Tired of graphical corruption resulting in depth changing to 256 colours.

When will the bug in the Boot Camp WinXP ATI Radeon 2600 HD Pro (mid-2007 24" 2.8GHz iMac that causes graphical corruption resulting in colour depth switching to 256 colours be fixed? This happens after a random time running WinXP (from mere minutes to hours), and can only be fixed by restart.
Years have gone by and Boot Camp updates, reinstalling Windows, a new 24" iMac (same model sigh), and tearing my hair out in frustration as Applecare support and bug reports achieve nothing has left me rather disillusioned. FYI - Apple Boot Camp graphics driver is the only one that works with my model iMac.
Still, it's gone on for so long I'm nearly ready to buy a new iMac. Can anyone tell me if this problem exists in any of the new models? Hopefully not since they use different GPUs, but given Apple's inability to sort even this most basic and glaring of bugs, I thought it wise to ask first.

This appears to have resolved the issue on restarting the system. I guess I must have accidentally moved this slider while looking through the system settings.
It doesn't explain how rotating the display twice "fixes" (or reverts) the changes made. That's a matter for a dev team if they ever want to bother looking into it though.
Many thanks for the help,

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  • Graphic corruption on Dashboard and Volume change

    Can anyone help identify this problem?
    In addition to these, sometimes there's also a white block under the menu bar and weird graphic corruptions around shadows.
    I received a Wacom graphic tablet for Christmas but apart from that no new drivers have been installed. Also, Opera has been crashing when I press a down or backspace key (though only sometimes) but that's probably unrelated.

    A couple more examples:
    By the lack of responses can I assume this is fairly unique to me?

  • Mavericks 10.9.1 and graphics corruption with mac pro early 2009

    Mavericks 10.9.1 is causing graphics corruption with my mac pro early 2009.
    ATI Radeon 4870 quit working altogether. Replaced with ATI Radeon 5870 and having different and weird graphics corruption issues.
    Turned off screensaver because once I got all pink screen with occasional snowflakes flickering on screen. That has stopped now but other things still happening.

    This procedure is a diagnostic test. It makes no changes to your data.
    Please triple-click anywhere in the line below on this page to select it:
    defaults read /Library/Preferences/com.apple.SoftwareUpdate | pbcopy
    Copy the selected text to the Clipboard by pressing the key combination command-C.
    Launch the built-in Terminal application in any of the following ways:
    ☞ Enter the first few letters of its name into a Spotlight search. Select it in the results (it should be at the top.)
    ☞ In the Finder, select Go ▹ Utilities from the menu bar, or press the key combination shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.
    ☞ Open LaunchPad. Click Utilities, then Terminal in the icon grid.
    Paste into the Terminal window by pressing the key combination command-V. I've tested these instructions only with the Safari web browser. If you use another browser, you may have to press the return key after pasting.
    Wait for a new line ending in a dollar sign ($) to appear below what you entered.
    The output of the command will be automatically copied to the Clipboard. If the command produced no output, the Clipboard will be empty. Paste into a reply to this message.
    The Terminal window doesn't show the output. Please don't copy anything from there.
    If any personal information appears in the output, anonymize before posting, but don’t remove the context.

  • Graphics Corruption in Some Apps - Problem with Geforce GT750

    I am recently facing a graphics corruption problem with my 2013 MBPr. Yesterday I noticed that the window that shows the mail in Mail.app suddenly showed just some noise (just some strange colors). I restarted the app and it was gone. Then I installed a game named "Tales from the Borderlands". On the menu of the game I noticed the corruption again. Every time I would exit and rerun the game, the distortion would randomly change. Here are some examples:
    The problem appeared throughout the game too.
    Then I forced "Integrated Only" using a gfxCardStatus to use Intel Iris Pro instead of Geforce GT750. I started the game and the problem was gone. I tried some more times again by switching GPUs and every time I noticed that the problem is with Geforce GT750 and Intel Iris Pro has no problem.
    Any ideas what is causing the problem and what should I do? Thanks in advance for any help.

