The role of Reporting agent once we have BEx Broadcaster

Hi all,
I understand the BEx broad caster does the pre calculation of Web template, distribution by various mechanisms...So in this context, how and when Reporting agents will be necessary ? Can any one give the differences between those two ??
best regs
D Bret

For some time both will be needed. It is true that some things Reporting Agent did, send a report, BEx Broadcaster does better. But certain Reporting Agent features have not migrated yet. Here's how to think about it: If you want to run a query and store the data in a table for later use, you still need Reporting Agent. This covers priming the OLAP cache, Web template precalculation, pre-run Exceptions, etc.
If you want to present these query results, the means have moved to BEx Broadcaster. That's emailing a workbook, emailing a query result or a link, publishing in the Portal.
(Not) Coincidentally, the first set of features are mostly or exclusively ABAP-based and the second set is based on NetWeaver Java WAS.
Hope this helps,
Doug Childs

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    Hi Ray,
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    Hope that helps.
    Mr Kapadia

  • Creation of report with the help of report painter

    Dear Experts,
                         I need report painter material, if any body have  pls  farward to me.
    my intension to create controlling report with the help of report painter.
    I am ready to award full points.
    Thanks in advance
    Moderator - Please read this:
    /thread/931177 [original link is broken]
    Thread locked

    Hello Chinasammy,
    Report Painter allows you to create reports using data from SAP application components, which you can adapt to meet your individual requirements.
    Many of your reporting requirements can already be met by using the standard reports provided by various SAP application components. If these SAP standard reports do not meet your reporting needs, Report Painter enables you to define your specific reports quickly and easily.
    When executing a Report Painter report, it is displayed by the system in Report Writer format. You thus have access to the same functions as for Report Writer reports defined in the same way, and can combine Report Painter and Report Writer reports together in a report group.
    Report Painter uses a graphical report structure, which forms the basis for your report definition and displays the rows and columns as they appear in the final report output.
    To facilitate report definition, you can use many of the standard reporting objects provided by SAP (such as libraries, row/column models, and standard layouts) in your own specific reports. When you define a Report Painter report you can use groups (sets). You can also enter characteristic values directly.
    Advantages of Report Painter include:
    Flexible and simple report definition
    Report definition without using sets
    Direct layout control: The rows and columns are displayed in the report definition as they appear in the final report output, making test runs unnecessary.
    Below mentioned is the process for creating reports using Report Painter as a tool.
    Selecting and maintaining a library for your report: As the transfer structure to Report Painter you use a report table, which is defaulted by SAP and can not be maintained. This table contains characteristics, key figures and predefined columns. In a library, you collect the characteristics, key figures, and predefined columns from the report table, which you need for your Report Painter reports.
    When you define a Report Painter report, you assign it to a library. Reports assigned to one library can only use the characteristics, key figures, and predefined columns selected for that library.
    When you create or maintain a library, the Position field determines the sequence in which the characteristics, key figures or (predefined) key figures appear in the Report Painter selection lists when you define a report. This allows you to position the objects that you use regularly in your reports at the beginning of the selection lists. If you do not make an entry in the Position field, you will not be able to use this object in Report Painter reports.
    You can use either the standard SAP libraries for your reports or define your own.
    (ii) Selecting or maintaining a standard layout for your report: Standard layouts determine report layout features and the format of your report data.If the SAP standard layouts do not meet your reporting requirements, you can create a new  standard layout or change an existing one.
    (iii) Defining row and column models: A model is a one-dimensional, predefined reporting structure that you can insert in either the rows or columns of your report.If you often use the same or similar row or column definitions in your reports, it is recommended that you create row or column models.
    You must define the row and/or column models that you want to include in your report definition before you define the report.
    You can also use the standard column models supplied by SAP.
    (iv) Defining the report: Defining a Report Painter report involves the following steps.
    (a) Define the report columns: You define the report columns using the characteristics, key figures, and predefined columns selected for the library that the report uses. Alternatively, you can use a column model for column definition. Column models are predefined column structures which you insert into your entire column definition, instead of defining each individual column.
    (b) Define the report rows: You define the report rows using the characteristics selected for the library selected for the report.
    Alternatively, you can use a row model for your row definition. Row models serve the same purpose as column models, but are used to define a report row.
    Edit and format the report rows and columns in line with your requirements. (For example, you can hide rows or columns, define the column width or define colors for your report rows).
    (iii)Define general data selection criteria for the selection of your report data: Selection criteria are the characteristics used to select data for the entire report. You cannot enter characteristics as data selection criteria if they are already being used in the report rows or columns.
    (iv) Assigning the report to a report group: Once you have defined a report, you must assign it to a report group. A report group can contain one or more reports from the same library. However, reports that share the same data will select data more quickly and improve processing time.
    Hopw this helps you. Please let me know if you need anything more and assign points.

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