The positioning of color palette pop-up window in CS6

I just updated to CS6 and noticed a very annoying phenomenon.
The screenshot is my top right corner of the monitor. As you can see, the color pop-up window goes beyond the monitor. Since you can't move the pop-up window at all, there's no way I can change the color for any Filters unless I move the Properties window in the middle of the monitor. Has any of you experienced this issue? Any workarounds? I'm running Fireworks CS6 on Mac OS X 10.7.4. Thanks!

The distance horizontally between the color chip and the color picker is unusually large in that screenshot. On my setup (FW CS6 on Mac OS 10.6.8), the color picker appears consistently very close to the color chip, even if I drag the Properties inspector to the top right of the screen.
Do you still have CS5 installed, and does the same thing happen there? The arrangement of panels seems very unusual... Is it possible there might be an unexpected interaction between them? (Have you observed this issue with one of the default workspace arrangements?) It's not a very satisfying workaround, but you could use your Swatches panel as a color picker replacement; they're linked in CS6.
Another user recently reported a problem with the color picker appearing offscreen in Lion:

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    check the following program
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    Is this a (known?) bug or does it only happen on my Macs? (two: one in the office, one at home, both running 10.4.6)

    I guess the difference is that my description text is longer.
    Try this text for a new rule:
    "From: blacklisted senders 1 - move to SPAM-blacklisted-addresses"
    When you want to see this text completely with the default font, you will need to enlarge the Preferences window for "Rules". After that, click to "Signatures": the window stays at the enlarged width. Then click on any of the other areas in Preferences, and the window goes back to the "normal" width. When you then click on either "Signatures" or "Rules", the Preferences window will stay at the "normal" width (resulting in a truncated display of the rule description text).
    Also: when you have moved the Preferences window to a position not covered by a (large) viewer window to access it with a mouse click, close the window and re-open Preferences, it is back to a position covered by the viewer window. Again not accessible when the viewer window is the front-most window. BTW: the "Activity viewer" window does a better job in sticking to a fix position.

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    Once you draw the icon in the picture indicator, you can use the following vi to extract all the information you need from the picture indicator to save your icon as a .bmp file:
    Picture to Pixmap
    Just recall the size of the icon is 32x32 pixels.
    If you are using Moore's icon tools, you can use the vi attached. Moore's tools can be found at:
    Attachments: ‏76 KB

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    Ok, so I did not see this feature request for LR4 but was able to find a few references for it under LR3 (which I apparently missed before posting this request).  Is this simple request really that difficult a programming feat?

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    I am changing the lightblue  background (#F5F7F9) of the portal by downloading the theme
    and the unzip the and then the
    Change the values to the required background color.

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    Try a clean reinstall.
    * Download a fresh Firefox copy and save the file to the desktop.
    * Firefox 7.0.x:
    * Uninstall your current Firefox version.
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    Your bookmarks and other profile data are stored elsewhere in the Firefox Profile Folder and won't be affected by a reinstall, but make sure that you do not select to remove personal data if you uninstall Firefox.

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    The SSL certificate for has expired. You need to wait for Apple to get it renewed.

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    In older versions of AppleWorks, you used to be able to click and hold on the color palette pop up on the pen or object fill button and "tear" the palette off. Doing so would give you a whole host of different options, such as specifying the percentage of a selected color to make different shades based on the same color. This doesn't seem to work in the current version. Is there a way to do this or has this feature been removed for some reason?

    The tearaway palettes in AW 5 were replaced with the Accents window in AW 6.
    In Draw mode, go to the Window menu and choose Shoow Accents.

  • Reports ( developer crashes when I try to import a color palette

    I had enough with this Reports Developer tool. Did not have this problem with 6i version (have been using for years) and do not have problem with changing the color palette with Forms in the version. But the :([email protected]#$%! reports keeps crashing when I try to change (import) a color palette. The only option available is the Export color palette, the Import is always greyed out. This report that I am trying to change the color palette was originally designed with 6i reports tool and I am porting it to iAS format. It is running on Linux. If I start a new report (from scratch) in iDS (reports tool), then I have the paper layouts uses the new canvas of the iDS. But if you try to open up an old report, it shows the old color palette and does not allow importing the proper new color palette. I had no problem with changing the color palette when porting 6i forms to 10gR2 forms. Whe the hell the reports is not working? It supposed to be the same process to import a color palette. I need to port this old reports into new iAS format and this stupid color palette stuff is holding us back.
    Any step by step instructions to import a color palette in Reports, is appreciated. Write it for dummies please - I am tired and need step by step instructions please. I never liked the Reports tool (contrary to Forms) and I hate it now.
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