    Hi Tormirez,
    I can't believe my eyes.. I actually was afraid this might happen.
    Since I've been following the 2011 MBP forum after i had my MBP repaired (reflow by someone near Antwerp, Belgium), I've been learning some specific things about the very likely nature of these GPU issues.
    All these issues seem to be related to the replacement of leaded solder by nearly pure tin solder + not soldering according to the best profile (temperature vs time).
    The factor of time saving = money saving may very well play a role here.
    When you consider the nature of that leaded solder problem versus the soldering profiles, it's not hard to imagine that the problem isn't just in the 2011 model range, but may actually have started FROM that range...! I've already heard that some 2012 models also failed in a similar way.
    It may all be quite logical; tin solder needs a roughly 60ºC higher temperature to get into full liquid state then leaded solder.
    As the cheapest way to produce boards is probably rolling entire boards through ovens, melting the parts on it, it would require very precise monitoring of temperatures UNDER the CPU and GPU, to be SURE you have a full flow going on.
    But, at the same time, as you're cooking ALL components around 240ºC, they may have chosen not to stay at this temperature long enough. Or, maybe they stop at 240ºC, while 242ºC might be the minimum required temperature to guarantee full flow.
    Etc.. It's a very complicated mix of factors that determines if small or large batches of board could contain errors at all or not.
    But it may at least be called "bizarre" that these solder errors are found in tens of thousands 2011 MBPs, but also in 2012 models, and in the PS4 and also other brand Windows PCs!!
    If you want to test your GPU hard, download GpuTest OSX x64 0.7.0 from ( geeks3d . com / gputest ) and run the FurMark based stress test on HD resolution for 30-60 mins straight, then turn your machine off completely for 15-30 mins (until it's really cold, put it down on some cold stone floor might help), then repeat several times.
    If the same problem would be hidden in there as in the 2011 models, this is the way to get it triggered soon.
    If you ask me, this might be the first report of the same problem in the 2013 series.....
    Question; do you game a lot? If you answer yes, then it would pretty much make a connection to this similar problem I think!
    I'm curious about the results of the stress test!

  • Nvidia 7300/7600gt desktop users with Aperture graphic corruption read:

    Not promising anything, but consider installing the January 19, 2010 "Graphics Firmware Update 1.0 (iMac and Mac Pro) compatibility with Windows 7" then perform a restart as per the installer. Then restart while resetting PRAM (I have done this numerous times before this update, so don't even think of suggesting this was the fix) and then shut down for good measure and reboot again....what the ****....
    I have a new HD, new RAM, new clean Aperture and OS install. I have been trying to determine the source of my woes for months. I also performed a complete check of the innards of my machine (checking voltages, yanking mother boards and GPU board for visual inspections, capacitor failures, connections, traces, etc......all to prove everything looked great with little dust) But I still had issues.
    For kicks, even though I am not running WIndows 7 or BootCamp (I use VMWare for XP Pro) I updated the graphics firmware in my computer. It says: "Download and install the Graphics Firmware Update 1.0 IF YOU RUN WINDOWS 7 using Boot Camp on your iMac (with NVIDIA GeForce 7300 or 7600 GT) or Mac Pro (with NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT or Quadro FX 4500) computer." (Capital emphasis mine) Furthermore, some descriptions I have seen for this refer to "early 2008" models...clearly not mine...though Apple, to my knowledge, never made iMacs in 2008 with a 7300/7600 GT card. They were produced in 2006 and early 07.
    I originally assumed this update was not required or recommended for those of us NOT using WIndows 7 (and perhaps this assumption is correct, technically). Well, I did the update, and since performing this update...I am nervous to even suggest this....I see the graphic corruption has not occurred while making adjustments. I have even used screen sharing with Aperture in full screen mode with success....crazy, I know.
    This is...so far...a miracle. It also proves in my twisted dementia and euphoria, that it was NOT (here comes the jinx) hardware failure related, but rather a driver or firmware issue. (of course you will see a follow up about how this was an awful idea plagued with problems and no fix for Aperture....but be patient, all good drama needs time)
    Let me be clear, the update never popped up via software update and the update itself says it is for windows 7 boot camp users of which I am NOT...
    The ROM Revision # has changed in "About This Mac" TO 3467 FROM 3021. I cannot necessarily suggest this was a fix (I have done nothing else, however, to my computer since), but it seems to have worked so far. I have no idea how to roll back this firmware if you should try this, not succeed and suffer problems. But for the risk-takers (not sure how risky this is for the described users) it's worth a shot. Post your experience via this thread, just to confirm if I am imagining this....
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    Clem wrote:
    Does it still crash if you change your directory that you are exporting to, but leave it in icon mode?
    Yes. I just checked, and the 2nd try it crashed when in icon mode to another than the usual directory. Usually I export to the Desktop, now I exported to the home-dir.
    Are there other images or pdfs of interesting items in the directory?
    My Desktop is usually empty. I tried again exporting random images one by one removing each exported image in between, and after around six times it crashed. So I would say: No.
    Do the icon size or text settings have an effect on if you crash or not?
    I have tried with 2 sizes 64x64 and 128x128 with the same result: Crash. So I would say No, but I haven't tried all icon sizes.

