements 12 on my PC and need to move the project across to my new Mac for future editing. Is this possible and if so how can I do it?

    As John Nash points out, project files (project.prel files) created in Premiere Elements Windows will not work in Premiere Elements Mac and vice versa.
    Projects taken to completion in the program/operating system in which they are created is the way to go.
    If at all practical and depending on the "need to do" feature, you might export the Premiere Elements Windows Timeline to a .mov or .mp4
    file and then import that into a new Premiere Elements Mac project. The level of edits in Premiere Elements Mac would dictate the degree of cutting of the Timeline content in order to accomplish the wanted edits in Premiere Elements Mac.

  • Question from Sun ePractice exam for SCJP

    Hi All. I�m preparing to take the SCJP for Java 5 test shortly, and in preparation I am taking one of the Sun ePractice exams for this test. I have run across an answer I don�t understand and am hoping that someone might help me better understand their explanation. I have included the question and answer below.
    Here's where I'm fuzzy: I selected option A, compilation fails, as the answer. As you can see by their answer, option A is, in fact, the correct answer. However, I thought the compilation error would be due to the statement on line 10. The statement on line 10 is attempting to assign a superclass object of type Dog, referenced by d2, to a reference variable for a subclass of Dog, h1 of type Harrier, without an explicit cast. But their answer states that the compilation will fail due to an error on line 8, not line 10. I don�t understand this. With respect to line 8, I can see that a cast from a subclass to it�s superclass would make the code more clear, but I don�t see why the compilation would fail due to no cast on this line. Furthermore, the compilation will certainly fail from the statement on line 10. I ran the code, and it did fail due to line 10. Do you think this is just a mistake in their answer, or am I missing something?
    Any insight would be much appreciated.
    The question and answer from the practice exam are as follows:
    1. class Dog { }
    2. class Harrier extends Dog { }
    4. class DogTest {
    5. public static void main(String [] args) {
    6. Dog d1 = new Dog();
    7. Harrier h1 = new Harrier();
    8. Dog d2 = h1;
    9. Harrier h2 = (Harrier) d2;
    10. Harrier h3 = d2;
    11. }
    12. }
    Which is true?
    A-     Compilation fails
    B-     Two Dog objects are created
    C-     Two Harrier objects are created.
    D-     Three Harrier objects are created
    E-     An exception is thrown at runtime
    Option A is correct. The compiler will issue an incompatible types error because of the assignment on line 8.

    Did you buy these practice exams off sun. I remember this question. It confused the hell out of me too. Yes you are correct it fails because of line 10.

  • Can't print from Firefox using Mac G5, 10.5.8, Power PC processors

    Problem developed after update from Microsoft. I downloaded an older version of Firefox (3.6.23), but problem persists. When I attempt to print a page, the printer responds and runs paper, but it is blank.

    If by chance it's really the trial beta V3, it won't install on PPC Macs.
    If it's 2.5, something else, possibly had it been installed on that machine before?
    I'd re-download, try again.

  • Syncing bookmarks from Firefox in iTunes for 3GS?

    When you sync your iPhone it gives you the option to sync bookmarks from IE or Safari, but I use Firefox and this doesn't show on the menu... what am I doing wrong?

    Firefox does not show as a browser to select for syncing bookmarks since syncing bookmarks with Firefox is not supported. You should be able to import your Firefox bookmarks with Safari on your computer followed by syncing your iPhone Safari bookmarks with Safari on your computer.

  • 2 questions from a new Mac owner

    Hello everyone,
    I just recently purchased my first Mac (Macbook Pro) and am really enjoying it. I have 2 questions that I cannot seem to find an answer for.
    1: Is there a way to reverse the FN keys ( I dont like having to hit FN + F9 to use expose, i hardly ever use the those keys except for volume). Is there a way to make it so when i press the keys i get the normal key and if i want to use the features of the key hit FN + Key? I cant find any way to do this, weird because the documentation for Leopard never mentioned anything about me having to hit FN+F9 etc to use the features
    2: Whenever i reboot into bootcamp and start to play a game, the notebook fans start going crazy and it heats up considerably fast. I usually stop playing after half an hour out of fear i will overheat. Is this normal behaviour for this to happen or could there be something wrong with my notebook?
    Sorry if these sound silly, I am new to all this

    1. I don't think you can since the keys serve two purposes. However, an intrepid programmer may have written a utility for that sort of thing. One never knows. Search at VersionTracker or MacUpdate.
    2. Yes, that's normal because Windows does not have any fan control implemented. I don't think there's a solution for this common problem.

  • Really embarassing questions from a new Mac user

    Okay, I have my new Mac Mini up and running and thought I'd test drive it by creating some simple holiday cards, recipe cards, gift tags, etc.
    What application do I use for this? I found text edit, but that doesn't seem to have any graphics or clip art so to speak and I don't want to use photos.
    Am I stupid? Or is there really no program for this sort of simple thing?
    If I need to purchase additional software, what should I get?

    I'm not sure which stationaries you're talking about, although it's been a while since I used Microsoft Windows in a production environment. I know that Microsoft Works includes quite a few of them, but while it is bundled with many PCs, it's not part of Windows.
    I think iWork features templates for CVs and so forth, and it's supposedly very good for creating stylish documents. FWIW, iWork is usually released at MacWorld San Francisco in January, so you may want to hold off to see if iWork '07 is released (after all, it's just a month away).
    Also, while Pages can import and edit MS .doc files, it's not as good as some other applications. NeoOffice, which is based on OpenOffice.org, is free, Intel-native, and has good compatibility with MS Office documents.

Maybe you are looking for