To bring the Vendor name & Code in FBL3N Report

Hi Friends,
As we need to bring the Vendor name / Code in FBL3N report, we have given the settings in the SPRO ( SPRO>Financial Accounting>General Ledger Accounting>G/L Accounts->Line items>Line items Display-->Define special fields for finding and sorting data ) by putting of BSEG table and assigned the same with LIFNR field and transported the same to Development server for testing, but after transport, the above requirements are NOT coming while we run the FBL3N report,
Please guide me to bring the same in FBL3N as it is important requirement for us.
G. Jana

If you are on ECC 6.0 you can use report FAGLL03. However, if you need to get vendor name also, you need to do refer to link
Re: adding a field to FBL3N
Sanil K Bhandari

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  • Vendor name field in FBL3N report

    Hi Experts,
    Requirement : In Fbl3n report Vendor name required for vendor code in vendor field and not in offseting account field.
    Action taken : Through spro vendor field has been added to fbl3n report.Now BTE 1650 has been activated.In function module ZF_INTERFACE_00001650 in importing parameter i_postab there is no field for getting vendor codes that are displayed in vendor field in FBL3N report.So i cannot get not get name of vendor codes.
    One option i know is i am getting PO no from i_postab,so from PO NO i can get vendor code and hence vendor name.
    Is there any other way of getting vendor codes in function module mentioned above.
    Please suggest.
    Kaustubh Kabre.

    Refer the below link
    [New fields in FBL3N report]
    Surendar Reddy.

  • Changing the vendor name

    Hi to all,
    I have question, I just wondering why there is no error in F110 when I change the vendor name.
    let say I change the vendor name on 10. 20.2008, then I submitted a proposal on 10.28.2008 the approved on 10.3.2008. then but still the vendor name is old name but no error prompt.
    can anyone give a reason why?

    Hi Deepa,
    As you said system will not prompt error because vendor code still the same right?
    I would like to know where I can go or which t-code should I use? in In my view when changing any vendor master or any changing vendor name should have control, I mean system should prompt msg or error so that payment won't continue in PF.

  • Daily check report to list the vendor name, material, quantity

    hi friends,
    can you help me to write daily check report to list the vendor name, materials and quanitity?
    thanks in advance

    HI ,
    What do you mean my daily check report..
      Do you want to see the status of the PO sent to a Vendor on a daily basis..

  • Custom Fields in the vendor t.code

    Hello Friends,
       Is there any EXIT avilable to add custom fields in the Vendor t.code XK01 or possible to add custom fields in the LFK1 table level.
       my requirement is add custom fields in Vendor t.code.

    Or you can go to
    SPRO - Logistics – General - Business Partner – Vendors – Control - Adoption of Customer's Own Master Data Fields - Business Add-In: Customer Subscreens
    I hope it will help you.

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    I checked MSEG table. But, I didn't find any field for date.
    Can you tell me field name.

  • Is there a way to bring the schema names forward when you deploy a mapping?

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    I am working in a database instance where there are objects in multiple schemas needed for a single mapping. Currently I have to create a grant statement and then create a synonym to get the deployed package to compile and run. Is there an option I can turn on where instead of it just bringing forward "<Table_name>" that it will generate "<Schema_name>"."<Table_name>"?
    This would remove the need for creating all of the synonyms I currently have to create.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    So you need a different location for each schema, the 'masteruser' that can access all the schemas is used for authentication as below (so MASTERUSER has access to SCOTT and HR), see how MASTERUSER is provided for the user name and the specific schema (HR or SCOTT) provided for the schema:
    Then when code is generated the schema is added to the table references:

  • Include the Vendor name in S_ALR_87012089 : Vendor Changes

    Hi ,
    The requirement is to add a vendor name to the report S_ALR_87012089 : Vendor Changes.
    Please let me know the feasibility and the way to achieve it.

    You just need to modify the layout to add the field "Sort address of customer".
    Renan Correa

  • How to get the VENDOR NAME in the report s-ME80FN,MB51

    Dear friends,
    In many sap standard reports we are getting the vendor no. or material no. etc., What to do if we want vendor name in the reports ME80FN AND MB51?

    Hi Guys,
    Go for enhancement of RM07DOCS......
    add new variable as shown below,
             INCLUDE STRUCTURE itab.
    DATA: maktx LIKE makt-maktx,
           name1 LIKE t001w-name1,
           btext LIKE t156t-btext,
           pspid LIKE prps-posid,
           vornr TYPE vornr,                                     "215929
           color_line(03)       TYPE c,                          "n555
           color TYPE slis_t_specialcol_alv,
    *{   INSERT         IDEK900044                                        1
        vd_name1 type name1_gp,
    Also add the variable if required.
    Then go for Deatil_list and add the further coding.....
    Problem get resolved......

  • How to display the folder name in a webi report at infoview

    Hi all,
    Suppose I have a report named "Test_Report" at location Public folder > Test_Folder> Reports_Folder
    now I want to display the folder name "Test_Folder" using a variable in "Test_Report".
    So that the variable will always display the corresponding folder name of "Test_Report" wherever the report resides.
    Thanks in advance.

