Thin Outline Around Pohoshop Text

If I create text in Photoshop CS2 with a bevel and emboss, or some other looks, I get a thin white outline around the text when viewed inside Motion 2. I've tried importing the PSD file in numerous ways, I tried rasterizing the layer inside Photoshop but it stays the same. I rendered the movie to see if it would still be there - it is.
Here are some sample photos:
Thank You
- Daniel

You have a problem with alpha type.
Right click on your layer with text in Motion -> Reveal Source Media.
The Media tab should appear in Inspector. Change Alpha Type at the top of the list of parameters to Premultiplied-White.
That's all.

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    ...even after setting it to "Invisible Rectangle" in the settings box.
    I'm trying to get a flash animation, converted to quicktime movie (imported with legacy format option), embedded into the PDF, and then playing as the page becomes visible (i.e. the look you'd get if you were using powerpoint)
    test file attached...
    This is my 2nd preference as I was trying to get my flash animation embedded into my InDesign file which then was to be exported to PDF... but when I tried both quicktime movie and SWF it caused my Acrobat to "unexpectedly quit"... again and again... so after much frustration have given up and was trying to embed the quicktime movie into the PDF - which will be take up much more time as it's a 150 pg presentation in InDesign and every time I send the PDF for approval I will need to reimport the movies into the PDF... but at least it doesn't crash out... BUT just can't get rid of the thin black line around the movie.
    I convinced the client to do the 150pg presentation in InDesign not powerpoint (as has been done previously) but need to offer them the same offering as powerpoint with all the animation - which I thought would be no problem with importing flash files into InDesign - but I'm finding it fraught with difficulties!
    They'll be wishing they used Powerpoint!
    Any help would be so much appreciated
    PS using Adobe CS4, Mac OSX 10.4, Acrobat 9

    Thanks very much for the response Sandee. I tried your suggestion of the  Annotation option and this worked! - wonderful.. altho this test now works for me I'd still love to get it working from InDesign.
    What I'm trying to achieve... my client had 5 powerpoint presentations that need updating with new branding (totally about 160 pages - with about 20 basic animations - i.e. flashing lights on products etc).
    I sold him on the idea of using InDesign/PDF rather than powerpoint - but am needing to find an easy solution for the animations. So I've been working on this test file. Have self taught myself on a basic flash animation (from and tried importing both SWF and QT .MOV into InDesign and then exporting to PDF and when it loaded up in Acrobat it would always "unexpectedly quit" upon opening... even after trying different versions of PDF compatibility and restarting etc.
    Is there something obvious that I'm not doing right?
    Also if I get it to work, does that mean that my client and all their staff around the world will need to be Acrobat Reader 9?
    Thanks again for your time and help

  • Outline Around Static Text?

    I've been trying to change the color of some static text using Flash Pro 8, and I can't figure out why, when I publish the file, the text looks like it's outlined in white. Almost like the stroke is white but the fill is the color I'm looking for. There are no filters, and I've changed every option I can think of. Any ideas how I can make the text a solid color instead of being white with a colored interior? I appreciate the help!

    The text may have a glow filter applied to it.  Check the filters section of the Properties panel to see if anything is being applied.  I assuming you're editing someone else's work and not your own, otherwise, you'd probably know if it has one.
    Can you show a picture of it (use the camera icon to insert it in your post)?

  • How do I create an outline around text please

    hi all, How do I create an outline around text please

    You can see here that you can simply apply a stroke to live text by double clicking the stroke icon in the bottom left of the toolbar and selecting a color. I chose red.
    If you select the text, then go to Type > Create Outlines, you get more options in the stroke palette, like whether the stroke is aligned to the outside or inside of the text object's boundary. The text below is outlined with the stroke aligned to the outside.

  • I'm shooting great white screen but when I key out the white background, I have a very thin white outline around my person that I don't know how to soften without loosing some facial opacity. Any suggestions?

    I'm shooting white screen and FINALLY have my lighting, white balance, exposure and focus making a great looking, crispy clip! But when I key out the white background in a short segment, I'm left with a very thin, white outline around my person that I don't know how to soften, without loosing facial opacity. I only tried using the 'Edges' tool. Any suggestions?

    set the wake-on lan on the main computer
    The laptop's too far away from the router to be connected by ethernet. It's all wifi.
    No separate server app on the laptop, it's all samba
    The files are on a windows laptop and a hard drive hooked up to the windows laptop. The windows share server is pants, so I'd need some sort of third party server running. Maybe you weren't suggesting to use Samba to connect to the windows share though?
    I'm glad that you've all understood my ramblings and taken and interest, thanks The way I see it, I can't be the only netbook user these days looking for this kind of convenience, and I certainly won't be once chrome and moblin hit the market.
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  • Help! How do I get rid of this annoying outline around text after exporting to a PNG

    I designed a text document in illustrator and it looks illustrator. As soon as I export it to a PNG, an annoying outline around text appears. What do I do?????

