Tracking Blank Alerts

HI All,
I am facing a huge issue in tracking blank alerts , where there is no "From system" or "To System". All I can get from the alerts message is Message GUID.
This is a generic alert set up to pick any alert in PI adapter engine.
What are the steps to correctly track why and where this alert was generated?
I have already used SXMSALERT_LOGREADER and RSALERTDISPLAY, but not able to track it down to any error on the PI server adapter engine.

Alert configuration is in two steps.
1) Looks like your scenario is not configured with required container variables in the alert category definition screen. So make sure you declare all the container variable in ALRTCATDEF.
2) Dont forget to add alert inbox rules in the RWB.
If you are using ccbpm then you can create alert category in ESR itself, Please refer this link
Hope that helps.

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  • IP SLA and Tracking for alerting

    I configured IP SLAs for sites that connect to the Internet via a 2911 router
    ip sla 199
     icmp-echo source-interface GigabitEthernet0/2
    ip sla schedule 199 life forever start-time now
    ip sla logging traps
    track 199 ip sla 199
     delay down 120 up 120
    Works great - sends a syslog message to the Solarwinds box and message sets off an email alert.
    We have a couple of smaller sites that connect to the Internet via a 5510. I'm trying to accomplish the same thing but, it doesn't seem to have the options to set a "delay down and delay up"
    Below seems to be my only option:
    "track 199 rtr 199 reachability"
    Will this tracking-config log the ping fail and if so, is there a way to delay the logging for 120 secs - for Up and Down events?
    Thanks, Pat

    Hello Pat,
    Have you tried entering the command "track 199 rtr 199 reachability"
    The prompt should look like this after:
    Here you should be able to enter the command "delay down 120 up 120" to my recollection.

  • Blank Alert Message

    I have configured an alert to trigger from a BPM...
    The alert is getting triggered successfully when the corresponding exception occurs and the alert message (from long text) is coming into the Alert Inbox of the Recipient.
    Now the problem is the values that the message is supposed to show are blank (like SXMS_FROM_INTERFACE, SXMS_FROM_NAMESPACE etc) and i am getting the below message:
    Alert triggered while executing the BPM with the following details:
    Interface Name:
    Interface Namespace:
    No value for Interface Name and Interface Namespace getting populated.
    I have included the Alert Variables within the ampersand sign (&SXMS_FROM_NAMESPACE&)
    Please provide solution for this issue.

    I hope you have created alert container variables as in
    and in long text use this.
    Description of the Error : &SXMS_ERROR_CODE&
    Sender Service: &SXMS_FROM_SERVICE&
    Sender Namespace: &SXMS_FROM_NAMESPACE&
    Sender Interface: &SXMS_FROM_INTERFACE&
    Receiver Service: &SXMS_TO_SERVICE&
    Receiver Namespace: &SXMS_TO_NAMESPACE&
    Receiver Interface: &SXMS_TO_INTERFACE&
    It will work.pls test and let me know the outcome.Make sure u have not chked dynamic text checkbox in alert category.
    Edited by: Hamja Hussain on Mar 24, 2009 12:07 PM

  • Why are my comp tracks blank after several takes?

    Any insight on why this is happening please let me know.It seems random. I will be doing punchins on a track and the comp track shows up blank..I have to redrag thru preceeding tracks to recreate the comp..pain in the butt.

    I can't believe that you and I are the only 2 people that have this issue.  I have posted this question several times. I even had Apple support on it. I thought it was corrected one time... but then the next session it did it again.
    Here is what I have eliminated.
    Not a "template" issue
    Not audio card related. It does it with firewire and a PCIe
    Not the computer, 2- different Mac Pro and both do it.
    If it very frustrating. Makes Logic a non pro DAW

  • Blank cookie alert dropdown hangs Firefox

    Firefox 4, on a Mac. Cookie setting is set to 'ask every time.' Once in a while, after either dismissing the cookie alert without accepting or denying, or after specifically denying a particular cookie, I will get a totally BLANK cookie alert drop-down window with no buttons to click. And this blank alert completely hangs up Firefox. I must force-quit Firefox in order to get out of it.
    Here's what it looks like:
    Anyone have any idea how I can keep this from happening, or how to dismiss the blank alert without having to force-quit Firefox?

