Total Newbie Question ... Sorry :-(

I know it's a windows thing, and I am now converted to Mac but I gotta know this because it's doing my head in. It's a complete stupid green gilled newbie question.
When installing new programs on a Mac can you create shortcuts to the programs on the Dock? I did what I THOUGHT it would be, i.e I made an Alias and stuck it in the dock, but on rebooting my Mac later on, in place of the shortcuts where 3 question marks which when clicked on did absolutely nothing???
Windows XP Pro Desktop, Macbook Pro, 60GB iPod Video   Mac OS X (10.4.5)   OS X

You aren't installing something from a dmg file are you? The dmg is a disk image – kind of a virtual CD. So when you double click the dmg and then get the little disk/hardrive/custom icon on your desktop that is the same as if you had mounted a CD. You then need to drag the application off of that "CD" into your application folder. Then it is truly installed.
You can then "eject" the icon your your desktop. This is what happens when you shutdown and without remounting the image your dock shortcut can't find the original.
Just a thought.

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  • Help! Total newbie question...

    I want to make a flash form where the viewer/user can watch a video clip of their choice (from a drop-down control or something else if there's a better way).
    I've found myself totally unable to find our how to do this.  I mean, frankly, I don't even know what kind of file to start from the "New..." form at the beginning of Flash (CS 3.0, btw)!
    I know how to create a Flash Player and link it to a single video.  What I envision is that after the page comes up, with a single player component (initially empty), the user chooses a video from the drop-down list and that video starts playing in the player.
    I guess I have these questions-
    What kind of file should I be starting with?  {I kinda assume I'll be making an SWF to put on a web page.}
    Where on earth do I learn how to get the simplest things (e.g., button clicks, etc.) to work?
    Could any of y'all please offer suggestions where I could find a sample of something similar?  -OR-
    Could any of y'all give me an example of how to do (code?) this?!?!
    I apologize for such dumb questions, but while I'm quite experienced with Premiere, Encore, Photoshop, etc., I am definitely NOT used to Flash!
    Thanks in advance!
    Jim 8^)

    This is going to be a pretty big learning curve for someone with no Flash experience. But, sometimes the best way to learn is to just dive in and start the project.
    I'd recommend using the help and tutorials for a while. You'll need to learn how to create buttons, use ActionScript, and more. My best guess is that you'll need to house each video file on your server with a unique location (URL) then create a pull-down button (or some method of selecting the files) that calls each specific video when the user selects it. I'm assuming you'll need to use a browser fscommand to loadMovie, but someone else may set me straight on that. My experience is limited in this specific task, but I think it might give you someplace to start looking.

  • Mounting Time Capsule drive - total newbie question

    I'm a total Mac newbiew, so please bear with me.
    There are alot of threads in this forum that talk about 'manually mounting' a time capsule drive. What is this manual mounting, what's the point of doing it, and how do you do it?
    My Time Capsule shows up under the Shared menu in Finder and I can access it from there. Is access to the disk via this link slower than mounting it or something?
    Lastly, my TC is connected to my Mac Mini via an ethernet cable. How can I check that the Mac is talking to the TC disk via this connection rather than over the wireless network that the TC is providing?

    By "mounting" people are meaning seeing the Time Machine disk icon actually showing on the desktop. I can only think of 2 reasons for this, 1) time saving if people use the disk for other purposes as well as Time Machine and need to access it regularly, and 2) If it mounts, it proves you have connectivity.
    Doing it from the finder sidebar is effectively the same thing, only you are doing it instead of getting the system to do it. Your initial access to the drive may be noticeably slower for a couple of seconds until it mounts is all, nothing worth worrying about
    See here for more info if you are interested in mounting it automatically:
    As for your last question, unless your wireless and wired connection talk to different networks, then turn off your wireless and used the wired connection.

