Thumbs up from a new MPB owner

After 18 months of research, and subscribing to Macworld and Maclife and spending alot of time in my local Apple stores ---- I made the move this past Saturday to a stock 2.16 Ghz MBP Matte display.
I have been using it every day since Saturday and it runs/looks flawlessly. I just applied all of the latest patches, including OSX, and no problems. It runs quiet like a church mouse and no heat. I don't bang the CPU so I may not be the best to speak about non-heat, but I had it on all day Sunday and the top cover stayed nice and cool.
I did buy the extended warranty as my sales person put in his student ID to give me a discount, and also .mac as I was using the demo and I liked what it had to offer. My experiences at the Apple stores by me (NJ) are always great, very friendly helpful people, never try to push more than I need. He even said the 2.16 with 1GB of memory would serve me better than the 2.33 model.
So ---- just wanted to give a heads up that my new system runs like a charm, and I'm very happy I switched to a Mac. I'm a person that likes diversity and I always enjoy using different operating systems. I do like the Mac better than MS though !!

Sweet Bob, have fun and enjoy! Check out the speck case, the snap on, to protect your investment! I love it and it make it more tolerable to have on your lap when working, and being lazy!
MBP 15" (C2D), iMac 20" (C2D), Nano 1gb and 4gb   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

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  • Basic questions from a new mozaic owner

    I have some very basic questions about how to use the new mozaic 2G mp3 player. I bought the Mozaic because it has a speaker and sleep timer, but I'm finding it to be much harder to use than other mp3 players that I have had (Ipod shuffle, clix etc). This may reflect my failure to look in the right place but I have to say the "help" section isn't much help.
    Here goes:
    . I download podcasts to listen to during my morning run. WMP provides an easy to find place in its program, "recently added," which allows the user to just work with those files. As near as I can tell, Creative makes you wade through all of your tracks. Is there some way to create a file to which "recently added" tracks, or specific tracks, can be dumped? How about automatic tagging of these added files?
    2. I have several thousand pictures on this hard dri've. Apparently, the Mozaic Centrale
    Is going to copy all of them, which strikes me as a waste of space. Is there a way to shut this function off? I couldn't care less if a single photo was added to the centrale program (or whatever it's called). Is it really going to duplicate all of the jpg files?
    3. I have the Zen Stone plus speaker which has served me very well. I had similar problems working with whatever Zen was calling its media player and wound up using WMP instead. I"d like to take a run at using the dedicated Zen media player....
    I apologize for the basic nature of these questions, but the answers weren't obvious to me from the materials I was able to locate.

    sineadholly wrote:
    Problem with speaker. I read you need to do a firmware update to get the speaker option on your product's menu so i've completely updated it, but still no option to switch speaker on, and won't just come on when i unplug the headphones, any ideas?
    what exactly is the model of your Mozaic? Is it EZ 00, EZ 300 or plane ZEN Mozaic?

  • Basic time machine question from a new mac owner

    Hello. I have an icon on my computer that says time machine and when i select the open time machine preferences, it takes me to my set up for my airport extreme.. is this correct or is time machine something additional that i would purchase to set up?

    Thanks for the star and no problem, I would recommend that you get yourself an external drive though for backup. With any computer not having a backup system is gamble and sooner or later you will lose. If you do decide on a TM backup drive it would be wise to get one that has Firewire or Firewire 800 connections (for speed) and it should be about 2x the size of your interal drive if possible. Once you connect one TM will automatically back up your system and continue to back up every hour only backing up changes and addtions. So for example if you keep music and pictures and are continually adding material to your computer those are memories that you don't want lost if your machine has a failure, TM will help prevent that from occuring. It is one of the coolest features of Leopard. Two pieces of good news, TM is simple and external hard drives are fairly inexpensive these days.

  • Some question from a new N97 owner

    Hi all,
    So I just got my new N97. I have a few questions:
    - Configure home screen: So far I can add 2 shortcut bars (each can contain 4 application). I want to add more short cut bars, is there anyway? In the selection list when choosing the bar item to place on the home screen, there is no "shortcut 3" item.
    - Screen saver: So far my N97 locks key and screen becomes black and locked very fast (about 10 seconds) no matter how I try to change to settings. Actually there is nothing displayed (back screen) at all. And to wake up, I have to use the lock/unlock slide on the side. Is this normal? I can't touch the screen to wake it up? I got to Menu > Settings > Phones > play with settings there but no use. Do I need an application to have the screen saver feature? Is this a device flaw or do I have to change settings somewhere else?
    Thanks in advance.