    I get an e-mail with go-comics and the ones I want to post links to I'll open in the browser as I read them in the e-mail so I regularly have a dozen tabs open (all the same site) by the time I'm through the e-mail. Every third or fourth page will hang up on something (connecting to or waiting for) sometimes not loading a single image, sometimes loading half the page, sometimes loading everything but the comic (because, hey, why put that as the first thing to load when you've got all these ads and crap to throw at your paying customers?).
    At some point a couple of months ago I got some malware associated with trovisearch (I do not know how that got past security and java blocker but it did, probably some hidden crap in something from CNET) that somehow spoofed a page for Housecall and added five or six pieces of malware and adware. I cleaned for two days after and still can't find anything left on the computer even though I've been running scans constantly to try to make Firefox work right. I downloaded and ran a scan using Kaspersky during that time and then uninstalled it. That very well may be the cause of the post-refresh SSL issue.
    I have Spybot and Malwarebytes scan logs from the time of the infection if that would help in any way. It doesn't look like there's a way to attach .xml files in this forum, though.
    I can also run hijack this and copy and paste if that would help.
    I'm currently running Windows Defender and rely on that and Noscript and adblocker plus to keep me isolated from most attacks (I don't have those add-ons re-installed yet). I also run Peerblock because they add malicious sites and known hacking sources (like Chinanet) to what they block as well as all the fake p2p stuff that's constantly pinging the computer. If I'm treading around in perilous waters I run Sandboxie.
    Chrome is working as normal but Firefox feels like dial-up or worse right now and without adblocker I might as well be using IE.

  • Alerts in HRMS

    Hi friends...
    I want to know whether the alerts in HRMD is possible....
    can we write alert for when employee is hired or terminated. tell me how can i use of alert in HRMS. i know the alerts. but i don't know how i can write it for if it is date track table alert will fire 2 times when we add new record.
    or let me know proper documentation of use of ALERTS in HRMS.
    Thanking you

    Not with std config but you can do it with custom developement.
    by copying the program to Y version and make the change and use it.

  • Can we have 2 Alert Configurations with same XI Server, Local&Central(CCMS)

    I am looking to configure Local Alert Configuration with XI Server,
    It already had CCMS Alert Configurations in place, But the solution Manager
    is forwarding alerts related to all the Servers (ECC,CRM,BW,XI). It is becoming
    difficult to track the alerts of XI.
    So my question is is it possible to have 2 alert configurations with XI l ocal & Certral (CCMS)?.
    What are the effects if we have both.
    I think  it is possible to maintain xi specific alerts to specific mail ID's . But basis is finiding difficult in doing this.
    Let me know suggestions if you have any in this case.

    Yes you can have your own PI specific alerts.
    You do this via ALRTCATDEF (as stated earlier)
    You can edit the message header so you know if it's PI generated or if you log in as PISUPER to configure this then the sender will be PISUPER
    Alternatively, why dont you ask BASIS to turn off monitoring for XI and allow you do a more fine-tuned version of this monitoring.
    Or even better, dont create any local alerts but have BASIS finetune the central alerts so that the affected system is included in the subject header, also have them create roles for these systems and ensure messages are only sent to the impacted role. Blindly sending messages for all system to all system owners is really lazy config.

  • Alerts for IE

    Hi All,
    I have configured Alert scenarios(txn ALRTCATDEF) for messages in Integration Engine and Adapater Engine and receiving alerts successfully as an Email. But sometmes i am facing problem in recieving alerts from IntegrationEngine, i am getting alerts from a batch userid (user id for processing background jobs)  with no data in the container variables. The value for the variables are showing as blank.
    But when getting the Integration Engine alerts from XIRWBUSER the container variables are showing the correct data . The particular error is not showing with other alert scenarios configured in the system.
    Could you please tell me the possible reasons for getting the blank alerts while sending from a batch userid. How can i prevent the alerts from sending from the bacth userid?
    Thanks in Advance

    Hi Aamir,
    I have already gone through the above mentioned sap note . Whenever i am getting an alert from batch userid,  the container variables are not getting filled. The alerts are configured for message processing in  Integration Engine.
    Any idea for stopping the alerts getting generated from the batch userid ?

