Time Machine won't see my backup after resetting Time Capsule

i had to reset my TC because i got a new modem.  once i got the network up and running again, now time machine wants to start over backing up my MBP, even though i can see the backup files on the TC....
how do i get time machine to recognize that this time machine has my backups on it already?
I had changed the name of the TC, then i changed it back.  so i don't think that's the problem? 
will i have to erase the time capsule and start over backing up?
thanks in advance...

TM may start a new backup sequence for any of a number of reasons. See #D3 in the Time Machine - Troubleshooting *User Tip* at the top of this forum.
Click here to download the +Time Machine Buddy+ widget. It shows the messages from your logs for one TM backup run at a time, in a small window.
Navigate to the first of the backup attempt that failed, copy and post the messages here. A clue should be lurking in there.
i'd like to keep those backups because there's some important stuff in there.
That's a curious comment. Have you been deleting things from your internal HD, relying on TM to keep it's copies archived?

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  • Time Machine won't do incremental backups after I restored my computer

    I am using a macbook (2010 version) and operating Lion.  I had a problem with my Macbook where it wouldn't log on, even in safe mode, so I restored it using Timemachine.  Now that everything is back up and running well I want to keep backing up.  But Time Machine now says that there is not eneough space on the backup disk as it wants to back up the whole computer alongside the exisitng back up.  In short it will no longer do incremental backups on top of what has already been backed up.  I don't want to wipe my backup disk for fear that something might go wrong again and I may want to go back to a version earlier than the one I restored.  Is there anyway of getting round this problem?  It seems like a fairly serious problem.
    I would appreciate any help.

    ms364 wrote:
    I am using a macbook (2010 version) and operating Lion.  I had a problem with my Macbook where it wouldn't log on, even in safe mode, so I restored it using Timemachine.
    When you erased the disk, it got a new UUID (Universally Unique IDentifier), which is treated like a different drive, and Time Machine will back it up in it's entirety.
    Did you do a full system restore, starting from the Recovery HD?  If so, that should have left a "trail" so Time Machine should have automatically "associated" the restored disk with the existing backups.
    If you did it "piecemeal," though, via the "Star Wars" display, it won't (that doesn't leave the trail for TM to figure out what happened).
    You might be able to get it to do the association manually.  See #B6 in Time Machine - Troubleshooting.
    But Linc is right;  you apparently need a larger TM drive.  See #1 in Time Machine - Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Time Machine does not see original backup file on Time Capsuel after reset.

    I recently moved. I have a Time Capsule which is also my airport base station. I have about 7 months worth of back-ups on the drive for an iMac and a MacBook. The local cable company would only hook up the modem directly to my iMac and would not set up through the Time Capsule as it is not one of their routers. No problem. I did it once -- I could do it again. After discovering that it was not as simple as plugging the ethernet cable into the Time Capsule (after doing so, the Time Capsule recognized it had internet feed -- the iMac recognized the Time Capsule/Airport network -- but I could not get onto the net.) I discovered that I needed to do a hard reset. The instructions said the files would not be erased. They were not. I can still see the original back-ups for both computers in finder. But Time Machine does not recognize that either computer was ever backed up. There is no history and when I try a back-up it begins from scratch and creates a brand new back-up file.
    How do I get Time Machine to recognize the original back-up files? I tried "choosing disk" in Time Machine preferences but it only lets me choose the actual disk (the Time Capsule) and not an individual back-up file
    Thanks in advance to the collective brain trust.

    I saw a post on another discussion about this subject, and one user found this workaround:
    2) Start the backup via wireless connection. Stop the backup. Unplug external HD and plug in via USB or FW (you want FW800). Time Machine appears smart enough to continue your backup in a manner that is useable by the AEBS.
    This only makes sense for the first backup (or if you have a lot of data for one particular incremental backup), as it removes the whole convenience factor of wireless.
    The post got this reply:
    Thx for your #2 tip on using Time Machine with an Airport Extreme Base Station, then switching to a wired connection. Worked perfectly.
    Started the TimeMachine b/up wirelessly, allowed it to run for a couple minutes, then stopped it, unplugged the USB drive from the AEBS, plugged it into the computer directly via FW400, opened TimeMachine and it recognized the Disk. Ran TimeMachine via the wired connection, after it finished I ejected it, plugged it back into the AEBS, initiated the AirDisk in the finder, then opened TimeMachine and presto!!
    Awesome tip. Note: this works for first-time TimeMachine wireless backups only. Saved me over 40 hours of wireless waiting!!
    Can anyone confirm that this will work?

