Thoughts on new mp3 player "Zen&qu

I love the whole design/interface and I'm sure will continue to provide great video playback, music quality with customizable EQs, and good battery life. MY only issue is the space. I will definitely miss out on the 30gig hd space of the creative zen vision m's (I wanted to buy it, but it's not being sold anywhere). I think it was a mistake to discontinue it because people are still willing to buy. I don't mind the bulkiness of it compared to the ipod video because it excels at everything else.
I guess flash dri'ves are easier to work with for creative (Cnet says that Creative isn't making anymore hard dri've players).
So far the only creative mp3 player i've owned is the creative zen micro (5 gigs) so I was hoping for more space than 8 gigs (since i'll be watching some videos too).

No more hard-disk based players from Creative?
Well, with all the problems their hard disk players are facing, I don't blame them for making that decision. Guess I'm one of the lucky ones with a wonderful 30GB ZVM. 9 Months and still ticking beautifully, although I do admit that syncing is a pain in the ass sometimes as Window$ Media Player would randomly do stupid things like upload the same song twice into the player when I change album or artist name (I make stupid typos like that sometimes, or it would be because the FreeDB/CDDB/Windows Media Online entry has typos), and think that a file has already been uploaded previously even though it's already been deleted. Then again, that would be M$/WMP's fault.
Anyway, given how the price of flash memory has dropped, I think we would once more be seeing 30GB devices from Creative in the market in the near future. And they would not be as sensiti've to shocks, bumps and drops that plague any hard disk based players.
Psst, Creative, now that the product's abandon ware, care to tell us how to upgrade our 30GB ZVMs to 60GB? or enable USB host? Message Edited by RAMChYLD on 09-03-20072:9 AM

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  • Problem with my brand new mp3 player Zen Stone Plus 2GB ( with built in speaker )

    Hi .
    I have purchased the following Zen Stone Plus 2GB with built in speaker on 24.06.2008.
    From day one, it had a charging problem . Initial charging it'snever go beyond 87%.
    After using it for 2 days, at the time of recharging , I found my player won`t get dectected in my PC .
    I took the set to the vendor for a checkup . He tried to solve it by resetting , formating etc. But he could only able to to format it's sacrificing its 50% of its allocated space.
    My vendor then changed the set with a brand new one, againts that faulty one .
    Now the new one worked well for 3 - 4 days , but it is now totally dead .
    But the set did not give any indication before it become completely dead.
    A few dust particles inside the LCD screen was also observed. I can`t understand how come dust particles can enter inside
    a player which is sealed box pack .
    Next issue is with the battery which CREATIVE promised of giving a backup of approx 20 hrs of continious playback , which with minimal scuffling and with minimal settings lasted for 0 hrs approx ( 50% less than promised ).
    Another thing that i must state is the problem of FM Reception . It is simply terrible . In the same area where my mobile's FM reception is fine , Zen Stone's FM failed to give any reception .
    I came to know about Zen Stone Plus from of my friend , who is using Zen Stone Plus GB without any problem for long time.
    Pls tell me what to do now, since my player is compleately out of order now , and pls suggest me something regarding the issue of battery backup , FM reception ... etc.
    Now i am in a total mess . I just dont know what to do with the set that is few days old .
    Pls help urgently .
    Waiting for any valued suggestion .
    Bye ...

    I would suggest getting in touch with support, they might be able to help you with this.
    Go to the Support section of the website and select your product. On your right, click on Contact Us. You will be provided with a list of troubleshooting options. Click on the one closes to your issue. Go through the suggestions and if the does not work or you have already tried that, scroll to the bottom and click on No, escalate to email. This should bring you to the email form to contact support.

  • Suggestion for new mp3 player (had a creative zen mic

    Well time for me to get a new mp3 player. Because Creative wasn't very good at honouring my warranty (four players didn't work properly and they wouldn't replace the fourth) I am reluctant to get another creative. But if you guys tell me they have come along way AND I can use my previous charger with a new player, then I'll consider it.Suggestions?

    i have the zen v plus and i am quite happy with it, i just updated to the latest firmware, it charges by plugging into your computer USB (cable provided) its a budget nano competitor that has great user interface and i personally thing the design is really cool and it plays videos, but im trying to get creative to include compression video support in future firmware cause the video it supports is like 4 MB to 8 seconds of video :| the sound quality is pretty good, but then again i dont know your standards it has an inbuilt FM receiver and line in/mic recording
    im really happy with it.