  • Newbe question sorry

    Sorry for such a simple question i have searched and cant find the answer, i have only had my MB a few weeks!!!
    My question is i found a setting that allowed you to see the amount of free space of connected drives - i.e it gave me information about my Mac HD under the drive name, how do i show this again i cant find the option to turn it on for love nor money

    Hi there,
    Click anywhere on the Desktop to select Finder. With Finder selected, click on View in the menu bar and then chose *Show View Options*. A window will appear for the Desktop. Check the *Show Item Info* box and then close the window. Now you will be able to see the information underneath the icons on your Desktop.
    Hope this helps,

  • What happens to my local user data? -newbie question sorry

    Hi All,
    Firstly apologies if this seems a dumb question, I've scoured the forums but I require something that fits my specific situation.
    I've had a (my first) MacBook for about 9 months, built up a fairly healthy local user, setup just how I like it, MobileMe, iTunes, Chrome, iPhoto library, lots of other apps, etc etc and so forth.
    I'm setting up a Mac Mini Server, and was wondering what I can do to join the new server, but take all my settings/downloads/iTunes etc with me... I don't want it all stored on the server, but I come from a Micro$oft Windows background. With MS, when you add a PC to a domain, login with the appropriate user account, you have a fresh profile, no settings, no files, no customisations etc etc is this also the case when I hit that Join Network Account server button on my Mac? Will I get a blank fresh account on my Macbook?
    I'm guessing this must happen quite often as people start their way into Apple technology and build up a nice healthy local account before branching further into the Apple world...

    The two laptops I use everyday have access to all the servers via my network account. It is set so that my user account is listed as having "no home" So I log into the laptop with my local user account with a UID of 501 but access all the network services via the go menu and my network account of the same name but with a UID of 1034.
    For all other users in the company, if they are on a laptop, I use network accounts. The machines are managed to ask if the user wants to create a mobile account when they login. For permanently assigned laptop users, the answer is yes. This puts their home on the laptop and ties them to that machine. I use mobile account syncing to make sure their critical data is copied to the server for backup.
    By having the machine ask to create the mobile account, users can answer no and login to their network home. The use of the laptop may be needed temporarily if a regular workstation is down.
    Once in a while I will need to convert a local account to a network account. While a bit more laborious that setting it up correctly at the beginning, it can be done.
    But I never let any user account have the UID of 501. I would set that up as the local admin account I use for installing updates and performing other maintenance. If needed, I would back up the user data and erase and re-install the OS.

  • ?letterboxing issue.. probably a newbie question, sorry

    Sorry if this has been discussed before.
    Very new to macs (former PC user)
    I have a MacMini with 10.4.xx (cant remember the next #) with 2g ram and intel processor.
    Making a slideshow in IMovie and buring in IDVD.
    I have made two different slideshows and each has (what I think is) letterboxing issues.
    The 16:9 formatted show did not letter box on a standard 4:3 tv (confirmed settings on dvd players and multiple tvs).
    I just did a 4:3 slideshow and it appears normal on the computer, but the final product seems to 'zoom' in slightly and cuts off the top 5% of the images (which, unfortunately cuts some faces off...).
    In IDVD, i have the 4:3 setting checked.
    Is there something I am missing ???

    Thanks Robert...
    I'm pretty involved with home theater already, so I previously checked all the settings on the TVs and DVD players - assuming that was the issue. I tried various standard def Tvs and HDTVs/projectors... But, everything is set up as it should. I verified the problem on multiple TV sets, and multiple DVD players - even tried changing all the picture mode settings.... no luch with either of my projects.
    I am now assuming IDVD is creating the problem... and since I am very new to mac's, was looking for advice here.

  • Total newbie question...  Just need some help.

    I am wondering how to change a header and have all my sheets (yes, using a template) reflect that change. Also, I made a team roster and I am wondering how to have all my sheets (stats for players) reflect the roster I created. Simple name stuff.
    Thanks for the help.
    [email protected]

    To both of your questions I would say: Have one master sheet and on your other sheets, reference the information on your master sheet. To mirror the contents of a cell in another Table or Sheet, type = and then click on the cell you want to reference.
    Hope this gets you started.