  • Web browser - Emply Alert window

    Hi Forum
    I have my interent working (solaris 10)except when I start Mozilla in both CDE and Gnome a blank Alert window comes up. When I close the window nothing happens.
    When Im using the file explorer in Gnome and I type in a web address, the same window comes up.
    Anyone have this same problem or know why its not happy?

    you can open browsers new window using jdic...
    unfortunately Desktop.browse() doesnt allow to do that, but we can do that another way:
            String urlToOpen = "";
            BrowserService browserService = (BrowserService) ServiceManager.getService(ServiceManager.BROWSER_SERVICE);
            try {
                // exactly "_blank" allow to open necessary url in a new window :)
       URL(urlToOpen), "_blank");
            } catch (LaunchFailedException e) {
            } catch (MalformedURLException e) {

  • Why iam unable to get the valu from combobox

    when i run this code
    everytime iam getting blank alert
    y iam unable to get the selected item from combo box
    thank u
    <%@ page import="java.util.Date"%>
    <%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"
        pageEncoding="ISO-8859-1"%><%@page import="java.sql.*,java.util.*,java.text.*,java.util.ArrayList, java.util.List,org.joda.time.DateTimeConstants,org.joda.time.LocalDate,
    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">
      <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">
        <TITLE>Reading Data From Text Fields</TITLE>
      </HEAD><BODY onload=Datevalue()>
         <form name="form1" action ="" method="post" onSubmit="update();">
        <img src="nendrasys_logo.gif" align="right"></img>
      <b><font color="669900"><h4 align="left">UserName:</font> 
    <jsp:useBean id="user" scope="session" class="nendrasys.User" />
    <jsp:getProperty name="user" property= "name"/>
    <b><font color="90be00"><h4 align="left">Designation:</font>
      <jsp:getProperty name="user" property= "designation"/>
      <br><font color="669900"><h4 align="right">Project:</font>
        <select name="Projects">
    <%! String s; %>
    <% DateFormat dateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy/MM/dd");
            Date date = new Date();
                s=  dateFormat.format(date);
    <select name="Dates" sizes=1 id="dates" onchange="Datevalue(this.value)">
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var begDate = new Date("10/01/2008");
    var endDate = new Date();
    var previousDate =new Date();
    var presentDate =new Date("<%=s %>");
    while (begDate <= endDate) {
    var datestring=[begDate.getDate(),(begDate.getMonth()+1),begDate.getFullYear()].join('/');
    //  var datestring=[begDate.getDate().padZero(2),(begDate.getMonth()+1).padZero(2),begDate.getFullYear()].join('/');
    if(previousDate < presentDate && presentDate <= begDate )
        document.writeln('<option selected>'+(datestring)+'</option>')}
    <TD bgcolor="669900"><label  id="sun"></label></TD>
    <TD bgcolor="90be00"><label for="mon" id="Mon">Mon</label></TD>
    <TD bgcolor="669900"><label for="tue" id="tue">Tue</label></TD>
    <TD bgcolor="90be00"><label for="wed" id="wed">Wed</label></TD>
    <TD bgcolor="669900"><label for="thu" id="thu">Thu</label></TD>
    <TD bgcolor="90be00"><label for="fri" id="fri">Fri</label></TD>
    <TD bgcolor="669900"><label for="sat" id="sat">Sat</label></TD>
    <TD bgcolor="90be00"><label for="tot" id="tot">Total</label></TD>
    <th>Project Work</th>
