Third Party Online Storage

I have a client that has a lot of 1,000 mp3 files to be uploaded in the site. Business Catalyst doesn't have a good deal when it comes to online storage [$10/1 GB annually]. GoDaddy has a great deal so I'm going for that.
My question is, Is it possible to host my site using BC but use the online storage thru GD?

Play them for free. It's a church website. Similar to this one :
Here is the site that i'm building this week: Matthew
Thank you for the links. But I think I got already my own style.
If the visitor click the blue "play" icon, It will open a new tab in html5 audio format. If they want to download the audio, they can click the "down" icon on the right side.
If the third party online storage will work. Can you please show me step by step how to do it?

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  • Who is the favorite third party storage provider?

    Who can you recommend as a third party storage provider for my very large I-Photo file?

    If the collection of Photos is indeed "very large", then online storage (simply for Backup purposes) is impractical. It takes too long to transfer the files.
    If you want to provide ACCESS to the files for others, the features provided by the service outweighs all other considerations.

  • My photostream is not the same on all my devices. Is there a solution for having access to my photos on all my devices beside using a third party storage like dropbox to keep my photos from selfdestructing in 30 days?

    Why can't I have all my photos saved in my photostream across devices?  It seems like on my iPad that my photostream is only the pictures from the last 30 days, sometimes I need to text out pictures from my iPad that are older than 30 days or have to use older photos for presentations etc. (I'm a teacher).  I have taken to uploading all my photos on dropbox so that I have access to all of them  on all my devices but is there a way of still doing this with iCloud without having to save your photos in some third party storage? This is awful.  I appreciate the return of the camera roll but a lot of times I don't have my phone with me in the classroom and need to be able to do all the things that I do on my phone on my iPad.  Also do not have enough storage to store the photos on my iPad.

    Try looking at the iCloud Photo Library.
    See here: iCloud Photo Library beta FAQ - Apple Support

  • Third party lightning cable sold on apple online store not supported

    Since I upgraded my iphone 5s to ios 8.1.1, my belkin lighning cable became an unsupported accessory
    however with my ipad air still sticking with ios 8.0.2, the cable seems fine
    been trying to contact with apple online service but they just won't stop telling me to restore my iphone.
    did anyone come across this problem with any third party "MADE FOR IPHONE" certified lightning cables?

    If Apple Support tell you to restore ,why do you think you know better ???
    Restoring will likely resolve a corruption of the iOS as I expect you have used over the air to update previously
    However if you know better ....................go forth

  • Third party storage adding to VDI host

    dear all,
    Currently I'm doing evaluation test of Third party storage(Dot hill iSCSI) for Oracle VDI.
    during test I have encounted some error for adding storage phase.
    after mount LUN of Dot hill storage,
    when i try to add storage to VDI host , error is occured with this message.
    Error executing command 'iscsiadm -m node -T -p -l' on host '': iscsiadm: No records found
    I just wonder something is wrong or this Dot hill storage doesn't have compatibility with Oracle VDI.
    Any comment will be appreciated!

    Are you trying to do this on a Linux or Solaris host? Generic iSCSI storage is only supported with Linux but not on Solaris.

  • Cannot check Allow Third-Party Content from Global Storage Settings panel.

    I cannot check the box that says Allow   Third-Party Content To Store Data On Your Computer in the Global Storage Settings panel. I have seen many other people with this issues but they have either been unresolved or the resolutions to the problems do not work for me.
    I am running
    Windows XP SP2 32bit
    Firefox 3.6.6 32 bit
    Can somebody please help me resolve this issue?

    When you open Windows Explorer, type %appdata% into the address bar, and it will take you to the location.
    On Windows XP this is usually C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data
    From there go down to the 'Adobe' and 'Macromedia' folders and delete the 'Flash Player' folder in each.

  • Third party addons on Lync Online

    Is it possible to install addons from Microsoft partners onto a Lync online plan?

    Yes, you can but that's depend on Add-ons
    For example below link show third party tool integrate with Lync online
    Also you can refer below link
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  • Xsan and Third Party Storage

    I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to this -- but will Xsan work with third-party storage (i.e a non-Xserve RAID)? I'm pretty sure as long as it's a certified Fibre Channel device that all is good. I just wanted to get feedback from those who have tried it (and let me know what storage you're using).

