The Header in my home page is truncated. My home page Header is cut off. The header appears in Internet Explorer, but not in Mozilla Firefox 3.6.13. How to make the header display in Firefox?

The Header in my home page is truncated. My home page Header is cut off. The header appears in Internet Explorer, but not in Mozilla Firefox 3.6.13. How do make the header display?

(Images or animations do not show) worked well.

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  • Microsoft adcenter ad titles appear in internet explorer but not in firefox in English

    Microsoft adcenter ad titles appear in internet explorer but not in firefox in English
    Tried Microsoft help but so far unable to identify problem.
    Thought it might be connected to java but removal of java makes no difference
    Starting in safe mode resolves problem but about 500 add ons suspected

    If it does work in Safe-mode then disable all your extensions and then try to find which is causing it by enabling one at a time until the problem reappears.<br />
    You can use "Disable all add-ons" on the [[Safe mode]] start window to disable all extensions.<br />
    You have to close and restart Firefox after each change via "File > Exit" (Mac: "Firefox > Quit"; Linux: "File > Quit")
    See [[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]]
    * If you have many extensions then you can first enable half of the extensions to test which half has the problem.
    Continue to divide the bad half that still has the issue until you find which one is causing it.

  • The search of legislation in EUR-LEX is functioning in Internet Explorer but not in Mozilla

    when using simple search in EUR-LEX web site with Mozilla error message appears.
    the simple search in EUR-LEX web site is OK when using Internet Explorer.
    Do I have to change some setting in Mozilla?

    What kind of error do you get?
    Seems to be working fine here.
    Clear the cache and the cookies from sites that cause problems.
    "Clear the Cache":
    * Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Offline Storage (Cache): "Clear Now"
    "Remove the Cookies" from sites causing problems:
    * Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies: "Show Cookies"
    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > Appearance/Themes).
    * Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.

  • Photos on craig's list show up using Internet Explorer, but not with can I fix this?

    Photos from craig's list show up on Internet Explorer but not on can I fix this?

    Try this css for the image:

  • Why does my Web Handler work with Internet Explorer, but not with Firefox

    I am trying to develop a web page that uses the Simile Timeline ( with data from SQL Server.
    In initial testing of my timeline I tested it with Example.xml, a static XML file in the correct format to be event data. I wrote the following in the appropriate place within mytimeline's Javascript: -
    var WebHandler = "Example.xml"
    tl.loadXML(WebHandler, function (xml, url) { eventSourceFamily.loadXML(xml, url) });
    This worked fine with both Firefox and Internet Explorer. I then changed the assignment to
    var WebHandler = "GDBTimeline.ashx?Type=Family&Userid=" + getControlValue("input", "hdnUser");
    so that invoked a web handler that could look up the SQL database and return the XML that I wanted, and wrote this web handler.
    This works perfectly with Internet Explorer, but with FireFox the timeline band is blank. Yet when I examine the http traffic with Fiddler2 ( I see that with either browser there is a response from URL
    that returns the XML that it is supposed to.
    I have previously used web handlers with Firefox before, with no problems. The Fiddler results conclusively show that the web handler is invoked, and returns the appropriate XML, and this XML is identical to the XML from the static test with Example.xml.
    Where do I start looking for answers? I don't even know if this is a Simile problem, a Firefox problem, or an ASP.NET problem.
    Thank you, Robert.

    Problem solved. The issue: Content Type was not correct.
    Visual Studio creates the web handler with dummy code like this: -
    Public Sub ProcessRequest(ByVal context As HttpContext) Implements IHttpHandler.ProcessRequest
    context.Response.ContentType = "text/plain"
    context.Response.Write("Hello World")
    End Sub
    I wrote a database query that set a string variable to the XML I wanted: -
    Public Sub ProcessRequest(ByVal context As HttpContext) Implements IHttpHandler.ProcessRequest
    Dim Outstring as string
    ' my logic to fill Outstring with XML
    context.Response.ContentType = "text/plain"
    End Sub
    This works with Internet Explorer. However it's not strictly correct: to make it work with other browsers as well,
    context.Response.ContentType = "text/plain"
    should be
    context.Response.ContentType = "text/xml"
    It now works with IE, FF, and Chrome, and presumably all others.