  • Graphic corruption, motherboard causing it?

    Hello all, I have a MSI K8T-Neo FISR2R KT800 motherboard with a amd64 3.0+ Ghz CPU, Gainward GF6800GT and SB Audigy. The problem started about 1-2 months ago when suddenly small parts of my screen on the desktop went corrupted momentarly. However, this didnt occur too often and I didnt give it much attention.
    Anyhow, about 3 days ago the problem reached its climax. The corruption showed itself in several games wich would result in a freeze and eventually, a reboot. My first thought was that it was OS related, so I reformated my harddrive and installed the latest drivers in hope to get rid of this problem. Right now the problem is that when I run games or certain applications, the screen is black (although the monitor does not go to powersave mode) while the program/game runs normally. The video output has gone away, so to say. Also some winamp visualizations are rendered as black or corrupted. I changed the videocard to a GForce FX 5200 and the same problems remains.
    However, If i change the rendering device in unreal tournament 2004 to openGL, then the game runs normally. My directX is 9.0c. What could be wrong here? I dont have anything OC'ed, and I have excellent cooling on both my CPU and GPU. my PSU gives 400W and thats more than enough i belive (if it was a power related issue, then the problems would have ceased with FX 5200 since it dosent require a power wire attached to it).
    Could it be the motherboard that has gone bad? in that case, why can it render some graphics and some not at all?

    Quote from: Tiresmoke on 28-November-05, 01:02:43
    Hmmm never saw one do that yet. Power? Yes it could be but I don't think so in this case where the second vid card that uses less power does the same. Motherboard? I would not think that it can selectively corrupt just a certain section of the screen. The Motherboard does not create a screen matrix. It sends stuff to the video card more in line with a stream of data over several pipelines. While that is an oversimplification it gets you to visualize how it works.
    There is one more device in the chain though that could mess up consistantly at the matrix level and that is the monitor. I think I would considure that before I would the MB.
    Just my humble opinion
    that sounds like a unlikely cause, considering the freeze i mentioned earlier but i did however try with another monitor, and the problem remained.
    Lets see... if both the GPU's are fine, the mobo seem to be unlikely to be defect, and no recent BIOS changes has been done, what else could be the cause? I think it could be the software but since this is a fresh install and I shoved in new drivers and all...
    Still it dosent explain how those small graphic corruptions on the desktop escalated to complete freezes and eventually a complete black screen... 

