The Average Wait Time of SQL instance "CONFIGMGRSEC" on computer " SEC_SITE_SERVER " is too high

I have a SCCM 2012 SP1 CU4 environment with SCOM monitoring installed.
I also do have 4 secondary sites installed below my primary. The secondaries are using SQL 2012 Express version default deployed using the secondary site installation.
My SCOM monitoring is generating tickets with the following message:
The Average Wait Time of SQL instance "CONFIGMGRSEC" on computer "<SEC_SITE_SERVER>" is too high
How can i solve this ? Or do I need to ignore this ?

Never ignore messages, but tune them.
In this specific case you might want to take a look at this:
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    Many thanks.

    A STATSPACK report has data file level I/O tunings, but they include buffered reads, so they are biased.
    Try this in 9i:
    a.average_wait c1,
    b.average_wait c2,
    a.total_waits /(a.total_waits + b.total_waits)*100 c3,
    b.total_waits /(a.total_waits + b.total_waits)*100 c4,
    (b.average_wait / a.average_wait)*100 c5
    v$system_event a,
    v$system_event b
    a.event = 'db file scattered read'
    b.event = 'db file sequential read';
    Or this, in 10g:
    col c1 heading 'Average Waits for|Full Scan Read I/O' format 9999.999
    col c2 heading 'Average Waits for|Index Read I/O' format 9999.999
    col c3 heading 'Percent of| I/O Waits|for scattered|Full Scans' format 9.99
    col c4 heading 'Percent of| I/O Waits|for sequential|Index Scans' format 9.99
    col c5 heading 'Starting|Value|for|optimizer|index|cost|adj' format 999
    sum(a.time_waited_micro)/sum(a.total_waits)/1000000 c1,
    sum(b.time_waited_micro)/sum(b.total_waits)/1000000 c2,
    sum(a.total_waits) /
    sum(a.total_waits + b.total_waits)
    ) * 100 c3,
    sum(b.total_waits) /
    sum(a.total_waits + b.total_waits)
    ) * 100 c4,
    sum(b.time_waited_micro) /
    sum(b.total_waits)) /
    ) * 100 c5
    dba_hist_system_event a,
    dba_hist_system_event b
    a.snap_id = b.snap_id
    a.event_name = 'db file scattered read'
    b.event_name = 'db file sequential read';


    Hi,I have the following code which returns day of week name, position and date and time of surgeries.
    FROM table1The data looks like thisHow can i group this data so I get the average start time by day of week and position?

    try this
    \declare @table table(c1 varchar(20),c2 int,c3 datetime2(0))
    insert into @table
    values('monday',1,'2015-04-29 02:09:42')
    ,('monday',1,'2015-04-29 02:05:42'),
    ('tuesday',1,'2015-04-29 02:59:42')
    ,('tuesday',2,'2015-04-29 02:55:42')
    ;with cte as (select avg(datepart(second,c3)+((datepart(minute,c3)+(datepart(hour,c3)*60))*60)) as c3
    ,c2,c1 from @table
    group by c1,c2)
    select right('0'+cast(c3/3600 as varchar),2)+':'+right('0'+cast((c3%3600)/60 as varchar),2)
    +':'+right('0'+cast((c3%3600)%60 as varchar),2) as [AvgTime],c2,c1 from cte
    Hope it Helps!!

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    I solved it myself, after the "note" which came back from FF/Mozilla just as I finished my message, commenting on what it was that my system had , I wnnt back to check my plug-ins etc. I downloaded the latest Java, BOTH 32bit AND 64 bit versions and latest Firefox.
    Now all is working.

  • Wallboard - Calculating daily average wait time

    In Historical Reporting, if we look up a queue's average wait duration for the day we are given 5:34.
    At the same time, if I pull up avgWaitDuration in RtCSQsSummary, I am given 190505.  What number is this?  Seconds?  if in seconds, and the total calls answered for that queue is 248, then I should be able to divide 190505 by 248.  When I do that, I get 768 seconds.  768 (12:48) is a far cry different from 334 (5:34).  Where am I going wrong?

    Ok, I determined that the number is not actual ASA, but apparently "avg queue time".  I assume this to mean the clock starts when the caller is placed in the queue, after completing the call tree.
    I figured out how to calculate the time provided, and it matches the time in History Reporting for the "avg queue time".  But the time we ACTUALLY want is the "avg speed to answer", as found in History Reporting for each queue.
    What table would I find the ASA from the time the caller enters the call tree?

