"Today" smart Mail folder filters for wrong date

The Today smart folder in Mail is set to show today's messages, but is showing messages dated August 8 instead.
I only got my MacBook Air yesterday and it's my first Mac, but I'm computer-literate so I checked the date setting and it's correct. I've set the main language to Catalan but I can't see how that might affect the way the Mac reads the date - and anyway, today's date in my preferred version - dd/mm/yy - would be read as August 9th under the preferred US format, mm/dd/yy.
PS: Any hints on how to scroll quickly to the top or bottom of the list of emails?

Thank you Tom.
It seems to have made a difference (took me a while to get back to it as I had some urgent work to take care of first).
But now, Today is finding every single draft version of every email I have drafted during the day - and Mail seems to save a draft every minute, for which I am grateful but not if they're all going to turn up in my Today folder!
Any suggestions?

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  • Wrong Dates in Sent Folder

    After doing a clean install of 10.5 and importing all of my mail messages from my .mac account, I noticed that many of the messages in my sent folder had the wrong date. Apparently they were marked with the date on which I first synchronized my 10.5 Mail with my .mac account. I've since tried to rebuild that folder, and when I do that, those problematic messages show up as sent "Today" at the time I rebuilt, even though many of them are nearly a year old. Any suggestions as to what might be causing this? I've read several threads regarding problems with the sent folder, but none with this specific date problem.
    One more thing...
    All sent message show up with the correct date when I access the sent folder online through .mac.
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    I tried several experiments and noticed that if you move the messages in "sent messages" with wrong dates to another folder (for example to the "inbox") then they get back to their correct date.
    Apparently rebuilding mail boxes at this point doesn't fix anything, as if you move the messages into "sent messages" again then the date gets wrong again.
    Funny enough, when the message is back into "sent messages" and appears there with the wrong date, if you make a text search FROM THE INBOX on all folders in the search results these messages will appear as located in "sent messages" with THE RIGHT DATE!!! Doing the same search when you are in "sent messages" will show the message with the wrong date!!!
    So I am now sure there is BIG BUG in Mail about this.
    So unless Apple fix this, I guess the only way is to put all the messages from your "sent messages" with wrong dates in a folder where they appear with the correct date, save or export your "sent messages" folder messages, delete entirely your "sent messages" folder, and reload all you "sent messages" again.
    However I have no safe procedure for this and it won't prevent the bug to reoccur later on...

  • Downloads with Safari show wrong date

    Hi, this is my first post and I'm stumped.
    When I download a file (i.e. PDF) via Safari on either my Imac or Macbook (4.03 and 4.02) both running Leopard 10.5.7 it shows up in my downloads folder with the wrong date: wrong year, month, and day.
    When I download the same file with Firefox the download date is correct.
    Does anyone have any suggestions to remedy this annoying problem? Thanks.

    Ok. I just downloaded a PDF via Safari that shows the creation date as: 23/12/08 1:10 AM.
    Same file downloaded via Firefox shows date correctly: today at 9:16 PM.
    The date from Safari has been all over the map... 03, 07, 00 etc. all different.
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  • How to find out Which LineItem is having the wrong data

    Hi All,
    This is Idoc--File scenario
    Iam sending the Idoc from R/3 and it may have several Line items and related data.
    If One line item data is wrong also the Idoc will be errored Out in MONI,for this i used UDF in mapping  to through the Exceptions. So i have to goto WE05 in R/3 and i have to check each and every line item for wrong data and then i will repost it.
    the thing is how can i find out the Particular line item is caused for this Error.

    Hi Sarvesh,
    No, in MONI it will not take us to the correct Lineitem which is having the wrong data.
    That is only the problem here.
    Any Views.........

  • Script against outlook mail box is selecting old data

    Hi there,
    I am into this project wherein emails pushed into a folder has to be cross checked whether it arrives.
    So, to meet this end, I used a powershell script to connect to the mail folder and collect the data.
    Add-Type $class -ReferencedAssemblies Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook
    $class = @"
    using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook;public class MyOL
        public MAPIFolder GetInbox(string userName)
            Application oOutlook = new Application();
            NameSpace oNs = oOutlook.GetNamespace("MAPI");
            Recipient oRep = oNs.CreateRecipient(userName);
            MAPIFolder inbox = oNs.GetSharedDefaultFolder(oRep, OlDefaultFolders.olFolderInbox);
            return inbox;
    Add-Type $class -ReferencedAssemblies Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook
    $MyOL = New-Object MyOL
    $olInbox = $MyOL.GetInbox("mailbox")
    $olInbox.items | Select-Object -Property Subject, ReceivedTime, Importance, SenderName
    but this code is collecting only a week old data! I did try a bit of looking around and found that this can be related to the indexes in the mailbox. So, I have tried disabling that as well but in vain.
    Please can someone help me on this.

