Titles Make iMovie Freeze

I'm having a problem with adding Titles. Everytime I click on the Titles button iMovie freezes. I cannot add titles at all. Transitions, Video FX etc. work great, but for some reason every time I try to add a title, iMovie will freeze. I have plenty of hardrive space. I dont get it. Anyone have any suggestions?

Hi Alex
There can be so much:
• low free space on internal hard disk gets the Mac to be spooky.
< 5Gb and even Mac OS alone get's into trouble
5-10Gb might work but slow and unstable
25Gb my set up
• Tidying up helps from time to time. I would.
- delete the iMovie pref file
- run: Repair permissions (Apple Disk Util tool)
- start from another hard disk or CD/DVD then
    run: Repair hard disk (Apple Disk Util tool)
- start a new account and log into this and re-try.
• Did You add some "smart nice plug-ins" - move them out and see if
iMovie starts to behave.
To start with.
Ops ! YES Lennart nailed an important one too. Very so ! FONTS !!
Yours Bengt W
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  • Clicking a title makes iMovie 6 freeze

    I have iMovie 6.0.3 and am having troubles with it freezing. Awhile ago, I had problems with using Office, which turned out to be a font issue. I was able to fix it by clearing the font caches and removing duplicate fonts.
    Now in iMovie, whenever I click on a title, I get my "bing" error sound and shortly after any other action is taken, the spinning beach ball of death, requiring me to force quit iMovie. If I don't click on a title (centered title, bouncing text, etc.) I am able to freely scroll around through the list, go to any other tab under the editing pane, but once I click on a title, it freezes. I'm not able to drag it into a location or click on "add" as it also causes it to freeze, and no preview window comes up in the viewer.
    I'm assuming at this point it's another unresolved font issue. My font book tells me all my fonts are fine, no errors. There are no more duplicate fonts. So I'm left thinking there is some file iMovie is trying to read where it's attempting to locate the fonts that no longer exist -- or something along those lines. Well I cannot find such a file, and I've tried removing the preferences as well to no avail.
    Is anyone able to shed some light on this? If nothing else explain to me how fonts work in conjunction with iMovie so I can try further trouble shooting?

    Well, I managed to solve it. It was not a font issue.
    What I did that fixed it was under iMovie, show package contents/PlugIns, I removed a plug in called title, opened iMovie, and it magically worked. Then I quit iMovie, replaced the plugin and restarted it. iMovie titles now work fine. If someone else has a problem like this, try removing other plug ins and then placing them back in the folder. I also removed the entire plugin folder at one point, which might have done something as well, I'm really not sure.
    I can only think iMovie was trying to find the files for the titles in the wrong place. Why, I have no idea. But it works now. So yay!

  • Managing Video Clips and HD Storage; Psychedelic stripes when iMovie freezs

    I have read the posts on subj, but wanted to clarify the ff:
    As someone suggested, good idea to save the original clips and just copy/paste them into timeline so that i can edit them as much as I want. Have done so but obviously taking up much space. Once I complete with my Project (but have NOT shared it yet with iDvd NOR imported them into iDVD):
    1) can i now delete all the original clips in the Clips Pane? (it wont be like iPhoto where after deleting the pix, the pix are lost from the Books, or other projects?)
    2) how do i save the original clips in the Clips Pane to a DVD. Do i use Export on iMovie? Or do i use Import from iDVD?
    3) if I am working on several Projects, say Project 1 and Project 2, but want to use the Clips from Clips Pane in Project 1 in Project 2, how do I do that? In other words, can I make iMovie Project 1 as the repository of all my imported video clips (but not make any movie from it), then use those clips for iMovie Project 2, 3, 4 etc....... and how do I do that?
    4) Further to #3, say I really wanted to end up with just one movie - say Europe Trip, but because I wanted to work on more manageable file sizes, I split them up so I have Project 1 say Paris, Project 2 say Italy etc. fearing that iMovie cannot handle too big file sizes. I was thinking of consolidating them all thru iDVD but what I expect would happen is that since I make chapters on iMovie, once I import Paris Project and Italy Project into one movie in iDVD, I will end up having two chapters or Chapter 1, two of Chapter 2, etc. Is there a way of avoiding that?
    I suppose you an guess at my current predicament. My file sizes are just getting bigger and I have the same clips on Project 1 as I have in Project 2 and 3 when they all actually pertain to the same Europe trip that I want to make One movie on.
    Finally iMovie often freezes on me and then the whole picture in the screen becomes one big colored zig zag stripes. I cannot playback or do other commands. The only way to get rid of it is if I reboot my iMac. I didnt have this problem before on my MBP. Could it be bec of Leopard in my iMac?
    Thanks in advance to whoever responds.

