To create a customer invoice from vendor invoice

Hi i have a requirement to create customer invoices from vendor invoice. i would like to know if it is feasible??
if it is possible is there any bapi or function module to transfer data from the vendor invoices to the customer invoice.

refer to this below link
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  • To Create Customer invoice from vendor invoices

    Hi i have a requirement to create customer invoices from vendor invoice. i would like to know if it is feasible??

    hi friend
    u can do this in THIRD PARTY SCENARIO
    from vendor invoice u can create  u r customer invoice
    the item category for that is TAS

  • Invoice from Vendor AA, paid check to Vendor BB

    I've a question.
    we issued Purchase Order to vendor AA
    we received invoice from vendor AA
    we paid cheque to vendor BB (because Vendor AA ask us to do so)
    How to print cheque to vendor BB?  Is it possible to issue cheque to different vendor name, instead of invoicing party?

    Thanks for guidance.
    I've done:
    Vendor master
    1. General data, add alternative payee, and tick individual payee
    2. company code, add alternative payee
    1. payment tab, tick individual payee, enter the alternative payee name, city, etc
    F-58 Payment with printout
    1.F-58  Do I need to enter the alternative payee number under payee field?
    If I enter, I hit this error:
    Payee 6100000 is not defined for account 6100003 0001
    Message no. FR003
    Account number 6100000 specified for the payee is not defined in vendor 6100003's master record either in the company code-independent data nor in the paying company code 0001's data.
    System Response
    Error message
    Correct or delete your entry
    My cheque still cannot print alternative payee name. What is step I miss out?
    Appreciate your guidance. Thanks

  • Materials from Vendor A and Excise invoice from Vendor B???

    Hi experts
    Can amybody tel me  HOW TO DO???
    i have created PO for exciseable material to vendor A
    I have to do GR for the same from Vendor B (Vendor A 'll inform to Vendor B send materials and excise invoice to customer)
    How i can capture excise duty from other vendor.
    So how system will take othere vendor for excise duty capture ...??

    hi umakanth
    Thanks for ur response,
    I have maintained invoicing party as differeent vendor in partners tab at header level in PO.
    Even though if i maintaind invoicing party is different m buut while capturing excise duty its takeing the PO vendor only, not invoicing party vendor coed in Partners tab at header level in PO.
    So can u tel me , how we can capture excise invoice from a vendor differ from PO vendor .

  • Third party: multiple customer invoice after vendor invoice

    Hi all,
    i have the following case on a third party flow:
    SO  quantity 10 pc
    PO quantity 10 pc
    GR1 quantity 3 pc --> Vendor invoice 3 pc
    GR 2 quantity 7 pc --> Vendor invoice 7 pc
    When i try to create customer invoice, SAP create a single invoice of 10 pc.
    Is there a way to create 2 invoices (I1 3 pc, I2 7 pc)?
    Please help me.
    Let em know if your need further information.
    Thank you in advance,

    i develope a routine as follow:
    select single * into ls_vbfa from vbfa where vbelv = vbak-vbeln and vbtyp_n = 'V'.
    if sy-subrc = 0.
    select single lfbnr into (l_lfbnr) from ekbe where ebeln = ls_vbfa-vbeln and ebelp = ls_vbfa-posnn.
    if sy-subrc = 0.
    select single belnr into (l_belnr) from ekbe where ebeln = ls_vbfa-vbeln and ebelp = ls_vbfa-posnn and lfbnr = l_lfbnr.
    check sy-subrc = 0.
    zuk-vkorg = vbak-vkorg.
    zuk-vtweg = vbak-vtweg.
    zuk-spart = vbak-spart.
    zuk-vgbel = l_belnr.
    zuk-vbelv = space.
    vbrk-zukri = zuk.
    But i think the problem is that on VBFA we have a single record, so it's impossible to create two different ZUKRI in order to manage the case of partial deliveries.
    Anyone have a soluton?

  • Amotisation of Cost from vendor invoices

    Hi All,
    I have the requirement to amoritze the cost coming from the Purchase Orders over the duration of PO.
    This I suppose cannot be done through Result Analysis.
    I am exploring the option of Accrual Engine,but the problem is that if takes fixed amounts into consideration.Whereas my amount from the PO depends on the quantity/labor/service ordered and the IR for the same( i.e this can change over the duration of PO).
    Kindly suggest as to how this process can be handled in SAP 6.0.
    Thanks a lot !!