  • Total newbie question.

    I will soon be buying an iPad. All I need it for is Pages to write.
    My simple questions is this:
    In the App Store, how do I tell which apps are specifically for the iPad?

    Is there a search function in the app store?
    Yes ,a)look on the on the top right ,you'll see this>
    or b)if you click on the Home button !!
    you can use *Power search* found on the right below *Welcome Paul!* >Quick links (if that's the name that the account is under)
    I prefer the 1st

  • Newbie question, sorry!

    I assume there's a stupid, easy answer for this, but I just switched to Mac (macbook pro) and am finding it odd that every time I install a new program it creates a new "drive" folder on my desktop, which then disappears when I restart my computer, meaning that I have to reinstall, say, Firefox every time I restart. What do I need to do to keep this from happening?

    drag it from the "drive" onto your desktop, or better, into the Applications folder
    I really would not put my applications on the Desktop, if I were you. They belong in the Applications folder, and that really is where you want to put them or you will experience problems in the future. If you insist on being Windows-like you are perfectly free to put an alias of your Apps on the Desktop.
    For quick access to your applications I recommend Himmelbar.
    Matthew Whiting

  • Another newbie question (sorry)---Please recommend a good training book?

    And where to order?

    All these books are great - and I've read them all and done the exercises. But I have to put in my 2 cents and recommend Larry Jordan's book and web site. The book is well written and understandable. His web site is full of great tips, and his free monthly e-mail newsletter is great. Now, he has a new newsletter called Edit Well published in conjunction with Peachpit Press.
    Details on all this at:
    Good Luck! And welcome to Final Cut!

  • Total newb var question

    Hello :) ,
    so Im a total newb :(
    I am trying to make this code into a function....
    jd_label.setIcon(new javax.swing.JLabel(){
    public javax.swing.Icon getIcon(){
    try {
    return new javax.swing.ImageIcon(
    catch ( e){
    return null;
    problem is, Im such a new i dont know how to use a var on this line...
    jd_label.setIcon(new javax.swing.JLabel(){
    I would like jd_label to be a $var but java just wants to update
    a label named "var".... i.e.
    JLabel jd = new Jlabel();
    string fred = jd
    but this freaks out... in PERL it seems the vars are a little more
    Could some one please help me :)
    Thanks in advance,

    Thank you :)
    Im still confused...but that will pass in time
    As for the code in the first post... that was from a scrip i wrote
    but the section i posted NetBeans wrote. here is the whole scrip...
    All i really want to do is put pictures on labels...and i thought, why write
    the same code for every button, ill just make a function out of the whole setIcon bit and call it for each label that needs a picture, passing the url of the picture off to the function... Below gets me one pic on one label, so
    how can i reproduce this efffect on other lables using the same code over and over?
    import javax.swing.*;
    import java.awt.*;
    public class HelloWorldSwing {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    JFrame frame = new JFrame("HelloWorldSwing");
    JLabel label = new JLabel("Hello World");
    JLabel jd_label = new JLabel();
         JTextField tex = new JTextField("sup suka");
         JPanel pan = new JPanel();
         pan.setLayout(new GridLayout(1,3,10,10));
    // i wanna make this bit into a fuction to reuse
         jd_label.setIcon(new javax.swing.JLabel() {
    public javax.swing.Icon getIcon() {
    try {
    return new javax.swing.ImageIcon(
    } catch ( e) {
    return null;
         frame.getContentPane().add("Center", pan);

  • Newbie Question. just installed IE7.. how do I set up a local host to preview sites?

    Sorry for the newbie question... but it's been a long time since I have done this

    Just define your site in DW as always.  For a static site, that's all you need to do.

