Torch will NOT charge with Wall or Car Chargers, only USB - what is the fix?

About 3 days ago, my Torch decided it no longer wants to work with ANY wall charger, or car charger for that matter.  I have been using it just fine for the past 6 months, and charging it just about every night, topping it off for a fresh charge for the morning.
Now, NO wall chargers work, simply no response.  The ONLY way I can charge is via the USB cable and my laptop.  This is VERY annoying and no one at the AT&T store seems to know what's going on.
I've tried all kinds of battery pulls and reboots - even upgraded to the latest software, downgraded back - NOTHING seems to be working!
What is the solution to this problem?  How can I get it to charge again in my wall and car chargers?

If the device (Blackberry phone) will recharge using the computer this means that the port on the device should be functioning properly.  The USB port on your computer puts out up to 500 ma at 5 Volts. The voltage regulator in the phone adjusts the power coming in to be in specs to charge the battery. The Blackberry charger is a 700 ma charger. The computer will take about 30% longer to charge the phone.
I have had the connectors on the chargers and car adabtors go defective from handling and use.  I have also had chargers fail. Since the phone can be recharged using the computer this tells me the fault has to be with the charging devices you have. Unfortunately these chargers are not serviceable. As for myself, over time I bought a number of spare chargers.
I would strongly suggest to try another charger. Maybe you can go in to a store that sells them and try another charger that they have in stock.
When buying or trying a charger, it would be best to get an original Blackberry charger. This guarantees the specifications will be exactly correct for your phone, and also for the electrical safety for your phone. It is also known that many of the universal chargers will not properly charge the Blackberry phone.
Jerry G.
Jerry G.

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    If the battery has been completely depleted it may take more than an hour before the iPad becomes responsive again. Leave it on the charger overnight. If it does not charge up by the next morning make an appointment at an Apple store to have it looked at.

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    Discovered my new Touch 2G would not charge from any of the USB chargers (2 Ac powered, 2 battery types) that worked fine with a Classic iPod. Found a knowledgeable expert at a Genius bar, and he brought out an adapter from the back that would connect Apple's thin connector for the output of a Classic power source to the input of the Touch - but it cost as much as a real Apple USB charger. Got a real Apple USB charger. As far as I can tell, the USB to Apple proprietary connect white cords are identical - I use the ones that came with the Classic, with the Touch, and with the USB charger interchangeably. The one difference: Apple's USB charger is rated at 1 amp; the 3rd party ones are rated at the usual 0.5 amp. I've since purchased a battery backup designed for the Touch and it does seem to work. It has 0.7 amp output instead of 0.5 amp. Recommended answer: just give up and get Apple's little USB power block (same as iPhone one) for about $30. It works, and it's small.

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    Try taking the back off the phone, remove the battery for a second then put back in and put cover back on. Try charging again. Sometimes, phones with removable covers allow static build up between the battery and charging ports. Basically, it just bounces the charge back & forth but can't charge. Lots of times, the battery heats up and if it happens often, can actually damage the battery.  Static build up is caused (mostly) by keeping phones in pockets, pants, coats, sweatshirts.. or even in/out of purses or any other fabric lined anything.  This is also what drains battery life. (The only downfall of removable batteries). Anyway, just get in the habit of removing the battery at least once every couple of days OR at anytime that u feel the battery getting hot. Good luck!

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    Hmm, that's weird. I've used the iPad charger to charge my ipod before with no problems. It's more like wall adapter that I can insert  the Apple usb into.
    But, I've used both cables, the one that came with the ipod/pad and neither are working.

  • IPhone will not charge from wall socket only from Laptop or Computer!

    Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem?
    My IPhone will charge sometimes and sometime it wont:
    I mean like sometimes it will charge from the wall socket and sometimes it wont!
    It will go so far as to turn off because of no battery life! Then I plug it in to the Laptop and it starts charging!

