Time Capsule extremely slow recover

Hi and tnxs for reading.
Since my iPhoto Library has been corrupted, I am trying to test some old versions/backup by restoring them from my Time Capsule (2TB last version on the Apple Store), but unfortunately the process is extremely slow. My iPhoto Library is 35GB and the required time for the transfer is about 5 days!!
I did some tests: no prob with the WiFi: if I try to manually transfer a 1GB file on WiFi in the finder from my Mac to the TC disk it takes a few minutes. However, the iPhoto Library recover from TC is taking ages... any idea??

The iphoto library is a huge number of small files.. not one big file.
Wireless is extremely inefficient at handling the data stream plus all the back and forth file info required .. please use ethernet.
Simply plug in ethernet.. make sure you have a connection then turn wireless off.. If it stops the file transfer I am very sorry. You will need to start over most likely.
IPv6 can also help but you need it set correctly to link local only .. auto is not good enough.

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  • TM + Time Capsule extremely slow

    Hi, Since a few weeks, I am trying to make a new backup with Time Machine on my Time Capsule. Since there are changes for about 56 Gb, I started it when I went to sleep last night. This morning, it was still backing up and reached the point of 5,55Gb. That there are changes or 56Gb has to do with a problem I had with iPhoto - I guess - because I moved all off my photos to an external disk.
    It means that if I continu this backup, I'll have to wait for about ... 10 days?!?
    I turned off any energy saving mode that could put my HD in standby.
    Suggestions, anyone?

    Mattias De Regge wrote:
    Since a few weeks, I am trying to make a new backup with Time Machine on my Time Capsule. Since there are changes for about 56 Gb, I started it when I went to sleep last night. This morning, it was still backing up and reached the point of 5,55Gb. That there are changes or 56Gb has to do with a problem I had with iPhoto - I guess - because I moved all off my photos to an external disk.
    It means that if I continu this backup, I'll have to wait for about ... 10 days?!?
    I'd turn off Wi-Fi on your MacBook Pro and connect it to the Time Capsule with an Ethernet cable (which may involve adding an Ethernet item in the Network panel of System Preferences) until your first Time Machine backup is finished. That's likely to make your backup run much faster. Once that's done you can restore the earlier settings.

  • Time capsule painfully slow wifi

    New time capsule , painfully slow wifi , cisco works lightning fast so the issue is with the TC. Looked at forums and I see it's a common isssue. Any ideas that actually work?

    Download the free  iStumbler  app to examine the strength of your connection.
    If it's not good, look for interference with another wireless device, cordless phone, microwave oven, etc.  Turn them off temporarily;  if you find an offender, move it farther away.  See  AirPort and Bluetooth: Potential sources of wireless interference  for more.
    Try different WIFI channels.

  • Time Capsule 500G Slow Page Loads On iMac OS 10.4.11?

    Recently set up a 500g Dual Band Time Capsule and everything works fine my Macbooks works fine other Macbooks work fine.
    But a white iMac on 10.4.11 seems to be having problems
    It has 4 bars in the wireless signal, all the green lights on the network diagnosis.
    Yet pages seem to load very slow if not at all, more times than not. Sometimes will be fine.
    Anything i can do with the Airport Extreme, have them as a guess or direct connect or something? To help it along?
    Not sure of all the options the time capsule might have to help me thats all...
    Any recommendations?
    Oh and any apps that record the connection, so i can see when it drops and doesn't and see if there is a pattern istumbler do that?

    There's no need for concern about the repair permissions ACL message; it doesn't affect you.
    What does affect you is the fact that one of your systems is running 10.4.4 and it needs to be updated to 10.4.11. As it stands now, it's both a security risk and way out of date. You need to update it today.
    If you want to run any system utilities, the only one you really need is Applejack. Since you have nothing that's super-secret, there's no point in worrying about securely erasing anything. Even if somebody wanted to do that, they'd first have to break into your Mac and have a good idea of what they're looking for, or steal it altogether to have enough time to recover the data on it and then wade through all the useless junk before they might find anything interesting. Unless you're the CIA and have something worth hiding on your Mac, that's overkill.