    It really shouldn't take very long to load video clips. It might take a long time to generate thumbnails the first time through, but from then on, it is lightning quick, because you are only shooting a few movies between times you open imovie.
    While I haven't had the problem you describe, some other people have reported a similar problem.
    Imagine a scenario where iMovie generates all the thumbnails and caches that it needs, but is unable to save them to disk. In this case, when you restart iMovie the next time, it would have to start from scratch and generate all the thumbnails again. This would certainly slow things down.
    That scenario could happen if your disk permissions are in need of repair. You can repair permissions by using Disk Utility, which is in your Applications/Utilities folder. It is a good idea to repair permissions periodically, and certainly every time you update OSX.
    I repair permissions every night as part of a script that runs when I do an unattended SuperDuper backup late at night. This is probably overkill, but at least I never have to worry about it.
    Personally, I have several terabytes of movies in iMovie, and everything runs quickly. Most of my events are camcorder movies which are stored in iMovie. However, I have hundreds of short clips taken by still cameras, and I leave these in iPhoto.

  • Blurry titles in iMovie 11'

    I have noticed recently that the titles in iMovie are blurry, I thought that when ill export the movie the titles will syncronize to the resolution of the movie, in my case 1080p but they didn't.
    does anyone have a sloution to my problem?

    Our brain is programmed to naturally accept that if the object is static, it looks sharp. If an object is in motion however, it will look blurry.
    What happens if you make a moving object static?!? Your brain needs to see this as being sharp, but it can not being it is actually in motion. This is the function of in camera stabilization and iMovie and pretty much all the other software stabilization setup. It stabilizes the image, but does not prevent motion blur. Preventing motion blur is a function of shutter speed, but the problem with upping the shutter speed is that it removes a certain cinematic feeling our eyes and brains are naturally atuned to. Which goes to show why, even with the shaky footage of the movie "The Blair Witch Project", the movie went on to be one of the hits.
    There's always a trade-off using camera stabilization or software stabilization and that is, do you want
    1, stabilized footage but at the expense of seeing motion blur
    2, unstabilized footage that gives you sea sick but keeping the acuity as is.
    Most people will choose stabilized footage and use in conjunction a steadicam setup..
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  • More Titles for imovie 09

    I was wondering if i could download even more imovie titles for imovie 09. I didn't know if there are plug ins I can download or something. Any information would help

    artistjoh wrote:
    .. iMovie 06 was more sophisticated than iMovie 09. Is this the case and could it do things like add animated images?
    iMHD6 was a 'real', timeline based NLE. it lacked a few of iM09's features as greenboxing and pic-in-pic, but due to an API, you were allowed to teach iM new tricks by plug-ins.
    have a look on this website: www.geethree.com
    they still offer an awesome bunch of plugins for incredible effects, transitions and titles..
    for stop-motion..
    yepp, iMHD6 allowed a 'length' of clips down to 1 frame (iM09 is limited to 3frames), allthough I recommend designated tools as FrameByFrame or - bestofshow - iStopmotion (onion-skinning, stuff...).
    if you like to make a bunch of drawings into a 'video', QuicktimePro offers a simple conversion of an Image Sequence to .mov..
    have a look here, my 'Say Cheese Productions'-intro.. that is done with QTpro..:
    iMHD6 was the little brother of FCE, which is the little sister of FCP..
    iM09 is a from scratch new app.. just sharing the name, but totally diff. app and usage (a 'clean'n upload-tool, I like to say)
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  • IMovie freezing when importing videos

    Hi I every time I open iMovie 11 (on Macbook Pro) I get a message, 'movie file can not be found' .I have tried searching for the movie, but when I find the movie, it does not let me click on it. When I cancel the search, iMovie freezes and then I have to force quitAny help would be much appreciated.

