Thai characters to PDF using smart forms

Hi All,
I have created a smartform which displays order details. The address contains thai characters. While viewing the preview, the characters are displayed correctly.
The OTF form of this print is converted into PDF using the function module CONVERT_OTF and sent as mail attachment.
The issue is in the PDF attachment, thai characters are converted to junk characters. Can anyone suggest how to overcome this?
FYI, for displaying thai characters, chinese font THANGSAN is used.
Thanks & regards,

There is no command like this. If you use device type PDFUC or SWINCF to create the  spool before converting via RSTXPDFT4, then the PDF conversion will be unicode. See SAP note #999712. But you still need to upload true type fonts to support the Thai characters, this time via report RSTXPDF2UC as per note 999712 and the attached guide. The Adobe fonts don't support Thai so it is needed to embed Angsana new true type font into the PDF file to support Thai characters.

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    Hi ,
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    Check out with your SD guy if the items in billing doc have correct pricing conditions triggered.
    From the description it looks like some customizing issue.
    Otherwise revert back with the logic how are you trying to get the net value of item.

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    Thanks in advance.

    When you create Smartform try to replace it in customizing OMLV. Not sure if it will work as it refers to Sap Scirpt in help description.
    It is also possible to write Z program for TO printing and hardcode SmartForm there.

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    U need to use control break statements to acheive ur requirement.

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    Dear Prabhakar,
       Smartforms is exactly the same in ESS too. U just develop it and later just need to attach it to ESS.

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    I'm not sure if SmartForms support the Arial font. You can look for notes on this. Helvetica is almost the same and is supported. So this is what I generally use.

  • How to use smart form for production orders

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    I have a couple of questions about printing out production orders from SAP, from OPK8.
    My ABAPer has developed a smart form and I am trying to use the same for the list LG01, i.e. the object list.
    Since, there was no place to assign a smart form directly, so the ABAPer has copied the existing print program , defined for my ref. order type and LG01 and assigned the new smart form inside the program. This new program has now been assigned against my ref. ord type, LG01 and all the plants, as seen in screenshot below.
    Now, what is happening is that when I give print for my order, a pop-up screen asks for the printer. I give LOCL , check 'print now' and then click on the print preview.
    I can see the new form that has been developed and it is alright.
    Then, when I click on the back arrow, once again the print pop-up screen appears. Now, when I enter LOCL, print now and click  the print preview, then I see another form open up before me. I am assuming that this is some form which was pre-configured in the system, under the section 'Forms', for the same object list LG01.
    Do I have to assign the new smart form under the section "Forms' also, for the ref order type and LG01? or the change in the section 'print programs' is enough for the new form to kick in? Please guide me. I tried to but it gave the error that the form is not created in English. Also , my form is a smart form, not a SAPScript or PDF form, so I wonder if that will help at all.
    Requirement :-      I need to suppress this second form somehow but do not know how to do it. I want that only one form, i.e. my smart form should be printed out when someone gives print from the order.
    Let me know if something is not clear.

    Hi P,
    Go a few steps down and remove flags on the documents you don't want to print:
    this are just suggestions, they can be changed in your production order, in CO02, menu Order->Settings->List Control.

  • How to write special characters in PDF using iText

    How to write special characters encoded with UTF-8 in PDF using iText.

    I don't know what your problem is but that's almost certainly the wrong question to ask about it. Java (including iText) uses only Unicode characters. (You may consider some of them to be "special" if you like but Unicode doesn't.) And when it does that, they aren't encoded in UTF-8 or any other encoding.
    So can you describe your problem? That question doesn't make sense.

  • Upload files like Word,Autocad,Pdf using oracle Forms

    Using Oracle Forms i want upload files like word,autocad,excel,pdf to be stored in oracle database and a download option to download these files.This must be done only by means Forms for intranet.