  • KT4AV - Graphics Corruption

    I just recently purchased the KT4AV with a new stick of DDR RAM (see profile for completely specs).  I upgraded from a K7T Turbo2 and 512MB PC133.  My video card ran smoothly with no evidence of problems in this configuration.  With my new setup, graphics abnormalities are evident even on bootup!  For instance, the energy star logo has black lines in it (while the BIOS is doing it's thing)...and the Windows XP logo on startup also has these black lines.  Running mpg/avi/etc within windows..they have black lines as well.  This becomes full blown graphics corruption when I run Direct3D graphics...for example UT2004.  
    I also have assessed this problem by runnign ATItool (it comes with a spinning cube and nicely shows how my graphics corruption progresses)...b/c the strange thing about this problem is that this corruption starts to go away after the computer has been running for about 1hr -2 hrs.  However, if I shut it down overnight...the graphics corruption is very noticeable upon bootup.  For instance, using ATItool, I get corruption within seconds of starting the spinning cube (Direct3D) when I start the computer for the first time.  Then if I let the compuer run for an hour or two, I can then let ATItool run for a long time...at least 20 minutes...without the graphics problem.
    I have tried to slightly change memory timing settings...and that doesn't effect the problem. I have AGP fast writes disabled (b/c it doesn't like being enabled...just like it doesn't like being at 8X AGP...which from readin through these boards, I can see is a problem...but doesn't make a difference to me since 4X is just as fast)...I have pretty much played around with the BIOS settings...going from more on the performance side to the normal side, and nothign changes.  My BIOS version is 5.0 right now, and although I know there is a 5.1, it doesn't say anything about this problem so I prefer not to upgrade.  I also have run MemTest86 for 1/2 hour and there were no memory errors.  This was on a "hot" boot so maybe I shoudl try it on the cold boot?  B/c of course I suspect either the memory or the motherboard could be the problem since those are the two components I changed. So I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas why this is happening...i have never encountered graphics corruption that goes AWAY with the computer being on for a while and then comes back when it has been off.   Any helpful advice would be appreciated!  Thanks...let me know if anyone would like a picture of the graphics corruption from the spinning cube on ATItool.

    Ok well I think this next set of experiments is fairly telling:
    osnavi, I took your advice and decided to disconnect the case fans.  Before I did though, I went into the BIOS and checked CPU and SYS temps at idle:  47,37 respectively.  I also checked to make sure that there were no corruption of the WinXP logo (since my system had been up and running and I had just finished playing UT2004   I figured everything would be ok...which it was).  So then I shut down the computer and disconnected the 2 case fans.  Then I let the computer cool down for 5 min or so.  I then booted up the computer (w/o the fans connected) and let it start booting so I could see logo...and graphics corruption was still present...i then quickly pressed Ctrl-Alt-Del and rebooted, then went directly into BIOS and recorded temps displayed there:  CPU->37, SYS->28.  I then waited for about 8 minutes for temps to stabilize and reach max:  CPU->47 SYS->40 (surprised it's not higher since 2 case fans are off, but that's another issue!)  Anyways, I then exited the BIOS and..bingo...no corruption...videos/games/Direct3D all fine in windows.  So the conclusion from this seems to be that 1) the case fans don't seem to contribute to the corruption, 2) this corruption is definitely temp linked and something happens when temp goes up by ~10 deg, and 3) this problem seems to be independent of windows since the problem exists and can be resolved before windows even starts.
    Now what could be heating up that makes my system run like it should??? No idea!  Anybody?    
    Ok just to add a bit more info...reconnected both case fans....let system cool off....then restarted (corruption present)...entered BIOS...waited for same amount of time as before, and temps were stable at CPU->46 and SYS->36.  However, as I mentioned above, I could get the corruption to go away at 47/40, the corruption would not go away at 46/36...so it seems to be a case temp dependent problem.  Anyways, I guess this isn't such terrible problem since it does go away, however, I'm concerned that it indicates that the mobo may be defective in some way?

  • 10.5.3 graphic corruption?

    I just updated my first gen MacBook to 10.5.3 and noticed now I am seeing some graphic corruption. I wish I could snap a shot of it but it only occurs when scrolling through my recent items list in the finder. I was hoping someone could see if it is also present on their system. Here is how to check:
    First you have to have a long list of recent items that goes to the bottom of the screen and has an arrow at the bottom to scroll more. I have my Recent items settings set to 30 for Apps, 50 for Docs and 10 for server. Anyway when you open the large list and go to the bottom to scroll, as the list scrolls, look at the menu background to the bottom right. I see graphic corruption in the menu. Not on the entries but on the lower portion of the menu background itself. I only notice it if I have all other windows minimized and only the desktop visible. I have the planet earth as a background and you can see lines of it flickering through the menus.
    If someone could try it and report back, especially with a First Gen MacBook with the Intel GMA chipset that would be awesome...

