Third party presets for battery 3 migrate to battery 4

I own battery 3 and logic 9 and Made presets of kits all for my BATTERY 3 in logic so theyre right there in my lib in Logic 9 .... Now i got into this battery 4 as well as LOGIC X..... all i want to do it make my battery 3 logic presets work for battery 4 .... I found the B3 presets and put them in a folder that seemed to have battery 4 see the presets but when i UPLOADED the battery 3 presets in battery 4 . The battery 4 would crash the program everytime when trying to load a B3 third-party preset in B4..... is there any converting i neeed to do the files from b3-b4 does anyone know anyway or even if its compatible to do such things... again incase i am unclear.... I want Battery3 third party presets that i made in logic 9 to now work and be accesed on logic X and battery 4....i know this is not a battery forum or native instruments forum... so for the people who want to help by saying oh i logic not battery.... atleast tell me where the third party presets folder "path" would be for Battery 4  when making presets in logic x ..... soo please let me rock out with this logic x and use my presets that i spent dys n days making.... as it is i cnt use jalf my plug ins with this 64 bit deal.... ATLEAST  someone help me to get my battery 4 to open the same ish as my battery 4 ...Again please some help here... 

regarding the third-party tools:
SAP-AutoCAD Integration is developed by the SAP development partner CIDEON.
CIDEON also provides a direct integration for Microstation.
Please find here all needed information:
If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

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    available in the market for cross platform EASY database migration
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    why not using export/import (common Oracle tools) or use GoldenGate which allows you to migrate a production database w/o downtime.
    - Klaus

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    hi todd,
    cart in front of the horse syndrome - wrote BEFORE reading the article. sorry ;-)
    am coming from 10 years of vegas, unhappily so, but at my age 60+, i'm wary of anything new....

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    Allow third party cookies at Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Block Cookies - "Never".
    Turn off the pop-up blocker at Safari > Preferences > Security > Block pop-up windows = unchecked

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    If this has not been made, one of you nerds should make it, it would be great and you could charge $3 for it and I buy it. and so would 100,000 other people.

    If you haven't already, try looking through the Apple Downloads specifically for iTunes.
    There might be something there that is at least similar to the app your looking for.
    edit: There is one shareware that is an iTunes plugin called Multi-tunes. With it you can create multiple iTunes libraries, one library called "Main" one called "Bootlegs" etc, and Multi-Tunes will allow you to quickly switch between them from within the iTunes window. Not exactly what your looking for but close.
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    sure pretty simple.  make a backup of your current settings
    then restore device from old backup you need pics off of
    then import pics to computer
    you may need to save pics to camera roll first
    then restore the new backup and sync pics back to phone via itunes
    Peace, Clyde

  • Interface or Third Party Software for viewing SAP Org. Structure in SAP

    Hi All:
    Has any one used a third party software for viewing the SAP Organizational Structure in portal (for MSS).
    Or has developed a custom java iview that would display the org. structure in Portal. (EP 6.0)?

    Yes. I have seen it....with Visio. Sadly, No. I do not have the technical details. Sorry.

  • Access to my Office 365 third-party app for external user : "a User account is not registered for the account"

    In my third-party web application of Office 365, I want to have access to the contacts, events and emails of all the users from the organizations who installed my app. The thing is I don't want that all these users have to grant me access, I just want one
    admin of the org to grant access for my app and then be able to retrieve the data I need for all the users.
    To test for one organization, I logged in as the admin and proceed to the Oauth2 authentication to retrieve the access token and in the first request (the GET one to retrieve an authorization code) i add the parameter
    With this access token, I can access the data (emails, contact, event) of the admin
    for instance for the contacts
    but not the data of the other users of this org with this uri
    The only thing I can do is retrieve an access token for each user but it supposed that each user has to authorize the access to the app but it's very cumbersome. So, i don't see what enables the parameter prompt=admin_consent and how to use it. Does anybody
    know what it does?
    And my question is: how can I do to access the data of all the users of one organization when the access has been granted by one admin?
    Thank you!

    This was answered on StackOverflow by Dushyant Gill.
    You are sending the OAuth request to a tenant specific endpoint of Azure AD. Note the {key_provided} part of your Url - that part represents the tenantid or a registered domain name of an Azure AD tenant. Azure AD throws this error is the user signing in
    is not a user in that tenant.
    Multi-tenant applications like yours have two options:
    Perform home realm discovery yourself and send the SSO request to the correct tenant-specific endpoint of Azure AD: when a new Azure AD organization signs-up for your application, record its tenant ID, and registered domain names. On your login page, ask
    the user for their email and try to discover what Org they belong to using the suffix the email.
    Use the common endpoint of Azure AD. Instead of the {key_provided} part of the URL, use 'common'. In this case Azure AD will determine the user's tenant and sign-in the user. The token that your application will receive will still be from the user's tenant
    (iss claim).
    2 is more convenient for apps. However #1 has an advantage when the user's Organization has customized their sign-in page with the company logo etc - in the case of #1 the user will directly be taken to the customized and familiar sign-in page.
    I recommend a combination of the two: try determining the user's organization and sending them to the tenant specific SSO endpoint. If you're not able to - send them to the common endpoint.