  • 1st generation time capsule painfully slow

    I've been dealing with this issue for some time now.  I've searched all over the internet for a solution, and I've yet to find anything that works.  I'm hoping a Time Capsule expert may be able to help me sort this problem out.
    I have a 1st generation, 1tb Time Capsule.  I've had one since they first were released.  Use already had one fail from the dreaded dead power supply issue that was affecting many 1st gens after reaching 18 months old.  This one is less than a year old.
    I have Verizon Fios with a blazingly fast Internet connection.  When I plug directly in to my ISP's router via Ethernet, my connection is amazing.  I realize that wifi connections are much slower than Ethernet, but what I've been dealing with lately is ridiculous.
    I believe the problem lies with the Time Capsule.  It's set to 801.11n, 5ghz only, maximum throughput (24mbps), WPA2 personal security, latest firmware.  Wifi connections via the TC are great at first, but they seem to degrade as time goes by until I finally have to reboot the TC, then the speeds are back up to normal again for a while.
    The problems also seem to arise whenever a computer is backing up to the TC.  I understand that speeds might slow down while a backup is occurring, but I would expect that they would return to normal when the backup is complete.  Unfortunately, the speeds often slow down so much that the backup never actually finishes, and often it comes up with an error saying that the disk is no longer available.
    Trying to share a file between my macs is often impossible.  Even a small file, say 5mb, can take minutes to transfer between to wifi-connected devices.  Sometimes a TC reboot with fix this, other times it won't.
    My setup is like this - Verizon router with wifi disabled, serving as the DHCP router for my entire internal network, connected via Ethernet to my Time Capsule and an Airport Express.  The Time Capsule is set up in bridge mode and serves as the 802.11n wifi source for my newer wifi devices.  The Airport Express is also set up in bridge mode and serves as the 802.11b/g wifi source for my older wifi devices.
    Due to the nature of the Fios service, I can't have the Time Capsule set up as the DHCP distributer for the network.  However, even when I didn't have Fios and the Time Capsule was set up as the dhcp distributor, I suffered from these slow connection issues.
    Are the 1st generation TCs plagues with issues?  Is it just time for me to get a new one?
    Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Unfortunately, you are experiencing one of the downsides to 5 GHz. That's because the higher frequency 5 GHz signals are much weaker than 2.4 GHz signals.
    After all, you always have to give up something to gain something else. In the case of 5 GHz, you gain potential speed but in return, you must give up penetration power and distance capability.
    In order to work well, 5 GHz signals need to almost have a line-of-sight relationship between devices. Unless you can achieve this, you will do much better to leave the Time Capsule running at the 802.11n (b/g compatible) 2.4 GHz Radio Mode and allow the Express devices to "extend" that network.
    As for the location of the AirPort Express devices in an exended network, that is critical for best performance. That's because the Express can only "extend" the quality and bandwidth of the signal that it receives. Post back if you need a few more tips on how to find the best location for the AirPort Express devices.
    Would the new airport extreme fix the problem?
    Unfortunately, no.

  • How do I use my airport time capsule extreme as a external hard drive

    How do I access files and save files to my airport time capsule like its an external HD.  How do I access the external HD that is connected to the time capsule?Ai

    The TC is no different to any other network drive... you mount the drive and copy the files to it.. or copy files from it.
    Same with USB drive plugged into the TC.
    BUT.. TC is not suitable for live files.. ie files you are actively editing and working on. It is storage.. not working disk space.. and the USB drive more so.. it is slow.. much slower than same USB plugged into the computer by at least half.
    And USB 2 wasn't that quick to begin with. The TC itself is slow.. although over wireless it is actually wireless that is the hold up.
    Here is what I normally say for this question. It is asked every day.. often several times.
    Store files on the TC.
    This is asked several times a day.. obviously people are struggling with their latest SSD being too small.
    The TC is not suitable for network file server.. but many people having no choice press it into service as such.
    It cannot be partitioned. It was and is and ever shall be a backup device for Time Machine.
    Major issues.
    1. No backup.. no way Time Machine can backup a network drive. No place to backup to.. So all your files will be at risk. And you will need to buy a third party like CCC to do backup. You will also need a USB drive somewhere else in the network to act as target for backups.. and if you use the TC itself over wireless you will experience a new definition of pain and suffering.. slow.. extremely slow..
    (cf Belly of the sarlacc http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Sarlacc)
    2. The TC cannot be partitioned and mixing TM backups and data is not great.
    3. The drive is slow to spin up and quick to spin down.. there is no controls.
    4. iPhoto in particular can easily corrupt its entire library with wireless networking causing a disconnection to one photo. Even if you do this;;; do not move your photo library... you have been warned!!
    5. iTunes will constantly lose connection to the library. The disk is too slow to respond.. itunes on the computer will constantly spit out errors. Even in the midst of streaming the TC can spin down the disk due to caching.
    6. Do not use any live files on the TC no matter what else you do.. if you edit files in whatever program the file must be on the local hard disk.
    7. The only suitable location for most libraries is a computer. You can plug in an external hard disk.
    Read pondini for some work arounds.
    Q3 here. http://pondini.org/TM/Time_Capsule.html