    hmm i have a n85 as well hence my response to you in regards to the screen saver. yes it shows those options but eventually it does go all black. unless i missed something with my phone. which is possible as i no longer use it as my primary device. the only option right now for you to customize home screen is to wait for n97 app MyPhone that hopefully will soon be released for your model. nokia phones have never nor will they ever behave in a iphonish fashion hence no possibility to set apps up as you would like. n97 is full of customizations just not exactly how you would like them to be who knows perhaps with future updates it will become even more flexible but for now its either that or waiting for MyPhone to be released. sorry. 
    ps. i am greatly surprised that n97 would not have a screen saver options at least similar to the n85 that worries me as i am also awaiting arrival of my brand new n97. so hearing all kinds of news makes me a bit concerned about this new phone. time will tell. sorry i dont have anymore news for you.  
    You know what I love about you the most, the fact that you are not me ! In love with technology and all that it can offer. Join me in discovery....

  • 2 questions from a new Mac owner

    Hello everyone,
    I just recently purchased my first Mac (Macbook Pro) and am really enjoying it. I have 2 questions that I cannot seem to find an answer for.
    1: Is there a way to reverse the FN keys ( I dont like having to hit FN + F9 to use expose, i hardly ever use the those keys except for volume). Is there a way to make it so when i press the keys i get the normal key and if i want to use the features of the key hit FN + Key? I cant find any way to do this, weird because the documentation for Leopard never mentioned anything about me having to hit FN+F9 etc to use the features
    2: Whenever i reboot into bootcamp and start to play a game, the notebook fans start going crazy and it heats up considerably fast. I usually stop playing after half an hour out of fear i will overheat. Is this normal behaviour for this to happen or could there be something wrong with my notebook?
    Sorry if these sound silly, I am new to all this

    1. I don't think you can since the keys serve two purposes. However, an intrepid programmer may have written a utility for that sort of thing. One never knows. Search at VersionTracker or MacUpdate.
    2. Yes, that's normal because Windows does not have any fan control implemented. I don't think there's a solution for this common problem.

  • Basic ?'s from a new mp3 owner (zen

    )Is my zen V 2gb? mp3 player battery memory or no memory. No memory means I don't have to worry about losing capacity if I recharge when battery is less than fully discharged. 2)How can I check to see how much recording capacity I've used and how much I have left? 3)Can I label/identify my line-in recordings so I can read on the display the name of the artist or music rather than just getting the player provided info of date and time of the recording?

    sineadholly wrote:
    Problem with speaker. I read you need to do a firmware update to get the speaker option on your product's menu so i've completely updated it, but still no option to switch speaker on, and won't just come on when i unplug the headphones, any ideas?
    what exactly is the model of your Mozaic? Is it EZ 00, EZ 300 or plane ZEN Mozaic?

  • I am a new iPad owner.  How do I move my email contacts from my gmail on my PC to the iPad??

    I am a new iPad owner.  How do I move my email contacts from my gmail on my PC to the iPad??

    You can't save a PDF directly to the photos app, but if you can open the PDF in the mail app and get the entire PDF to appear on the screen, take a screenshot of it and that will be saved to the photos app camera roll.
    Hold down on the sleep button and the home button at the same time briefly until you see the white flash on the screen and hear the shutter sound. That's how to take a screenshot.
    You should probably tap and hold down on the PDF in the mail app and select it to open in iBooks or another PDF app that you might have on the iPad.


    Hello everyone-
    I am a new ThinkPad owner.  I purchased a used T40 recently and love it. I installed Windows7 on it (it came with W7, but I wiped the hard drive clean and re-installed).
    I do have a few issues I was hoping to get some help on.
    Nothing happens when I hit the IBM Access button.  I know the button itself works because I’ve used it to get into the BIOS.  I read on the Lenovo website that I have to get a separate driver to use with Windows7, but I have note been able to find it.  Does anyone know where I can find it?
    Also, my ThinkPad has a 32G ATI Radeon 9000 video card, but I don’t think I have the proper driver for it because Windows installed a Standard VGA driver and I am not able to use Aero (which I was before).  I’ve searched both ATI and Lenovo websites for a driver. Any idea where else I can find it?
    Thanks for your help.
    T40 2373-94U
    ATI Radeon 9000, 32MB

    Recovery parition can only be installed from IBM/Lenovo recovery media, and for your machine these were only available in W2K and XP. You'll never be able to have a proper recovery partition with W7, even if you were to install the OS from recovery media for T400, since the hardware is way too different.
    You can't install a better video card, since the card itself is soldered to the motherboard. You could swap an entire motherboard. How cost-effective this would be in the long run is up to you to decide.
    Hope this helps.
    In daily use: R60F, R500F, T61, T410
    Collecting dust: T60
    Enjoying retirement: A31p, T42p,
    Non-ThinkPads: Panasonic CF-31 & CF-52, HP 8760W
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  • Cannot connect to wireless network from a new HP Officejet Pro 6830

    Just purchased a HP Officejet Pro 6830 wireless printer.
    Set it up connecting my Dell PC and it initially worked.
    THEN something happened.
    ICON on screen on printer indicates "NO WIRELESS NETWORK FOUND"
    Tried rebooting the Cable modem, then the router, then the printer and then the PC.
    Still did not work.
    What should I do?
    Thank you for any help.