  • Third Party Integration for Template Based Hire in PS 9.1

    Hi All,
    I am implementing template based hire on PS 9.1.
    I am receiving the applicant details from a third party vendor in a xml message.
    Requirement is to insert the applicant details into template based hire records (HR_TBH_HDR and HR_TBH_DATA).
    I am able to subscribe the field values from xml message. But facing the problem while inserting the values into base records.
    I am trying to use Component Interface on HR_TBH_JOB component. The pages on this component are dynamically build and so the records.
    If anyone has worked on the third party integration for Template Based Hire in PS 9.1, please let me know your suggestion for insertion into template based hire records.

    Hi Michel,
    I am not getting any error message as I haven't completed the coding yet.
    I will go more on the technical stuff so that the issue will be more clear.
    I am using the Integration Broker setup to receive the xml message from third party.
    I have written the app package and added that as handler into the service operation. as of now I am able to subscribe the xml message. I am having the field values into the variables.
    For insertion of those values into template based hire (TBH) records (HR_THB_HDR and HR_TBH_DATA) I created a new CI on HR_TBH_JOB component.
    But when I analysed this component I came to know that Pages, Sections on the Pages and the fields of the sections are dynamically build based on the Template.
    On HR_TBH_DATA page PeopleSoft is using derived record (HR_TBH_SCR_WRK). Field values are assigned to this record fields bsaed on the section of the template.
    Here is issue I am facing while coding. As there is only one record (HR_TBH_SCR_WRK) to store the all the values from the template, I am not able to understand that how to assign the variables to CI variable. I am looking for the logic, so that the CI will work normally.
    If you have any sugestion to insert the data into TBH records other than using CI, will be appriciated.

  • Developing Third Party Connectors for the Universal Worklist

    We need to develop a third party connector for the Universal worklist.
    In order to retrieve the workflow items we want to use a web service that will be developed according our needs.
    The documentation that I found regarding the UWL states that in terms of connectivity we can use Web based protocols such as HTTP and Web Services, but i couldn't find any example for this, besides the SONIC.
    Has someone already developed a third party connector? Examples?
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards,

    Have a look at these PDFs...

  • Capturing third party manufacturer for the batch

    Hi ,
    we are in the business of Pharma Products trading and marketing , as per business requirement we need to capture third party manufacturer for particular batch.
    The scenario is as follows -
    Our Company - Raise PO to Vendor A for Material  Mat001 -  this vendor A takes same product from any of his own vendors  X, Y , Z .( third party manufacturer)
    Now the requirement is when we receive goods from Vendor A for MAT001 , it may have multiple batches and these batches may come from one or different sub vendor of A .  During GR we need to capture this sub vendor of Vendor A or say third party manufacturer .
    Please provide possible solution
    Edited by: Bhushan Bivalkar on Jun 4, 2010 11:06 AM

    You can use batch characteristics. Make a class (type 023) and assign a characteristic to it (with approprite description).
    Assign this class in the material classification view.
    Now you can maintain the 3rd vendor's batch number in the batch characteristic (in MSC2N)

  • Third party app for single call delete

    how do i delete single call entry in my iphone4 or any third party application available for this?

    There is no third-party app for this, as third-party apps do not have the ability to edit the call list

  • Third party tool for SAP transports

    Hello All,
    I would like to know if there is any third party tool for doing transports ?
    Amber S

    There is 3rd party Change Management software eg ...but they will all still make use of SAP backend tools. Many company's including ourselves have developed in house Change Management software in SAP using standard backend tools.
    I'm curious why you ask ?

  • Third party application for Intel-based iMac

    Greetings y'all...anybody out there know of a list of third party apps for Intel-based Macs???

    Try Apple's Made4Mac area for universal applications which are built for Intel and Power PC:
    Although I must admit Versiontracker is very good too.

  • Third party tools for documentaion for SAP objects

    Good day,,
    I would like to if there are any Third party tools for maintaining the documentation for the SAP Objects ...
    Many thanks .....
    Edited by: kripa shankar on Feb 25, 2008 8:21 AM

    The newest version is the RWD info Pak 5.7. There is another product of RWD, the Help LaunchPad (it's necessary to do a transport and a customizing in SAP).
    You can take all in the swdc of SAP.

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    Hi, I have a problem with my iPod or iTunes ( don´t know which one is the problem ). When I transfer a video from my computer to my iPod using iTunes it shows its a video ( the video is mpeg4 )all good till here then I disconnect my iPod and watch th

  • Spice circuit interface or integration

    does labview have a way to interface with the circuit simulation applications like spice. Is there a way to have a container for this of some sort??? I have a cir file I use with Spice and a labview app I would like to meld into one regards, richjoh

  • Periodic Alert scheduler runs during system downtime

    Hi, I have implemented a Periodic Alert and have activated the Periodic Alert Scheduler. The issue is that the 'Periodic Alert Scheduler' will run at 12AM everyday and our Prod systems are down during this time for backup. Can this be scheduled to ru