Token and smart card reader are not detected on Mavericks if not plugged on a USB port during system boot

Well, both token and smart card reader are not detected on OS X 10.9 if not plugged on a USB port during system boot. So, if I am already working within the system and need to use my certificates I have to plug the token or smart card reader on a USB port and restart Mavericks.
Token is a GD Starsign and Smart Card Reader is a SCR3310 v2.

SCS is a very good app, since I've read that Apple has discontinued support for PC/SC interfaces after the release of Mountain Lion.
(My previous installation was a Mavericks upgrade from Lion)
However, I don't know what and how to debug using Smart Card Services. Do you know any commands to use?
Apparently, the SC reader reports no issues: the LED is blinking blue when no smart card is present and becomes fixed blue when a smart card is inserted – according to the manuals, this shows that there is correct communication between the OS and the CCID reader.
I don't know what to do; I'm beginning to hypothesize it's a digital signer issue. In fact, my smart card only supports one application called File Protector (by Actalis) to officially sign digital documents. This application seems to have major difficulties in identifying the miniLector EVO.
The generic and ambiguous internal error comes when I try to manually identify the peripheral.
Athena CNS is one of the Italian smart cards and is automatically recognized and configured (so it's correct – no doubts about this), while "ACS ACR 38U-CCID 00 00" seems to be the real name of the miniLector.
(I'm assuming this because System Information also returns that the real manufacturer is ACS... bit4id is a re-brander)
However, when I click on it and then tap OK, it returns internal error.
As first attempt, I would try to completely erase&clean File Protector files to try a reinstall. Then, if this still doesn't work, I'd debug using the terminal.
- Do you know any applications to 100% clean files created by an installer?
- Do you have in mind any solutions that I might have forgotten?
Thanks in advance from an OS X fan!

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    W520 Smart Card reader does not show up in Device Manager.
    It was working before and now nothing.  Nothing happens when SD card plugges in.
    Could my smart card reader stop working or is this a configuration issue?
    Any thoughts?

    Hi  Ian,
    Welcome to the community, and thanks for the post.
    The issue is related with software, to resolve this you need to re-install the card reader driver from the below mentioned web link.
    After that check if the issue get resolved.
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  • MS Remote Desktop and smart card reader

    I have installed MS Remote Desktop Conn. on my iMac and connected a smart card reader via the USB. Although my reader energizes when the computer is on, the computer doesn't seem to recognize the reader. When I insert a CAC card into the reader and try to log in remotely, I continue to get a "username/password" box instead of the CAC PIN number. Do I need to install some kind of smart card driver or does Apple already have it? I'm at a loss as to how to fix this.

    I was able to get rdesktop 1.6.0 to install on my Mac and I was able to get CAC log-in to work.
    However, the installation is a little tricky. I downloaded rdesktop 1.6.0 from this link:
    My instructions for installation:
    1. Make sure Xcode Tools is installed on your computer. It should be on your OS X install disk.
    2. Find out where your X11 libraries are located:
    -From the Finder menu, selct "Go" >> "Go to Folder..."
    -Type (without the quotes) "/usr/X11", and click "Go"
    You should see a bunch of folders. Make sure the "include" and "lib" folders are there. Otherwise you need to find out where the X11 "include" and "lib" folders are located on your computer.
    3. Download rdesktop and place the (unarchived) rdesktop-1.6.0 folder on your Desktop
    4. Open the X11 application (should be in your Utilities folder)
    5. In the X11 window type the following (without the quotes):
    "cd Desktop/rdesktop-1.6.0 && ./configure --enable-smartcard -x-includes=/usr/X11/include -x-libraries=/usr/X11/lib && make && sudo make install"
    4. Hit enter. When prompted, enter your administrator password and hit enter.
    rdesktop should now be installed in the following folder:
    So, to launch rdesktop with smartcard log in enabled, open the X11 application (or Terminal application) and type the following (without the quotes, and replace your.server.address with the server address):
    "cd /usr/local/bin && ./rdesktop -r scard your.server.address"
    Hit enter and it should launch a new X11 window that will try to access the remote server where you should be prompted for your PIN.
    To explore more options with rdesktop, open X11 and type the following (without quotes):
    "cd /usr/local/bin && ./rdesktop"
    Hit enter and you should get a list of options available to rdesktop.

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    We have several users with new Z10s using Smart Card Reader 2.  After activation with BAS10, users state the Smart Card Sled battery life has dramatically decreased from the old setup with 9930s on BAS5.  One user states he can have it fully charged at work and it will be dead by the time he gets home.
    I searched around a bit, and haven't found anyone else reporting this issue.  Any ideas what might be causing this?