  • NEW MP3 PLAYER FOR C7, please!

    I find the MP3 player for the Nokia C7 to be very user-unfriendly and poorly designed.
    My old 6120's mp3 player was better, including separate menus for All Tracks, Artist, Album, Genres, Composer and included the possibility to search for tracks, artists, etc.
    It surprises me that a newer "smart phone" with touch screen and so many improvements in usability could have a primitive mp3 player with Artists and Albums combined and not even including search menu.
    How about designing a new mp3 player as an app???
    For more details see my post here: 
    Another recommendation is to add only a few smart button on the newer phones out on the market so that one can at least pause the music and skip to the next track without unlocking the screen and opening the player.

    If you are looking for a Creative player only The Zen V and Zen V plus are good options. I think they will satisfy most of your requirements.
    Strike that, I don't think this will act as an "external hard dri've" as described in bMessage Edited by fdreinthea on 2-2-200605:37 AM

  • New MP3 player needed!! Must have FM recording functio

    Dear all,
    Please could you let me know what you would suggest in relation to needing to buy a new mp3 player, (i currently have a zen micro 5gb but need more memory) however i need to be able to use the FM recording function as i record college lectures which are broadcast on the radio to save everyone having to turn up to each class. howver i have spotted though these posts taht this function is being removed. so could people please suggest a sutiable make and also could Creative mods etc please explain why this is being removed. as personally i find this the best feature and is the only reason that i have brought 3 creative products so far and am going to buy more! (i have also encouraged 6 others to but creatives rather than a well known fruity brand of mp3 player!)

    So does the Zen Sleek Photo 20GB. I love mine, the sound is excellent, it is a very attracti've looking unit, it has an FM radio and recorder and plenty of memory to save recordings, different screen themes, and as an added bonus, it is the only MP3 where you can use personal photos as screen wallpapers

  • How do I put music on new MP3 player please

    <FONT face=Garamond color=#cc0066 size=4>hello, received my new creative zen nano plus MP3 GB player today, looked forward to getting it before my holiday, it arri'ved, thought I would have Music on it by now but NO.
    <FONT color=#cc0066 size=4>For the life of me - I can't do it. I have spent all afternoon doing it and driving me nuts now.
    <FONT color=#cc0066 size=4>PLEASE help...... I looked at the intructions, but still no.
    <FONT color=#cc0066 size=4>I have them ripped from CD, in WMA and also in MP3. Then moved them to Library. Then dragged them to F: creative zen folder. I viewed the folder and saw them, removed the MP3 player from USB port and when I looked at music symbol using scroll it said no recording.
    <FONT color=#cc0066 size=4>Fed up with it already. Need advice......also is if I get there, is WMA better then MP3

    This is what you find in the FAQ's:
    ? Should I use the WMA or MP3 format?
    WMA is better at lower bit-rates, 64-28 kbit/s, where disk space is more important than sound quality.
    MP3 (encoded using LAME) is somewhat better than WMA when encoding at higher bit-rates, 92+ kbit/s. This should be used when sound quality is more important than disk space.
    Ultimately it's important to try some different bit-rates with both WMA and MP3 for yourself, and see if you can tell the difference. The only caveat is that over time it becomes easier to hear artifacts that low bit-rate compression uses.
    If you need more information, try google: "mp3 vs. wma".