    Ok, I ran a few more tests and then I tried updating with the Delta Update. I had used the Combo update to update to 10.5.3 as that is what I usually do. I downloaded the Delta update, which is just the changes since 10.5.2. I ran this and reboot and it seems to be gone. Not sure if it was a fluke or something that didnt't get updated correctly. Before that I had tried deleting some cache files, PRAM, and other such maint. routines to no avail. I rebooted a few times and repaired permissions, all the usual. I hope it is gone for good. Perhaps the Dock corruption you are seeing is related. How did you update your system, perhaps you should download the Delta Update and try again...

  • Graphic corruption p7n diamond

    I have had a p7n diamond MB for quite some time now as has my wife, since day one we have experienced the graphics corruption problem so many speak of. Our problem does not always happen when playing movies, sometimes it can happen just when viewing jpeg files or even just renaming files in explorer. We are running xp home, I also run xp 64 and this graphic problem is not predictable, days or weeks can go by with no problem, but sometimes we can get it several times a day.
    I have taken some screen shots of what the corruption looks like with the use of the Prt Scr key and then pasting the clipboard into a paint program and then saving, no easy task when this corruption is present. I have made sure all my drivers are up to date, even gone back a few revisions on some, recently I flashed my MB bios to 1.4 but still the graphic corruption happens at random. Never when I am playing 3d games like fallout 3 or similar.
    When I did flash my bios I did not turn off power and pull plug after I flashed and did not press the cmos reset button near the IO panel, was that needed, and if so even after flashing and booting now several times can I just power down, pull plug and now reset cmos or do I need to reinstall 1.4 bios again ?  Sorry if this question is noobish but I am just about ready to give up on this MB 

    Quote from: adihot2008 on 30-December-09, 13:52:06
    Well Well now we are slowly running out of options. Personally I have never tried to stabilize my P7N Diamond in Windows XP, so this is the max stability we can achieve I think in Windows XP. I recommend you to upgrade your OS to windows vista or windows 7 as soon as possible,the board can me made perfectly stable under these OS.Haven't you thought about it yet?
    Sorry to say, but if its stable in Vista and 7, why cant it be done in xp???
    Its a load of rubbish, imo, to make someone go to another OS, if XP, which is one of the most stable MS OS at this time, cant be run stable.
    Vista can be a horror, I talk out of experience, since I had it since day one, 7 is fairly new and thus still pretty expensive and these people are, if im correct, on a budget.
    1, do you have new sata cables at hand??
    I saw that one of the last times it happened you had Winrar running and again when formatting a drive, so it seems to happen when you use your HD a lot.
    If I remember correct, those can be faulty too (loose contacts, not shielded very well, bad wiring internally) and cause similar things, they dont cost much and is well worth thinking about.
    2, do you still have that pesky Creative soundcard??
    If so, remove it (best option) or disable it and remove all its drivers and stuff, creative can be a pain, especially those drivers and try again.
    Use Driver Sweeper (freeware) to get completely rid of all its drivers, look here:
    Ive seen people with creative cards getting all sorts of troubles, including myself and after they removed it, all was fine.
    If I recall correct, it was already a problem on your boards predecessor, the P6N diamond and your board isnt that different, it runs the newer Yorkfields and has PCIe2.0 instead of 1.x, but thats about all the difference there is.
    I had games stopping due to a driver from Creative and BSOD's, needlees to say I scrapped that card and Ill make do with my onboard 5.1 realtek, which suits me just fine 
    If it is the problem, get a normal card for a few bucks, they dont have to be that expensive, unless your a big audiofan who can separate all different frequencies and tones 
    Upping the southbridge (SB) voltage isnt a good idea either.
    This is the connection to the slower stuff in/on your system like, HD's, cd/dvd stations, keyboard and such and therefore dont need to have more voltage, at least not on any of the systems I had.
    On my current system it caused more troubles then it did good.
    Try 1 thing at a time and test/use/wait to see if it changes anything.