    Vendor Number |   Vendor Name  |   Invoice Amount |   Amount of Invoices
    10000                |      Supp 1          |     £100                |    3
    10001                |      Supp 2          |     £300                |    19
    10002                |      Supp 3          |     £20                  |    1
    You get vendor number from RBKP, vendor name from LFA1, invoice amount - (how do you want it? amount per PO or amount per invoice in general?) - well, amount per invoice is dto in RBKP, so you have:
    Now it gets a bit difficult - amount of invoices is no magic - you can create your own local variable in the query -> switch to 'Change Query XXXX: Select Field' -> EDIT -> local field -> create ... simply create a counter here.
    But!! You will now have to add some date-fields to your selection-screen, otherwise this query will read every time over the wole mass of data - which surely you would not want.
    Another idea: you could create your own infostructure SXXX (like S012 for MCE3) and enable a self-defined updating in MC25 ... there's documentation on the how-to in - but this is no substitute for a proper BI ... it's kinda poor mans BI.

  • BI content for invoices from vendors

    Hi guys,
    Can you please help me in finding the appropriate BI content (DataSource, ETL, Cube, etc) for vendor invoices. I must find a way to put together the invoices that have been received from all the vendors, both on header and item level.
    Thanks in advance!

    2LIS_02*extracts the data Invoice Qty and Amt with respect to PO number and it will not give the vendor Invoice number. There is a BI Content in only ECC6.0 and you can see the Data source 2LIS_06_INV in Vendor Invoices are stored in Tabale RBKP and RSEG. These tables are Vendor Invoice tables with respect Purchasing only. You will not see Top side FI entries.
    If you are not in ECC6.o, you can create a Generic Data source on those tables.
    Hope this helps.
    Thank you,
    Madhu Reddy
    Sr. BI Consultnat
    SAP America Inc,
    [email protected]

  • Create a Credit Memo from purchase invoice

    Hi everyone,
    I am trying to create a credit memo from a purchase invoice, but it retuns the following error:
    "RFC is missing"
    I am using the JCO classes to develop this application. this is a sample of my code:
    IDocuments document = SBOCOMUtil.newDocuments(company,new Integer(19));
    document.setDocDate(new java.util.Date());
    document.getLines().setBaseEntry(new Integer(2852));
    document.getLines().setBaseLine(new Integer(0));
    document.getLines().setBaseType(new Integer(18));
    int lRetCode = document.add();
    if(lRetCode != 0){
        System.out.println(company.getLastError().getErrorMessage() );
    Do you have any idea about what is the problem?
    Many Thanks.

    Hi everyone,
    the problem was solve. I had to specified the FederalTaxID field on the document.
    just added the following field:

  • In F110 -Customer as a Vendor  invoice clear and make payment

    Dear all ,
    Can we make payment through in F110.
    WE maintain Customer as a vendor and Vendor as customer,While running automatic program system
    showing error massage"No pymt possible because items with a debit bal"
    But over all amount is credit ,But only customer invoice showing like this.
    Could you tel me that ,Is there any setting    ,Wt setting we have to configured .How to solve this issue
    Thanks in advance

    Dear all,
    Kindly suggest me how to do this.
    we have maintained customer as a vendor in different company code
    one company code xxxx here we maintained as a customer ,In this
    customer master data we maintained vendor no and clearing with vendor we have selected.
    In next company code yyyy here we maintained vendor as customer ,here we maintained customer no and selected clearing with vendor.and payment method .
    In xxxx company code customer as a vendor balance is 1000.
    In another company code yyyy here vendor as customer balance is 15000,
    paying company code is yyyy.
    while running F110 system asking paying company code and sending companycode,we are entering two times.first time yyyy and second time xxxx.
    that time showing error"No pymt possible because items with a debit balance"
    Then we edit proposal its working fine ,But its not clear against vendor
    system taking full vendor invoice amount(15000) as a out going payment
    and 1000 is incoming payment.
    But we want pay only difference amount of the invoice.
    For this what we need to do in the system please guide
    thanks in advance
    Thanks and Regards