    Hi @I-Love-HP-Gear,
    Welcome to the HP Forums!
    I noticed that you cannot connect to the wireless network from a new HP Officejet pro  6830, I am sorry to hear this, but I am happy to help you with your connection issues!
    Are you able to make copies with the printer? Copy Text or Mixed Documents.
    What Operating System are you using? Windows or Mac? If you do not know the Operating System you are using, please visit this website. Whatsmyos.
    In the meantime, please see the following:
    This general printing guide, Print Jobs from Your HP Printer are Stuck in the Print Queue.
    This wireless guide for maintaining the connection. Printer Does Not Maintain Wireless Connection.
    The HP Wireless Printing Center for more information. HP Wireless Printing Center.
    Hope this information helps, and thank you for posting!
    I work on behalf of HP
    Please click “Accept as Solution ” if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.
    Click the “Kudos Thumbs Up" to say “Thanks” for helping!

  • I am a new iPad owner with Mac OS 10.4.11. Currently I have iTunes 9.2.1. What do I need to do to be able to sync my iPod settings in iTunes to my iPad? The  newest version of iTunes says I can't install since it requires 10.5 or later.

    I am a new iPad owner with Mac OS 10.4.11 on my desktop. Currently I have iTunes 9.2.1. What do I need to do to be able to sync my iPod settings in iTunes to my new iPad? The  newest version of iTunes says I can't install it since it requires 10.5 or later.

    Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard installation system requirements
    Leopard is no longer available at the Apple Store but may be available by calling Apple Phone Sales @ 1-800-MY-APPLE (1-800-692-7753).
    If you can't obtain a retail install DVD from Apple, look on eBay or Google the installer part numbers to possibly find at an on-line store. Here's what to look for:
    MB427Z/A  Leopard 10.5.1 install DVD
    MB576Z/A  Leopard 10.5.4 install DVD
    MB021Z/A  Leopard 10.5.6 install DVD (single user)
    MB022Z/A  Leopard 10.5.6 install DVD (5-user family pack)
    Installing Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
    Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Installation and Setup Guide
    After you install the base 10.5, download & install the 10.5.8 combo update at
     Cheers, Tom

  • I am a new mac owner and want to purchase Office for Mac.  Thought I was told it could be purchased thru the mac store for approx $80 (word, excel, powerpoint).  It is priced at $150 at the mac store.  Any advice?

    I am a new mac owner & want to purchase Office for Mac.  Thought I was told I could get it through the mac store for approx. $80 (word, excel, powerpoint).  However, it looks like the cost is actually $150.  Is there a better deal?

    Here it is from a trusted vendor of Mac goodies for US$100:
    Microsoft Office 2011 Mac: Home/Student Edition. Single User License.
    I also see the Mac version offered about every other week at Staples for about the same price.
    Understand that the 2011 "Home/Student" edition does not come with a mail client.MS dropped Entourage with the 2011 version.
    I am running Office 2008 on a Late 2010  i7 Quad iMac and a Core 2 Duo MBP (both are at OS 10.6.8) and I have no complaints. If you want the Entourage Mail client, you can still get Office 2008 from the vendor I linked.
    I wonder if someone quoted the US$80 price thinking of Apple iWorks.

  • New MPB - iPod shows up in Finder but not in iTunes. Help please!

    I just completed a 95% successfull migration from my old MPB to my new MPB. iTunes seems to work fine, sees all my music and I have authorized the new mac to play the music.
    However, when I connect either of my two ipods I get the same result - it does not show up in iTunes but immediately shows up in Finder. Given the same thing happens with both ipods I suspect there is some silly little setting I have to go through. Can anybody help please?
    The MBP is a brand new 13" with the smaller processor. The iPods are a 2nd generation 40Gb and the 120Gb Classic.

    So I ended up reinstalling iTunes. That almost solved it, but when I also restored the iPods it seems to be OK.
    Must say I'm disappointed that a brand new Mac behaves this way (and ironically it did not even have the latest software installed...).