  • Time Warner Cable Installers Stole My Mp3 Player (Zen Photo Mic

    First off before you read my little story, I just want to say that this Mp3 kicked ass and i will most likely be getting another one (or a new version if their is one) but buying another will be far off since this has left a nasty taste in my mouth. Anyways to my story
    I got owned pretty harsh today after realizing my mp3 player was stolen. It has been sitting on my desk for the past 2 weeks since it has been way to busy at work to bring it in and use it. I go to plug in my mp3 player to load in some new songs and it isnt their.
    I looked all over my house/car/work/clothes and it just isnt anywhere to be found. The only time someone could have taken it would have been a few days ago when the cable was installed. I was at work and had my grandpa let them in and sign for the service, since its almost impossible for me to explain what a mp3 player is to my grandpa i dont expect him to remember seeing it that day on my desk, but i know for sure it was their. Hell even my head phones where sitting in the same spot where the mp3 player was.
    I called up Time Warner and they just told me well looks like you need to file a police report since their is no proof they stole it.
    And since that will bring about nothing, i am just gonna go down to their office tomorrow and gonna ask them nicely if they accidentally grab-ed it by "mistake" since they had all their tools on my desk.
    Right now i have nothing to loose so i might as well ask nicely, If they dont have it i will definitely be canceling my service from them and getting my funds returned for installation via credit card company.
    Basically that's the story and any help or ideas would be great.
    BTW: I went to take a picture of my house and room to kinda help them remember it if they did take it and my Digital camera stopped working and i talked to HP and said it was just over the warranty and they cant repair discontinued camera models.

    I'm from germany so no 'best buy' but I think I will lock around sleeve/bag for a different product with same measures. Any tip?
    The clear plastic case is not what I want. I would like to use the player without such protections. I just want a sleeve to protect the player while its in my jacket/pants.
    Btw, i have bought this version: Creative Zen (maybe european version?). I also doesn't seem to have your mentioned sleeve. I also couldn't find it on the website.
    Anyway, thank you,

  • Basic ?'s from a new mp3 owner (zen

    )Is my zen V 2gb? mp3 player battery memory or no memory. No memory means I don't have to worry about losing capacity if I recharge when battery is less than fully discharged. 2)How can I check to see how much recording capacity I've used and how much I have left? 3)Can I label/identify my line-in recordings so I can read on the display the name of the artist or music rather than just getting the player provided info of date and time of the recording?

    sineadholly wrote:
    Problem with speaker. I read you need to do a firmware update to get the speaker option on your product's menu so i've completely updated it, but still no option to switch speaker on, and won't just come on when i unplug the headphones, any ideas?
    what exactly is the model of your Mozaic? Is it EZ 00, EZ 300 or plane ZEN Mozaic?

  • MP3 Player (Zen Micro)won't recognize fully charged battery and won't recognize compu

    Hi All,
    Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for me. I can not download the new firmware until I can get the computer to stay connected to the MP3 Player long enough. The only way I can use the MP3 Player is if it is plugged into the wall. Any ideas of why the MP3 Player will not recognize the fully charged battery?
    Thank you?

    Is it possible that your battery might be worn out or defecti've? If a fully charged battery only lasts a very short period, there would either be a problem with the player cutting off at the incorrect voltage or the battery itself is not capable of holding much of a charge.

  • Can I use my new MP3 player in my car like an iP

    I just bought a Creative Zen MicroPhoto MP3 player and I love it. I was wondering if they make a piece so I can play my MP3 player in my car like my friend can with his iPod. Just wondering.......

    Any device that has a cable which connects to the headphone jack of an ipod will work with a Creative mp3 player. The best method of connecting is with a cable to the aux in on the car stereo, although some people have commented that the volume in their car doesn't get loud enough that way(it depends on the car). Another way to connect is using a cassette adapter if your car has a tape player. If not, the third option is using an FM transmitter(they are illegal to use in some places such as the UK though).

  • I new MP3 player better than micropho

    when i purchase my microphoto at bestbuy 2 weeks ago the employee told me not to get it because in a couple of week they will be recieveing a better MP3 player from creative that played videos/music/photo...
    could anyone help me figure out what they were talking about? thanks

    They were talking about the Zen Vision M. OR the Zen Vision.
    Or perhaps the Zen V(plus) ?
    Here is the information on all 3 of them:
    -Zen Vision M:
    -Zen Vision:
    -Zen V(plus): 83
    Enjoy looking at those!
    Hope that helps you out!

  • New mp3 player

    If i bought a mp3 player other than an ipod, that is compatable with WMA files, can i easily put itunes songs on the mp3 player? are itunes songs in mp3 format?

    yes, but i can convert them into another format cant i?
    Not directly no, hence the mention of them being
    i protected.
    There is a method that you can convert them, but regretibbly apple doesnt want us to mention teh process, so I wont.