  • Time capsule disk slow

    Hi all. First post and relatively new Apple user. I have a question.
    I bought a time capsule and found it incredibly slow at disk writes. Setup is as follows.
    Lyksys router with time capsule connected via ethernet. Time capsule has created new wireless network and has one wireless client, my macbook pro. I also have a mac mini plugged in the back of the time capsule with it´s wireless turned off. The mac mini has a usb disk attached.
    I´ll spare the details but planned to use time capsule as a central location for movies, iTunes and photos (I planned to rsync this data to a usb disk attached to the time capsule from time to time). I am not using time machine.
    After much upgrading, downgrading and mucking about, the time capsule got to useable speeds. However, my test is "time cp rugby.avi /Volumes/Data" where rugby.avi is 700MB in size run from my macbook pro.
    Best speed I have achieved is 1m 40s. This morning I ran the test before going to work and got 1m 50s. Came home, did nothing except run the test and get 2m 45s. Run it again 3m 25s. Run the test to the mac mini and get 1m 22s. Then to the usb dsk attached to the mac mini 1m 40s. Then du time capsule again and get 3m 50s.
    To copy the data to the macmini, the data must go through the time capsule wirelessly so we can rule that out as a source of the peculiar speed difference.
    My real point is that time capsule seems to have a problem actually writing to the disk. I have no idea what this is and so have decided to return it.
    However, if I buy an airport extreme and plug a usb disk in it, does anybody think I might get speeds close to what I get transferring now to the mac mini or should I just get myself another mac mini, after all, it seems a lot faster than using time capsule.
    Hope you can help.

    Thanks for the reply. I´m not too concerned with real numbers as such though they are obviously interesting. All I know is that copying that fine in under 2 minutes is good enough for my purposes. Copying remotely to the mac mini internal disk and also remotely to a usb disk attached to the mac mini gives me a speed I am happy with. Time Capsule can also occasionally compete too but mostly gets nowhere near it.
    I´ll check out your links but I guess would like to hear if anybody has been complaining about the airport extreme with attached usb disk being slower than they expect.
    Thanks again for taking the time to reply though.

  • Apple TV3 and Time Capsule are SLOW

    Ive had an Apple TV for about 1.5 years.  I have been using an Airport Extreme as my home router with Comcast High Speed interet, and they have worked great together.. The speed was flawless.. and neve had to wait more than 10 seconds to start playing a movie.
    I just replaced my AE with a 2GB Time Capsule because my back up drive had broken.  Ever since my internet speed on Apple TV has gone to crap.  I use Itunes Radio alot, and now I can't get it to continuously stream.  I also use iTunes Match, and it constantly stops and starts while playing music.  As for movies, forget it... It takes forever to get it started, and when it does, it buffers every 3-5 minutes during the movie...
    At first I thought it was because I was backing up all the time, so I turned off Auto-backup on my MacBook Pro.  No change..
    Is the Time Capsule not as fast as an Airport Extreme?  I haven't changed anything on my ATV3... or my modem.  I leterally switched out the AE for the TC.. got my HD backed up.. and that's it..
    Regular interent seems fine (on my computer and ipad).. but Apple TV gets stuck all the time..