    Hi my two Z10 don't have this issue, what OS version are you running? The newer version should have fixed the battery issue.

  • Satellite C850-B635 and Win7 - card reader is not working

    My notebook came with windows 8 and the card reader was working
    but I installed windows 7 64-bit , downloaded all required drivers to my notebook , but the card reader is not working now .
    I downloaded a driver called card reader controller but it didn't work as well
    I don't know if there is a problem or there is a driver that I should install and I don't know .
    please help me solving that problem .
    In my windows device manager these devices isn't recognized :
    *PCI simple communications controller
    *SM Bus Controller
    *Unknown Device
    I tried to search in my drivers download page in Toshiba website but couldn't find these
    please help me making my card reader working again.
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    To me the case is simple and the reason why the SD card reader does not work is that an compatible driver isnt installed.
    My theory seems to be correct since the SM bus controller and PCI simple communications controller appear in the device manager and I guess one of these devices belongs to the SD card reader/controller.
    I think you should simply install this Realtek Card Reader Controller which I found on the Toshiba EU driver page
    Furthermore you should install all other Win 7 drivers as well as Toshiba tools available for Satellite C850 series.
    Very important is the chipset driver, USB 3.0 driver (Win 7 needs this driver to control the USB 3.0 port), display driver. etc
    Not very essential tools are Bulletin Board, Online Product information, Reeltime, etc such additional tools dont improved the notebook performance so its up to you if you want to use these software parts

  • Pkcs#11 and smart card reader

    Hi everybody,
    In my applet code
    i'm trying to implement "attached signature" reading keystore from a smartcard.
    I'm using SunPKCS11 provider and infocamere smart card, so i load SunPKCS11.dll for PKCS#11 standard.
    my code is:
    String pkcs11ConfigFile = "c:\\smartcards\\config\\SI_PKCS11.cfg";
    Provider pkcs11Provider = new;
    where SI_PKCS11.cfg file contains 2 lines like follow:
    name = test
    library = C:\WINNT\system32\SI_PKCS11.dll
    when I try to sign without smart card in the device reader i catch "PKCS#11 not found" exception, while when I try with smart card inside the device the applet stop on loading the provider and it doesn't continue without any errors in java console. Can anyone help me?
    thanks a lot for every answer
    best reagards

    I should add that I am using Windows 7 and my CSS version is 8.3, I can also verify my smart card works for other applications, only thinkvantage CSS 8.3 does not work.

  • Broadcom USB Smart Card reader not working

    After upgrading my Vista Business SP2 (32-bit) to Windows 7 Ultimate RC (32-bit) my Broadcom USB smart card reader does not work any longer (Dell Latitude E6400 with built in smart card reader).
    The newest available driver from dell support was already tested (Broadcom, driver date 09/23/2008, version, digitally signed WHQL, released by dell in March 09), but the device can not start (Error code 10) with Windows 7.
    With the Microsoft WUDF Driver (Usbccid, driver date 06/21/2006, version 6.1.7100.0) the device starts but whenever I insert my smart card an additional device is detected (other device - smart card) but no driver found - Error message is: The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28).
    What else can I try to get this reader working again (with vista sp2 the smart card reader was working fine with the broadcom driver)?

    I have also an USB card reader that works fine on XP PCs but Win7 does not recognise it, can msft make a sd reader driver that works pls.
    Sorry, but the way the industry works is that Microsoft develops Windows and Hardware manufacturers develop drivers for their products. Microsoft does maintain a complete division (MSDN) that is dedicated to assisting hardware and software manufacturers in developing their products for compatibility with Windows.
    All of the drivers that are contained on the Windows installation disk and on Windows Update are placed there by the manufacturers of the devices. This is a service that Microsoft provides to help these manufacturers to distribute their drivers.
    What you can do.
    1. Check with the computer manufacturer for updated drivers for that device. This is your best source, since the computer manufacturer builds, tests, and sometimes develops their own, custom drivers to work with the hardware on their PCs.
    2. Try to determine the name and manufacturer of the device using Device Manager and MSInfo32. Once this information is found, try to find that manufacturers website and look for the latest compatible drivers.
    3. Check to see if there are any users forums on the PC manufacturers or device manufacturers websites. Ask there about any known issues with this particular hardware device or if the device is no longer supported.
    4. If the drivers are found but are only available for previous versions of Windows, install the drivers using the Windows Compatibility Mode. HOW TO: Install a Hardware Device Driver using Compatibility Mode
    Right now, we are in a unique situation since we are using an operating system that is still in the pre-release phase. Many hardware/software manufacturers will be ofrficially supporting their products for Windows 7 until after the General Availability date of October 22, 2009.
    Hope this helps.
    Thank You for using Windows 7
    Ronnie Vernon MVP