    Have a look at this paper:
    Webutil Store and Edit documents

  • Problem while printing in ukraine language using smart form

    Hi All,
    Am facing an issue while printing the quality certificate in Ukraine language. I have created the smartform in English,later I maintained the transalations in Ukraine. I will execute the print program by passing the delivery number in selection screen.
    The problem is in print preview every thing is coming fine in Ukraine language except the ship-to party address,But when I issue the print only the ship-to party address in coming in UK rest all are coming as junk characters. Am using  HELVCYR font. I have tried creating form in UK as well but same result.
    Other Ukraine documents are printed correctly using the same printer.
    Please tell me what could be the problem here?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Harikrishna,
                         Which printerdevice you using .Is it supports uk language.Try to findout proper printer device for this.

  • ECC 6.0 wants to use smart forms .

    Hi Friends,
    I have a requirement to generate a PO, I want to use smartforms, As I am new to it I dont know what is the form name and respective driver program. I am using ECC 6.0. please let me know .
    Thanks in advance.

    As a functional consultant, we are not going to do much with the smart forms. The smart forms will be developed by the technical team and it will be attached to the PO output type.
    To view the link please follow the following the steps.
    1. Execute NACE transaction code
    2. Select EF for purchase order
    3. Select Output types below the status bar
    4. Select output type as NEU, in our system if you customized a output type, you can select that
    5. Select Processing routines at the left control panel.
    6. Where you can see the Medium of Print output is linked to either form or the smart form.
    If it is blank speak with your technical team for assigning the same.

  • Regarding printing multiple PO using Smart forms

    Hi Abap Gurus,
                             i have to print the multiple purchase order in smart form such that first purchase order number details in first page. second purchase order in second page. how can i acheive this solution. i searched in sdn but not found a proper solution.

    use this function module
    formname = 'ZTEST_SMARTFORM'
    fm_name = fm_name.
    it passes the function module name generated....
    then call that function module..
    control_parameters = wa_control_par
    output_options = wa_output_options
    job_output_info = it_otf_data
    it_nfal = it_nfal_final.

  • E-Recruiting - Job Posting using smart Forms

    Iam working on adding some customized content to the Job posting which would be visible to the candidates when doing a job search and applying for jobs.
    I have browsed through SAP blogs which have information on using SAP Smart forms for Job posting but never knew how to go about the whole thing.
    I would also want to add my client logo and some image files for the Job posting.
    Can some one provide insights on how exactly to do that?
    P.S --> I found some information on u201CBAdI: Specify Proposal Texts for Postingsu201D  on SAP Help but could'nt find any such one in R/3 to work on. We are running version 6.0.
    G Raj
    Edited by: G Raj on Aug 29, 2008 2:45 PM

    Hello G Raj,
    the BAdI you found is only for providing standard texts in the posting maintainence. If implemented it sets text you use again and again depending on requisition attibutes so the recruiter does not have to type in everything each time.
    For the publication smartform, as for any other data overview, you do not change the standard you just replace the standard example by your company one. You start by copying the standard smartform to keep the correct interface (all e-recruiting smartforms are named HRRCF*) and changing to the layout you need. Then you set the smartform in IMG under SAP E-Recruiting -> Technical Settings -> User Interfaces -> Settings for User Interfaces with Business Server Pages (BSP) -> Assign Parameters to Parameter Types.
    Best Regards
    Roman Weise

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    I am not able to produce some Czech characters like ě and č in pdf using java. Can you please guide me what could be the cause. The characters are coded in properties file and its just neglecting č and ě and taking other character next to it.
    we have used below code to display the characters but its also not working..first we thought its font issue since Helvetica dont come by default in windows but after putting helvetica font also we are not able to produce the characters.
    BaseFont baseFont = BaseFont.createFont(BaseFont.HELVETICA, BaseFont.CP1250, false);
                   Font fontStyle = new Font(baseFont, 12, Font.NORMAL, Color.BLACK);

    baftos wrote:
    4th paragraph at explains it.
    Note also that Java 6 allows you to produce properties files in encodings other than ISO-8859-1, provided you load them via a reader with a matching encoding. (Also see that link posted by baftos.) This might be more practical then the Unicode encoding which was required in earlier versions of Java.

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