    You do need to spend a bit of time checking the speeds of everything involved.
    Exactly what model was the Extreme you were using??
    If you still have it available you can rearrange the network and run both the AE and TC.
    Certainly the AC model Extreme and TC are identical design and firmware, so there should be no real difference between them. The older models did have differences.. they used fairly different boards and different chassis.. I find placed side by side the Gen4 TC was slightly better wireless signal wise than Gen5 AE. (The TC is one Gen behind.. so they are the equivalent).
    To start to figure out your problem you need to do some work to figure out where the problem is.
    The WAN connection of the new TC has been reported as slow. The issue may not be the wireless, or lan side at all but the WAN connection to the modem. What model is the modem??
    Please do some testing to check if you are getting full WAN speed. Test by using a computer with ethernet only connection.. wireless off.. to an internet test site. If this shows full speed, then next test:
    Try by wireless with ethernet disconnected.
    Test the laptop in the same location as the ATV. What link speed do you get?
    Is the speed poor in this location?
    Give some feedback and we can think up some more ways to test the problem.
    There is one simple solution though.. plug the extreme back into network and run the TC in bridge behind it.

  • Time Capsule - Very slow and eventually unresponsive over wi-fi.

    I've been using my TC for some time now, but it was the first time I had to recover a file. I know it's slow as **** to backup over wi-fi and that it takes aaages to "prepare" the backup. Also I did the initial backup using a cable and not wi-fi.
    My question is: Why is it SO slow to browse and restore small files from a not-so-far-away backup, like, from yesterday? First, when I tried to browse the previous versions of the file it took aaaages to show the contents of the folder and eventually crashed while I stared incredulous the screen...
    Then when I tried again it took it a very long time to browse the folder (I went for a coffee...) and then another 5 minutes to restore a very small file.
    I know it's not supposed to be blinking fast, but it's borderline unusable. Isn't it supposed to be at least "not annoying"?

    Experiencing the same problem. Drag/Dropping a 30Mb file from my HD to TC takes about a minute. Tried about all suggestions and didn't see an improvement. TC is in 5GHZ n mode with only my iMac as a client. Speeds should be around 9 Mb/s instead of the 0.5 Mb/s I'm observing. I've switched off Spotlight indexing for TC, de-activated the Airport status indicator, did several hard resets of TC and put ACK at zero instead of the default value of 3. No major impact; my 30Mb file continues to be transferred in around 60 seconds from iMac to TC. I read one comment that TC might be sensitive to heat, so my next trial-and-error initiative will be to put TC in a cooler spot to see if this has an effect. I'm very eager to learn how to get TC up to 9 Mb/s and hope Apple will pick up on this discussion. I assume they're very aware of the issue as there's quite some discussion going on on this topic. One thing I also tried was downgrading TC firmware to a more stable version, where Airport Extreme v5.5 was advised. I didn't succeed, assuming this old version is not compatible with my Intel Mac. I would like to know if there's a stable robust throughput firmware version available for TC I could downgrade to...??

  • Time capsule is slow and inconsistent

    It seems that the wifi is much slower than my old airport extreme, and inconsistent in terms of connectibility and strength. Any hints? I've been at this for two days.

    Maybe trying some of these suggestions will help?
    *_Slow Time Capsule Transfer Speeds_*
    *Initial Backup Best Over Ethernet*
    It is recommended that you perform the initial full backup via ethernet, then all subsequent backups via wireless.
    *Transmit Power & Wide Channels*
    If you are using the 802.11n only (5 GHz) radio mode, you can also select to use wide channels, which provide higher data throughput in your network.
    Launch Airport Utility
    Select your Time Capsule on the left.
    Click “Manual Setup”.
    Select “Airport” in the toolbar.
    Click the “Wireless” tab.
    Click “Wireless Options...” at the bottom of the window.
    Adjust the “Transmit Power” to 100%.
    Put a check mark in the box labeled “Use Wide Channels”.
    Click “Done”.
    Click “Update” in the lower right hand corner.
    Wait for the Time Capsule to restart and then see if your network speeds improve.
    *Anti-Virus Software*
    Are you running anti-virus software. Disable it and see if network speeds improve. The discussion boards are filled with users who are experiencing degraded network speeds due to their anti-virus software.
    One poster observed: “I had the exact same problem 5mins ago, it had taken 2 hours to back up 2GB, I realized I installed Sophos anti virus a couple of days ago. When I turned that off my back up is speeding through.”
    Another contributor stated, “I am doing the first backup to my time capsule, about 71 Gb, It seems to be going about 1 Gb per hour. is this seem OK? I tried the ethernet connection and the speed was about the same. It has been going all night and after 12 hours it is at only 12 Gb of 71….I found the problem, I uninstalled Norton and the problem went away. It backed up in about 3 or 4 hours”
    *Wireless Security Issue*
    Some who have experienced degraded network speeds have isolated the problem to their wireless security setup. Try this:
    Launch Airport Utility
    Select your Time Capsule on the left.
    Click “Manual Setup”.
    Select “Airport” in the toolbar.
    Click the “Wireless” tab.
    Change “Wireless Security” to “None”.
    Click “Update” in the lower right hand corner.
    Wait for the Time Capsule to restart and then see if your network speeds improve.
    Granted, this is far from desirable. But it does help to isolate the problem in you instance. Maybe simply resetting the security with a new password will help?
    Let us know if any of these procedures helped.