    Hi Kuleen,
    If you want to check whether the email arrives from a specific sender, please also try the script below and feedback:
    $olFolderInbox = 6
    $outlook = new-object -com outlook.application
    $ns = $outlook.GetNameSpace("MAPI")
    $inbox = $ns.GetDefaultFolder($olFolderInbox)
    $targetfolder = $inbox.Folders | where-object { $_.name -eq "outlook subfolder name" }
    $email = $targetfolder.items |Where {($_.SenderName -eq "sender")}
    If I have any misunderstanding, please let me know.
    Best Regards,

  • Outgoing mail appearing in Today smart folder

    This isn't a major issue - however - I use smart folders in Mail and whenever I send out an email (reply or otherwise) that email temporarily shows up in the Today smart mailbox as it's being sent before being placed in the Sent folder.
    Any thougths on how to stop that? It didn't do that before but has been doing so for a while. Just a minor annoyance.

    I'm having the same problem, but that checkmark is unchecked for both accounts I have.
    It's a problem that's only recently started happening. Last week I moved to a new computer, and when I moved all my Mail files and preference over, this started happening. I tried deleting the Mail prefs, but the problem still happens. Any ideas?

  • I need to transfer the Smart Mailboxes I have set up on one computer to another computer. Both are running 10.8.4 and Mail 6.3. None of the old solutions are viable since there is no longer a 'Mail' folder in the User account.

    I acquired a new iMac, and need to transfer the Smart Mialboxes I have set up on my Mac Pro to the iMac. Mail is already set up to sync thorough iCloud, but the Smart mailboxes are - apparently - set up for individual machines. The only solutions I have been able to locate involve moving Preference files from one machine to the other; the problem is that there is no longer a 'Mail' folder set up for individual Users (actually there is no Mail folder at ALL under 10.8.4), and I am unable to locate any .plist files for Mail at all. Any idea how to make this haoppen?

    Create a new smart mailbox. Does it sync? If not, do as below.
    Back up all data.
    1. Triple-click the line below on this page to select it:  
    Right-click or control-click the highlighted line and select 
    Services ▹ Open
    from the contextual menu. A folder may open, or you may get an error message that the item can't be found. Either result is normal. If the folder does open and has contents, move the contents to the Desktop. Relaunch Mail and test. If there's no change, put the contents of the folder back and quit Mail again.
    2. Repeat with this line:
    This time you may be prompted for your login password when you remove the items. Make sure they're removed from the folder and not just copied to the Desktop. If necessary, copy them first and then move the originals to the Trash.

  • Today smart folder showing old email attachments

    The "today" smart folder is very useful. But IMAP mail periodically decides to revisit every message it has ever seen, which apparently gives them all "today" tags according to the finder. So, just now my "today" folder contains 1,482 items (most of which I really have NOT worked on today!). These are all located in Library/Mail/IMAP...etc.
    Is there a way to set a smart folder to exclude the Library directory? I know I can reserve it to search a single folder, but if I set it for the document folder, then it won't search the picture or applications folders. This folder must already exclude mail messages, since they don't appear; but attachments can be any kind of thing.
    (Alternately, if there is some way to get IMAP to stop doing that.... It does not happen every day, but often enough to be annoying.)
    thanks for any hints.

    they are litterly old emails that i deleted months or even years ago... from different senders... but they are reappearing under a new sender/message.... thats really the only way i can describe it.. for example, this is just an example...
    say 4 months ago i got an email from newegg and deleted it.... yesterday i got an email from my boss and when i opened it, it was the email i deleted 4 months ago from newegg... but when i go to my webmail it is the actual email from my boss...
    another real example... i deleted an email from my preacher about 3 months ago and i receieved and email from my dad last week.. when i opened it, it was the old email from my preacher...
    I hope that is a little clearer... these are all emails from mobile me.. i have all my mail FWDED to mobile me
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  • Wrong Date on E-Mails

    My friend has the original version of the MacBook Air. Whenever she sends me an e-mail (she uses gmail) the date of her email is off by 10 years. She sent me one today and it was dated January 17, 2001.
    Any idea what could be wrong and how to fix it?

    Thanks for responding. She sends her mail from her gmail account on a Firefox browser. I receive mail on a gmail account on a chrome browser. Neither of uses Macmail.
    Other people are getting the same thing but it probably does not annoy them as much.(I use conversation view and folders with gmail and her 10 year old dates make them almost impossible to find.)
    I suspect it something to do with some communication between her computer clock, which she says has the right time, and the email program, and that maybe she needs to do some resetting.

  • Wrong date and time in apple's mail client

    All mails in my inbox are displaying date at 1429 a.c. Although through my web gmail interface, dates are correct the mac client is fault. I also tried with Thunderbird e-mail client and i also get wrong date and time. I checked the date and time preferences and everything is correct.  Any suggestions?