    <td bgcolor="669900"><input type="text" name="c11" size="2" value="7" onBlur="javascript:document.frm.c12.value = document.frm.c11.value"></td>
    <td bgcolor="90be00"><input type="text" name="c12" size="2" value="3"></td>
    <td bgcolor="669900"><input type="text" name="c13" size="2"></td>
    <td bgcolor="90be00"><input type="text" name="c14" size="2"></td>
    <td bgcolor="669900"><input type="text" name="c15" size="2"></td>
    <td bgcolor="90be00"><input type="text" name="c16" size="2"></td>
    <td bgcolor="669900"><input type="text" name="c17" size="2"></td>
    <td bgcolor="90be00"><input type="text" name="c18" size="4"></td>
    <th>Internal N/C</th>
    <td bgcolor="669900"><input type="text" name="c21" size="2"></td>
    <td bgcolor="90be00"><input type="text" name="c22" size="2"></td>
    <td bgcolor="669900"><input type="text" name="c23" size="2"></td>
    <td bgcolor="90be00"><input type="text" name="c24" size="2"></td>
    <td bgcolor="669900"><input type="text" name="c25" size="2"></td>
    <td bgcolor="90be00"><input type="text" name="c26" size="2"></td>
    <td bgcolor="669900"><input type="text" name="c27" size="2"></td>
    <td bgcolor="90be00"><input type="text" name="c28" size="4"></td>
    <th>Public Holidays</th>
    <td bgcolor="669900"><input type="text" name="c31" size="2"></td>
    <td bgcolor="90be00"><input type="text" name="c32" size="2"></td>
    <td bgcolor="669900"><input type="text" name="c33" size="2"></td>
    <td bgcolor="90be00"><input type="text" name="c34" size="2"></td>
    <td bgcolor="669900"><input type="text" name="c35" size="2"></td>
    <td bgcolor="90be00"><input type="text" name="c36" size="2" ></td>
    <td bgcolor="669900"><input type="text" name="c37" size="2"></td>
    <td bgcolor="90be00"><input type="text" name="c38" size="4"></td>
    <th>Holidays Taken</th>
    <td bgcolor="669900"><input type="text" name="c41" size="2"></td>
    <td bgcolor="90be00"><input type="text" name="c42" size="2"></td>
    <td bgcolor="669900"><input type="text" name="c43" size="2"></td>
    <td bgcolor="90be00"><input type="text" name="c44" size="2"></td>
    <td bgcolor="669900"><input type="text" name="c45" size="2"></td>
    <td bgcolor="90be00"><input type="text" name="c46" size="2"></td>
    <td bgcolor="669900"><input type="text" name="c47" size="2"></td>
    <td bgcolor="90be00"><input type="text" name="c48" size="4"></td>
    <center><input type="submit"  value="Submit" /> </center>
    String username   = request.getParameter("userid");
    String pwd  = request.getParameter("pwd");
    String connectionURL = "jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/timestamp";
    Connection connection = null;
    Statement statement = null;
    ResultSet rs = null;
    String sql=null;
    connection = DriverManager.getConnection(connectionURL, "root","nendrasys");
    statement = connection.createStatement();
    //rs=statement.executeQuery(sql); %>
    <SCRIPT language='Javascript'>
    function update()
                String value=request.getParameter("c11");
                String value1=request.getParameter("c12");
             //   if(value!=null)
              //  System.out.println(value);             
               // System.out.println(value1);
            catch(NullPointerException n)
    <SCRIPT language='Javascript'>
    function Datevalue(date)
           //  document.getElementById("dates").innerHTML=document.getElementById("sun").value;
             //  alert( document.getElementById("dates"))
                <% System.out.println("bye");%>