    For text or 1-color items you can try the .gif format for sharper edges.
    Try changing the color of your matte to what the colro of the background is. The image will lok bad, unless you put that on top of your background.

  • Grey outline around text

    Hi I have designed a brochure in illustrator which has a black background and white text, with magenta headings.  The printers are saying that there is a grey line around the text and yet I have applied no stroke and they also mention that it is not trapping?  I have designed the brochure in CS6 and they have CS5 and have selected illustrator CS5 when saving it but I am not sure how to fix it.
    Appreciate your advice.

    an off topic thought
    Jacob Bugge wrote:
    #000000 is RGB (or web) speak. Literally translated to CMYK it would be soaking black rather than rich black....
    Jacob, while the OP should speak a CMYK color space given this is the destination, if by soaking you mean C=100% M=100% Y=100% K=100% which is exceeding the allowed ink coverage, this is not possible in color managed programs if the color values are entered using the RGB color model. For example in a CMYK document using the RGB sliders set to 0 in the Color panel or entering #000000 in the hexadecimal input field of the Color Picker will result in CMYK values with the maximum ink coverage allowed as defined in the color space (profile) of the document. This can be seen in the Color Picker by checking the CMYK values when entering  #000000 or in the Color panel by switching to the CMYK sliders after using the RGB sliders. Changing the document profile for different paper using Edit > Assign Profile will give different CMYK values for the same RGB values that take into account the maximum ink coverage because print profiles for different media are made also using densitometers.
    And if the document is in RGB color mode but the destination is CMYK, the values will be converted at one point by software according to certain predefined rules and I don't think there will be ever a case where R=0 G=0 B=0 will end up as C=100% M=100% Y=100% K=100%. Soaking is only possible if entering CMYK values in a CMYK document and one way to ensure that the ink coverage will not be exceeded is for the very dark and black colors to enter the values using the RGB color model (sliders). Of course this will work properly only if the document profile is the same as the color profile of the printer (paper).

  • White outline around images in pdf

    Ok I've searched google for help and have not found any tips. I'm using CS4. I'm creating a document in indesign. I've placed some psd files into the document. In photoshop they are an object with a transparent background.
    Now they look fine when printing and when viewing in indesign. But when i output as a ps from indesign, then take it into distiller it creates a pdf with a white outline around the image. Why is this happening? See attachement. Outline is on the bottom, it's a really thin line.
    I do file print, select adobe pdf 8.0 then i pick the postscript option, then hit print to save the pdf. I've tried changing from CMYK to leave unchanged for color options. Please help!!!

    Try searching for the term stitching. That should give you plenty.
    In short, what you're seeing is the result of your archaic workflow causing the transparency to be flattened. The preferred and recommended method for PDF creation is through direct export, maintaining all transparency in the document.

  • Grenerating Outlines creating ARCed text

    I have some text that has a graphical outline around it. This
    text needs to be Dynamic for localization. However, I still need to
    have the outline appear around the text. I was hoping that this was
    something that would be built in to Flash CS3. It's not. Is there a
    way to do this in AS?
    1. Load text
    2. Show visible text w/Outlines
    ARCed Text
    Is there a way to dynamically arc the text without breaking
    it down into small movieclips or text fields?

    It's in the Type menu...
    BUT, outlining type for anything other than creating some sort of special effect is considered poor practice for a variety of reasons, including loss of editability, searchability, and loss of embellishments like automatic bullets and numbers, underlines, and paragraph rules that only work with actual text. If you feel you must outline text, and you are using CS2, see InDesignSecrets » Blog Archive » Converting Text to Outlines The Right Way

  • Draw a thin border around an inputText box????

    I would like to draw a thin border around an inputText box but when I use the following, I am getting a thin border around the inputText box as well as the label (text) associated with it. I don’t really want this border around the label.
    border-width:thin; border-style:solid
    So how can I draw a thin border just around a inputText box only (Not around the label associated with the inputText) ?

    I found the answer. Just do the following to draw a thin border around a inputText box.
    border-width:thin; border-color:rgb(0,0,0)

  • Encode results in "halo" effect around black text...

