Time/date on my iPhone changes every time I sync with iTunes - any fix?

Hi All,
Every time I sync my phone with my computer, the time and date on my phone changes - it goes to one week behind, and about 10 hours earlier than it actually is. My computer calendar has the right time (NYC time zone), the calendar support settings on my iPhone are set to NYC time zone - what could be happening? Any ideas?

So i went to the apple store to meet with an apple genius to ask him why my phone's time kept moving up 1 hour everytime I synced my phone. Well he said that he's never seen this problem before, and after a trying a reset and restore he let me exchange my phone. The problem is that when I went to sync my new phone the problem still persisted. They told me it was probably something to do with my computer and its time zone settings.
So I get home and click on my computers clock in the bottom right hand corner to bring up the date and time properties and sure enought my time is correct, the date is correct and the time zone is correct (Eastern Daylight Time). So I look through the different tabs (Date & Time, Time Zone, Internet Time). The first thing I tried to do was to change where my computer syncs its internet time. It was originaly set on NIST time. I then switched it to Windows time, but this didn't do anything. My clock would still change when I synced to itunes. The next thing I tried was fideling around in the Time Zone tabs. I noticed that the box that says "Automatically adjust clock for daylight savings" was unchecked, so I checked it and my computer's time jumped an hour ahead. So I left the box checked but moved my clock one hour back (to the correct time), clicked on apply and left it at that. I synced my iPhone and voila! The time didn't change! It stayed on the correct time! To to make a long story short, make sure that you computer's clock is set on "automatically adjust clock for daylight savings changes, make sure your time zone is correct, and that the time is right when that box is checked. I hope this helps you. I'm glad I got a new phone out of the deal;)
Chris P.

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    When iPhone locked and restored through sync with iTunes do you lose everything on the phone

    Hello Jamiem75
    If you have to restore, yes everything will be erased from your iPhone. If you have a backup, you can put that backup after the restore.
    iOS: Forgotten passcode or device disabled after entering wrong passcode
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    What is your Computer and which operating system is it running...
    Syncing with iTunes on a Mac or PC requires:
    Mac: OS X v10.6.8 or later
    PC: Windows 7; Windows Vista; or Windows XP Home or Professional with Service Pack 3 or later
    iTunes 10.7 or later (free download from www.itunes.com/download)
    From Here  >  http://www.apple.com/iphone/specs.html

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    If you have not already, shut down your computer.  Do this to reset your iPod
    Start up your computer.  Run iTunes.  Connect iPod.  Try to sync again.

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    First, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes on your computer (11.x). If you connect the phone to a USB port directly on your computer (NOT to a USB hub) and it still doesn't appear in iTunes you need to troubleshoot iTunes.
    If you have a Mac see: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1591
    For Windows see: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1538

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    I don't have an iphone, but if it's anything like my click-wheel ipod, a reset doesn't delete anything.
    It just resets the ipod's operating system, kind of like a PC restart. Did you try this Sleep/Wake button thing mentioned here?
    Maybe it's a podcast of voice memo causing the problem like it did for this person
    That's all I got. You might have better luck on an iPhone forum. Everyone there would probably have one. Like I said, I don't.

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    Did you ever get an answer to this?
    Today both my iPad 2 & iPhone will no longer charge or connect to iTunes. It's so weird!

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    I used to be able to rate (4 stars/5 stars etc)  a new song that I recently added to my iPhone and then when I later synced with iTunes on my pc the same ratings I placed on my phone, would then also appear in iTunes on my pc. I dont know why it's not doing it anymore, its really annoying me!

    UPDATE: My Ipad2 works and syncs fine!! . .only the new iphone 5s do not sync!!

  • IPhone loses play counts when syncing with iTunes

    I would like to repeat the question from this thread, which has mistakenly been marked "answered".
    When syncing with iTunes, not all play counts are transferred into iTunes. When I turn the iPhone off, it even forgets the complete list of played songs (it is even deleted from iTunes itself).

    I have similar problem. Played podcasts becomes UNPLAYED after synch with iTune.

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    I'm sure this happened to some of you before but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
    I purchased music direct via my iPhone but when I synced with iTunes some of my albums were missing. What is also weird is that the digital booklets have synced but I can't find the songs. How do I get them back?
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    See Here for
    iTunes Customer Service Contact

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    I inadverantly deleted the iPhone App, 1Password. Although I am able to re-install it by either a new download from the Apple Store or by a full iTunes Restore, the app keeps getting purged from my iPhone everytime I sync with iTunes. How do I correct this?

    Check your list of applications in iTunes. If it isn't there go to the App store and download it again. Connect your iPhone and before syncing starts select the iPhone in the sidebar to the left and then select the applications tab across the top. Find 1Password in the list and make sure it has a checkmark.

  • IPhone 4S (iOS 6) not syncing with iTunes (10.7) asking to restore

    I have an iPhone 4S and a MBP running on 10.6.8 with iTunes 10.7. My iPhone will no longer sync, making it impossible to manage my music. If it weren't for my music, I wouldn't really care to sync it aside from just backing up my contacts etc.
    The message I am getting is "iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPhone. Go to the Summary tab in iPhone preferences and click Restore to restore this iPhone to factory settings."
    I've searched online and tried many different things both on my computer and my iPhone such as reseting networks, changing the cellular data options, restarting my modem and restarting the wifi on my computer. None of it seems to work. Even if anything were to work temporarily until iTunes 11, I would love that, but I can't seem to find even a temporary fix. I am aware that lots of people have had or still do have this issue, and it's quite frustrating. Any help, suggestions, advice, is much appreciated.