  • Domain name settings - Newbie question

    Sorry for a newbie question!
    I am already pointing a domain name to web hosting for email account. Now, I need an application server to run ERP software and Oracle, and installing Solaris and Oracle need a domain name.
    If I point my domain name to the server, how do I receive emails from web hosting???
    Install an email server to the application server instead? What can I do if I want the same domain name? Any option?

    Setting up a mailserver and making sure it doesn't suddenly turn into a spambox is not something you do with the use of a few commands. I suggest to dive into the Solaris admin guide on and read up on e-mail and network services.
    If that is asking too much of your time you'll be better off getting your ISP to handle all this for you.

  • Domain Name settings in Solaris - Newbie question

    Sorry for a newbie question!
    I am already pointing a domain name to web hosting for email account. Now, I need an application server to run ERP software and Oracle, and installing Solaris and Oracle need a domain name.
    If I point my domain name to the server, how do I receive emails from web hosting???
    Install an email server to the application server instead? What can I do if I want the same domain name?

    Your questions are completely off-topic for the forum.
    These SunOS forums are for questions on <i>"how do I install my OS"</i>
    You particular question is in the <i>"how can I install Solaris while using the CD drive"</i> forum.
    So, if you had a question on how to edit the /etc/inet/hosts file to establish a FQDN on the computer, then it might be appropriate for the forum.
    Unfortunately, I don't have a clue on where to redirect you, except perhaps to the Sun Java Enterprise System suite of applications?

  • Login/password to SQL plus - 100% Totally newbie!

    Dear users,
    I'm a 100% Totally newbie - please bear over with me and forgive that I couldn't find the answer to my question in the arhive although I'm sure somebody else has asked exactly this question. And please don't say RTFM etc, because there are a huge amount of manuals etc for oracle and I'm 100% newbie and never worked with Oracle SQL before.
    Introduction: I've installed Oracle 11.2 Enterprise Edition and want to go through some step-by-step tutorials - e.g. this tutorial:
    The tutorial says:
    "The Human Resources (HR) Sample Schema is installed as part of the default Oracle9i installation. The HR user is locked by default.
    You need to unlock the HR tables and user before you can use the HR sample schema. To unlock the HR tables and user, log in as the SYSTEM user and enter the following command:"
    Question: I cannot figure out my password, perhaps I entered something during install but how do I get password for the "SYSTEM" user?

    Welcome to the forum!
    There's no way to find out what a password is.
    You can log in as some other user who has DBA privileges (such as SYS), and change SYSTEM's password.
    If you've forgotten the SYS password, too, then log into the server as the same user who installed Oracle, or as some user in the ora_dba group. You should be able to log in as SYS. When asked for a password, just press the enter key, like this:
    Enter password: <enter>
    User altered
    Enter password: new_password

Maybe you are looking for

  • Slow GDM - different issues than other posts

    Hi all, GDM is slow to start (compare to what it use to be) the issue is I can't pin point why, as I have made a lot of updates lately including moving to Grub2 and changing quite a few .pacnew today (I know I should do it right away...) I seems howe

  • Getting error in creating JCo destination for WebDynpro

    Hi Guys, I am getting an error in creating JCo Destination under Web Dynpro Content Admin.I am deploying MSS on Netweaver portal SR1 and ecc 5.0.I am getting a message"An error has occurred: "Failed to process the request."Contact your System Admin.

  • Integrate Document Builder to SRM PPS using Web Service

    Well, if what you want to see is the "Document Builder" link from "Related Links" of your RFx document, what you need to do is to configure it in IMG : SPRO - SRM Server >> Cross-Industry Functions >> Integration with Document Builder >> Activate Doc

  • Shuffle's remote

    Just bought it... and the remote doesn't really work well. The middle button sometime works, sometimes it just don't. So I can't put it on pause, neither change song or listen to playlist. Anyone have the same prob??

  • Invoice not to spilt

    Hi Guru, In SAP standard system invoice get split with the header level ...means bill to party , payment terms ,purchase order no. But i dont want to split the invoice according to purchase order no . I have check the Copy control from LF to F2 .and