    You mixed Java and Javascript in the expectation that they runs simultaneously.
    You are Wrong.
    You need to distinguish between the server side languages and client side languages. Java/JSP runs at the server side and produces a HTML page with other client side stuff in it like CSS and Javascript. When the HTML page is finished, it will be sent to the client and then Java/JSP stops. Once the HTML page is arrived at the client, there is no one line Java code in it, only its output/result. Do a View Source in your favourite web browser to see it. Only from that moment on, Javascript runs and/or can be invoked.
    Whenever you want to use Java variables in Javascript, you need to print them out as a Javascript variable. Whenever you want to use Javascript variables in Java, you need to invoke a request to the server and pass them as parameters. The request can be either synchronous (a link or a form submit) or asynchronous (ajaxical).

  • Can't restore my iPhone 4. Please help me fix it!

    Hello! This is my first post in the Apple community forum so if I mess up somehow please, just bear with me.
    So, yesterday (1-11-12) I woke up with my iPhone 4 working perfectly fine, no problems whatsoever. I use it a couple of times during the day, but at about 3:40-ish, when I get out of school, I look at my phone and it won't turn on at all. Tried a soft reset, nope, no luck. The screen won't even turn on. I get home and plug it into a wall charger and the screen comes on with the Apple logo. I'm all excited thinking that I had gotten it to work. Nope again. The screen loads acting as though it had been restored completely. It shows this: with a little information button above the unlock switch (much like this one but with no text or buttons: ) and when clicked it shows a blank alert box. Nothing in it at all. When I scroll to unlock it asks for a passcode. What??? I thought it had just been restored somehow. Oh well. I put in my passcode from before and it works...? Huh, weird. It comes to a screen that looks like this: Well.... uhh... ok then. I unplug it from the wall and it automatically shuts off. Completely. Plug it into my computer (MacBook pro 13", mid-2010) and pull up iTunes and it won't even recognize it, BUT the iPhone's screen shows the Apple logo like it's starting up, and then it shuts off, and then Apple logo, and off, again and again. But, ok here's where things get even more odd. I decide to do a manual hard reset and put it into recovery mode. Do that, it works, shows Apple logo and then this screen: Connect it to iTunes, and YES! It's recognized! Of course it's only recognized as an iPhone in recovery mode, but that means I can at least restore it from a backup, right? .... Right? Well, no, it's not right. Press the Restore button on the Summary screen and: Then on the phone the screen flickers once and restarts. iTunes gives me "The iPhone "iPhone" could not be restored. Unknown error. (2001 [or 2006])." And there is no changing it. No matter how many times I do a hard reset and put it in recovery mode it just will not work.
         I have Applecare protection on it and have already filed a manual service request, but I would prefer not to send it in if at all possible. I already sent it in once over my winter break to get the battery replaced. It was failing on me, and not holding a charge. I'm beginning to think that the service done on it might have something to do with my current problems. Anyways, if anybody has any help or previous knowledge with a situation like this in any way or at all similar to this, it would be very greatly appreciated. Many thanks!

    Hi AlessDXB,
    This article contains information on restore error 2:
    iTunes: Specific update-and-restore error messages and advanced troubleshooting
    Errors related to third-party security software
    Error 2, 4 (or -4), 6, 1000, 9006
    Follow the steps to troubleshoot security software. Often, uninstalling third-party security software will resolve these errors.
    There may be third-party software that modifies your default packet size in Windows by inserting a TcpWindowSize entry into your registry. An incorrectly set default packet size can cause these errors. Contact the manufacturer of the software that installed the packet size modification for assistance or follow this article by Microsoft: How to reset Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).
    Verify that access to ports 80 and 443 are allowed on your network.
    Verify that communication to or isn't blocked by a firewall or other Internet security setting.
    Discard the .ipsw file, open iTunes and attempt to download the update again. See the steps under "Advanced steps > Rename, move, or delete the iOS software file (.ipsw)" below for file locations.
    Restore your device while connected to a different network.
    Restore using a different computer.
    Take care,
    - Ari

  • Sort order when using "Album by Artist/Year" album list view

    In iTunes 10, I seem to have lost the sorting I've been using for the past 5 years at least. I use the "Album List" view, and have the album artwork showing to the left of the songs. I see the new "Album by Artist/Year" sort option in the album artwork column, and that is how I would like it to sort. However, now the album are arranged by artist, and within the artist by the year they were released as tagged in the info for each song. I want the newest albums at the top, and I cannot figure out how to make it sort that way. What do I need to do? Basically I want it in descending order by release date, but still sorted by album.

    dannycorker wrote:
    It appears they are, although I refuse to believe this is the accepted behaviour - has no one else complained about this?
    It could simply be a weakness is the way this was all designed. If you look at the information Gracenote uses, it's not unusual for all tracks on a 60's compilation album to be incorrectly listed as the same year, often the year the compilation was released. The same thing tends to happen with re-issued albums. That's down to whoever inputs the information into Gracenote for that album, often a bored record company employee.
    First of all, you could try changing the year for each documentary to the year the album was produced and see if that fixes the problem. If it does, then you have to decide how to handle it.
    Accept it as it is.
    Change the year for the documentary to the same year as the album and simply kid yourself that it's the correct year. (I'm not being flippant, but if the documentary is all footage from album release year, then "technically", the doumentary is from that 60's year.)
    Leave the year of the documentary track blank, but put the year (2010) into the track's "Comments" field instead.
    Propose a workable solution to Apple via Apple Feedback. (I am being a bit flippant now. Sorry, but you'll be in for a long wait before anything might change.)
    Get Gracenote to change their text fields, get the people who input the information into Gracenote to do so correctly and then get Apple to change iTunes to recognise those changes. (Now I am being very flippant. Good luck with this one!) Oh! And hope Apple never decide to change from Gracenote to someone else!
    Number 2 or 3 are probably your best bet.