  • [SOLVED] Xorg 1.6 with intel graphic corruption

    Hi Arch community
    frequently the part of graphic corruption in any application, see screenshot:
    this fix (depend) when refresh section, or move mouse over this.
    I have:
    Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller
    xorg 1.6 with xf86-video-intel-legacy
    my xorg.conf:
    Section "Device"
    Identifier "Card0"
    Driver "intel"
    VendorName "All"
    BoardName "All"
    Option "DRI" "True"
    Option "NoDDC" "True"
    Option "XAANoOffscreenPixmaps" "True"
    Option "XaaNoPixmapCache"
    Option "EnablePageFlip" "True"
    Option "RenderAccel" "True"
    #Option "AccelMethod" "xaa"
    Option "Tiling" "false"
    Section "DRI"
    Mode 0666
    Section "Extensions"
    Option "Composite" "Enable"
    Option "MIT-SHM" "Yes"
    please help, this problem is annoying
    thanks {
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    andywxy wrote:
    could you share your xorg.conf? I have the same problem with the compiz fusion as my WM, however, I didn't use xorg.conf.
    Thank you!
    first generate xorg.conf (see http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Xorg ) and modify/add:
    Section "Device"
    Identifier "Card0"
    Driver "intel"
    VendorName "All"
    BoardName "All"
    Option "DRI" "True"
    Option "RenderAccel" "True"
    Option "ExaOptimizeMigration" "off"
    Section "DRI"
    Mode 0666
    Section "Extensions"
    Option "Composite" "Enable"
    I don't make public all my xorg.conf because is for my particular hadware 
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  • I made some changes to my header, I did not like the results, so I changed them back and now I cannot edit the content of the page.  It is all grayed out..

    I was making some changes to my header file.  I did not like the results of the changes, so I changed them back.  When I did make the change back, I lost the ability to edit the page.

    Unfortunately, a picture of the code is not useful.
    The best way for us to help is if you put a copy of your problem page on a server and post a link for us.
    (rename it to avoid disrupting your live site)
    A less desirable method is to copy & paste your code in a post in the the web forum (not by email)

  • [svn:osmf:] 15505: Fix image smoothing, which had been broken as a result of some changes to how the display object of an ImageElement is exposed .

    Revision: 15505
    Revision: 15505
    Author:   [email protected]
    Date:     2010-04-16 09:29:26 -0700 (Fri, 16 Apr 2010)
    Log Message:
    Fix image smoothing, which had been broken as a result of some changes to how the display object of an ImageElement is exposed.  Add integration test.
    Modified Paths:

    That's a comment in the file. It has no effect at all.

  • Graphics corrupted / garbled display on Core Duo MacBook Pro (ATI)

    My first-generation (Core Duo) MacBook Pro (with ATI chipset) is having video problems.
    When this happens, the graphics become corrupted / display becomes garbled and the computer freezes shortly afterwards making it basically unusable. You can just about follow a garbled mouse pointer around, but it is unresponsive.
    The only solution is a hard reset (power button for seven seconds).
    Has anyone encountered this problem?
    At first, I suspected that the computer was overheating as it seemed to occur only after prolonged use - but in the past two days, it could freeze immediately at login screen basically making it completely unusable.
    Apple Hardware Test (on original CD) says "No Problems Found", but I still suspect hardware trouble as this only began occuring a week or so after my computer had the left fan replaced (it stopped working after an earlier problem in January at the Apple Store in Highcross Leicester.
    I suspect something ELSE is wrong and that it requires service again, so am planning to go to the store in Birmingham on Sunday (which is closer to me -- I went to the Leicester store last time). What should I ask Apple to look at? The graphic corruption occurs even when running right off the Leopard CD, or even on the Apple Hardware Test!