  • Access to smart card reader on Win 8.1 RDP Host

    I have a customer that has a couple of Windows 8.1 Pro computers, that has a smart card reader in the local keyboard.
    Until a few months ago, they could RDP to the desktop computer from a RDP client such as another Windows PC, a Mac or a mobile device.
    The problem is now that when accessing the desktop computer (with the smart card reader keyboard) from a RDP client, the smart card reader is not available in the RDP session anymore. This prevents them from logging on to an application in the network that
    requires their smart card.
    Can someone perhaps point me in a direction where this can be solved, either with the MS RDP host or with some 3rd party RDP host applications?
    (Teamviewer or similar remote support applications works, but that is not what the customer want...)
    Since it worked like a charm up until 2-3 months ago, there must have been some update to Win 8.1 that prevents this by default?
    Thanks in advance,
    /Mikael Forslund

    Hi Mikael Forslund,
    I am supposing you attempted to use smart card reader connected directly to Remote Desktop terminal. Basically your RDP session should redirected smart card reader to the client side and will not see readers connected to the host side
    because enable Safety equipment such like smart card reader will cause highly insecure and that is not by design.
    We suggest using smart card reader on local RDP client for your issue.
    “The reverse is also true; if you RDP into a session from the start you will never see any local smartcard readers as Winscard will detect it’s running in an RDP session and no calls to Winscard will ever reach the local PC/SC layer –
    everything will be redirected to the connecting client.”
    Quote from this TechNet article
    Similar case has been posted and for your reference
    D. Wu

  • How to configure Firefox to use cert from smart card reader on Sun Ray 3 Plus

    I have a Sun Ray 3 Plus configured so the user needs a smart card to login (CAC card) and bring up a Java Desktop on the Sun Ray Server (Solaris 10 SPARC).
    Now I am trying to get Firefox to read the certificate from the smart card reader but not sure how to go about doing that.
    From searching online, it seems like I have to load a module in Firefox:
    Edit -> Preferences -> Certificates -> Security Devices
    But what file do I load? I'm assuming it is a file that's part of the SUNWut package?

    I try to test bumblebee with:
    optirun glxgears
    but I get this error:
    Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":8".
    Error: couldn't get an RGB, Double-buffered visual

  • Smart Card Reader 2 syncing issue - 9 digit ID

    I have a phone I am trying to set up for a customer with the BlackBerry Smart Card Reader 2.  Both the phone and the card reader are running the same version of the software, as they both have the version that is installed on my desktop (5.0).  However, the card reader has a 9-digit ID name, and the BlackBerry will only accept 8-digit ID information in the selected box.  I've read online of people having this issue but haven't found a fix.  Can anyone assist me with this problem?
    BB in question is a Bold 9930 on Verizon.

    Hey there,
    What operating system are you currently using? Also are you receiving any error messages when trying to use the smart card reader? Have you been using only 1 smart card, or do you have a extra one handy that you could test with?
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  • Tun miniport adapters are not working and the camera card reader is not working on a T61P.

    The Microsoft tun miniport adapters #4,2, and 3 are not working.  They display code 10 error message. Also the USB  mass storage device (camera card reader) is not working. 
    I have tried to uninstall and update the drivers to no avail.  I have used ThinkVantage Tool Box.  It only lets me know that they are not working.  It does say to reinstall them.  I have tried.  All effort has failed.
    All was find until I ran several updates via ThinkVantage.
    All suggestions would be appreciated.
    Thank you,

    You will not lose data if you back up
    Worth doing the basic troubleshooting
    Restore  best as new since you have issues ,then you will know if it has started to function correctly ,if not .....
    Visit Apple store since if it isn't software probably iPhone is on it's way out

  • Smart Card Reader not showing correct certificates?

    Running 10.5.6 with an SCR331, G4 desktop. I have been using entourage, smart card reader, and CAC successfully for quite some time.
    My CAC was recently updated with new certificates. When I insert my card reader with CAC into my machine, the keychain (and Entourage) show the old certificates which aren't even on my CAC anymore. Obviously I can't get Entourage (or other websites) to work without being able to access the new certs.
    I verified the CAC & reader were good by looking at it using a windows XP machine. The three new certificates were there.
    I also used another Mac (lap top) to verify the certs. I inserted my reader into the lap top, and the keychain on that machine displayed the correct certificates.
    I have tried several methods of rebuilding/replacing my keychain without success. Is there another token that needs to be cleared? Any help in letting access the new certificates would be very much appreciated.