  • Why do some emails appear in Intenet Explorer but not on Firefox?

    My friend sent an email using a program in which she used her handwriting for the fonts. The email appears clearly when I use Internet Explorer but all that arrives when I use Firefox is a blank page although her name appears in the Inbox. I can't open some emails that require media player, either.

    Firefox doesn't do email, it's a web browser.
    If you are using Firefox to access your mail, you are using "web-mail". You need to seek support from your service provider or a forum for that service.
    If your problem is with Mozilla Thunderbird, see this forum for support.
    [] <br />
    or this one <br />

  • Why is it that I can recieve my banking information from a website on Internet Explorer but not on FireFox

    I can gain access to my bb&t banking account on Internet Explorer but when I try to enter the same website on FireFox the following message appears:
    Service Unavailable
    The server is temporarily unable to service your request.
    The server is unable to service a request because a needed resource is unavailable.
    Please try again later.

    Hi, I have the same problem, but I have been using firefox 10 for some time. Everything worked well until 3 days ago, when I could not access my internet banking account. As above, I got a service unavailable message from my bank.
    I can connect with internet explorer and safari. I have removed firefox 10 and reinstalled it, but still can not access my bank.
    Any ideas

  • Image does not appear in Internet Explorer but displays in Firefox

    Hi All,
    I have an image in my page in the header section.
    The problem is that the image displays in Firefox but does not display in Internet Explorer.
    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards
    Arif Khadas
    Application Express
    Edited by: Arif Khadas on Feb 13, 2011 2:29 PM

    Hi Jari,
    Thanks for the reply.
    This is the code that is in the Region Source of the Header Section :
    <table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
    <tr width="100%" align="left" valign="top">
      <td align="right" valign="top">
       <a href=""
        <img src="#APP_IMAGES#header.jpg" alt="Bridges Information Technology" WIDTH="1000" HEIGHT="125">

  • Unable to use all the feature of my email service (Juno on the web) like; font size/color, bolding, italics, highlighting etc why? Those features work through Internet Explorer but not Firefox.

    When I go to my Juno on the web through Firefox, I am unable to use the tool features such as:
    Font size / Color
    just to name a few. Yet when I bring it up through Internet Explorer these features work, plus the way Firefox reads my Juno the tabs are distorted (the page is not formatted correctly, I contacted Juno they said I should contact my modem company AT& T they said no so you are my last resort.. Please help resolve my issue, THANK YOU in advance for assisting with this matter.

    It is up to Juno to enable Midas, the Rich Text Editor which is built into Firefox, with one little line of code on every web page that has RTE for IE. There's nothing that you can do to turn that feature on your self, it has to be coded on each web page that has Rich Text Editing. <br />
    Their ignorance probably lies with their staff programmers only knowing how to do it for IE ''(their training and certificates are probably from the Microsoft cabal)'', and not realizing that Gecko and WebKit apps each have their own Rich Text Editor's, which require their own small line of code to enable those Editor's.

  • URL links provided in emails (Windows Mail) stopped working. I get a popup message: "Windows cannot find...." asking me to make the URL is correct. I connect to Internet Explorer, but not Firefox, my default browser.