    Unfortunatley 5 GB is not necessarily a lot of space.  What you should do is FIRST go into iCloud and choose what information you want turned on.
    Settings >iCloud
    Here you should see different Tabs that will let you select what you want to back up on your device.  You have the option to back up the following data on your phone:
    Photo Stream
    Documents & Data
    Find My iPhone
    If you turn off some of these options you should free up some of your space. 
    Once you have backed up your device in iCloud, you can place your device in Recovery Mode in iTunes so it can be recognized. 
    To put phone in recovery mode:  Hold down home button and power button at top of phone at the same time.  Once you see the Apple on the device, CONTINUE to hold down the Home button.  Plug your phone into iTunes.  Do not let the Home button go until you see a message in iTunes stating that a device has been detected in recovery mode.

  • Iphone 4s and 5 not syncing with Itunes

    Please someone help me. I am having the same issue with my iphone 5 and my daughters iphone 4s. We are using Windows on Asus newer laptop. We are on the most up to date versions of Windows and itunes. When you plug into computer and it connects to itunes, it says that the phone needs to be restored. When you try and restore it, it gives you an error. I then take it to anyone who has a mac to restore it, bring it back to our computers and try again. This time, it will recognize it but when you try and sync the music, it will go through steps 1-4 and then the bar with the music will instantly go back to no audio on it. I have tried the process several times and it does the same thing. When I take it to the apple store, they say it has to be an issue with my pc because it restores fine on their mac. Help!

    I finally got iTunes to sync with my iPhone 5
    I followed the step by step instructions in this archived support article:
    Archived - Mac OS X v10.6: iOS device not recognized in iTunes after restart
    If the issue remains, try these steps:
    Disconnect the device and quit iTunes.
    In the Finder, locate iTunes in the Applications folder and drag it to the Trash. (This will not remove any of your iTunes media or your iTunes library.)
    Choose Go > Go to Folder. Enter the following location into the text field that appears:
    Click Go.
    Locate the file "AppleMobileDevice.kext" and drag it to the Trash.
    Restart the Mac.
    In Finder, click the Go menu and then choose Go to Folder. Enter the following location into the text field that appears:
    Click Go.
    Locate the folder "MobileDevice.framework" and drag it to the Trash.
    In Finder, click the Go menu and then choose Go to Folder. Enter the following location into the text field that appears:
    Click Go.
    Locate the file "com.apple.usbmuxd.plist~orig" and drag it to the trash. (Do not move the similarly named "com.apple.usbmuxd.plist" file to the Trash.)
    Restart the Mac.
    Download iTunes and reinstall it. Test to see if the issue persists. Then, restart your Mac a final time to confirm issue is still resolved.

  • IPhone 4s (iOS 7) not syncing with iTunes 11.1.3 for Mac

    A few weeks ago, my iPhone ceased to sync with my computer. When I plug it into my computer, it charges, but does not appear in iTunes. I have searched the communities here and some folks suggest deleting and reinstalling iTunes, but my computer says OS X cannot do this. I updated all of my phone and iTunes software to the latest versions, but no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions so that iTunes will recognize my iPhone again?  It all worked fine from the time I bought this computer in March until roughly October.

    Please Click on the 'Print Screen' for better view.

  • Iphone 3g not able to Sync with Itunes

    I have iphone 3g with OS 2.2.1 and itunes 8.1
    I m not able to sync with i tunes.
    Whenever i connect phone, Itunes get hung .
    Sometimes it displays foll message:
    Itunes was unbale to connect iphone because it recieved an invalid response.
    If i restart and connect it gives
    Unable to Load Dataclas information for the iphone.Try reconnecting.
    I did every thing
    De-install,Re-install each and every thing based on suggestions at various places,still no use.
    Even tried Syncing with Other OS XP , same problem-> Itunes gets hanged.
    Im absolutely clueless about whats happened.
    Somehow i was able to update the OS to 2.2.1 .
    Dont know where the problem is....
    Can any problem with Hardware lead to Such error..If yes..What are the probable hardware reasone...
    Software wise i dont think anything is left unchecked,still any suggestions, help welcome..
    Im really in need to sort this out as cant sync anything..the phone is blank wiht complete HDD free....No use.....
    Please Please Please Help..!!!!!!!!!

    As I read you updated your iPhone to 2.2.1. That means that maybe this cause the problem.
    Sometimes when I connect my iPhone to iTunes I saw the message what says that "iTunes was unable to connect to the iPhone... " but if I reconnect my iPhone then iTunes recognize my phone and everything is OK.
    If the reconnecting does not help you then I advise that reset your iPhone with 'Erase All Data and Settings'. Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Data and Settings.
    If you reset your iPhone with 'Erase All Data and Settings' then your iPhone will delete your files and also the 2.2.1 software update and after that it will run with the original software what you bought with it.
    The reset takes approximately 2 hours. And this is delete everything from your iPhone.
    So, as it seems you can't back up your iPhone, that means everything what is on your iPhone will be deleted except if you don't have them on your computer.
    After you reseted your iPhone, try to connect with iTunes. If it won't works then try it on an another Mac or PC and if you can't sync your iPhone at all, you have to take your iPhone to your carrier for a service.
    Important note: After you reseted your iPhone, it will please that connect to iTunes to activate the phone. If you can't connect to iTunes your phone, you won't be able to use it!
    As you know, without activating you can't use the iPhone.
    If you can do the activation then you probably will be able to sync it.
    If you can't be without mobile phone and just the iPhone what you've then don't do that until you maybe could miss your phone (I mean if you iPhone have to be serviced).

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