    If you did what a lot of people did you put your certs locally and you do not need to do this. Delete them from your keychain and just in cert your CAC. Then create a "IDPref" for the DoD site you are trying to access and you should be good to go. If you need help, I have written a good "How-to" on my webblog. Just do a search for "safari and CAC".
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  • Acrobat 9 does not recognize the smart card reader that work with other app. Can someone help me?

    Hi to All,
    Acrobat 9 (included in CS4 design premium) does not recognize the smart card reader. I have a smart card reader ACR38 smart card that works with all applications except Acrobat 9 pro. I tried to uninstall and reinstall it again, but when I try to insert the digital signature message is always the same, that does not find the Acrobat reader. Can someone help me?

    Hi MartinR
    Thank you for your reply, i have tried what you suggest, and it did not work, the i DVD opening title changed but not the embedded movie.
    Perhaps it is a setting in Final Cut Express?
    After capturing my footage, i open a new project then i convert all clips to anamorphic, to give me the letterbox effect, i have tried now with and without anamorphic.
    In my canvas screen, the footage does not fill the square, even if i have not selected anamorphic, and fall well within the TV safe areas, but the only way to ill the canvas up is to crop it bigger, but still when i export it does not give me the full screen view.
    Any ideas?

  • My USB CF Card reader is not mounting on my 2.5 GHZ Intel Core i5 iMac anymore. It was last week and worked fine to get pictures from my camera. Now it won't mount. I have tried another card reader and the same problem exists. Also tried different cards..

    My USB CF (Compact Flash) Card reader is not mounting on my 2.5 GHZ Intel Core i5 iMac anymore.
    Last week it worked fine to get pictures from my camera but now it won't mount at all.
    I ejected it in the correct way rather than just disconnecting it but now i cannot get it to remount!
    I cannot even see it in the disk utility or system profiler.
    I have tried another card reader (a brand new one bought today) and the same problem exists. I've also tried different cards to see if that made a difference and they still arent being picked up on the Mac. 
    I have done all the usual things like rebooting, unplugging all other USB devices and then trying but nothing has worked.
    I'm a photographer and I'm at my wits end here. I know the cards are fine as i have been using them without issue and they are also new.
    Note: If I plug the camera in directly to the Mac, the Mac picks it up just fine as it always has done. Its just the card readers that it wont pick up anymore.
    If anyone has any ideas at all other than the following (my so called friends advice) you'd earn my undting love:
    Buy a PC
    Use the camera (Thats why i bought the reader in the first place - importing RAW files from the camera is SLOW!)
    Replace your CF cards (I have three 8GB cards two of which i had never used til today and they dont work either!)
    Buy a new card reader (this is the 5th one in two days - none work on the Mac)
    Many thanks in advance!

    OK, restart in Safe Mode, this will clear some caches. It's possible one or more is corrupt. To restart in Safe Mode when you hear the start up tone hold down the Shift Key until you see a progress bar. Let it fully boot then restart normally and test.
    Also I am assuming you have checked Finder - Preferences  - General and see what boxes are checked in "Show these items on desktop." You can also mount an item in Disk Utility, simply highlight it and then look in the File menu for Mount.....

  • ACR122U smart card reader not recognized after reboot...

    I am new to POS Windows and have been working with wondows for ever. I was using ACR 122u contactless usb smart card reader with windows XP and communicating with it using java with no problems. Then our I changed the OS to windows Pos ready 2009 and we found out that USB card reader has to be unplugged and plugged back in after rebooting the computer. other than the OS everything else is identicle (driver, reader, java program, ect..). Can any one tell me what could cause this problem and what I can do to solve this.
    I have cheked the device manager and under USB controllers it says that it is unrecognized deivice..I tried changing the reader, changing the port and(actually the reader is pluged in to a linksys external usb hub, but changing this to a internal port did not make any difference)  tried chagning some settings in control panel.
    1. I checked the power option of the root usb hub.
    2. Changed the to a normal obtained from the normal xp version. Uninstall the driver and reinstall it.
    So far this hasnt been working.
    I hope someone could help me with this.

    After extensive tests with Win 7 Embedded and ACR122U, I can confirm the same problem. It seems that reader firmware hangs and the only way to recover is to unplug and plug again the reader. We shall repeat the tests with readers from other manufacturers.
    For the tests, we use a Win7 Embedded Standard PC with an ACR122U connected. We installed and configured the ACS Monitor program to start automatically with windows. We made a small utility to restart the PC every minute and we placed it on the Startup directory.
    Within the first 5-10 reboots, the reader fails and the ACS monitor program shows " No reader connected" and no reaction from the reader. If we shall unplug and plug the reader again to the USB port everything works fine again.
    Kostas P.

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