The app Spaces keeps me from using two applications at the same time.

I set up Spaces but now experience a bad side-effect. When I need to have Two files/folders/whatever in use because I want to place something from X into Y, I cannot do it because Spaces only lets One application on the desktop at the time; it shoos all the other applications away, and in doing so, it takes away the thing that I wanted to place into the new application that swooshed onto my desktop when I pressed its corresponding square in the Spaces icon in the top control panel.
How can I arrange it so that I can keep Two or three applications available for me to do transfers from one to another?
~ Lorna in Southern California

Ferrell, I have done what you suggested. I clicked onto the Spaces icon in the upper control panel and assigned spaces to six apps: Mail, Safari, iPhoto, iMovie, Pages, and iWeb.
The problem is that if I am one app and I want to put something into that app, then the minute my mouse cursor goes to get that other thing, the original application into which I want the thing put GETS WHOOSHED OFF THE DESKTOP. What I want is for the original app to remain open whilst I go to retrieve a file or folder, and stay open while I put that thing into the original app.
How does one turn off Spaces? I don't mean to delete all the names from the settings.I mean, just turn it off for a while so I can do something which requires for two apps to be open at the same time????
~ Lorna in Southern California

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