  • Time Capsule is Slower and has a Weaker Signal than Airport Express

    I have been using an airport express (g) without any problems for several years and usually get full signal strength throughout my small manhattan apartment. I recently decided to upgrade to a Time Capsule. I set it up and found that signal was weak and data transfer was slow. After rebooting it and installing the firmware update, things did not get any better. I took my laptop and TC to the Apple Store and they set it up again for me. In the Apple store, I found that the connection was strong and that the data was extremely fast. When I brought the unit back, I was only able to connect with a few bars (4) and found the data transfers to be extremely slow, practically unusable. I'm not sure what to do, I think there's something interfering with the signal but then again, I put the TC right where the old AirPort Express used to deliver a strong (full) signal.
    Any suggestions?

    I set the Time Capsule to channel 11 from automatic. Since then, the Time Capsule has been working perfectly. I love it.

  • HELP! Time Capsule painfully slow

    OK, so I bought a new 1TB Time Capsule yesterday.
    I installed it yesterday and during configuration, it copied over the profile from my old Airport Base Station.
    My internet slowed down dramatically (1.5B per dsl reports) and I started my Time Machine backup before going to bed. When I woke up, it had backed up 18GB of 240GB!
    When I came home tonight, I reset the unit and recreated my network from scratch manually.
    My internet is back up to 4.2mb (per dsl reports again), but the backup speed is only about 500K/minute.
    What am I doing wrong?!?!? If this is the true speed of TC, I feel very duped by Apple. There is no way this a viable wireless backup device at these speeds!

    Just to offer you an example of one series of performance read/write testing of the Time Capsule (TC), the following is an excerpt from MacInTouch Special Reports for a speed comparison of the internal hard drive vs. a USB drive attached to the TC. This is just one example, others may show different results, but this should give you an idea of what could be expected for comparison to what you are experiencing.
    "It's not a speed demon, but it is very consistent, yielding 10.2 MB/sec. for reads and 8.9 MB/sec. for writes in AJA Kona System Test, over a 5-GHz, 802.11n wireless connection from our Mac Pro. Over Gigabit Ethernet wiring, we saw 17.1 MB/sec. for reads and 12.6 MB/sec. for writes.
    The external USB hard drive we tested was somewhat slower, with 16.7 MB/sec. reads and 8.9 MB/sec. writes over Gigabit Ethernet wiring. But, using the USB disk over 802.11n wireless was much slower, yet, than using the internal disk."
    Even Apple recommends that the first Time Machine backup should be done with your Mac connected by Ethernet to the TC. (ref: Backing up with Time Capsule for the first time)

  • Time capsule painfully slow under windows 7

    I'm using a time capsule (latest gen, 3TB) with both a Mac and a PC. The Mac uses Time Machine to backup and things work great.
    However, on my PC (Windows 7), the TC is mounted as a network mounted (drive Z), and if I simply try to drag and drop files from my PC to the TC, it's painfully slow. At least 10x slower than on the Mac.
    As an example, copying 500MB takes about 10 hours...
    Any suggestions on improving performance using TC on a Windows 7 machine?

    Download the free  iStumbler  app to examine the strength of your connection.
    If it's not good, look for interference with another wireless device, cordless phone, microwave oven, etc.  Turn them off temporarily;  if you find an offender, move it farther away.  See  AirPort and Bluetooth: Potential sources of wireless interference  for more.
    Try different WIFI channels.