  • Data Table will not bind to Dropdown List selection

    I get the following error when I try to use my own database tables (As in the "Using Databound Components to Access Databases" tutorial). It is a Oracle9i database. The Table (Vehicle)I use to populate the Dropdown List has around 450 000 rows, and the ComponentRowset returns 362 000 rows when run without a parameter.
    Exception Details: javax.faces.el.EvaluationException
    Possible Source of Error:
    Class Name: com.sun.faces.el.ValueBindingImpl
    File Name:
    Method Name: getValue
    Line Number: 206
    Please help! What am I doing wrong? As far as I can see the code is identical to the "Using Databound Components to Access Databases" tutorial.
    Here is the code:
    * Created on 12 October 2004, 05:56
    * Copyright jgenis
    package ucodapp;
    import javax.faces.*;
    import javax.faces.component.html.*;
    import javax.faces.component.*;
    import com.sun.sql.rowset.*;
    import javax.faces.event.*;
    import javax.faces.convert.*;
    public class Page1 extends AbstractPageBean {
        // <editor-fold defaultstate="collapsed" desc="Creator-managed Component Definition">
        private int __placeholder;
        private HtmlForm form1 = new HtmlForm();
        public HtmlForm getForm1() {
            return form1;
        public void setForm1(HtmlForm hf) {
            this.form1 = hf;
        private HtmlDataTable dataTable1 = new HtmlDataTable();
        public HtmlDataTable getDataTable1() {
            return dataTable1;
        public void setDataTable1(HtmlDataTable hdt) {
            this.dataTable1 = hdt;
        private JdbcRowSetXImpl componentRowSet = new JdbcRowSetXImpl();
        public JdbcRowSetXImpl getComponentRowSet() {
            return componentRowSet;
        public void setComponentRowSet(JdbcRowSetXImpl jrsxi) {
            this.componentRowSet = jrsxi;
        private HtmlOutputLabel componentLabel1 = new HtmlOutputLabel();
        public HtmlOutputLabel getComponentLabel1() {
            return componentLabel1;
        public void setComponentLabel1(HtmlOutputLabel hol) {
            this.componentLabel1 = hol;
        private HtmlOutputText componentLabel1Text = new HtmlOutputText();
        public HtmlOutputText getComponentLabel1Text() {
            return componentLabel1Text;
        public void setComponentLabel1Text(HtmlOutputText hot) {
            this.componentLabel1Text = hot;
        private UIColumn column1 = new UIColumn();
        public UIColumn getColumn1() {
            return column1;
        public void setColumn1(UIColumn uic) {
            this.column1 = uic;
        private HtmlOutputText outputText1 = new HtmlOutputText();
        public HtmlOutputText getOutputText1() {
            return outputText1;
        public void setOutputText1(HtmlOutputText hot) {
            this.outputText1 = hot;
        private HtmlOutputText outputText2 = new HtmlOutputText();
        public HtmlOutputText getOutputText2() {
            return outputText2;
        public void setOutputText2(HtmlOutputText hot) {
            this.outputText2 = hot;
        private UIColumn column2 = new UIColumn();
        public UIColumn getColumn2() {
            return column2;
        public void setColumn2(UIColumn uic) {
            this.column2 = uic;
        private HtmlOutputText outputText3 = new HtmlOutputText();
        public HtmlOutputText getOutputText3() {
            return outputText3;
        public void setOutputText3(HtmlOutputText hot) {
            this.outputText3 = hot;
        private HtmlOutputText outputText4 = new HtmlOutputText();
        public HtmlOutputText getOutputText4() {
            return outputText4;
        public void setOutputText4(HtmlOutputText hot) {
            this.outputText4 = hot;
        private UIColumn column3 = new UIColumn();
        public UIColumn getColumn3() {
            return column3;
        public void setColumn3(UIColumn uic) {
            this.column3 = uic;
        private HtmlOutputText outputText5 = new HtmlOutputText();
        public HtmlOutputText getOutputText5() {
            return outputText5;
        public void setOutputText5(HtmlOutputText hot) {
            this.outputText5 = hot;
        private HtmlOutputText outputText6 = new HtmlOutputText();
        public HtmlOutputText getOutputText6() {
            return outputText6;
        public void setOutputText6(HtmlOutputText hot) {
            this.outputText6 = hot;
        private UIColumn column4 = new UIColumn();
        public UIColumn getColumn4() {
            return column4;
        public void setColumn4(UIColumn uic) {
            this.column4 = uic;
        private HtmlOutputText outputText7 = new HtmlOutputText();
        public HtmlOutputText getOutputText7() {
            return outputText7;
        public void setOutputText7(HtmlOutputText hot) {
            this.outputText7 = hot;
        private HtmlOutputText outputText8 = new HtmlOutputText();
        public HtmlOutputText getOutputText8() {
            return outputText8;
        public void setOutputText8(HtmlOutputText hot) {
            this.outputText8 = hot;
        private UIColumn column5 = new UIColumn();