    I have already updated Firefox to latest version and reset the default mail program to Windows Mail. But Windows Mail now doesn't want to recognize Firefox. If I shift to Internet Explorer, I have no problem. I have no problem receiving or sending emails, just using links contained in them.
    This happened suddenly, two days ago, at the end of a day when linking had been possible, per usual.

    nothing that I could find would solve my problem, so I just gave up trying...
    then I had a group of Microsoft Updates badly interact with each other, causing me all kinds of stability problems involving SQL and printer drivers.
    To fix those issues, I backed out all updates within the prior two months, then [slowly and painfully!] reinstalled them -- when done in groups, you can tell how Microsoft corrects bad updates by noting which ones are not reinstalled.
    I also had to download and install every single MS SQL update available before everything that was broken worked again. Note that none of the updates had titles that suggested anything at all to do with web browsing (other than Internet Explorer) or Firefox.
    There was also at least one Firefox update shortly after my re-installation of Windows Updates.
    Funny thing happened along that path: as of today (version 32.0.1) has none of the problems I reported, but I cannot say for certain which change fixed them: I was far more concerned fixing SQL and printer issues to even test Firefox for default file association settings.
    Sorry that I cannot be more useful, other than the general suggestions to:
    (1) keep your system fully updated with all patches
    (2) keep your anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spybot software current as well
    (3) keep any program that uses HTML and other browser protocols also up to date
    (4) take regular snapshots of your registry, and create a system restore point before every system and software update, so you can more easily back out problems
    (5) keep the installation package(s) for prior version(s) of software (and Windows Update files) at least until you verify an update hasn't broken anything.
    Hope that helps.

  • Cannot expand viewer for ESPN3. The task bar at the bottom is not visable. It works with Internet Explorer, but not with FireFox

    There is a task bar that should be visible so you can expand the viewer to the full size of your computer screen. I can open up internet explorer and it works, but not in FireFox. This is when using ESPN3, or ESPNWATCH.

    A good place to ask questions and advice about web development is at the mozillaZine Web Development/Standards Evangelism forum.
    The helpers at that forum are more knowledgeable about web development issues.
    You need to register at the mozillaZine forum site in order to post at that forum.
    You need to post a link to the website or post relevant parts of the code.

  • Can watch You Tube vidoes on Internet Explorer but not with Firefox. Why?

    This problem has only cropped recently. I don't seem to be able to watch online vidoes - you tube & others - with Firefox (I have the latest version 32) anymore. They start loading & playing & then sit there trying to load but won't go any further. On the other hand, I can use my older version of Internet Explorer to watch the same videos not problem. The play smoothly without stopping & starting. They play as the load. What had changed with my Firefox please? How do I fix this? I am still using Windows XP so prefer not to use Internet Explorer anymore. I hope someone had a simple answer and I don't have heaps of time to trawl through all the questions & answers on the forum! Thanks in advance :)

    Some problems with Flash video playback can be resolved by disabling hardware acceleration in your Flash Player settings. (See [[Flash Plugin - Keep it up to date and troubleshoot problems|this article]] for more information on using the Flash plugin in Firefox).
    To disable hardware acceleration in Flash Player:
    #Go to this [ Adobe Flash Player Help page].
    #Right-click on the Flash Player logo on that page.
    #Click on '''Settings''' in the context menu. The Adobe Flash Player Settings screen will open.
    # Click on the icon at the bottom-left of the Adobe Flash Player Settings window to open the Display panel. <br/> <br/>[[Image:fpSettings1.PNG]] <br/>
    # Remove the check mark from '''Enable hardware acceleration'''.
    # Click '''Close''' to close the Adobe Flash Player Settings Window.
    # Restart Firefox.
    This [ Flash Player Help - Display Settings page] has more information on Flash Player hardware acceleration, if you're interested.
    Also, unrelated to Flash, the latest version of Firefox is version 33, you can update either by going to:
    * Help (or [[Image: New Fx Menu]] > [[Image: Help-29]]) > About Firefox
    Or download a fresh copy at:
    * (if you need a different localization)
    Does this solve the problem? Let us know.

  • Symbols show up in Internet Explorer but not Firefox, how do I fix this?

    Symbols like ♡ or ★ (both of which I copy and pasted and can't see at all, they are just empty spaces without hex codes). I've installed the dejavu and symbola fonts but most symbols still do not show up. I tried checking on Internet Explorer and they show up there but not on Firefox, is there some way to fix this? Thank you.

