Thoughts on new magic mouse

I just have received my new iMac 27" today and am really overwhelmed. the only thing one needs to get used to is the new magic mouse.
the fact that the scrollball click and the 2 buttons on the side are missing, means that there are 2 options less than for the mighty mouse. a thing I really do not understand, if the mouse can determine a rightclick leftclick and even swipes for scrolling, I do not understand why apple hasn't implemented a 2finger click and a 3finger click as well. shoould be possible as it is a software related issue IMHO.
another thing about the new magic mouse is the click sound, if it is like with the mighty mouse, then the click sound is produced by a little piezo, and the click is really tooooooooo loud IMHO.
what do you think abou the missing 2 options and the click loudness?

This should be an option - if not the default value - the user can set. That would improve the performance & usability so much more. Please fix it!
Who are you talking to? As I’m sure you recall from your careful reading of the Terms of Service you agreed to when you joined the Apple Discussions, this is a User to User forum. Apple aren’t here. They don’t promise to read anything here.
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  • Can't set up new Magic Mouse scrolling with Lion

    I am running Lion on my MacBook Pro and just got a brand new Magic Mouse. I can pair it with the computer and move the pointer, right and left click, but no scrolling or middle button clicking. When I go into System Preferences and select Mouse, I only have the options to "Move content in the direction of finger movement when scrolling," Tracking Speed, Double-Click Speed, Scrolling Speed, Primary mouse button and Zoom using scroll wheel while holding ^Control.
    Nowhere do I see the little video and gestures window like I see for my trackpad preferences. I thought maybe I had to install the Wireless Mouse Software, but all I can find is a version for Snow Leopard and my computer will not open the file because it says it's incompatible.
    Is scrolling (just up, down, left or right like in a browser) not possible in Lion with a Magic Mouse? What am I missing?

    Your missing the Magic Mouse Preference pane.  Sometimes 3rd party drivers interfere with this.  USB overdrive has been reported the most.  Your Magic Mouse Preferences should look like this:
    If you can find the culprit and uninstall it, this pane should return.

  • How can I get my wireless keyboard and my new magic mouse to enter info into a Christmas list app on iphone 3GS? Do I have to move to another room? I have bluetooth on in my iPhone.

    I have wireless keyboard and a new magic mouse. I want to enter data into a Christmas list app on my 3GS iPhone. Too time consuming to just type on iPhone keyboard. How can I get keyboard and mouse to be 'connected' or recognized by my iPhone? I have Bluetooth "on" in my iPhone.

    You cannot connect the mouse.  This is not a feature of iphone
    You can learn about connecting a keyboard in the manual:
    iPhone User Guide (For iOS 5.0 Software)

  • Connecting a new Magic Mouse to a sleeping iMac

    I'm in the processing of migrating to a new Mac, was backing up some data on the old mac and disconnected the mouse and keyboard from the old one to pair with the new.  Now, the data has finished backing up (I think) and I'd like to reconnect a new Magic Mouse with the old computer.  Is there anyway to do this?  I don't just simply turn it off and then on because I'm not sure if the data is done or not (the Mac is sleeping with a black screen).

    The news is not good based on what I have been able to find:
    This may not be definitive.  This may be a fools errand, but connect them and see if on SYSTEM PREFERENCES>DISPLAYS the iMac is recognized as a monitor.
    Perhaps a post in the iMac forum might prove useful.

  • Recommendations for good mouse pad for new Magic Mouse?

    Hi, I have several mouse pads with a microfiber, but my new Magic Mouse doesn't operate smoothly on them. Sometimes it hangs up, or is slower to move than at other times. I tried an expensive one made of coated glass, but the noise of the Magic Mouse (with its two long strips) rubbing on the coated surface was too much, so I returned it. Any recommendations? Thanks! Duncan

    I have one of these. Works great, looks cool next to the keyboard!
    Or try here:

  • How to pair new Magic mouse w desktop? Old mouse is dead.

    How do I get my new Magic Mouse to pair w my old 2007 iMac? I don't have the old Mouse; when I bought the new one at the Apple Store they said they'd throw the old one away. So I gave it to them.

    Thank you so much Mr. Kafman... I turned off the computer by just holding down the power button and when it came back on it recognized the mouse. Thank heavens. I am SUCH a dinosaur.

  • HT1338 My new magic mouse will not one finger scroll left and right

    I am up to date with software but after connecting my new magic mouse it will not one finger scroll left and right. It does scroll up and down. Any ideas on what may be wrong??

    I don't have a Magic Mouse, but there is probably a setting that enables and disables horizontal scrolling.  Look on System Preferences Mouse pane.

  • Wireless mwirelessouse requires multiple clicks to open or maneuver around my iMAC. Tried new Magic Mouse still the same!

    wireless mouse requires multiple clicks to open or maneuver around my iMAC. Tried new Magic Mouse still the same!

    wireless mouse requires multiple clicks to open or maneuver around my iMAC. Tried new Magic Mouse still the same!

  • New Magic Mouse - how to turn off horiz scroll ?

    love this new Magic Mouse esp with FCP where horiz scroll from edit to edit is ultra cool.
    However, most of the time I will want to turn horizontal scrolling off. This is easy to do with other Apple mice and even other manuf brands.
    So - how to do this with the whiz bang boom Magic Mouse ???
    turning off the checkbox "Two Fingers - Swipe Left/Right to Navigate" doesnt fix this.
    Am I missing something ?

    looks like this was answered already (I havent yet tried it but this looks pretty solid)
    To turn horizontal scrolling off:
    defaults write MouseHorizontalScroll -bool NO
    To turn horizontal scrolling on:
    defaults write MouseHorizontalScroll -bool YES
    if this helps anybody.....