    Links to 2 other threads on this same page:
    I encourage you to read the threads just a bit before posting, thanks.

  • Can i add third party Charting contol to Sharepoint online

    I plan to use Third party charting control like Kendo UI, can I do it on SharePoint online.

    Hi Michael Steward,
    I just want to add comments to the PDF in the workspace (trying to add comments to the pdf, which was provided as a task to user, should open in workspace, add comments online and then submit) .
    How to accomplish this??
    Please suggest.

  • Not seeing "allow third-party Flash content to store..." in Flash

    I just upgraded to Flash player I would like to review and choose my privacy settings.
    When I go to the Settings manager through the online interface, I do not see the "Allow thrid-party Flash content to store..." as expected and as described in
    Instead, I see
    I want to set up my settings to allow to store information from the original domain, but NOT from third-party domains, how do I do this?
    The first choice is in French and says :
    'Allow Flash content to store information on your computer". There is no reference whatsoever to "third-party" information.
    Is this normal? Is this a translation mistake? Does the first choice there apply to ALL information (so-called Flash cookies), from the originated domain AND from the third-party domains?
    Second question: I can't seem to find how to see the Settings manager in English...
    I am using Firefox, but I tried with Opera, and the Settings manager looked the same: no choice for "third-party" thinsg either.
    My OS is Windows XP SP2 (French), but all my browsers are English, so I'd like to see the Flash settings in English, too.
    Thanks for any help, I really want to block the third-party cookies, but not the others.

    Hi again,
    Thanks for your time... but I'm still stuck.
    The Language problem
    I CAN change the language settings for the Global site, but the Flash Player settings 'live" window is ALWAYS in French, no matter what I do and which language I choose.
    The Third-Party Settings problem:
    As you said:
    In English, the choices are:
    Never ask again
    Allow third party content to store data on your computer
    Store common Flash components to reduce download times
    In French, the choices are:
    Ne plus demander (This is a correct translation of "Never ask again")
    Autoriser le contenu Flash à enregistrer des données sur votre ordinateur : This is an INCOMPLETE OR WRONG translation, the french sentence means "Allow content to store data on your computer". There is NO MENTION of third-party here.
    Stocker les composants Flash courants pour réduire la durée de téléchargement. This is a correct translation of "Store common Flash components to reduce download times.
    So, am I to think that if I uncheck the second choice, I will disallow third-party stuff (as in the English sentence), or will it disallow ALL content to be stored (as in the French sentence), regardless of third-party or not?
    This is very important for me, and for all the French speaking Flash player users.
    I can't believe there is such a mistake in a product used as widely as the Flash player is...
    The Website Storage settings are per website settings, I do not want to have to accept/deny each website individually, I want a global policy for disabling third-party cookies, exactly as the second choice in English is designed for.
    Unfortunately, the French second choice (apparently) doesn't say the same, as it allows/disallows ALL contents.
    Could someone from the Adobe translation team (or equivalent) help to solve this, maybe?
    Regards and thanks for any help.

  • Third party backup software help.

    I have zero computer skills and want to backup two virtual machines at my office.  I created an Azure account and set up a backup schedule to a "backup container" at Microsoft.  Went online and some said it is cheaper to store data in
    a "storage container" as a  BLOB, and will save $10. per month and will only cost $.024 per Gig.  They recommended a third party like Cloudberry to configure the backup process and manage the storage.  Does anyone (not affiliated with
    the companys) have any advice on which product works well and is as idiot (me) proof as possible?

      You can use the Following link with the Video which guides you through on how to setup Cloudberry with you Azure account and setting up a storage account and container.
      Once you have done that, you can follow the Backup wizard in Cloudberry to create the backup.
      Hope this helps.
    Nithin Rathnakar

  • How do I transfer files from one third party app to another through wifi and without a computer

    How do I transfer files from one third party app directly to another third party app through wifi and without a computer?

    Wifi network
    Thumb Drive
    Online storage such as, iCloud Google Docs, SkyDrive, etc.