  • Time Machine won't show old backups after reformat

    Hi there -
    So I have a time machine backup that I made about 1 year ago. I have let it do its thing, backing up files automatically every hour. I decided to reformat my computer to start fresh before downloading Lion, so I unhooked my external drive and went to work. The install went fine, but now my old time machine backups are gone!
    For example, I will go into my Pictures folder, then enter time machine, I can only go back to July 18th, 2011. Previous to me reformatting my computer, I had no problem going as far back as I wanted. Now all of a sudden, I can't do that any more!
    I have NO idea what's going on, and NO idea how to fix this. I've exhausted myself reading through the communities trying to get support, but to no avail.
    Hopefully someone can help!

    Many, many weeks ago there were articles (MacWorld and others) that described how to check and see if you had any PowerPC apps.  It was stated that these apps would not work with Lion because Rosetta, which they require, will no longer be supported.  Here is how you check.  Hold down Option and click the Apple in the upper left.   While holding Option click System Profiler.  Under Software, click Applications and wait for the list to load.  Toward the right side of the window click the column header called "Kind" to sort the column.  Scroll the column to see if you have any Power PC apps.  If  you do, they won't work in Lion.
    Regarding  your Office 2004...... I do know that the new version of Office will work.
    Hope this is helpful.

  • Time Machine won't use existing backup folder

    Time machine gave me the can't find back up drive error. I did what the support site says, went into the preferences, and reselected the appropriate drive, but now it won't use the existing backup folder. It keeps making a new one called 'user's MacBook Pro 2'. How do I force it to use the old folder, so that I can access my old back-ups?

    First, you need to determine WHY it's not choosing to continue using the previous backups.
    Has your computer changed in some way? Logic board replaced by Apple?
    You reinstalled the Mac OS X system software?
    *_Time Machine Always Performs a Full Backup After a Full Restore_*
    Actually, this is normal. Anytime your hardware has changed, or you have reinstalled the operating system again, Time Machine will perform a new full backup. Consider the following according to the KB article below:
    *Full Backup After Restore*
    Bear in mind that in all cases Time Machine will perform a full backup after a full restore. This is normal. Time Machine will resume incremental backups after the full backup has completed. To view previous backups, Control-click or right-click the Time Machine icon in your Dock or Option-click the Time Machine menu extra and Choose "Browse Other Time Machine Disks," then select your previous backup volume. You will enter Time Machine and be able to browse your previous back ups and restore files. [http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1338]
    So even on unchanged hardware, if you reinstall your system software and restore your user data, Time Machine starts anew, and you will not be able to resume backing up with the same history as the previous backups.
    While there may be ways to fool/hack Time Machine into recognizing previous backups without performing another full backup, they are likely rather elaborate.
    Ultimately, though, in a couple of months, all the effort to preserve old backups may seem pointless. After all, Time Machine will eventually purge away that data anyways as it replaces it with new files.
    It may simply be easier to begin a fresh series of backups while saving the previous backups until your satisfied that you have enough history built up. Then delete the old backups.
    Hope this clarifies some things.

  • Missing Backups -- They are there, but Time Machine won't see them

    I have backups going back to March 2008 on an external USB drive. Recently, there was an error message in my time machine status bar that a backup had been interrupted. After that, TIme Machine stopped backing up. I repaired my time machine backup disk using disk utility (and it found and repaired an error that there were an "Incorrect number of Access Control Lists"). I then reselected my external drive as my backup disk. Time machine is again backing up correctly. Moreover, my time machine preferences show that my oldest backup is, in fact, from March 2008, and when I mount the sparsebundle from the USB drive, all my old backups appear. However, when I actually enter time machine, none of the older backups appear. In fact, none appear at all. Only "today" is visible. Any idea how I can make time machine recognize and view all of my old backups?