    Folder name is located in the breadcrumb
    remove your breadcrumb in your collectionrenderer of the layout set you are using.
    Check the layout set you are using in your KM navigational iview.

  • Vendor code in FBL3N Report

    Hi Experts,
    I am trying to bring Vendo code by adding it a special field in FBL3N.But the field is not getting displayed in the report.I have added Check Number from PAYR table earlier and it worked fine.At that time I didn't run RFPOSXEXTEND program.
    I followed below procedure for including the new field.
    -> Settings
    -> Special Fields
    -> Click on the 'New entries' button
    -> Enter BSEG under 'Table'
    -> Enter LIFNR under 'Field name'
    -> Save
    I Appended structures RFPOS and RFPOSX with this field.
    When I run RFPOSXEXTEND program I am getting following error message
    End phase 002
    Message no D0322
    I searched all sdn forums and was unable to get a solution for this.We are using ECC6.
    Kindly help me to resolve this issue.

    try the below settiings
    Offsetting Entry Display
    Goto FIBF
    Settings - Products - of a Customer
    Product - Zoff
    Text - Offsetting Account Determination - Activate
    Settings - P/S Module - of a Customer
    Event -  00001650     
    Product - ZOFF                  
    Function Module - LINE_ITEMS_GET_GKONT
    thanks and regards

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  • How to set the default name when exporting a report ?

    <p><span class="PSLONGEDITBOX">I use crystal reports in my C# asp application, with the CrystalReportViewer class. When the end user exports the reports by clicking on the toolbar button, the "save as" dialog box appears, with  default name "_viewer.pdf" or "_viewer.xls" etc. "_viewer" being the CrystalReportViewer&#39;s instance name. <br />Has anyone an idea to change this default name ? </span></p><p><span class="PSLONGEDITBOX">T</span><span class="PSLONGEDITBOX">he end user would like at least the report name. <br /><br />Thanks</span></p>

    I looked around and I it appears that you have found the only way to set this. There doesn't seem to be dynamic support for the exported file names.
    Rob Horne

  • Vendor name in FBLN Report

    Hi Experts,
    How can i add the vendor name in FBLN standard reports. I have checked in hidden fields but vendor name option is not there.
    Please .....
    Thanks in Advance

    You can refer the below link
    Re: adding a field to FBL3N
    Hope this will help you

  • Vendor name in fbl3n

    Is it possible to get the vendor code in FBL3n report. Because in Bank outgoing payment GL report we need vendor name. Vendor name is available in screen layout of fbl3n, i have moved from hidden to display still it is not showing the vendor name.

    Hi Govind,
    FBL3N is the transaction for G/L Account line item display.
    For Goods Receipt documents, line items will populate with Vendor LIFNR, but for Invoice Receipts only the vendor line item would populate LIFNR, the G/L lines for IR documents do not populate LIFNR.
    You can see this yourself by looking in SE16 at table BSEG for the GR and IR accounting documents.  For GR document, BSEG-LIFNR should be filled for all line items.  For IR document, BSEG-LIFNR should be filled only for the vendor line item.
    The line item display can't display any value, because there is no value on the database.
    The relevant tables for the G/L Line Item Display is BSIS/BSAS and BSEG. In BSIS/BSAS you will not find the fields Vendor number (LIFNR) and Vendor name (NAME1), and in BSEG Vendor number is only stored in the Vendor Line Item and not in the G/L line item, and you will not find Vendor name in BSEG. Therefore, you are not able to add the fields to the Line Item Display as a standard field or as a special field in the normal way.
    Hence, this is SAP standard design and it is not possible to have vendor number in the G/L line item display.
    There is a workaround for this, which should work in both 46* and Enterprise versions :
    The fields LIFNR and NAME1 do not exist in the structures RFPOS and RFPOSX. If you need these fields to be shown in the Line Item Display then you need to add the fields to the structures RFPOS and RFPOSX.
    When the structure has been extended with the fields then you need to run the reports RFPOSXEXTEND and BALVBUFDEL (in the same way as seen in the solution part in note 215798).
    After that you need to use the Open FI Exit 1650 to fill the fields. You will find a function group FI_ITEMS from transaction SE80. In this function group you will find a function module FI_ITEMS_DISPLAY where the form ITEMS_DISPLAY_INIT includes the exits 1610 to 1650. The important one for your problem is 1650 (OPEN_FI_PERFORM_00001650_E).
    This exit is used if you want to display fields in e.g. FBL3N which do not exist in the tables BSIS/BSAS and also not in the G/L Line in BSEG.
    Through this user exit it should be possible to get the value from the relevant tables e.g. from the vendor items from BSEG or the value from BSIK into structure RFPOSXEXT if there is a relation between the relevant tables e.g. BSEG/BSIK to RFPOSX/BSIS.
    Please also have a look at the notes 112312 and 217189.
    Hope it helps.

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