The iOS 6.01 killed the Apple SD reader on my IPad 3 (purchased new in May). What gives Apple? Support phone call useless.

The iOS 6.01 killed the Apple SD reader on my IPad 3 (purchased new in May). What gives Apple? Support phone call useless. iOS installed today November 3 and dialog box came up say device no longer supported.
It's an Apple SD card reader (purchased the same week in Syracuse,NY) and it worked fine yesterday after part one of a Day of the Dead shoot in central Mexico.
As a professional journalist I traveled with the iPad and a Nikon D80 and lenses and flash. My MacBook would be addded weight so this application (the iPad) fits the bill.
I was in Paris for a month in October and shot thousands of photos. Often did not have wireless and used the iPad as a photo safe to store the photos.
Back in the Paris apartment the Photostream worked great.
So what gives Apple...I upgrade my Ipad 1 for an Ipad 3 and now it's useless in this application and the new iOS. Was there any warning or information that this would happen? Or did you test the iOs on the iPad 4? Afterall the iPad 3 is, what 5 months old?
But, and a big BUT Apple, I can buy an iPad 4 and use the thunderbolt SD card reader. Is this how you become a world class company???
Our next Apple purchase is not going to be that...was going to be an Ipad mini for my wife to use on the road in her job. She travels giving anesthesia.
We are an Apple family....My first Apple was an Apple II and had a Newtown (that still works).
And we now have an iPhone, 2 MacBookPros, 2 Apple TVs.
My other computer is an old PC that works with my professional weather station and also interfaces with my ham radio. While I dislike the stability of Windows the system allows me to tinker and work with other devices.
How can Apple not recognize that folks do want to do thing the way they have been and also abandon DVD/CD drives from computers yet at the same time Apple will sell you its own DVD/CD drive.
I have always loved my early AppleII but had to abandon it for writing and editing  (early photo editing and design was still a dream then) because most companies "did not support Apple," I was told by corporate IT people. So a love hate period of using PCs.
Now Apple does not support users but it will sell us the latest gadget. This is stupid marketing and wrong consumption by America.
I don't want to trust the Cloud for everything and want the ability to edit and stroe photos with ease and not always reply on wi-fi.
Maybe I should shell out $69 for tech support.

Hey wmhwilson,
first of all you are not addressing apple in these forums. We are all just users like you trying to help eachother out. I can almost guarantee they didn't pull the support for the card reader from ipad 3. As i have a nikon camera and d5000 and a card reader running on ipad 3 and i just did a import from the sd card after I read your comments. It could be a bug within your ipad. Try restarting the ipad, if you have everything back up to icloud do a full reset then restore from icloud.
Second, going off on a tangent about apple and their business practices, in support forums which are user based, really wont get you much help. We come here to help people like you and there are way to many folks who go out venting and we all heard it before and kinda getting bit tired off it.
Third, before doing proper diagnostics, rebooting, restoring ipad, using different SD card, try using usb connector directy to the camera, don't assume that apple pulled the plug on it. It could be a bug that slipped through testing however I highly doubt it since its working for me.
So try rebooting, restoring ipad from icloud (if you have back up), try inserting a different SD card. Since you are photographer you must have more then one. Try using the other connector that comes with camera kit.

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