        public UIColumn getColumn5() {
            return column5;
        public void setColumn5(UIColumn uic) {
            this.column5 = uic;
        private HtmlOutputText outputText9 = new HtmlOutputText();
        public HtmlOutputText getOutputText9() {
            return outputText9;
        public void setOutputText9(HtmlOutputText hot) {
            this.outputText9 = hot;
        private HtmlOutputText outputText10 = new HtmlOutputText();
        public HtmlOutputText getOutputText10() {
            return outputText10;
        public void setOutputText10(HtmlOutputText hot) {
            this.outputText10 = hot;
        private UIColumn column6 = new UIColumn();
        public UIColumn getColumn6() {
            return column6;
        public void setColumn6(UIColumn uic) {
            this.column6 = uic;
        private HtmlOutputText outputText11 = new HtmlOutputText();
        public HtmlOutputText getOutputText11() {
            return outputText11;
        public void setOutputText11(HtmlOutputText hot) {
            this.outputText11 = hot;
        private HtmlOutputText outputText12 = new HtmlOutputText();
        public HtmlOutputText getOutputText12() {
            return outputText12;
        public void setOutputText12(HtmlOutputText hot) {
            this.outputText12 = hot;
        private UIColumn column7 = new UIColumn();
        public UIColumn getColumn7() {
            return column7;
        public void setColumn7(UIColumn uic) {
            this.column7 = uic;
        private HtmlOutputText outputText13 = new HtmlOutputText();
        public HtmlOutputText getOutputText13() {
            return outputText13;
        public void setOutputText13(HtmlOutputText hot) {
            this.outputText13 = hot;
        private HtmlOutputText outputText14 = new HtmlOutputText();
        public HtmlOutputText getOutputText14() {
            return outputText14;
        public void setOutputText14(HtmlOutputText hot) {
            this.outputText14 = hot;
        private RowSetDataModel dataTable1Model = new RowSetDataModel();
        public RowSetDataModel getDataTable1Model() {
            return dataTable1Model;
        public void setDataTable1Model(RowSetDataModel rsdm) {
            this.dataTable1Model = rsdm;
        private HtmlSelectOneMenu dropdown1 = new HtmlSelectOneMenu();
        public HtmlSelectOneMenu getDropdown1() {
            return dropdown1;
        public void setDropdown1(HtmlSelectOneMenu hsom) {
            this.dropdown1 = hsom;
        private UISelectItems dropdown1SelectItems = new UISelectItems();
        public UISelectItems getDropdown1SelectItems() {
            return dropdown1SelectItems;
        public void setDropdown1SelectItems(UISelectItems uisi) {
            this.dropdown1SelectItems = uisi;
        private JdbcRowSetXImpl vehicleRowSet = new JdbcRowSetXImpl();
        public JdbcRowSetXImpl getVehicleRowSet() {
            return vehicleRowSet;
        public void setVehicleRowSet(JdbcRowSetXImpl jrsxi) {
            this.vehicleRowSet = jrsxi;
        private BigDecimalConverter dropdown1Converter = new BigDecimalConverter();
        public BigDecimalConverter getDropdown1Converter() {
            return dropdown1Converter;
        public void setDropdown1Converter(BigDecimalConverter bdc) {
            this.dropdown1Converter = bdc;
        // </editor-fold>
        public Page1() {
            // <editor-fold defaultstate="collapsed" desc="Creator-managed Component Initialization">
            try {
            } catch (Exception e) {
                log("Page1 Initialization Failure", e);
                throw e instanceof javax.faces.FacesException ? (FacesException) e : new FacesException(e);
            // </editor-fold>
            // Additional user provided initialization code
            // Initialization Code
            // Part of the Using Databound Components to Access Databases Tutorial
            // You can find this tutorial on the web -- use the link on the Welcome page
            try {
                dataTable1Model.setObject(1, vehicleRowSet.getObject("VEHICLEID"));
            } catch (Exception ex) {
                throw new FacesException(ex);
            } // end try catch
        protected ucodapp.ApplicationBean1 getApplicationBean1() {
            return (ucodapp.ApplicationBean1)getBean("ApplicationBean1");
        protected ucodapp.SessionBean1 getSessionBean1() {
            return (ucodapp.SessionBean1)getBean("SessionBean1");
         * Bean cleanup.
        protected void afterRenderResponse() {
        public void dropdown1_processValueChange(ValueChangeEvent vce) {
            // Dropdown List Event Code
            // Part of the Using Databound Components to Access Databases Tutorial
            // You can find this tutorial on the web -- use the link on the Welcome page
            try {
                dataTable1Model.setObject(1, dropdown1.getValue());
            } catch (Exception e) {
                log("vehicle id change exception", e);
                error("Exception changing Vehicle Id: " + e);
            } // end try catch
            // User event code here...