    In the Initial screen, please remove the tick for Display Header. It will not give any header details after execution. If you want to remove only date, you just check with your ABAPer, he can help by changing in program.
    Kishore Babu

  • Smart Mailbox needs "include Junk Mail Folder" option, seeking work-around

    For me it's convenient to have a Smart Mailbox defined simply by "Message is new", as this collects together in one place all the unread messages that I've set rules to put in different mailboxes. While there is an option on the panel for defining Smart Mailboxes to include Trash or Sent in the smart-search, there is no such option to include the Junk mail folder, which I would like to do for a while until I believe it has "learned" well enough what I consider junk or not.
    (Apple, take note: If Trash is an option, Junk should be, too!)
    Any suggestions for a good work-around? Thanks!

    Hello burkeware,
    I suggest you send feedback to Apple by filling out the [Feedback Form|http://www.apple.com/feedback/macosx.html>. Maybe they'll incorporate these options in a future version of Mail.
    PS: Concerning your "complex criteria". Have you already tried the boolean operators "or" and "not" in the search field? (BTW, two search strings are by default combined with the "and" operator, so there is no need for a separate "and".)
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  • Good idea? . . . Moving the Apple Mail folder to your data volume

    Read the below quote from Mac Performance Guide. Is it a good idea? I know a bit of DOS, so I am used to command line commands but even after after Lloyd Chambers explanation, still not sure what is going to happen?
    ln -s /Volumes/Master/Mail Library/Mail
    The reason I want to move my Mail folder out of the home directory is because I plan to have a SSD as my boot drive and the home directory is on the boot drive, correct?
    "Moving the Apple Mail folder to your data volume
    This trick lets you move your Mail folder out of your home directory onto your data volume. I’ve used this technique for years so that I can forget about having to back up my home directory (default location for Apple Mail) and simply back up my one data volume: Master. The same trick can be used for any similarly irritating program that insists on storing its data in your home directory, rather than giving you a choice (a few programs are too brain-dead for this to work). Programs like iTunes let you choose where to put your music; use that option.
    Your Apple Mail folder is in the Library folder of your home directory.
    The trick requires starting Terminal. If that makes you uncomfortable, stop here! You are going to make a symbolic link.
    0. Quit Apple Mail, and make a backup of your mail folder.
    1. Copy the Mail folder to the top level of your data drive (or elsewhere, then modify step 3 appropriately).
    2. Rename the original mail folder to Mail.old as an additional backup.
    3. Start a Terminal window and type:
    ln -s /Volumes/Master/Mail Library/Mail
    This makes a symbolic link to the folder Mail on the volume Master (type the name of your volume, and use quotes around it if the volume name contains a space character). The resulting file Library/Mail is a tiny file that says “look over there on /Volumes/Master/Mail instead”.
    From here on out Apple Mail won’t know the difference! Launch Apple Mail and verify that it worked. If you encounter problems, simply copy your backup back into place."

    I just put the entire /Users/myaccount on another drive.
    Unlock Account control panel - advanced options -
    Move the whole enchilada instead of just mail. Definitely want to get Safari or web browsers cache which does a lot of I/O also. maybe put /Users on 2nd SSD or 10K VelociRaptor. Or just use your 640GB drive for /Users

  • How can I disable the Junk mail folder for an email account?

    How can I disable the Junk mail folder for an email account?

    Hi scottyfrank68,
    Junk mail filtering can be turned off by going to the Mail menu > Preferences > Junk Mail pane and unchecking the box Enable junk mail filtering. See this article -
    Mail (Mavericks): Junk Mail preferences
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Brett L 

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    I found a curious bug in Lightroom 4.2.
    If I have pictures taken after 23:00, Lightroom creates an import folder in the next day, but the dates in the files are correct.
    The file's date is: 29/11/2012 23:19.
    However if I hover my mouse over the image in the import dialog:
    The date that appears is 30/11/2012 00:19. Here's the detail:
    After you import, you get the image in the wrong import folder, but the meta on the image is correct:
    I've started to notice this before, but always thought of a wrong date on my camera. Just noticed that this happens with my camera, iPhone, and any other photo that has a time after 23:00.
    Do you know if there is a solution for this?
    Thank you in advance,
    Manuel Azevedo

    Does your computer time match with your camera time? Summer-/winter-time apart?
    The reason, why I am asking this: the map module auto-assumes that these times match (rather than asking you in which UTC-time zone your image time stamps should be interpreted when tagging from a gpx-track).
    Could be that something similar is happening in import module if you let LR auto-create destination folders based on date-time.
    I have no experience with this as I prefer to explicitely give the names of the new destination folders myself.

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