  • Create Commercial invoice from Proforma Invoice

    Dear All,
    I have a requirement where in we have to create commercial invoice with accounting entry with the reference of Proforma invoice.
    We have done the copy control for Billing to Billing that is from proforma invoice to Commerical invoice. but while creating Commercial invoice with ref of proforma invoice system is showing Billing document is not relevant for billing.
    Please provide some solution so that we can create commercial invoice with accounting entry.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Ratish Patil

    Check the detailed error log in VF01 screen. We may get more information on error.
    Then, check have you completed the PGI for the delivery document or not.
    Next, go to that Item Category functionality VOV7 and find if it is order or delivery related billing.
    And after that go and check in the particular Sales order document type whether billing document types are maintained in the sales document or not.
    If every thing is correct go and find with copy controls
    If it order related, go VTFA
    If it Delivery related, go VTFL and check in your document type combination is maintained or not, if they are maintained item category is available or not.
    reverrt if helpful
    Mohit Singh

  • Create Customer Master from Vendor Master

    Is there a program that allows for batch creation of customers from vendors so that you don't have to rekey all the information?

    No, You may have to create a custom program to do that.

  • Double Invoice from Vendor

    Dear SAP Gurus,
    If vendor sends me the invoice with same number (against same PO) then system should give message.
    For this I made a tick in vendor master record - Check double invoice, but still invoices with same number (for same PO) are allowed.
    Is there any other setting needed?

    if the Value in the invoice is differing with the same refernce number then the system does not consider this as a duplicate invoice.
    SAP checks 7 parameters for a duplicate invoice
    BUKRS - Company code
    LIFNR - Vendor
    WAERS - Currency Key
    XBLNR - Reference document
    BLDAT - Document Date in Document
    RMWWR - Gross invoice amount in document currency
    XRECH - Indicator: post invoice
    even if one of them differs then it is not considered as duplicate invoice.
    Please check in the duplicate invoice if there is any difference.
    Thanks & Regards

  • Restrict excise invoice from proforma invoice after reverse PGI

    Hello experts,
    Our sales flow is stock transfer order-> Fast Delivery-> PGI -> Billing (jex)--> excise invoice
    If we have to reverse the PGI first .System give error (cancel excise invoice first)after cancel excise invoice reverse pgi then cancel proforma invoice (complete).
    But once Again excise invoice  allows me create from cancel billing document.
    My requirement is I want to  restrict excise invoice from billing document which already cancel and reverse post good issue.

    HI G. Lakshmipathi,
    I have checked configuration it same as you suggested.
    I have compared  ABAP code in report MJ1IINI01 with other system ,
    there is code to check the cancellation of proforma invoice
    *Check if proforma is cancelled (Billing type is JEX & VBRK-VBTYP = 'U')
    *For proforma,VBRK-FKSTO is not set as X,but VBRK-RFBSK will be set as E
         MESSAGE e264(8i) WITH j1ii100-vbeln.
    But in my system its not shown .
    So how can i activate this message is there any setting in IMG to activate message .

  • Customer consignment from vendor consignment stocks

    Hello Experts,
    I am working on the below scenario,
    The stocks in vendor consignment are used for customer consignment.  I believe in standard we need to bring the vendor consignment stocks to company's unrestriced to do the post goods issue. Is there any work around for this solution so that the visibility of stocks still be on vendor consignment ? If so how would the posting when material document is created? Remember that, only after the customer consumes it, I will raise a PO and GR to bring to my own stock and then bill the customer.
    Any thoughts?
    Suhail Shaik

    The difference here is the stocks are already lying as vendor consignment stocks in our location and We are using it for customer consignment. Vendor doesnt supply to the customer directly.
    Suhail Shaik

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    Hi all,
    Sorry if this has already been answered in the forums, but could't find it.
    I need to d/l all the current Archlinux base stuff plus KDE + misc stuff... and create a custom install CD through WinXP, is that possible?
    Why is there not a Archlinux 0.7.2 ISO??? with all the new CD kernels, modules for boot ...etc.  Getting net access w/ the current ISO is hard especially when all you have is a WinXP box can't gensync or whatever.
    p.s. SuSE 9.3 works fine... w/ net access dual boot 'n all... but that not installed any more :-(
    Thanks In Advance for any help. … ting_Linux ? it is the first result on the wiki for ``exisiting''

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