    When iMovie doesn't work as intended this can be due to a lot of reasons
    • iMovie Pref files got corrupted - trash it/they and iMovie makes new and error free one's
    • Creating a new User-Account and log into this - forces iMovie to create all pref. files new and error free
    • Event or Project got corrupted - try to make a copy and repair
    • a Codec is used that doesn't work
    • problem in iMovie Cache folder - trash Cache.mov and Cache.plist
    • version miss match of QuickTime Player / iMovie / iDVD
    • preferences are wrong - Repair Preferences
    • other hard disk problem - Repair Hard Disk (Disk Util tool - but start Mac from ext HD or DVD)
    • External hard disks - MUST BE - Mac OS Extended (hfs) formatted to work with Video
    ( UNIX/DOS/FAT32/Mac OS Exchange - works for most other things - but not for Video )
    • USB-flash-memories do not work
    • Net-work connected hard disks - do not work
    • iPhoto Library got problems - let iPhoto select another one or repair it. Re-build this first then try to re-start iMovie.
    This You do by
    _ close iPhoto
    _ on start up of iPhoto - Keep {cmd and alt-keys down}
    _ now select all five options presented
    _ WAIT a long long time
    • free space on Start-Up (Mac OS) hard disk to low (<1Gb) - I never go under 25Gb free space for SD-Video (4-5 times more for HD)
    • external devices interferes - turn off Mac - disconnect all of them and - Start up again and re-try
    • GarageBand fix - start GB - play a few notes - Close it again and now try iMovie
    • Screen must be set to million-colors
    • Third-party plug-ins doesn't work OK
    • Run "Cache Out X", clear out all caches and restarts the Mac
    • Let Your Mac be turned on during one night. At about midnight there is a set of maintenance programs that runs and tidying up. This might help
    • Turn off Your Mac - and disconnect Mains - for about 20-30 minutes - at least this resets the FireWire port.
    • In QuickTime - DivX, 3ivx codec, Flip4Mac, Perian etc - might be problematic - temporarily move them out and re-try
    (I deleted the file "3ivxVideoCodec.component" located in Mac HD/Library/Quicktime and this resolved my issue.)
    buenrodri wrote
    I solved the problem by removing the file: 3ivxVideoCodec.component. after that, up-dated iMovie runs ok.
    Last resort: Trash all of iMovie and re-install it
    Yours Bengt W

  • "right click" event make application freeze

    I've just installed a fresh version of mountain lion, up to date (10.8.2).
    I got serious problem with "right click" action, on certain applications like "utorrent" or "adobe audition CS6", it makes them freeze then not responding.
    same with "alt-left click".
    Does anybody have experience the same, or got an idea why it does that?

    I had this exact problem as well. Right-clicking in uTorrent or iMovie made the app freeze and I was left with the spinning beach ball until I forced quit.
    I tried OnyX like you suggested. Rebuilding LaunchServices is what fixed it for me.
    In OnyX (free), go in the Maintenance tab, Rebuild sub-tab, check "LaunchServices" and click the Execture button.

  • Can't edit titles in iMovie

    I want to edit my theme title in iMovie (v 10.0.02) so that I can put the text on more than one line but the options are all greyed out
    I've read the help section on this (http://support.apple.com/kb/PH2212) but I don't have the ability to click on the font, size, alignment etc tools. I can see them, they are just completely unclickable.
    Any ideas?

    Hi ivdemark,
    If you see above, I read the iMovie support.
    It says that the titles that you can't edit are in gold, while the titles you can edit are in blue. This title is in blue.
    The options are there, they are just greyed out.
    Below is a full screen shot. Does this help show the issue?

  • When I make iMovies and copy to disc, they record fine for my computer but I can't get them to play on my DVD for televison.  Is there a standard format for most DVD's and if so what is it.

    When I make iMovies and copy to DVD, they record fine for playing back on my computer but will not play on my DVD for television.  Is there a certain format for DVD player and if so can you tell me what it is?

    You need this:   http://www.apple.com/findouthow/movies/idvd.html#custom
    IDVD is a wonderful piece of software and well worth the low cost of $40.

  • Make frame freeze problem

    Two problems I have....
    1st problem...when I make frame freeze, the filters disappear. How do I keep those clips with filters stay look same. Some clips are fine...no problem. But other clips when freeze, filters gone.
    2nd problem...I decide to use QT conversion to save still image but the pixels ratio into 4:3 which it should not be.... video is 16:9. How do I keep 16:9 when export still image?

    My freeze frames usually take on the appearance of my clips with whatever filters I have applied. What you see of the freeze frame is often affected by which tracks are auto-selected in the timeline.
    As far as the pixel aspect ratio is concerned, if you are staying within FCP, the pixel aspect ratio should be compensated for. However, if you need to create a still that looks correct at square-pixel dimension, you'll need to resize it in photoshop (don't forget to de-interlace it as well). The square pixel image size I use for 16:9 stills iis 864x480.
    Hope this helps -
    Max Average

  • My 2G iPhone when connected makes iTunes freeze

    When I connect my old iPhone (I have 2, both active, the new 3G and original iPhone) it makes iTunes freeze, this happens when I click cancel on a "iPhone camera connected what action would you like to perform" window. So then it doesn't register on my iTunes cause it's frozen then I unplug it and it registers but now it's unplugged then iPhone icon disappears as if I unplugged it which by this point I have, and in the end the iTunes unfreezes but I'm not connected.