    Hi - thanks for your help with the issue. Just as an update, I brought my Mac in for service on the 8th February at the Apple Store Bullring – and oddly, it worked perfectly in the Store. However, I showed them this thread and the pictures they had – and they replaced the logic board and apparently it's one of the costliest parts ever possible to place, shockingly expensive that it's like the cost of a new laptop! However as it's under AppleCare (well, higher education parts and labour warranty) it was covered. Phew!
    I got my Mac back today, and so far, it appears to be working perfectly (though as the graphic problems were intermittent, I'm making sure I do backups!), and fingers crossed, I should now have a working Mac once again!
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  • When oracle invalidates result_cache results without any changes in objects

    Hi all!
    On our production servers we have simple function with result_cache, like this:
    create or replace function f_rc(p_id number) return number result_cache
      ret number;
      select t.val into ret from rc_table t where t.id=p_id;
      return ret;
      when no_data_found then
         return null;
    /And its results frequently invalidates without any changes in table or
    function. I found only 2 cases when oracle invalidates result_cache
    results without any changes in table:
    1. "select for update" from this table with commit;
    2. deletion of unrelated rows from parent table if there is unindexed
    foreign key with "on delete cascade".
    I test it on,, on solaris x64 and windows. Test
    cases: http://www.xt-r.com/2012/07/when-oracle-invalidates-resultcache.html
    But none of them can be the cause of our situation: we have no
    unindexed fk, and even if i lock all rows with "select for update", it
    still does not stop invalidating.
    In what other cases this happens? Am I right that the oracle does not
    track any changes, but the captures of the locks and "commits"?
    Best regards,
    Sayan Malakshinov

    Hmm.. Do you about our situation or about test cases with "select for update" and "fk" too?
    I'm not sure that it is a bug, maybe it's an architectural approach to simplify and reduce the cpu load?
    Best regards,
    Sayan Malakshinov

  • [SOLVED] Graphic Corruption with 3D and Wine 1.3.8 + Catalyst 10.11

    I'm getting graphic corruption with 3D games on my Arch Linux configuration using Wine and Catalyst. Tried World of Warcraft (also with opengl rendering) and Guild Wars - graphics look stretched and teared.
    Using ATI Mobility Radeon HD4570.
    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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    I get same problem with guildwars in fullscreen when entering character select. I have to ctrl-alt-F1 to tty then back to get rid of the garbled graphics. Then my characters vanishes except for their armor/effects. Going into windowed mode stops the garbling of the graphics but the bodyless avatars remain. There is one error stands out in wine output but can't find anything specific to this error that helps.
    fixme:actctx:parse_depend_manifests Could not find dependent assembly L"Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls" (
    2.6.36-ARCH X86_64
    ATI Radeon 5870
    catalyst-hook 10.11-1
    catalyst-utils 10.11-1
    xorg 1.9.2
    wine 1.3.9 (same problem with previous versions of wine)
    Winetricks version 20101106
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  • Typing tool exits once I start typing -- Photoshop CS4

    I'd say 70% of the time this happens: I select the type tool start a new text box or select a pre-existing textbox start typing by the time I get to the second letter the text box deactivates and I just end up changing tools as I type their correspon

  • How to put a default value in Search Pages

    Hi Guru's, I've been trying to look for a way to default the Parameters of a search page (i.e. in Opportunity search, component BT111S_OPPT i want the search parameter PROSPECT_NAME defaulted to a certain value). I've tried using both INSERT_SELECTIO

  • BCS New Item creation - Column with Name 'ID' does not exist.

    Hello All I´m creating a BCS and i´m getting a strange error. I have created all the operations and created a list based on the external contente type. In my table the column ID is the primary key with identity. When I use the new item form I get the

  • Why do my buttons disappear in Firefox?

    http://www.mayakaimal.com/recipes/madras-chicken-biriyani#.UWMvexm6__t They show up everywhere else...

  • Cant edit pdf on ipad anymore - can still edit on pc???

    I created an editable pdf which I was using on my iPad. At some point I stopped being able to edit it on my iPad but I can still edit it on my PC. Any help would be greatly appreciated.