    I'm not sure where the problem lies. I am encoding a project and I have noticed a problem primarily around black text that appears throughout.
    *Here are the Compressor settings:*
    What Can I do to lessen the "halo" around black text?

    Like all heavy compression codecs such as DV, MPEG2 has serious issues with what we call high risetime pixel transitions. Reduce the detail level. You may need to add some preprocessing blur to help diminish the mosquito noise. Make the text slightly transparent. Add a nice soft drop shadow. If you're going to add an outline, make it softer than you think is necessary.
    If you are merely encoding a file that you cannot change, you will need to study the MPEG2 compression discussions very carefully. Encoding is a dark art, loaded with uncomfortable compromises and difficult decisions that require lowered expectations. Encoding output is directly proportional to the effort put into programming new settings at every scene change.

  • Unwanted thin border around DIV

    So I have two pages (not online yet) in a site I am builing.
    They both have an arrow rollover (about 60x40px made in PS), The
    first one is fine and the arrows sits on the background seemlessly.
    I used the same master file, but changed the arrow color. Made
    another page but on this page I can see a thin white border around
    the 40x60 box the arrow sits in . The border bvalue is set to 0. It
    sits on black. I tried no BG color, and Black BG color and neither
    made a differnce. I am really stumped. What causes a thin white
    outline around and object/DIV like this?

    The image itself probably has the border in it. Remake the
    image and be
    careful when you export it to make sure there is no border.
    Murray --- ICQ 71997575
    Adobe Community Expert
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    "iptinak" <[email protected]> wrote in
    news:gckfrn$ou7$[email protected]..
    > okay, it is something about how the image is saved. I
    took the new arrow
    > out
    > and inserted the old one to the same page. No border.
    They are both JPGS.
    > I
    > realize now that when I made the first one I never saved
    saved the PS
    > original
    > files. I opened the JPG and over laid on top to redo it.
    I must have saved
    > it
    > differently but I don;t see any differences. What am I
    missing here?

  • I was just wondering what do the different color circles mean when I've located my iphone. So far I've seen a green dot with a green bigger outlined circle around it , a gray circle , a gray circle with a gray bigger outline around it , a real big green c

    I was just wondering what do the different color circles mean when I've located my iphone. So far I've seen a green dot with a green bigger outlined circle around it , a gray circle , a gray circle with a gray bigger outline around it , a real big green circle like the whole circle is dark green. I'm mainly just wondering can you tell if they are texting or using the phone at the time or if its on off or on vibrate is that what those different colors mean?

    Hi MyStErYbItCh69,
    If you are looking for more information on the map indicators in Find My iPhone, you may find the following article helpful:
    iCloud: Locate your device
    - Brenden

  • Transfer footage iMovie 08 to iMovie 06 HD & change outline color for text

    I have a completed video that is basically all stills. I would like to transfer the stills in their current sequence and if possible with their current crop styles ie Ken Burns without having to start ALL over. Is this possible? Just downloaded 06 HD because I wanted more editing options that iMovie 08 seems to be lacking.
    Also, how do you change the outline color for text in titles? At one point it switched from black to white but I have no idea how it happened... now its back to black.
    Lastly, are we only allowed to place music exactly at the head of a clip or is there a setting I am unable to find that unlocks that "snap to" function?
    Thank you.
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    Thanks....I was thinking that was probably it. Will be a little time consuming, but I'll feel better in the end knowing a vacation and bunch of summer stuff is back on tape for archiving.

  • Creating a frame around a text box?

    I'm new to Illustrator (I'm running CS4 on a Mac) and I'm creating what is essentially an organization chart. (It's actually something more of a decision tree, but that's not important.)
    I've searched some other forums and I discovered the Area Type Options. I'm using that to create 6 pixels of inset spacing between my text and the outside of the text box. Now, I'd like to have a 1 or 2 point frame drawn automatically around the text box. One place told me to go to Object > Text Frame. However, when I highlight the text box and go to Object there is not Text Frame option (either available or grayed out).
    It doesn't seem that I should have to manually go through the work of drawing a rectangle around every text frame.
    Can someone point me in the right direction to have Illustrator make the blue (electronic) frame into a real visible one?
    Thank you in advance,
    Bflat Blues

    Thank you so much. That did the trick.
    However, I'm surprised how arcane this simple technique seems to be. I wanted to draw a straightforward org chart and Illustrator didn't appear to make it straightforward at all.
    It's probably me. From what I can see, a new Illustrator user trying to use it for something this simple is like using dynamite to kill a fly.
    I just need to play with it more as I'm working through exercises.
    Once again, thank you.

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