  • New g4 owner

    hi, I am a new G4 soon as it gets here.Ebay auction and can't wait to retire this tired of the windows maintainance stuff just to stay working.. I have a lot of questions but will read all the posts to keep redundancy to a minimum...but a couple questions to start with..
    1.which macvirus software is best
    2.any other recommended basic software
    I will use it for basic surfing,digital pics and want to keep $$$ software impact to a minimum..
    Thanx, carolinadoug
    G4 ibook 1.2   Mac OS X (10.4)  

    Congratulations on your investment in a Mac. You're life is truly about to be very simplified. You're going to love your new iBook. I know I do! People always contemplate Mac as being a great platform or not but it usually comes down to the gaming aspect. Silly gamers!. lol... use a PS2 or Xbox or something.. just dont use Microsoft for computing, its unneccessarily complicated yet still so many people adore confusion, WHY?!?
    In response to your email message movement:
    Email messages and settings
    If you use a web-based email service to view and send email, such as Yahoo! Mail or Google’s Gmail, then you won’t need to copy your email or email settings to your new Mac. You can continue using web-based email with our Safari Internet browser.
    However, if your email is managed by a separate application like Outlook or Eudora, then you will probably want to migrate your old mail to your new Mac. Different email programs use different methods of storing messages. We’ve collected some useful links to help.
    Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express use a proprietary format for storing messages. Microsoft’s web site has a tutorial on how to transfer email files. Or you could invest $10 in Little Machines’ Outlook2Mac, which is compatible with Microsoft Outlook only, not Outlook Express.
    Eudora, Netscape Mail or other mbox-based mail application use a standard mail format. Read this article for information.
    You should also make note of your existing email settings. Later, when first using your new Mac, you’ll use this information to set up email. Open your email application, find the “Accounts” area, and write down the following information about your existing email setup:
    Account type: POP or IMAP
    Email address
    Incoming mail server
    Outgoing mail server
    User name and password
    Hope this helps. If you have any questions about your Mac from setup to maintenance to upgrades, let our community of Apple discussion contributors assist you. We know Macs great and are always ready to help as best we can. Good luck and thank you for making the intelligent switch to Apple.

  • Thumbs up from facebook friend disconnects faceboo...

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to report bugs, but apparently when I'm talking to my friend and he sends a "thumbs up" from his facebook messenger account to me, Skype disconnects from facebook. Can anyone reproduce/fix this?

    Friend Stream is a built in application from HTC on the Droid Incredible.  It combines Facebook, Twitter, and FlickR all in one news feed.  You log into your accounts and when launch the application it will load all those apps into one streamline.
    Course I only use it for Facebook; I really dislike the Facebook Application that comes with Droid incredible/Market
    I use a separate twitter client to gain access to my twitter feeds.
    I have tried going into on my internet application on my cell phone; yes she does show for now; was just hoping for easier access using the friend stream. Cause i can make a comment right there without having to log in and such.
    Oh well
    LOL as my previous post said, I tried using 3 other 3rd party apps that uses Facebook integration but really didnt have luck on them 'at all'

  • HT201441 I purchased 2 large bags of cell phones at a surplus/lost and found auction. The owner of this phone lost it, and didn't pick it up at the lost and found within 90 days and the phone was put up at auction. By law I am the new legal owner of the p

    I purchased 2 large bags of cell phones at a surplus/lost and found auction. The owner of this phone lost it, and didn't pick it up at the lost and found within 90 days and the phone was put up at auction. By law I am the new legal owner of the phone. The person who lost it locked their phone but didn't bother going to look for it. Not my problem. I went to the Apple store with my auction receipt and they said they still can't erase the old owner's account from the phone, and I need their receipt and their permission. There has to be some way around that. I legally purchased it after they lost it and neglected to pick it up within the time frame the law gave them to pick it up. Basically the Apple Store employee told me I was **** out of luck and the phone is basically garbage.

    You were correctly informed. You are the new, legal owner of a beautiful paper weight. There is no way around it. This is a security protection to prevent people who steal them from getting value from the stolen item.

Maybe you are looking for

  • The structure in the query

    HI,BW experts, I have a question about the structure of the query :is there only one key figure in the query?in my query ,i have a key figure structure already, could I create another key figure structure,and how to ? Thanks for your help.

  • Failure to Launch after Migration

    Hello! I tried to launch InDesign 5.5 for the first time since migrating to a new Macbook Pro (running 10.7.3). I'm able to get the splash screen, but shortly after "Intiatlizing Plugins" appears on said screen, it crashes. I get the standard error m

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  • Not synching; not happy

    Ever since I updated iTunes software and updated iPhone software my synching feature with mobile me is no longer working for calendars nor email - I haven't explored contacts. This has been true for the last 10 days or more. I am at a complete loss a