    I have had this problem for some time. It applies to both a wall charger (the one that came with iPhone and a third-party model) and a car charger (third party). Both wall and car chargers are rated at 1000 ma which should be enough power. Yet when the battery charge goes below a certain level the phone will not charge from wall or car charger, but it will charge from a computer.
    I did some research on USB power. Per specification, a USB client (the iPhone) cannot draw more than 100 ma from the USB host (charger or computer or hub) unless it asks for and gets permission to draw more current. (This is so it does not interfere with other USB devices connected to the host.)
    Inexpensive wall chargers do not contain any computing elements. They short the D+ and D- lines together. This makes it impossible for a client to negotiate a higher current draw, so the iPhone, working per the USB standard, limits itself to 100 ma. When connected to a computing device such as a computer or USB hub, the iPhone can negotiate a higher current, up to the 500 ma currently allowed by the USB standard.
    This begs the question, why can't the iPhone charge on 100 ma when the battery is almost completely discharged? After all, when the battery has more charge, the iPhone will charge nicely from a wall charger. Perhaps someone has some insight into this aspect.
    There is evidently a new USB standard for wall chargers that will fix this issue. Both the host and client must implement in order for it to work. (I haven't read the standard, but suspect it involves the client detecting that the D+ and D- lines are shorted together.) Obviously, either the charger or my iPhone 3G don't comply with this new standard. Maybe the iPhone 3GS does? Or maybe we have to wait for another iPhone model that has the hardware that complies with the new USB wall charger standard.
    Meanwhile I have to be careful not to fully discharge my iPhone battery when I am away from a computer. I recently went on a 30-day trip and had no problem because I charged the phone every night. Of course, I did not use it much because it was an international trip and AT&T roaming rates are horribly expensive.

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    I have an iPod classic 5th gen and it will not charge with any newer cables. Either apple or aftermarket. I have found it will charge when I hook up my Kensington battery pack and it charged with an older cable but I no longer have it. It's their something different about older units and charging accessories?

    There is no difference.  They are exactly the same. So it doesn't charge whether you plug it into an available USB port on your Mac or via a wall adapter?
    Have you check to make sure the iPod's dock connector port was clean and clear of any sort of debris and/or damage such as bent, broken, or corroded pins?

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    Hi Joanefrommaldon,
    If the battery on your iPad is not charging, then I'd like you to please follow the steps in the article below.
    If you can’t charge your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support
    Take care,
    Alex H.

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    Do you have a 4 or a 4S? 
    I would take it to an Apple Store. This is not an issue I can really troubleshoot over the internet.

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    My sons I pad 4 is taking forever (hours) to charge and will not charge with some of the plugs?

    Are you using the iPad charger or a different charger, like an iPhone charger?
     Cheers, Tom

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    If the device isn't be recognized by itunes, try following the troubleshooting steps in one of these articles for windows for mac

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    My IPod will not charge. I have bought a new usb and it still will not charge.

    Have a read of this it may help.

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    my Ipad will not connect with Itunes prompt states this Ipad cannot connect because the Apple mobile device service has not started "??s "

    Try a system reset.  It cures many ills and it's quick, easy and harmless...
    Hold down the on/off switch and the Home button simultaneously until the screen blacks out or you see the Apple logo.  Ignore the "Slide to power off" text if it appears.  You will not lose any apps, data, music, movies, settings, etc.

  • New ipod touch will not charge with car stereo anymore

    I recently got an iPod Touch and when I plug it in to my car stereo it says that "charging is not supported with this accessory". I'm assuming it has something to do with the fact that the new IPT do not charge with firewire.
    I'm having the same problem with a USB 2.0 extension cord I bought. this one I don't understand because it is supposed to be USB and not firewire. I've tried plugging that in to the wall with a usb wall charger but I get the same thing, so it's not an issue of there not being enough power.
    As far as my car is concerned, the cable has a regular ipod connection. I look up firewire to USB converters but they all have a female firewire (small odd shaped holes) connection, so I couldn't plug my cable in to it. Does anyone have any idea on what I could do to fix this situation so that my ipod will charge while it is plugged in?

    You have identified a problem that has been around since the iPod touch came out (also effects the latest generation nanos). Go to your local big box store and by yourself a new charger that is compatible with the touch.

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    I guess it's possible that the charger block is faulty, and maybe you had a power surge that knocked them out, perhaps the cables are good which is why they charge with USB port on computer of in a car but the block the USB cable plugs into is bad thus when using a wall outlet it doesn't charge... Have you had to reset the GFCI for any outlets in your home??

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