    I have just synced my new magic mouse with my macbook. However it just operates as a normal mouse. In the settings it comes up as an Apple Wireless mouse and doesn't give me any options other than a normal mouse. What is the problem and how can i solve it.

    My problem has been solved by the people at Robina Apple Centre.
    I had to have the mouse connected as it was and then do a system update. It found an update for the mouse and is now working. Thanks Apple.

  • TS2662 my new magic mouse scrolling & swiping will not work

    my new magic mouse scrolling & swiping will not work. Help??

    I had this happen to me as well. just last week (july 28, 2014) I brought my magic mouse from home to work since my work mouse was going south. paired it with bluetooth, it moved and clicked but no scroll or gestures. searched till I nearly ready to give up. then I installed USB overdrive. many forum posts said too remove that. I didn't have it, so I installed it. and then un-installed it.  everything works great now.
    hope this helps someone.

  • New Magic Mouse Serial Num Not recognised

    Just got my new magic mouse and when i type in the serial number on the support page it wont let me type in the full serial number what do i do

    Apple doesn't keep track of mouse/trackpad serial numbers in that website.  They have a record that you bought it.

  • Cannot find Bluetooth Preference Panel to install new Magic Mouse

    Tried to install a new Magic Mouse, but the computer does not see it. Bluetooth icon is not in toolbar, and Bluetooth Pane is not in preferences panel. Found bluetooth.prefPane file in HD>System>Library>PreferencesPane, double clicked on it, but got the error message -- You cannot open "Bluetooth" preferences pane because it is not available to you at this time. You might need to connect a device to your computer to see the preferences pane.
    Installed new batteries in Magic Mouse, but it still is not seen by the computer.
    Note - I have not used Bluetooth devices on this computer before.

    In the past, Apple have specifically recommended and supported the D-Link DBT-120 USB Bluetooth Adapter, but that one is quite old now, so you may have difficulty finding one.
    They now appear to be recommending the Targus ACB10US adapter:
    There are literally dozens of other USB Bluetooth Adapters on the market, but not all are 100% Mac compatible, so definitely try before you buy, or buy from somewhere that accepts returns.

  • Simple directions for setting up a new magic mouse?

    Have the original mouse, which keeps losing its connection.  I am replacing it with a brand new Magic Mouse and have looked all over for directions to connect with with my MAC, discontinue the original mouse, and start using the new one.  I have checked all my updates and downloaded the most current magic mouse software.  A pop up says there is a new version of the download already loaded, but I can't find it. 
    Can someone tell me if I really need a new mouse and can help me correct my connection loss on my orginal mouse or help me, step by step, to connect the new one?  Thank you all.

    Reset the PRAM to see if that helps the old mouse.
    Setting up the new one should be turn it on and it should pair.

  • IMac G5 iSight and the new Magic Mouse - WiFi dropping out.

    The G5 with iSight seems to be unique amongst Apple computers, in that it shares the WiFi with the Bluetooth on a single compound card. I have not tested this out completely but it certainly seems to be the case that the Magic Mouse when left, having finished a session on the iMac, will after a few hours 'power down'. When it does so, sharing the WiFi, it will disable the wireless communication. I can find no known settings to avoid this from happening.
    If I had dropped my iMac into sleep mode and woken it with a click of the mouse, all would be fine, however with my G5 downloading a file in the background, to come back and find the wireless has 'dropped out' is disconcerting to say the least.
    Usually the WiFi can be re-established by turning it off and on again, then re finding my router (a TC in the other room) and all is well again for another 'period of time', which I can only guesstimate to be a couple of hours. However occasionally I will have to 'Restart' the iMac to get back to a working system. This is something I only ever really have to do with my work PC; I have NEVER had to do this on the iMac before. This is a quaint but annoying Windows thing and should not occur on a Mac. (This last phrase is slightly tongue in cheek!).
    The WiFi link to my work PC via the TC is never compromised, which pointed the finger to the new magic mouse. I run the last version of Leopard for the PPC processors, 10.5.8 and have loaded the magic mouse driver software.
    Has anyone else seen this happen?
    Has anyone else got a solution, other than not using the Magic Mouse?

    I did not see resetting PRAM mentioned yet, so if not done already, do that
    plus this procedure to reset SMU (power management)
    Be sure to follow it precisely. When you reconnect the power cord, if you are using a crowded or old power strip, connect it directly to a wall outlet for this test. Power it up with nothing connected except power cord and once it starts up, connect only your keyboard/mouse (no other USB/FireWire peripherals). Try using it that way to see if the problem still recurs.
    The only other suggestion I have is, if you have a external FireWire drive that you can erase (or create a small partition on), install a fresh Leopard installation on it. Start up from it and see if this problem still recurs.
    Alternately, back up your data, erase (re-partition and reformat) the interal drive, and reinstall Leopard on the internal drive, then give it a try. If you clone (using Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper) to an external FireWire drive as your backup, you can still boot from your current installation (on the external drive). If the fresh installation test does NOT work, you can clone your clone back to the internal drive. If it does work with a fresh installation, you can keep using it and transfer just your user data back from the clone.

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