  • Time Capsule too slow with PLC

    Currently I have a wifi modem router (802.11g) Zyxel whose ports ethernet (10/100) have connected the following:
    - Port 1 mac pro
    - Port 2 NAS 2TB Raid 5 where have all the movies in HD (720p and 1080p), home videos, music, photos, etc..
    - Port 3 PLC adapter Devolo dlan 200 AV http://www.devolo.com/consumer/7dlan-200-aveasy_starter-kit_product-presentation1.html?l=en
    All this is in my home office.
    In the bedroom of my oldest son, I have a PLC adapter which connects your PC and / or console. Also use a macbook by wifi.
    In the room of my youngest son, another PLC adapter which connects your MacMini and / or console.
    In the lounge have another PLC adapter that is connected to a multimedia disc DVICO TVIX M6500 http://www.tvix.co.kr/ENG/products/HDM6500.aspx
    This disc I have configured to connect to the NAS and can see all the content (especially HD movies) smoothly cuts or breaks in the image and sound.
    Now I buy a Time Capsule 1TB. Following instructions, I connected a Zyxel modem port to the WAN input of TC (I canceled the Zyxel wifi).
    I connected to port 1 of the TC the mac pro, the NAS to port 2 and to port 3 the PLC adapter, but I have a problem set transfer rate:
    From the lounge, when I connect the disk media and I want to watch any movie (even in PAL) to play me jumping on the image and sound. It is as if the ports were only a 10mb ethernet. They lack the data transfer rate (I tested on all three)
    Interestingly, the TC wifi (802.11n) works properly and the macbook can see all the movies in HD without problems of jumps in the image (which with Zyxel wifi was impossible)
    I've been looking in all possible configurations and find nothing.
    The network works because I see all the computers, but is very slow.
    Theoretically, the PLC adapter is transparent in an ethernet network and does not influence the rate of data transfer.
    It is as if they were incompatible the TC Gigabit ports with the PLC adapter.
    Any idea?

    chris_gmu wrote:
    What I did was to connect an ethernet port of Time Capsule back to the ethernet port of my mac book pro but nothing changed. Still very slow in backupx
    Yes, that's what I meant, sorry.
    and my internet connection is unstable reqularly disconnecting...
    That may be the main problem.  Time Machine may be just an innocent victim. 
    A easy way to tell is to just disconnect from the Internet for a while, and see if the backups improve, via Ethernet.  If not, be sure it's not still using WIFI -- turn WIFI off to force it to use Ethernet. 
    If it does improve, that would implicate something in your setup or connection to your DSL modem.  That's out of my area of expertise, but there are some networking gurus here who can help.
    If it doesn't improve greatly, see the green box in #D2 of Time Machine - Troubleshooting.  Something there should fix it.

  • Time Capsule (A1409): slow file access problem and how do we create a back up of the files on timecapsule?

    Time Capsule: We have a model no A1049 our network (installed by someone no longer working with us, so I don't know how it was set up or how to access any settings other than via Airport Utility)
    We use it for our central file storage, and as a disk for timemachine backups from the several macs we use here.
    The time capsule is running but we have slow access to files, it takes ages to bring up the list of files available, can I fix this?
    I have just updated the firmware.
    I would also like to know how I can back up these files to another disk.
    I have searched the manuals and also the support community but I can't find the answers or any instructions other than the manuals  and would appreciate help.
    Thank you

    The Time Capsule was designed to handle Time Machine backups from one or more Mac computers, and it will work reasonably well for that purpose.
    But.....and this is a big BUT......it will not work very well at all if you try to make it act as a file server, since the disk spin up time is quite slow among other things like slow read times from the disk.
    Suggest that you get with an IT specialist who can recommend the right file server solution for your network based on your needs.
    As far as backing up the data on the Time Capsule, the simplest way to do this is connect a USB drive to the USB port on the Time Capsule and use the built in Archive function in AirPort Utility to make a complete copy of all of the data on the Time Capsule.
    Unfortunately, the simplest way is also the slowest and the Time Capsule will not be available for Time Machine backups or file serving during the Archive procedure, which will likely take 4-6 hours or so depending on how much data might be on the Time Capsule.  A good time to do this might be late at night, so the Archive copying will run overnight.
    Another better option would be to use a commercially available application, like Carbon Copy Cloner to automatically back up the Time Capsule disk each day at a time that you choose.  The advantage to doing it this way is that CCC will only back up the changes that have occurred since the last back up, so once the first "master" backup is done, the subsequent "incremental" backups will only take a few minutes each day.
    Your IT specialist / consultant will likely have other suggestions for you as well. The advice that we have offered here is meant to be general in nature and not specific to your particular needs.

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