    Take a look at the Page1 constructor.
    It appears that you're trying to bind the datatable to 2
    different rowsets. I suggest to clean up this
    constructor to make sure you're using the right
    Your value binding expressions on each column
    of the datatable may not be set to the right column.
    JSC QA

  • Setting validation based on condition on custom list

    I have a custom Image library. I have two custom columns created as part of metadata.
    One is a dropdown choice column, which contains 2 values - "Free", "Paid".
    I also have a datepicker column (date only). 
    I would like to set a validation based on below condition:
    If dropdown selected is "Paid", then date should be mandatory field.
    Can this be achieved OOB or a JSLink is required.
    How to achieve this?

    Hi Vankatzeus,
    You can achieve this using Javascript. In New and edit forms of your list, add a content editor webpart with the script explained below -
    There is a PreSaveAction() function that you can use to do a custom validation. Before submitting any item, sharepoint first do the validation in PreSaveAction().
    function PreSaveAction() {
      //Step 1 - Read the choice and date fields. 
    // Step 2 - If choice is 'PAID' and 'date' field is blank { alert('Date can't be blank'); return false;} else {return true;}
    In Step 1, write a script that read values from choice and date fields. You can take the script from
    here and modify it just to read choice and date fields.

  • Sort Album by Artist/Year Not Working Correctly

    For the Beatles, I have bought 3 albums from iTunes - Please Please Me, With the Beatles and Magical Mystery Tour. For some reason, using the above sorting Magical Mystery Tour appears at the top of the list, despite the fact that the year field is correctly entered for all 3. There is no info in the 'Sort Year' field either. I have quite a good understanding of how the iTunes library works, but this has me baffled (and annoyed)

    dannycorker wrote:
    It appears they are, although I refuse to believe this is the accepted behaviour - has no one else complained about this?
    It could simply be a weakness is the way this was all designed. If you look at the information Gracenote uses, it's not unusual for all tracks on a 60's compilation album to be incorrectly listed as the same year, often the year the compilation was released. The same thing tends to happen with re-issued albums. That's down to whoever inputs the information into Gracenote for that album, often a bored record company employee.
    First of all, you could try changing the year for each documentary to the year the album was produced and see if that fixes the problem. If it does, then you have to decide how to handle it.
    Accept it as it is.
    Change the year for the documentary to the same year as the album and simply kid yourself that it's the correct year. (I'm not being flippant, but if the documentary is all footage from album release year, then "technically", the doumentary is from that 60's year.)
    Leave the year of the documentary track blank, but put the year (2010) into the track's "Comments" field instead.
    Propose a workable solution to Apple via Apple Feedback. (I am being a bit flippant now. Sorry, but you'll be in for a long wait before anything might change.)
    Get Gracenote to change their text fields, get the people who input the information into Gracenote to do so correctly and then get Apple to change iTunes to recognise those changes. (Now I am being very flippant. Good luck with this one!) Oh! And hope Apple never decide to change from Gracenote to someone else!
    Number 2 or 3 are probably your best bet.

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