    I have a similar problem, with a slight twist.
    Installed Time Machine January 2008.
    The Apple store installed 10.5.6. November 2008.
    Time Machine will only go back to the date of the 10.5.6 installation.
    In console or terminal mode there are some directories and files are there on the backup HD. Although I have not found the original baseline backup yet from the console mode.
    Apple support call in reported that a product specialist said the only thing to do was erase the backup HD and start over, that the 10.5.6 install had been a "new" install and the backups were no longer going to be accessible. One way to cut down on support calls is to to limit the support delivered.
    Found several December 2008 references to changing permissions on "Mac address" based on ethernet card 16 byte file.
    "Note the name of the file that begins with a period and has 12 characters in the name, such as ".001b6397c156" mentioned in the quote above"
    This permission was r-------- to begin with. I did a chmod a+r and a+w.
    A number of ways on the web to do that.
    But this has not changed the behavior, but I have not rebooted yet.

  • Time Machine Won't Continue Old Backup

    My computer was being repaired at Apple for a few weeks and I just got it back. No hard drive data was modified during the repair; the optical drive needed work. Anyway, I plugged in my external hard drive a few moments ago and it's backing up the whole system and won't let me return to the previous backups that I already have. I'm trying to recall a few files and Time Machine won't let me find them even though they're on the external drive. I did, however, accidentally rename the external hard drive when I was using it without Time Machine a few days ago.
    Is there a way for me to continue where I left off with my old Time Machine backups? I'd hate to lose them all and I don't want to re-install the entire system from a previous one from a month or so ago; I just need to look at a few old files. Thanks for any help!

    So, here's what happened.
    Time Machine uses the xattr system to assign specific folders hidden attributes. Time Machine sets each folder up in its hierarchy with a xattr tag for the Ethernet MAC address of the machine it is backing up. This is all done invisibly. So, when I got a logic board, and a new MAC address, it wouldn't treat the old archive as concomitant with the new machine. So, here's how you fix this:
    - remove the ACLs from the Time Machine DB
    - use the xattr command at Terminal to put your new MAC address on the folder.
    Full details are available here:

  • Time Machine won't see Windows Home Server 2011 Disk (NAS)

    Since upgrading too Mountian Lion, Time Machine doesn't see my NAS. The NAS is available in Lion, and Time Machine will back up to it. I have done the steps in HT4700 on the Mountian Lion mac, and it did work.
    I can manually mount the drives, and browse the files via the finder. Help please.

    Have you reviewed the logs on the computer you are trying to backup? What does it say in the console?

  • Time machine won't see my airdisk for i can't mount it

    i can't use my lacie hard dirve that is hooked up to my airport extreme base station with the time machine.
    looking around the forums i understood that time machine only works with the drives that are mounted on the desktop. some apparently do that manually by clicking to it in finder, others use an automator app to automatically mount.
    but my problem is i can't mount the drive in anyways. clicking on it in finder wouldn't mount it on the desktop in may case: although i can browse it in finder it wouldn't appear on the desktop.
    since it never appears on the desktop i can't drag it to an automator app.
    does anyone have any solutions?

    TM may start a new backup sequence for any of a number of reasons. See #D3 in the Time Machine - Troubleshooting *User Tip* at the top of this forum.
    Click here to download the +Time Machine Buddy+ widget. It shows the messages from your logs for one TM backup run at a time, in a small window.
    Navigate to the first of the backup attempt that failed, copy and post the messages here. A clue should be lurking in there.
    i'd like to keep those backups because there's some important stuff in there.
    That's a curious comment. Have you been deleting things from your internal HD, relying on TM to keep it's copies archived?

  • Time Machine won't increment existing backup.

    I've had this problem for the last week and haven't been able to resolve it.
    I have a 1TB drive jacked into my Airport Extreme and have been using it for Time Machine forever. Recently however TM has been telling me that there isn't enough room on the drive to complete my backup. It doesn't seem to be recognising that it should be incrementing the existing 600Mb sparsebundle and is trying to create an entirely new backup.
    Yesterday I went as far as deleting the old backups off my drive. Then I jacked the drive directly into my MBP (Mountain Lion) and ran a brand new backup overnight.
    This morning I ejected the drive, stuck it back into the Airport, and trying to get TM to increment to it but again it's telling me there isn't enough room to create a new backup.
    I obviously has something to do with how my MBP is seeing the permissions on the sparebundle when I'm connecting to it via Airport versus directly, but I don't know why. As I said, I've been backing up to TM via Airport like this for years, no problems.
    Any help appreciated.

    Dominic Pfisterer wrote:
    "Time Machine completed a verification of your backups. To improve reliability, Time Machine must create a new backup for you.
    Not exactly one of Apple's clearest messages. 
    See #C13 in Time Machine - Troubleshooting.