  • New MP3 player how do I upload songs to new MP3?

    transfer Itunes songs to MP3 player?

    Locate them in the Finder or the Windows Explorer and check the player's documentation for instructions on transferring them. They may need to be converted to MP3 first.

  • I am looking for a new MP3 player. Can you please help me pick one o

    I used to own a Creative Zen Micro (6GB) but it died on me due to hard dri've failure. So I am now looking to purchase a new one. I need one that can meet the following criteria.
    a.) Flash Based (The mechanical hard dri've ones break too easily.)
    b.) Does not require software to transfer music on and off the device. It should use the USB mass storage device class protocol, instead of MTP or PDE. This way I could put the device in my friends computer and copy or transfer files off, without the need for additional software.
    c.) Good navigation capability with ID3 tag reading
    d.) At least - 4 GB. (I am not going to be away from my house for long periods of time so I don't need to carry a whole lot of music with me.)
    e.) Does not require any conversion of audio files. It should play MP3 nati'vely. Nati've OGG playback is an optional plus.Message Edited by GMBazillion on 2-2-200608:57 AM
    Message Edited by GMBazillion on 2-2-200608:58 AM

    If you are looking for a Creative player only The Zen V and Zen V plus are good options. I think they will satisfy most of your requirements.
    Strike that, I don't think this will act as an "external hard dri've" as described in bMessage Edited by fdreinthea on 2-2-200605:37 AM


    I have a Clip+ and a Fuze+, but both are old and the battery will not hold a charge for very long.  I've been considering the Clip Sport.  I love  the interface of my old Fuze+...the way all your music (internal and external drives) all show up on one list.  I also saw on that for the Clip Sport the higest SDHC card recommended for mp3 is 8GB.  I can live with that, I guess.  Does anyone find it inconvenient to go back and forth from the internal drive to the card when selecting music to play or for making a playlist? I'd really like to get a Clip Zip, but I found an grossly overpriced refurb on ebay. Does anyone know where I can find a reasonably priced Clip Zip?  I'll be looking forward to hearing from users RE recommendations for a new player.  Thanks in advance.

    "I'd really like to get a Clip Zip, but I found an grossly overpriced refurb on ebay." Refurb Clip Zip 4GB players are priced at $30 on Ebay. Yes, new ones are a bit expensive. At less than half the price of a new one though, imo the refurbs are worth the risk, especially if you buy two of them. As for the Clip Sport, it has a limit of 2,000 songs for each of the internal memory and the card memory. I use 256 kbps mp3 for my music. It took around 14GB for me to reach the 2,000 song limit, so I use a 16GB card in my Clip Sport. A 16GB card holds around 14.6GB or so of files. The Sport can't combine songs from internal and card memory into a single playlist. I also have Clip+ and Clip Zip players which I have put Rockbox on. Rockbox is a free alternative firmware (operating system) which is available for the Clip+, Clip Zip, Fuze, and Fuze+, but not the Clip Sport or Clip Jam. Rockbox enables many additional features, and has a huge song database. Some format 128GB micro SDXC card  as FAT 32, fill it with songs, and use it in a Rockboxed Clip+ or  Rockboxed Clip Zip. The Clip Sport is okay if you don't have a large number of songs you want on the player. Some might buy a 4GB one for example, and use the internal storage for classical music and podcasts, and have a 16GB or 32GB card in it for rock music. If you are okay with 2,000 or fewer songs on a player, then the Clip Sport would be good for you. Yes, you could put around another 1,000 songs in internal memory at 256 kbps if you get an 8GB Sport, but then you couldn't integrate those together in a playlist with songs on the card. Depending on the average length of your songs, you might need a 32GB card to reach the 2,000 song limit, especially if your songs are at 320kbps mp3. Also keep in mind that Sandisk players(except for those that support Rockbox and have Rockbox installed on them) have trouble with cards faster than class 4, so using a Sandisk class 4 micro SDHC card is advise for maximum compatability. Some 32GB cards by other makers might cause problems in Sandisk players even if they are class 4 or slower. 

Maybe you are looking for

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