    You should be able to just click on the device's current name on the left-hand side of iTunes and type in the new name

  • How to make imovie export a sharper video

    how to make imovie export a sharper video

    set Firefox as your default browser ..start button >default programs >set your default programs >Firefox >set this program as default

  • How to speed up Focus title in iMovie? (READ DESCRIPTION)

    I tried to speed up the Focus title in iMovie by making it shorter, but it maintained the same speed while being cut off before the text actually formed. I cannot speed up the actual clip itself, when I click Command+R nothing happens. Are there any other solutions?

    Hi Joshua,
    thanks a lot for your answer!
    The reason why I don't use hardware triggering is the following: I want to acquire data when an external trigger line goes low and stop acquiring when the line goes high. But I want to do this for 30 consecutive triggers, and I want to be able to distinguish between every of the 30 "shots". I did not find a hardware trigger solution for that problem, so I tried the conditional retrieval option.
    After your hint I wrote a vi which reads the buffer without conditional retrieval. The triggering is done with normal labview code based on the Array_Threshold.vi. This method is surprisingly fast and works fine!
    Nevertheless, if you have some idea for the hardware triggering, please let me know!
    Many greetings,

  • IMovie freezes when importing AVCHD from Canon HF20

    I've recently bought a *Canon HF20 AVCHD* Full HD camcorder, and am having a hard time importing the footage through iMovie '09. Here's exactly what happens:
    1. I connect the USB to the back port of the iMac. The camera indicates a flashing USB symbol and nothing else happens. It doesn't mount the camera drive and iMovie doesn't detect the camera.
    2. OK, so I connect the USB to a powered USB hub and it displays the correct message on the camera, mounts the camera drive and iMovie detects the camera is connected correctly.
    3. I tell iMovie to import the footage. After a while, the estimated time left begins to increase up to hours long, and the progress bar eventually stops, and iMovie freezes, whith the colored spinning wheel as the cursor.
    Each time I try to import the footage, iMovie freezes at different points.
    Does anyone else have this problem importing AVCHD footage into iMovie '09 ?
    Thanks in advance,
    João Faraco

    Well, judging from the deafening response, posting this question here is pretty useless.

  • How to make iMovie the default for importing from video camera?

    I successfully imported 5 or 6 mini discs from the video camera, then on the next download attempt I saw a pop-up box. The box said something like "what program do you want as the default for downloading?" I was thinking iMovie, but apparently clicked iTunes (too many iTerms), and now when I put the camera into PC CONNECT mode, iMovie won't start up as it had before. How do iReverse my mistake and make iMovie the default again.
    P.S. - I already tried Preferences in iMovie and in Finder.

    If you are talking about having the default be Hebrew-Qwerty, then just make sure that in system preferences/language & text/input sources you have only one box checked, the one for Hebrew-Qwerty.
    There is also an opportunity to choose this during initial setup, you have to click on a button to have it show you all the keyboard options, I can't remember.

Maybe you are looking for

  • After Hard Drive Erase...Macbook Pro Won't Boot

    Hi, So I was trying to do a fresh install of OS X on my 15" Mid 2012 Macbook Pro (Modified with a 512GB SSD and 16GB RAM). I turned the computer off and booted it into recovery mode.  Then I went to Disk Utility and erased the Macintosh HD partision.

  • Multiple line issue in sap script

    Hi All, There is a window in the sap script. The window consists of a text element and i am displaying 4 lines of text in that window. Sap script: /E   Reason AC  &LINE& In the source code, an internal table will have 5 text lines and those 5 lines s

  • How to combine 3 completed short movies into one disc?

    I made 3 projects, created disc images, and burned them successufully, one at a time. Since they are only about 15 minutes each, I would like to now combine them into one DVD. I want to keep the originals as is, meaning the same different DVD theme e

  • My Iphoto does not work properly, after downloading Mavericks.  How can I fix it ?  loading Mavericks

    My Iphoto does not work properly after downloading Maverick. How can I fix it ?

  • Issue uninstalling/updating iTunes

    Hello everyone. Like many of you, I recieved the notification to update my iTunes to 10.7 when the new iPhone 5 came out. As usual, I would click on Download Now and let it update itself. However, seeing as how I am here, that is not the case. Initia