    Having this problem too. I just purchased a new laptop 2-3 weeks ago: Windows 7, 64-bit, currently running FF 7.0.1. Both IE9 and Chrome display with no trouble.
    Most of the language tables are fine and the hex code boxes show up like they should for fonts I don't have versus just being blank. I see a TON of blank cells once I get to the Mathematical Operators table (~20% filled). Geometric Shapes is pretty sparse and there's almost nothing in Dingbats. I've verified that these are not blank in other browsers.
    Is this likely a FF7 bug? My previous laptop had no issues displaying these characters and I don't think I had updated from FF6 before switching to the new laptop.

  • Flex Plugin that calls Webservice works in Internet Explorer but not firefox

    I created a simple flex plugin that consumed a web service i
    built and was working with it locally. I uploaded the files to the
    server, and when i test the file out in internet explorer, the
    plugin loads great. However when firefox or any other browser
    attempts to load the same file i get "Http Request Error"? I've got
    a crossdomain.xml loaded up.. here it is:
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <!DOCTYPE cross-domain-policy
    SYSTEM "">
    <allow-access-from domain="*" secure="false" />
    Any ideas? Thanks. I should note that the webservice and the
    plugin are both on the same domain.

    I was playing around some more, when i yank the
    crossdomain.xml, both browsers display a security error, but when i
    put it back in, internet explorer is happy but firefox still spits
    out "Http Request Error"

  • Folder appears in Windows Explorer, but not in the Open File dialog

    I hope this is the right place to post this. If not, please let me know where is.
    A friend just showed me a weird problem he is having with his computer. He is using Windows 7 pro, and has a folder under My Documents, in which he keeps his work files. He emails these files using Gmail, which he accesses via Internet Explorer.
    All worked fine until a few days ago, when he noticed that when he clicked the link in Gmail to attach a file, his folder wasn't listed in the Open File dialog. He looked in Windows Explorer, and could see the folder OK. I tried opening Word and using the Open
    File dialog there, and the folder wasn't visible.
    If he clicks in the address bar, and adds the folder name to the path, it opens the folder, but shows it as empty. I actually has two subfolders. If he adds the name of a subfolder, then the Open File dialog shows the files in that folder.
    I checked the permissions on the folder, and couldn't see anything odd. What I don't understand is how the folder can be visible in Windows Explorer, and not in the Open File dialog.
    Anyone any ideas? Thanks
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    I can confirm - I'm having the exact same problem.
    When I try to lookup or save a file from an IE file dialog some folders do not show up. I can type the folder name into the directory field and it then goes there, but this assumes you know the directory name and it's a PITB.
    Firefox can browse to the directory directly.
    It would be interesting if anyone else found a fix for this - I'll post here again if I find out more somewhere else, but there are not too many threads out there as far as I have found for now.
    Found a solution over at answers at Microsoft dot com. (can post links here yet - will update once I can)
    In short: There's a fast fix for this issue by resetting a hidden flag that IE sets for some folders. I believe this part of the "protected mode" feature, though I can't confirm and also have no idea how this would protect me from any intruders,
    if only (unimportant) subfolders are protected ...
    Anyway - if you know the name of the missing folder (e.g. from browsing the directories form windows explorer): in the parent directory that has the folder missing do a Search (in box at top right) for the missing
    folder name. In my case the hidden folder shows up in the search - now right click -> Properties -> clear hidden flag. Note: this "hidden" flag is independent of the flags set in windows explorer - that's why you have trouble going there with IE and not
    the file explorer from the desktop.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi! I've had a significant problem with Safari lately. Leopard running 10.5.5, latest Flash Player, Macbook Pro 2.33 ghz, 17". On several flash sites, epecially those that require a lot processing power like fullscreen pages, after 5 minutes Safari l

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