  • Notes on third-party apps closing (not really crashing) after a restore

    I'm adding the umpteenth message about a problem that, after happening basically with each single iPhone change since my old iPhone 3G onwards, I would say it's pretty common.
    I have solved this problem recently with a third sequence of actions, so I'm posting my brief "history of restores" for the benefit of others. I hope I've tagged this post eloquently enough to make it easy to find.
    So, in most (if not all) cases of previous restores I've bumped in the classic issue where after the restore process (which, BTW, involves always a few more sudden phone restarts than expected) only the "native" iPhone apps run normally. All the others appear for an instant and then close. They don't really crash because both in iOS 6 and iOS 7 you can see them as "running" by double-tapping the iPhone front button. Moreover, those with active notifications will actually notify the user regularly. Their UI, though, doesn't go past the splash screen.
    The underlying cause, also considering it relates only to apps downloaded via App Store, is presumably some DRM-related information that gets messed up during the restore process.
    My personal experience included previously two distinct solutions, and each of those only worked in that occasion, i.e. has been useless in the other cases:
    The oldest, and still most documented solution, was just to download, via iPhone, a new app from the app store. After a restart, or maybe even without one, the new app and all the others started working.
    The second, less mentioned online but still pretty widespread, was to sign out from the Apple Store on the iPhone, and then sign back in.
    This time, where I got a replacement for my iPhone 4s because of the common problem of the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chip getting "burned" or dislodged, I tried both the solutions above but they didn't work. In the process, I've found other possible solutions that didn't work:
    Deauthorizing iTunes on the Mac and then reauthorizing it.
    Getting a new app via iTunes and then syncing the iPhone
    Sign out/in with iCloud on the iPhone.
    I was therefore close to abandoning my 877 apps already configured and organized in folders in the previous backups, and willing to accept the burden of setting up the iPhone as a new phone.
    Nevertheless, I still hoped that a "mixed approach" would work and, indeed, it worked.
    Here is the sequence that worked in my latest case:
    Restore the iPhone as a new phone
    Open the App Store on the iPhone and get a new app, not among those already downloaded previously
    Open that app and see that it works (actually, after an iPhone replacement steps 1-3 would make sense anyway to check that the phone works properly)
    Start a restore from a previous backup
    As soon as the apps start syncing again, open the first app already sync'd and check that it works. It should work, that's what happened to me, and so you can wait the whole time required to sync back all the apps.
    My experience involves also a falsification of the statement that the problem resides on individual backups. This is false because I've used the same backup, at step 4, that I selected before going through 1-3 and that was not working initially. Moreover, after step 5, I've realized that the old backup I had used was too old because yesterday evening, while I had my iPhone still misbehaving with third-party apps, I took a few pictures that would have gone lost using the old backup. I have then started again from step 4 with a backup from the night after the pics, when I was fiddling to fix my issues. Also the newer backup, clearly done while the apps where "bad", ended with all my apps working again.
    Basically, once the "physical" phone runs third-party apps, than any backup would work. The (missing) authorization portion that causes the misbehaviour might be related to the phone IMEI, or some other piece of information that is not included in backups.
    Does anyone know a specific thread here or blog post on some website where there is a collection of cases like mine?
    I'm not looking forward to seeing what voodoo variation will be required the next time I replace my iPhone...
    Hope this helps.
    All the best,

    Read this post: 10.8.5 Broke Camera Usage For 3rd Party Apps Like Skype
    Another: isight not recognized in Skype after 10.8.5 upgrade
    Don't panic. Skype simply needs to update its app.

  • How do I integrate Configurator and iPad Electronic Flight Bags with applications that utilize a third-party license and subscription that is outside of iTunes?

    I am the EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) Manager for a small aviation company that are using 10 iPad with Retina Display as approved in-cockpit EFBs.  Our plan is to configure and manage these iPad EFBs with Apple Configurator 1.3.  We also use 2 third-party applications for charts, aviation weather, and other aviation functions that depend on a seperate license and subscription with the vendor outside of iTunes.  What I am finding through my new education in Configurator is that there does not seem to be a way to maintain the subscription status with those two applications.  Is there a way to isolate those two programs from Configurator control?  Better yet, is there a way to integrate them with Configurator without losing the subscription status and loss of huge amounts of data that are on a regular, FAA regulatory update schedule?  Configurator is awesome at managing iTunes managed applications and is perfect for our company.  I need to figure out how to make Configurator work with a subscription-based application.  Please help!

