"This device is no longer eligible for creating an Apple ID" What does that mean?

I use my Apple ID to log into iCloud and get this message saying "This device is no longer eligible for creating an Apple ID."  Thing is I am not trying to create an account.  I am just trying to log in to setup iCloud.  Does this mean my computer not able to run and use iCloud?  I had once created a MobileMe account a few years ago, but deleted it when I couldn't afford it.  I wonder if that could be causing a problem.  NOt really sure.  I got my MacBook Pro in 2007.  It is up to date with new operating system and updated programs.  I would call Apple about this, but don't want to be charge for the phone call. Not sure what I am suppose to do.  I am going to see if wil let me do it with my iPhone....but I will see no point in using iCloud if I can't move items between my phone and computer. I am hoping tomorrow or so things should be working.. but it is still annoying that things are not working.

So I some how got it all to work now.  Once I began to get it to work on my iPhone I was informed that I had not verified my e-mail.  Once I did iCloud worked on both my computer and my iPhone.  So I am happily on my way to using the new technologies.  This is why I never give up on a problem. XD

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