  • Time Machine won't allow second backup drive?

    I want to create a second backup of Time Machine on another external hard drive. However it won't give me an option to backup to both drives. When I insert drive II, it only allows me to use it if I delete backup drive one. I attached photos of the prompt.
    Any help appreciated greatly. Thank you :-)

    Howdy Kgkgkg12,
    It sounds like this drive you are wanting to use with Time Machine is not in the same format that Time Machine needs to operate. According to this article:
    Mac Basics: Time Machine backs up your Mac
    Your Time Machine drive needs to be formatted as Mac OS X Extended (Journaled). If you select an NTFS or FAT-formatted drive, Time Machine prompts you to reformat the drive. Important: Reformatting erases any files on the destination drive. If you're not sure if you want to erase the drive you connected, choose a different drive.
    You can check the format of the drive with these steps:
    OS X Yosemite: View file, folder, and disk information
    Get individual item info: Select the item(s), then choose File > Get Info, or press Command (⌘)-I.
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.

  • My time machine won't complete a backup. Error occurred whiIe creating the back up folder. I am using passport

    How to get time machine to complete back up. Error message says Back up not completed. Error occurred while creating the back up folder.
    I checked both the HD for Mac and the Time Machine.

    See Pondini's TM FAQs

  • I just updated to Mountain Lion and now time machine won't recognize my backups from before the update.

    I updated from Snow Leopard OS X 10.6.8 to Mountain Lion OS X 10.8.2 on my MacBook Pro
    I used disk utility to restore my external hardrive because I read somewhere that that would fix the problem.
    It did fix the problem but only temporarily. I was able to view my backups from Snow Leopard, but as soon as I tried to backup again, time machine was stuck
    "preparing to backup" for 5 hours and when I quit the prepare I could no longer access my previous backups.

    So what happens if you go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General? Are you able to go there at all? If you are able to go there, can you unlock the preferences using the lock in the lower left and your login name and password?
    If you are able to do this, can you change the "Allow applications downloaded from:" to Anywhere?
    Best of luck.

  • Can Anyone Tell Me Why Time Machine Won't Create A BackUp Folder for a Programed Backup?

    Does anyone know why my Time Machine is NOT creating a backup folder on and regular scheduled backup?  Just recently I downloaded the Time Machine Editor and it said to turn off the regular Time Machine (ON/OFF) switch, and just run off the TM Editor.  However, at 1am in the morning, it comes up with the error saying it can't create a Backup Folder.  I'm sure this is a simple solution but I really don't know how to handle this...  Would appreciate any and all help in this matter... Thanks, Gary

    Were you already backing up with Time Machine - ie, did you have an existing backup folder on the drive before you started using Time Machine Editor? If not, you probably need to do at least one full backup with TM, and then start using TME to schedule backups.

  • Time Machine won't back up external drive to Time Capsule

    I recently got a Time Capsule, and successfully set it up to back up my iMac's primary drive, but for some reason Time Machine won't back up my external drive to the Time Capsule.
    I removed the external drive from the exclusion list in System Preferences > Time Machine > Options, and from what I've read this should be sufficient to make Time Machine back up the drive.
    The external drive is connected to my iMac via Thunderbolt > Thunderbolt-to-Firewire adaptor > Firewire 800 input, and the Time Capsule is connected via Ethernet to my LAN.
    Since I'm using Ethernet, I've disabled Wi-Fi on the Time Capusule by going to AirPort Utility > My Time Capsule > Edit > Wireless > Network Mode > Off.
    The reason I believe the external drive is not being backed up is because when I click the Time Machine icon in the upper-right status bar and choose "Enter Time Machine", none of the folders on external drive show any older versions.
    Furthermore, when I click Finder > Time Machine Backups > Backups.backupdb, I can see only one sub-folder which has the name of my iMac's primary drive. I can't see any equivalent folder for my external drive.
    Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

    I don't see anything you have done wrong.. perhaps it does backup in a different way.
    Load the widget.. A1 here... http://pondini.org/TM/Troubleshooting.html
    That will allow you to track the log of TM to see what it is doing.
    I would also try rebooting the computer.. exclude the drive again.. reboot.. and remove the exclusion.
    You should be able to check the actual settings of TM in plist file.
    And you can do a full reset of TM as well.. See A4. Check what is in the file. Pondini lists the location for you.
    Nothing surprises me with Mountain Lion ...!!

Maybe you are looking for