    Here is what is surmise reading ForeFlight web site.
    There is the app and the data.
    You manage the app through configurator or some other MDM.   The acquiring and paying for the data is independ of the configurator. You can buy the data through the app or online.  You may want to buy online. This way you can do the buying independent of the ipad. Once you have purchased, the app will download the data.  You may have to tell it to procedure with download panel.
    Some people use configurator to install mdm app then do the rest of the configuration from MDM.  This allows wifi updates of configuration.
    You end up with managing apps from MDM. You manage with your data from from the online account.  You enter appropriate password on each ipad to gain access to the data. App will download your data.  My need to tell it what to download in app.
    How do I buy a subscription?
    Purchasing a subscription is fast and easy! You can purchase a subscription online or inside the app using your iTunes account.
    To purchase a subscription inside the app, launch ForeFlight Mobile and then tap the 'Account' icon. You'll see a list of available plans to purchase in the 'Subscription Plans' table. Tap the one you want to buy. Follow the instructions for entering your email address and iTunes password. When the purchase is complete, you'll receive confirmation inside the app and immediately be able to continue using ForeFlight Mobile.
    To purchase a subscription online, visit our secure online ordering page. You'll be asked to choose a plan and enter your credit card information. After your purchase is complete, you'll receive an email with a password to sign into the app on your phone or iPad.
    How do I update charts, plates, and the airport database?
    ForeFlight Mobile has a download manager designed to make selecting, downloading, and updating your data easy- whether you like to store a little or a lot. Tap the Downloads icon from within the ForeFlight Mobile app. The Download Manager allows you to select the types of items you want to download and store on your device. ForeFlight Mobile will contact our servers and display the available updates. If you download updates that are not yet effective (future data sets) they will automatically be used by the software when they become effective. The download manager lets you pause a download and resume it later.

  • Is there a way to have MSOffice-Mac on my MacBook Air sync wirelessly (and non-manually) with iWork on my iPhone without a third-party app?

    I purchased a MacBook Air after hearing that it can sync wirelessly with all iOS devices. I then purchased the iWork office for my college courses and found out that the school requires online students like me to use Microsoft Office for Mac. An Apple phone rep explained that this software syncs in read-only mode with the iPhone. Is there really no way - besides third party software like Dropbox, Windows Live SkyDrive, or Docs To Go - for me to sync my homework between iWork on my iPhone and MS Office my new MacBook?

    Go through this article: How to back up your data and set up as a new device or do this:
    Disable autosync in iTunes, connect your phone to your new computer and right click on it in the device list and choose backup. iTunes will backup your phone without syncing.
    Transfer your purchases the same way, choosing "transfer purchases" this time.
    When you connect your phone for the first time, all media content will be erased. But you can restore your settings and app data from your manual backup afterwards.
    Don't forget to set up at least one contact and event on your new computer to be able to merge calendars and contacts when you sync the phone for the first time.
    About backups and what's saved:
    How to back up and restore:
    How to download apps for free again:

Maybe you are looking for

  • IChat AV 3.1.1 (v429) Video Conference Problem :(

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with iChat and I hope you can help me guys. I don't know what to do, I never had this problem before. When I start an video conference I can see myself, the picture is kinda blur though..I can't see the person I am ha

  • Update item characteristic values using BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE

    Hi Experts, Could anyone give me sample code on how to update the characteristic values of a sales order item? Points will be awarded... Thanks! Regards, LM

  • Fan abnormality!

    In the last few days, my fan has been "acting" up or exhibiting strange behavior. On several occassions now, I will be surfing the net and listening to music/watching videos, and my fan starts going completely nuts. It jumps from the standard 1500 rp

  • Problem with Word document after publish

    Hi, I created a Transparent background with an image and placed in slide 2 and make it as background, options i made it to Rest of the Project. When i publish it in Word. I can see the transparent background for slide 2 only, i cnt see for rest of th

  • About Hierarchies and Drill Up/Down

    Hi Forum !! I need some light about this topic. I have a Materialized view that holds some calculations for me in this way: MY_M_VIEW: Date_of_year (Is a date) CITY ENTITY (Is the name of an entity) CATEGORY (Name of a category) SUBCATEGORY (Name of