  • Wait step taking longer time than the defined wait time

    We have very simple BPM with 3 steps: Receive, Wait and Send.
    Wait step has following parameters:
    Type: Wait Specified Time Period
    Duration: 1
    Unit: Minutes
    From the above parameters idelly it should wait only for 60 sec and start the next step which is send step. But Wait step is taking following times: 1m 09s,1m 40s, 3m 40s, 1m 41s, 2m 10s, 2m 16s, 2m 46s, 1m 09s, 1m 40s, 3m 39s
    Does anyone know what could be the reason for above longer wait time??
    [email protected]!n

    Hi Naveen,
    How did you measure these times? Tha additional time might be because of the message processing time included or size of the message is bigger to process.. or may be because of the network traffic..!!
    Check the each time stamp from message monitoring tool in RWB and verify for accuracy.

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    Since purchase of my Mac Air 6 months ago, the spinning colored wheel appears more and more frequently and for longer and longer wait times.

  • About the Average Connection Times

    Hi, guys
    Has anyone tested the connection time about the OCCI?
    we can compute the average time in the following way:
    env->createConnection(userID, userPwd, conStr)
    On my test, the time took about 0.115s to connect to the Oracle Database 10g.
    what about urs?
    Thank you!

    Thanks andreister,
    well, i did my test on the same machine, and i just created a database connection. As to the average time, i put the function in the sys/time.h to get the current time of the system just before and after the createConnection interface, respectively getting the timeStart and timeEnd.
    So the average time i got should be the time the interface createConnection tooks.

  • How much is the average standy time of your iphone4s? Mine is 11 hours ONLY!

    How much is the average stand by time of your Iphone 4s? Mine is 11 hours ONLY. I think this is not normal.

    Please search this forum before posting.  Your issue has been addressed in hundreds of posts already.  Either use the search box at the upper right hand corner, or look in the "More Like This" box immediately to your right.

  • Huge total time(wait time) in SQL statements on NRIV

    Hi experts,
    I found our system has huge total time(wait time exceeeds more than
    20%) and I find a note 840901 is recommended using parallel buffering
    on number range object: RF_BELEG. Unfortunately, our financial
    department insists RF_BELEG should be continuous, chronological order.
    Does SAP has any other solution to fix this issue?
                                                     |               |23,555,002,826 |11,112,702,332,000

    hello Sir,
                   You can check for t-db02-->table analysis and alos look for sapnote : 56987

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    Thanks in advance,

    I'm not sure this will work, but you can try it. ..
    Create a character style that does nothing but apply the contextual alternates attribute (check the box under OpenType Features inthe style defintion dialog). Then add a GREP style to your paragraph style to match the "a" and apply the character style you just created.

  • Is there any script available to fetch the logged in time of all users in a computer for a month?

      I have been searching for a script ,that fetch the logged in time of all the users in a particular computer for a month.I couldnt find anything.
    Thanks in advance for quick response.
    Thanks and regards..
    Midhun P s

    I suggest looking here:
    It's highly unlikely that you'll find something pre-written that will meet all of your requirements, but there should be enough in the repository to give you a starting point.
    EDIT: If you're looking for someone to do all the work for you, you can try posting a request here:
    I have no idea if anyone ever goes through these requests though (I know I don't).
    Don't retire TechNet! -
    (Don't give up yet - 12,700+ strong and growing)

  • High PREEMPTIVE_SP_SERVER_DIAGNOSTICS wait time in sql server 2014 server

    I am seeing high waittimes for PREEMPTIVE_SP_SERVER_DIAGNOSTICS and the server is runninf with high cpu.
    What could have triggered this high waittime, how can this be fixed,
    WaitType Wait_S
    Resource_S Signal_S
    WaitCount Percentage
    AvgWait_S AvgRes_S
    1655043.72 0.00
    4 39.75
    413760.9305 413760.9305
    935157.21 0.00
    343445 22.46
    2.7229 2.7229
    CXPACKET 259912.58
    250608.73 9303.85
    25115286 6.24
    0.0103 0.0100
    PAGEIOLATCH_SH 206350.14
    205563.18 786.96
    37649420 4.96
    0.0055 0.0055
    2430.27 136833.63
    293382681 3.35
    0.0005 0.0000

    I remember I read a user complaining about high waits on PREEMPTIVE_SP_SERVER_DIAGNOSTICS when he installed CU5 for SQL
    Server 2012 SP1, but in your scenario you have a SQL Server 2014 with CU1 (build 2342). I am treating this as a bug and that is the reason I would like you to consider applying CU5, the latest cumulative update, to see if that solves the issue.
    This is the first time I read about this happening on SQL Server 2014 though.
    I would like to suggest you to create a Connect item too, to see if the SQL Server team can suggest you another way to
    treat this issue.
    Hope this helps.
    Alberto Morillo

  • Whats the average charging time for the ipad air?

    just charged a new ipad air for the first time and it took 11 hours, is that normal???

    You can increase the speed of the charge if you turn off all Blue Tooth and Wi-fy and leave it in Air plane mode. It really made a huge difference in my charging time, even if I was reading a book on it. If you don't need Blue Tooth leave it off.

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